Lady Gaga and Kanye West Need to Go Away … So They Can Have a Comeback

Lady Gaga and Kanye West Need

Declare victory and stay home.

With an 82% drop in its second week, from 305,280 to 45,536, “Artpop” is so stiff, you could iron a shirt on it.

And everybody knows.

Nobody wants to go to a show no one else is attending.

Heat. That’s what gets people to go; when your friends are going, when it’s the place to be and you don’t want to be left out. But you’re not missing anything if you stay home. Hell, you’ve already seen it all on TV. And that’s enough for most people.

Lady Gaga needs to reinvent herself. She needs to follow in the footsteps of Christina Aguilera, of all people. Christina’s album was dead as a doornail, so she stayed home, with some lame excuse I can’t even remember, and that’s just the point. Then she burnished her image on “The Voice,” dieted down and went from being the scourge of the tabloids to their darling.

Gaga needs to make a similar transition. She’s got no manager — and not only does a manager run interference, he or she gives you guidance from outside the bubble. Gaga believes if she just keeps spinning faster, doing more, changing outfits multiple times a day, we’ll care. But we don’t.

Fallout for Kanye
Is Kanye West killing his career, or will he be able to recover?

Kanye has an advantage over Gaga and most acts. He was never a man of the people, never on their side. So he doesn’t have to worry about losing their trust so much as being ignored.

He has yet to cure cancer or create Google. But he keeps telling us he’s an oppressed genius. It’s tough being a black man in America, but the last time I checked, the president was African-American, and although racism is still rampant, is that what’s truly holding Kanye back, or is it that he’s not paid his dues and demonstrated skills in areas other than music? Michael Jordan couldn’t make it in baseball, despite being a much better player than the average Joe. Why is it those who win in one sphere automatically believe they can in another?

Furthermore, Kanye’s lost track of the narrative. His album had very little impact, and now it’s all fiancee Kim Kardashian, all the time; she may be rich but she’s a borderline laughing stock. “SNL” skewered her so sharply she’s shish kebab, and almost impossible to take seriously.

Oh, that’s right — we never did. Her skill was being a tabloid train-wreck, a role she plays well.

Now Seth Rogen and James Franco are making fun of Kanye. Used to be he was off limits. Now he’s a punching bag, like Gaga. Then again, who wouldn’t make fun of his inane sex-on-a-motorcycle video? It’s so ridiculous you can only laugh — at him.

Is this the end of Kanye?

Like I said, the public was never on his side. If he releases great music, he can climb back up, especially in the modern era where the cycle is so fast that what happened today is forgotten next week. But trends have changed. Radio and the critics have embraced Lorde, who is not only not hip-hop, but rails against the trappings of blowhard, hedonistic, materialistic celebrities in her monster hit “Royals.” In other words, do we really care about Louis Vuitton, never mind leather jogging pants? Is Lorde ushering in an era of what’s inside as opposed to outside? One that’s no longer about surface trappings but thought?

We’re ready for it.

Not that the public will give up reading the tabloids any time soon. But right now, the only place Kanye lives is in gossipland. And that’s a hell no musician wants to endure.

If you don’t lead with your music, you’re on the way out.

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    1. Michael says:

      Lady Gaga and Kayne can both disappear. Comebacks need not apply. Gaga is just a rip off of Madonna, David Bowie, and Queen…she needs to apologize to them for ripping them off so badly. She’s a horrible role model for anyone…gay or straight.

      Better female role models: Cher, Gladys Knight, Gloria Estafan, Barbra Striesand, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Arethra Franklin, Bonnie Rait, Melissa Ethridge…

      Combine their talents and it doesn’t compare to anything Stefani has.

      Kayne speaks for himself. He’s a horrible, wretched human being who should spend a decade being homeless, no money, no home, no ob, no yes-men..just nothing. Let’s see how he survives.

      Oh and Ron? stfu.

