Paula Deen Chopped by the Food Network

Canning arrives amid fallout for Deen's admission of using racial slurs

The Food Network has stuck a fork in Paula Deen.

The cable channel dropped the controversial celebrity chef from its programming lineup Friday in the wake of a deposition that recently surfaced in which she is quoted expressing racist sentiments and using the “N” word.

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Food Network issued a statement this afternoon: “Food Network will not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of this month.”

Firing also arrives on the heels of Deen canceling an appearance on “Today” this morning, one she’d scheduled in order to address controversy surrounding her use of racial slurs. After nixing the interview with Matt Lauer last minute, Deen then posted an edited video apology online, only to take the YouTube video down and post a second version of the apology shortly thereafter.

Deen has been a star attraction on the cable channel, which is owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, since 1999. She has starred in multiple cooking shows for the network, most recently “Paula’s Best Dishes,” since 2008.

Her primetime perch at Food Network enabled Deen to build a multimedia empire around herself that extended to restaurants, cookbooks and other merchandise.

Deen made headlines when the National Enquirer got its hands on a videotaped deposition she gave in connection with a lawsuit filed against her last month. The former manager of a pair of restaurants Deen co-owned with her brother in Savannah, Ga., alleged they had engaged in acts of violence, discrimination and racism. She reportedly suggested in the deposition that black staffers at her restaurant dress up as slaves for a wedding her company was catering.

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The 66-year-old also starred into previous series on the Food Network, “Paula’s Home Cooking,” which began in 2002, and “Paula’s Party,” which began in 2006. Both series are still rebroadcast on the network.

Deen was no stranger to controversy prior to the deposition, having come under severe criticism for promoting recipes for fattening dishes.

But Deen’s goose was likely cooked yesterday when a hashtag featuring her show’s title began circulating on Twitter yesterday as a showcase for racist jokes. National brands are typically quick to disassociate from high-profile figures caught making bigoted remarks or taking intolerant actions.

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  2. wanda lewis says:

    Sorry Paula you cant show people how to cook and dislike them at the Same time thats like using them so you can get your fortune and fame . I dont trust you of your cooking. Food network did their job by getting a Snake out of the grass.

  3. Connie Emond says:

    The Food Network Channel should ask all of its employees if they ever said the “N” word or anything else considered not appropriate. If one person comes back and claims they have not they are lying. What a shame, i really thought the Food Network chefs etc. banned together and treated each other like family. I guess i was wrong. I have been a fan for a long time and as hard as it may be i will not watch again. What a shame. Shame on the Food Network Channel.

  4. Judy Honchell says:

    I will never again watch the food network. You must consider your self above all ,someone who has never made a mistake. Trust me I have made some. I was raised in a town that ran black people out on a stik. I have raised myself above that, I have learned that black people are the same as I am. They are no less no more. Should I be held responsible for what I was taught from my town ,school ,and church? No,God has forgiven me ,just like he has forgiven Paula . So who do you think you are ! !

  5. Jim Warren says:

    I have met Ms. Deen several times and been on her show once. Knowing her to be be a very real, unrehearsed person who is in no way “slick” or “rehearsed”, suffice it to say that Paula would not be considered by anyone who actually knows her to be racist. She is bawdy, loud, effusive, sincere, unpretentious to be sure. But she is also caring, inclusive, warm, and genuine. I have seen her sit and listen to a fan at a meet and greet a who was crying as she told Paula she just lost her mother. Paula sat with her for over five minutes (eternity in celebrity meet and greet time) and consoled her, holding her hands the entire time.

    Paula has been wronged. Truly hope she bounces back from this “money grab” by an unhappy employee. FOOD NETWORK, beware of consumer backlash.

  6. S Cullerton says:

    Folks, realize that any verbal transgression by Paula was done years ago, AND NOT WHILE UNDER CONTRACT TERMS WITH FOOD NETWORK. Her situation and world view would be limited to her local culture and experience at the time. Food Network has no jurisdiction or right to police something said at that time, nor should any corporation or government.

    The issue with me is not moral, but a case of corporate weakness and greed, and the opportunist motives of a snake lawyer representing a disgruntled former employee. Paula is not in the wrong here, just in some ways too honest in this litigious society.

    Freedom of speech implies a level of tolerance for different viewpoints without retribution. The Supreme Court needs to see this case to define the limits imposed by the Constitution in this matter, and other similar cases like Kevin Clash from Sesame Street.

