First Music Video From Space? Astronaut Chris Hadfield Sings ‘Space Oddity’

David Bowie Space Oddity

David Bowie song is sung by Canadian astronaut from International Space Station

International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield was already becoming an Internet sensation with his 770,000 Twitter followers and videos of him strumming a guitar and cooking spinach in space. But now the Canadian astronaut has topped those short performances with a competently-sung rendition of David Bowie’s songSpace Oddity.” The performance of the classically spacey song while actually floating in space “wins the Internet” as some commenters have suggested. Hadfield plays his acoustic guitar alongside shots of the station zooming over earth in the video which the staff of the Canadian Space Agency helped mix. Hadfield handed over the station’s command on Sunday to Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov.

Apparently Bowie approves of Hadfield’s version, as he posted the video and the collage seen above on his Facebook fan page with a shoutout to Canadian musician Emm Gryner, who has played with his band and helped produce the version sent from space.


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    1. Very awesome. Well done. So much of our future is going to depend on discoveries made up there. A little song every now and then lightens the load.

    2. C says:

      Canadian tax dollars at work. Proud not to be Canadian right now. OH, and I tip at restaurants too.

    3. zophski says:

      Thanks for wasting my tax money. Seriously, I’m really glad I have to go to work tomorrow to pay for this Canadian’s good time up in space. */sarcasm

      • bud says:

        Let us know your address. I’ll be happy to refund your portion of what this video cost you as a taxpayer. I estimate it will be less than a penny but since Canada has stopped using pennies I’m afraid I’ll have to find another way to compensate you.

        I’m really amazed by the people who think that when Mr. Hadfield went to work and live on the space station for 5 months that somehow he was owned body and soul 24/7 for that entire period. If I accepted an out of town assignment for 5 months with my employer I would expect my employer to make some sort of living arrangements for me during that time and the things I did when I went home from work each night would be my own business. Mr. Hadfield was required to live on the space station as well as work there. He didn’t have the choice of commuting home every day and he wasn’t living out a prison sentence. Part of Mr. Hadfield’s life is his music and expecting him to give it up for 5 months and spend every waking moment doing scientific experiments is, in my opinion, more than a little unreasonable. As far as I know he didn’t get any money for the video so the idea that he was somehow violating an unspoken arrangement with his employer or the taxpayers doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

        He spent years dedicating himself to becoming the best qualified person for this mission and at considerable risk to himself he accepted the job and living conditions that went along with it. He used his last bit of free time on the space station to give us a unique view of life in space and I, for one, appreciate his efforts.

      • Ryan says:

        You sir, are an idiot.

    4. schm0e says:

      Is this the guy who touts Godan guitars? Does’t look like him. I think he left a guitar on the space station for other astronauts to use.

      • Thomas LaBelle says:

        It’s a Larrivée parlor guitar. Made by Jean Claude Larrivée, originally Canadian, but the company, Canadian base now in Vancouver, has now expanded to Oxnard Ca. Larrivée makes incredible, hand crafted instruments and are very reasonably priced all things considered.

    5. dave says:

      very cool. I enjoyed that immensely.

    6. Steve James says:

      Looks like someone has too much time on their hands! Maybe there really isn’t much to do in space, though I thought it was filled with scientific experiments. Apparently that’s not the case. Not exactly a testament as to why NASA should be further funded!

      • bud says:

        Steve James – spoken like someone who wishes they could be there instead of Chris Hadfield but never made the grade or doesn’t understand the years of dedication it required to get there in the first place. With the hundreds of thousands of man/woman hours spent in space over the past few decades I think mankind can stand to have someone take a break from the scientific experiments and dedicate a few minutes to acknowledge the artistic nature of the human race. If it makes you feel better I hear that Chris skipped bathroom breaks for a week so that he could garner enough spare time to make the video.

        • bud says:

          My employer doesn’t expect me to work 24/7 for 6 months. I’m even allowed to take bathroom and lunch breaks.

        • Steve James says:

          If your employer found out you were making a video on company time, it would be doubtful you would remain in your position of employment. With taxpayer dollars being used to send out highly skilled workers on a scientific mission it’s only expected that the results would be a bit more serious than that which would result in an ego driven video. We wouldn’t expect this abuse with the IRS or in any other government department and NASA should be no exception.

      • Fraffa says:

        Steve James – Astronauts are also HUMAN BEINGS. Do you really think they don’t need some kind of recreation up there? You took the time to write your comment and I assume you haven’t contributed to any groundbreaking research while you were doing it. Like the others said – lighten up.

        • Steve James says:

          My assessment of fusion as power for the next form of transportation will be forthcoming, and I won’t be using taxpayer money to fund it, thanks for the interest.

      • John Paul says:

        A lot of people around here have simply lost their souls to their cynicism or their politics. Really sad that they can’t enjoy this for what it is and relax a little.

      • Devin Thomas says:

        Well here is a small list of space technologies that have been integrated into every-day devices: Artificial limbs
        Baby formula
        Cell-phone cameras
        Computer mouse
        Cordless tools
        Ear thermometer
        Freeze-dried food
        Long-distance communication
        Invisible braces
        MRI and CAT scans
        Memory foam
        Solar panels
        Shoe insoles
        Ski boots
        Adjustable smoke detector
        Water filters
        UV-blocking sunglasses

        That is only a SMALL portion. So next time you question WHY NASA funding is important maybe do your research.

        • SteveJames says:

          You’ve obviously missed the intent of the comment, it’s not to criticize NASA, but the use of the time of this astronaut to make a video in space when we could be adding more to the list you’ve given instead of just creating a youtube video!

        • Mitchell says:

          There are many advances, some on your list aren’t, i think Xerox created the mouse and Apple stole the idea, Xerox created the internet to connect copiers together, they didnt see the future on that pne either. What about MRE that we use in the military and disaster areas to help feed people?

        • Ryan says:

          Well said!

      • Lighten up . . . six months in a “tin can” . . . give’em a break

        • bud says:

          Steve James is entitled to his opinion and to share it as he sees fit. His opinion contains nothing intolerant that I can see and encouraging him to ‘leave the internet’ just because his opinion does not agree with your’s or mine is contrary to the ideals of the internet.

        • Steve James says:

          Just have a moment to comment as I’m on a 10 minute break in my 18-hour day: It’s interesting to see that when one has a point of view that differs from the ‘politically correct’ (i.e. ‘Steve Austin’ or whoever he/she is) that one is encouraged to ‘leave the internet’. A pretty ludicrous statement, but one that shows intolerance (most likely in other areas of life as well). If you don’t understand the concept of taxpayer money being used for a frivolous endeavor then I hope your job is in the private sector and not one that can further waste taxpayers money that might actually be used to help our world as a whole!

        • Steve Austin says:

          I have decided that Steve James is an idiot. Do you work every minute you are awake? Do you not have some free time in your day? They work seven days a week, twelve to 15 hours each day. I thought his taking some time for the video was great. Keeps the morale up as well. Steve, what are you doing taking time by posting on the Internet and watching the video? Is that your job? Steve James- you should leave the internet for good.

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