    2. Brett Smithton says:

      no…they just need to go away…the are NOT musicians they are PERFORMERS and ENTERTAINERS….they are NOT: BOWIE, WONDER, COLTRANE, THE BEATLES, ZEP etc….they are just annoying douches that do things for shock value rather than ARTISTIC MERIT

    3. Ernesto says:

      Lady Gaga is a Flop! sorry people if ”Born this way” had the luck of the Amazon 99.cent price tag promotion it would had sold less in the U.S..that is the reality. Her Muppet show thanksgiving? special anybody? LOL. if she has 40million Monsters fans? show me numbers in sells? She played with the devil..and got played…it may not be the last of her but…it wont get any better..

    4. Ash says:

      First off the only reason why Beyonce’s album sold that fast is because she used the “if I go away for awhile maybe everyone will miss me more” technique plus she pretty much just as annoying as Gaga and feels like everyone should worship her, but the truth is she just knows how to mind screw people just like Gaga.

    5. mlarson2 says:

      An article in Variety about Gaga and Kanye being on the pop-cultural decline ignites quite a vitriolic argument from those for and against Gaga.

      This does not at all bode well…for Kanye.

    6. Jake says:

      Did anyone actually listen to Yeezus? Maybe there wasn’t a big radio hit on it, but people, Ye is in his late thirties. It could be that he’s simply not a radio star anymore. But Yeezus is some kind of masterpiece, a more focused and in some ways more accessible work of art than BDTF. Maybe Kanye won’t have another “Gold Digger,” but that in no way indicates a threat to his art.

    7. Touree says:

      Lady Kanye isn’t black, he’s transparent and full of sh*t.

    8. I really Gaga, I think she is a great artist and performer but I agree with the thesis of the article. Since The Fame her life and career have been going warp-speed for 5 years, this can’t go on forever. She needs to take some time off, break the crazy spinning cicle, wind down, live her life, write new songs in a more relaxed state of mind. If she wants to last the test of time she needs to take a break.

    9. Ron says:

      Oh stop writing such crap! Obviously a Madonna fanatic writing this article.Gaga makes more money in one day than this lame writer makes in 3 years! Get a life and a grip! Her singles are selling very well! Do you know that Applause has sold 2 million digital copies in the US alone?! You guys said that flopped too!

    10. Meanwhile, ARTPOP is the second highest-selling female album of the year, Applause just passed the 2m mark in the US, her current single is shooting up the charts, her tour is selling out, her residency in NYC sold out. I mean, let’s report actual facts.

    11. David says:

      What’s with everyone jumping on the Gaga bandwagon. Truth is ever since ITunes, YouTube & downloading EVERYONE’S sales are down. This is just a fact. I don’t hear anybody bashing Britney Spears her latest album “Britney Jean” sold a measly 107,000 copies in it’s first week only debuting at #4 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. First single “Work B*tch” didn’t even crack the Top 10. So why picking on Gaga when she at least debuted at #1 and sold more than 2x Britney in her first week. Can you answer me that, experts???

      • islandplanet says:

        Comparing Gaga’s sales to washed up Brittney sales doesn’t reveal much. How about this…Beyonce sold more than 430,000 albums in just 24 hours. No promotion, no lead single, no crazy outfits, no cloying pleas for attention.

      • ICYNDICEY says:

        Well Britney Spears has been around for 15 years and this is basically her first “flop”. It’s too early in GaGa’s “career” to be flopping so badly. Plus…I don’t see anyone in Vegas offering GaGa a residency. Britney Spears has a long catalog. GaGa doesn’t. GaGa isn’t the next Madonna. She’s a second rate Cyndi Lauper at best. Madonna is The Queen Of The Music Biz. GaGa is a court jester. She blows…AND HARD!!!

        • Ron says:

          Britney sounds like an electronic mini mouse! Gaga can sing circles around her ! Let’s get that straight!

    12. arnie says:

      Farewell Gaga RIP

    13. Michael Epps says:

      ArtFlop! No amount of spinning by lil monsters will ever change that fact. Beyonce slayed her today. Lol

      • Ron says:

        An obvious fan

      • Michael Anthony says:

        Beyonce? As much as I love her, she also needs a hit. Her long delayed album us still on hold. She’s released 3 or 4 singles in the last year or two and none made a dent on radio or the charts. Beyonce does great on tour, but so does gaga. You need s better comparison!