  7. M Maddux says:

    I agree with you. Thank you for making the point so well.

  8. tisa sloan says:

    I’m tired of the “so called outrage” under the guise of equality when the activists don’t go after black rappers and comedians for the exact same thing, or when they call white people names like cracker which they think is hilarious. Start in your own backyard then you can cry foul. It comes off as another excuse to stay angry, which is too often the only profile we are seeing. This community has lived off anger too long and its gotten old. So has the food network.

    My friends and I have all agreed to block the station on our TVS. I’m not a fan of Paula Deans but I did enjoy several of their other shows. They judged her and dumped her way too fast for my taste.

  9. Merril Street says:

    Food network is a spineless jellyfish.
    It’s ok to call white people whitey or cracker but different when you are talking about blacks. Anybody who said they have never used a racial slur is likely lying. Racial also crosses internation boundries.
    I did not watch her because she contributed to this nation’s epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes with her grossly unhealthy recipes. Still the network should stay out of it.

  10. The accent is real. Some Southerners have a more distinct accents depending upon where they live just as people from parts of New York tend to have different accents. It amazes me that a person’s honesty can cause this much travesty. Americans are supposed to accept every individual’s personal beliefs no matter how offensive those beliefs might be. The South has changed over the past 50 years, but someone of Paula Deen’s era would have heard the “n” word or other terms to describe people of different racial backgrounds. As a teacher, I have heard racial slurs increase rather than decrease over the 35 years I have spent among children of all ages and races. The Food Network needs audiences from a variety of backgrounds. I think this incident will hurt the Food Network much more than Paula Deen. I have friends on Facebook from all over the United States. The lack of tolerance demonstrated from the Food Network makes its decision regarding Ms. Deen just as insulting as a racial slur.

    • Art says:

      I am African American and I whole heartedly agree with you. I’m not even a Paula Den fan, however who is more intolerant here, Paula of The Food Network.

  11. June says:

    Paula Deen was and is a personality and quite entertaining. It is ridiculous the Food Network fired her since she is the one who made that network so popular. What a travesty. No one must ever offend blacks even though there are no limits on what they call themselves and call everyone else. She played up the Southern accent and calorie laden food but people should not be so stupid to not know it was mostly perky entertainment.

  12. s.cullerton says:

    Folks, this is a press travesty against Paula Deen led by a gutless corporation that deserves THEIR business support pulled away from them. Cancel your cable service if they carry Food Network, address all their advertisers telling them they will not get any business from you if they allow Food Network to proceed. No viewers means no advertisers to them, no income.. let the house of cards fall as punishment. Use the system against them.

    Paula stays on, period, or corporate removal follows at the hands of the viewers, all parties lose.

    Action enmass, people. Corporations need to be brought down a peg or two; and know that the censors here will not have the guts to post this, I will be very surprised if they do.

  13. Jamie says:

    Obviously Paula dean was born in the south 60 years ago during a time of segregation, so it’s not out of the bounds of reality to think that in some point of her life she used the N word. I mean come on ppl lets get real how many of us have ever said something about another race based on our perceptions and upbringing?! It’s clear she doesn’t feel that way now! What punish someone for their past?! Look at all the popular rappers that the media loves and supports who call each other the N word!! So backwards! Everyone needs to look at themselves before the judge this poor woman!

    • Deborah Layne says:

      This country’s political correctness drives me crazy. It is so beyond stupid. Let’s just get a list of sponsors of Food Network and punish them for the network’s big blundered decision. Paula will be fine either way.

    • Viv Honicutt says:

      Where are the other Chiefs that should be her friends? Some friends they are!!! I’ll stand with Paula as I have learned so much from watching her! I have a GREAT idea for her a NEW program that would help millions, but now I’ll have to rethink it! This was years ago, not today! Where is FORGIVENESS? I think the “F” word is worse, but bet a lot say it a lot now~not in the past! Yet bet they are still there! And I bet some still use the “N” word! I’m more ashamed of The Food Network, as she helped build it! “He without sin, cast the first stone”~~can you say that, I wish I could, but I’m human~not perfect like you think you are! Viv Honicutt, Springfield, MO

  14. Mary Michael says:

    Jesus took on all of our sins, when he died on the cross. Being a Christian does not mean being perfect. It means being forgiven. I believe Paula is a Christian and I know she is human. To use something she said years ago against her now is ridiculous, and what happened to freedom of speech anyway?? If someone called her a cracker, she would probably laugh about it, old whitey can’t open his mouth any more. But boy we are held accountable for being human. This is the reason the world is in the shape its in…I saw, screw you food network, I will watch something else going forward on Saturday mornings.

  15. Marianne says:

    What is wrong with you people? The woman apologized for her actions – profusely. Whatever
    happened to forgiveness? Are you so perfect that you do not make mistakes? Your intolerance is despicable and I will not be renewing any business unless you reinstate Ms. Dean..

  16. terry says:

    Give this woman a break!!!…She has worked hard all her life and has certainly done more good than harm…Who HASN’T used the “N” word!!!…Even BLACK people use that word…Give it a break…She’s the only one worth watching on Food Network…

  17. Susan says:

    I totally disagree with the firing of Deen. I hate the N word just like most people do and I am from the Deep South and raised in the 1960’s It’s an ugly word but LOTS of blacks use it. Maybe they should interview ALL the chefs on Food Network and see if ANY have EVER used racial slurs. You know, besides the N word, “cracker” or “honkey”. I wonder how many would be left.

  18. Jewell says:

    As a black woman I am in total disagreement with the firing of Paula. When asked a question she responded with sincere truth, a testimony to her true character. I have no statistics but I’m sure she is among the majority of people who have used the N-word, including myself. Has America become so sensitized that one must nail Paula to the cross for telling the truth. Really? In case you didn’t know Jesus already died on the cross for all our sins and forgives all who seek forgiveness.

  19. fukoff says:

    Im not watching Food Network anymore for the simple reason I don’t like America’s attempt to censor and control thoughts, ty have a nice day.

  20. Angie W says:

    My family and I support Paul Dean 100%. This is a double standard. People are not perfect and the fact that FoodTV would fire her over this makes me sick. I will not watch the network again and neither will my friends who feel the same way. Her show is great and you should be ashamed. I wonder how many black actors/hosts have made racial slurs that go unnoticed?? I wish someone would go back and look those up to use for an example.

  21. Myra says:

    I won’t be watching Food Network anymore…She admitted to something …She told the truth…It happened years ago…how many people has said it…. you ever went to see a black comedian show ???Whites go and laugh at the things that’s said about them… I am a proud Black Woman but I have white friends to …We call each other names is it something I would do in front of children? NO…We all need to worry about the far worse things in this world than what a person did long ago. She has said Sorry and I feel she is sincere.Stop the Hate and Anger and let God deal with the rest. Myra W.

  22. DH says:

    “enabled Deen to build a multimedia empire around herself that extended to restaurants, cookbooks and other merchandise.” Huh, Dean has lots of money now, I’m struggling now, easy prey, let’s sue
    her for what she did to me/us back then in Savannah etc… yada yada yada! Why didn’t they file suit when it happened, why now? You think society is only against blacks? Please! Start living in the real world. Oh, as for having promoting recipes for fattening dishes, find a better shot. If your able to buy all the ingredients for those dishes, first you can read and CHOOSE or NOT choose if you want to make those dishes, no body is twisting your arm. So, what it comes down to is you are a Saint, never did ANYTHING wrong in your whole life. Never listened to a joke or retold a joke about ANY OTHER race that wasn’t off_color?

    Paula should not be treated as she is now by others or the Food Network for something that happened decades ago. If it was that hurtful for those employees they should have taken actions years ago not now. It appears to the other half of the sane people in the country that these employees want money and will do anything for their 15 Minutes of fame, and as an added bonus fill their pockets for doing nothing. Probably their benefits ran out and needed another source of income.

  23. OT says:

    Well unfortunately, Paula represents a lot of America. Nothing is off limits in the form of a joke. It’s not a shocker. The Oprah interview, i’m assuming down the road, may be though. People should give a damn about people. Old habits die hard. There is a secret culture of hatred. Grandfathers and grandmothers pass bigotry to their sons and daughters and its all hidden. Stop hiding! Get to know hard working Americans of all colors. Admit that grandpa and grandma were f’in racists. Then we can be honest and not fear our little secrets.