        • Bahaha. She hasn’t released a thing in the past year or two… until 3 days ago. I’m sure you realize how insane this comments sounds, by now. I’ll give you somewhat of a pass, since her album was but 17 hours old when you made this comment. But, let’s spell it out. 617k albums sold in 3 days, and average of about 206k a day. Gaga’s latest sold 258k in 7 days an average of about 37k a day. It took Beyonce less than a day to surpass Gaga’s total for an entire week. Now let’s see how radio does. Hint: She’ll do fine.

    14. Meanwhile, ARTPOP is the second highest-selling female album of the year, Applause just passed the 2m mark in the US, her current single is shooting up the charts, her tour is selling out, her residency in NYC sold out. I mean, let’s report actual facts.

    15. Justin says:

      She had gone two years without new music only to come back to the media STILL trying to drag her down. The whole “Nobody wants to go to a show no one else is attending” statement is ridiculous as her shows have been selling out and she already has two top 10 songs. Stop this filthy journalism.

    16. La Liberte says:

      LMAO!!!! I am so happy Gaga is so over!!! She’s the new Paula Abdul!

    17. Ali D. says:

      Why does she need to reinvent herself? Whats wrong with being herself and embracing her weird ways? She’s doing great. I applaud her for staying true to herself and the music. This writer sound like such a hater.

    18. Richard says:

      How about they both just go away and stay away…..FOR GOOD!!!

    19. Jacques says:

      Lady Gaga is a Excellent artist. ARTPOP is doing fine. She writes her music for her fans not for the charts. Her 40 million fans seems to like ARTPOP so what more is needed? #spreadlove not hate. And I don’t know Kanye West music but there is no point in being mean to Kanye! or Gaga, infact any artist. #spreadlove

    20. Antonio ram says:

      Lady Gaga is amazing. Not only she works on her own terms but she is amazing crafting her music and visual aspect of her album. Not only her fans needs her but also this industry of music which has became a joke signing “Artists” with not talent. we need artist like lady Gaga , Beyonce,Madonna,ect..who always will reinvent themselves whether you like it or not .

    21. Marc says:

      Lady Gaga is the queen of music and she is amazing stop being mean to her!!

    22. Gagaloo says:

      Lady Gaga makes amazing music and performances!!!! She is doing great and is healthy, there’s no reason for her to stop!! It is just bullshit!

    23. Carla says:

      Lady Gaga should so not take a break she is doing wonderful, and has been trying alot of new stuff!!! She is still an amazing artist and do extremly good performances. Go Gaga

    24. Shiiny says:

      Lady Gaga should absolut not take a break!!!! ARTPOP is fantastic and it is doing fine it isn’t a flop. She has also been doing alot of new stuff and the ARTPOP tour will for sure be amazing! Yes she has changed but she is still as good as she used to bee!

    25. malcolmrl says:

      All the shit about Gagas album ARTPOP…. her album is doing fine and is even going diamond in some places. Ps. ARTPOP is her comback! She has been gone alllll year due to a broken hip

    26. NAH,

      Lady Gaga’s cool. speak for yourself…

    27. Ranon Ramos says:

      hmm..people can write what they want.. you can’t have a persons heart you can’t use their mind…

    28. pricilla says:

      speak for yourself not insult your readers bY speaking for us. we have Our own minds and thoughts. Kanye needs to drop off the face of this earth. No one would care. But gagas music is good. Is artpop as good as her previous? Maybe not. But I love it. If she was doing so bad why are all of her concert dates sElling out?

    29. Jim says:

      Lady Gaga and Kanye West Need to Go Away … So They Can Have a Comeback

      No, No, No, No, No, No, No.

      Lady Gaga can stay. It’s Kayne West should go away and never come back. Ever! As a matter of fact, DIE!

      • menyc says:

        Your comments would be more effective and thought provoking if they weren’t childish, vulgar and embarrassing. Try harder and stop inciting hideous violence.

      • oomojo says:

        Since everyone can comment on the internet, we get replies such as this one from Jim.

        • Michael says:

          Lady Gaga isn’t going anywhere :D she the best at what she does and she knows what she’s doing :) people just need to stop hating well u know what keep hating because all that hate is just going to make her strong !!! Lady Gaga is the NEW Queen of Pop :) and no one compare lady gaga to madanna … Lady gaga is for sure way better

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