  24. vincent decarlo says:

    Paula Dean is a phoney with that southern accent and her cooking skills. I was not surprised to hear about her racial slurs and lawsuit against her.IM SO GLAD THE FOOD NETWORK HAS CANCELLED HER SHOW. Im tired of seeing her on that network,since I watch cooking shows frequently.She has no class and the consumer doesn’t need her phoney racist face on the screen.Good buy paula,good luck in court. You got to big for yourself.

  25. loree says:

    I really think racial slips r not accidental
    With that said being a minority myself. I try..I said try to be careful and considerate.
    However if u r a high profile person one may want to think a bit more about what one says. I have never been in love with her or her food. With that said there r tooooo many double standards in this world! The Neelys could make playful sexual inuendos towards one another while cooking on Tv. But here’s ol out spoken loud Paula gettin canned. With her cash flow and popularity..who cares..move along Paula..u will be alright! Food Network like any others should do what they feel we all do. They let Robert Irvine back on..and he lied on his resume..???? Really..double standards across the board in life. Get used to it!

  26. Eddie says:

    Equality should not be a quest it should be our true rights. Your statement alone prove that black are not recognized as equals. In your word we are more racist than white we should be not to be equal, but to the mere fact that as a race we have been beaten, spit on and treated like animals for over three hundred year by whites. I too would be disgruntled if I was told to dress like a slave to serve her guess at a wedding. The United States was built on slash and burn tactics just ask the American Indians. You are so right that race is used as a lever to obtain that which is not earned that how most of the old American money was made. As far as work ethics white people worked at not until there slaves were taken away, so Paula Deens dismissal from the network is warranted.

  27. Suvi Bayly says:

    If the Food Network is concerned with bad PR, then the Food Network should look more closely with who and how they hire and select cast members. Evidently the Food Network has profited from Paula Deen and are not at all standing by who they represent by throwing her to the curb for being human and having a slip of the tongue. Concerning Paula’s culinary palate the Food Network should make it a fundamental principal that all food and cuisine advertised and representing the channel should be health conscious. Good food from all over the world can always be cooked deliciously, tastefully and gracefully; regardless if the dish is rustic bbq or raw oysters. This issue is bigger then Paula and she should not be held solely accountable for a slip of the tongue. The network needs to reassess their commitment with her 11 years of working for the company and making the company grow and explode because of her draw to the Food Network. I think its a cheap shot to fire an employee for fear of backlash and reaction that it will make the company look bad. What makes the company look bad is their lack of willingness to have any jurisprudence and conviction for a team member.

    • Eddie says:

      There is no such thing as a slip of the tongue, those are her true feels about more than half of the world!!!

  28. This is of course overreacting to something said long ago.So what,is this really so bad as to ruin a career of a wonderful woman and mother?People need to step back and cool their heels.Does anyone really believe Paula is a bad person?I think not..I WANT HER BACK OR I WILL STOP WATCHING!!!

  29. sharon richard says:

    Everybody of ALL nationalities have said a racist remark some time in their life and anyone that says they haven’t is a liar. Paula Deen has apologized repeatedly and this should be dropped. People are too sensitive and certainly trying to get rid of her. They are obviously jealous. Shame on them and anyone that listens to this crap. I am so sick of all the politically correct crap in this world. We are all human and prone to mistakes and should be forgiven….especially for just saying something years ago.

    • Jhaila says:

      This is more of a business matter at this point, so what about her apology…it is not up to the network to foster the burden of Paula Deen. It’s silly for you to say this should be dropped…you couldn’t possibly be serious. This lady made black people who worked for her dress up as slaves.she is guilty of the modern issue of bullying at the least. I say exile her from this country!

    • Eddie says:

      It is so easy for people like you to say someone is too sensitive, when it does not effect you. Where in your world is it appropriate for a white woman in the twenty first century to want to have a plantation themed wedding. I guess you would be all right with a nazi dinner party…. You need to be not so insensitive to the feeling of people different from yourself.

  30. Carter says:

    How does food network firing Paula Deen for admitting to using racial slurs prove that blacks are more racist than whites. If someone was racist towards you, you might be a little disgruntled yourself, and by this comment you made seems like racism is something that you might comfortable with.

  31. Jacques Strappe says:

    The Food Network is a brand, too, representing countless other cooking show celebs. Retaining Deen could have potentially damaged the entire network in both the short term and long term, so a swift dismissal was the appropriate course of action.Celebrity has its perils and is often unforgiving for better or worse. The Deen diabetes debacle should have clued in the Food Network that all was not as it appeared in the case of Deen. The world will survive quite well without Paula Deen gastronomical abominations like a hamburger between two doughnuts, y’all.

  32. Becky says:

    I love Paula Deen! I think she will go on and probably make her own show which will, I hope, hurt the food network. Everyone makes mistakes. Give her a break!

  33. Pam Yeck says:

    Shame on Food Network for not renewing Paula Deen’s contract….she, above any others, has made Food Network what it is today. We all have something we are not proud of doing and/or saying and she is no exception and firing her over a stupid remark is unbelievable. I hope they do a lot of soul searching and realize they have made a huge mistake and realize that we are all human and do and say things that we realize are not how we really feel and are inappropriate. Do a lot of soul searching Food Network as I, a huge fan of the show, will not be watching anymore if you continue on this path of dismissing Paula Deen.

    • Eddie says:

      Shame on you for standing by ignorance. There is always a consequence to an action. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

  34. Sue says:

    Paula has done nothing but make money for food network. Where is the loyalty? Where are the other food network stars? Do you not have enough money to stand up for someone who made a mistake many years ago. I bet you never made one. Good luck to you, paula. Some of us still love you and your family!

  35. M Maddux says:

    I think the reaction by the Food Network is unjust. I encourage them to rethink it. I hear racial slurs everyday. We all grow both individually and as a nation! None of us or our nation are who were even five years ago.

    I like her recipes and I like that she was strong enough to make a life for herself and her sons. Additionally, I like that when she made money she shared it through several charities.

    I will support her in the future.

  36. Grayson says:

    I support you and know you have a good heart and are not racist. Talk to Oprah about OWN. She is a woman and has a smart business mind like you. God bless you. KEEP THE FAITH.
    THIS MEDIA CIRCUS IS JUST THAT. It does not define you AT ALL.

    Peace and love your way.

  37. lee ham says:

    she will make it. she don’t need the food network.

  38. lee ham says:

    I see people are color blind. when it comes to speaking the truth.

  39. they needed to do something many of the black Americans felt irate about her actions, especially ironic that she makes millions off our black ancestors recipes and she feels and acts this way, I will never buy any of her products nor will I watch her sons shows, if she would of stayed on the programs I would not watch the food channel anymore which is a channel I watched daily. It is ironic that Oprah really made her noticed in the black community, buy going to her house and having her on her shows.

    • LHarden says:

      …and Paula Deen’s fried chicken recipe (hot sauce, egg and self rising flour) was created by her black cook at Lady and Sons Restaurant, yet Paula claims it as her own. I wonder if that cook wrote down the recipe? Obviously, Paula did and profited from it! When you don’t know what you’re talking about, it is best to be quiet.

    • LHarden says:

      My, my… I see that ignorance extends beyond Paula Deen. With a little reading about food history, you will discover that “recipes” aren’t necessary in order to cook great food. Not only did shaves improve on the “recipes” of the food of their captors, they also introduced new foodsike sweet potatoes and okra into Anerican cuisine. Much of the creole cuisine of the south is based on African flavors and cooking techniques. If nothing else, captured Africans were the essence of invention…not only for the dinner tables of their captors and owners, but for the meager food slaves were given for their own tables as well. But, with so few of you who read or are open to really learning about other cultures, I suppose this very small attempt to enlighten you will not be understood or even appreciated. Why? Because the very statement that “Africans didn’t have recipes” is indicative of racism and bias that exist among “good, decent white folks.

  40. Shafted says:

    While I do believe Paula was completely wrong for any racist statements she made it is quite clear the former employee is just looking to stick it to her and it’s quite possible that all the comments were made out of context. It’s ok for Django, JAy Z, Comedians, and so on to racially rip people to shreds but a woman who clearly grew up in the south can’t be forgiven for a few off color remarks from years ago? Seriously? The cultural slang used there is quite different from the elite in NY and LA and now thanks to the politically correct crowd literally hundreds of well paid jobs will disappear for her employees. Who’s going to help those folks? My Jewish boss called me a white trash gentile and made fun of being a Christian. Did that get written up?

  41. Bonnie Hardeman says:

    I can’t believe the Food Network has fallen prey to this Paula Dean Witch Hunt. This has been going on since the diabetes issues. I will not watch the Food Network anymore, but will follow Paula Dean where else she goes and she will rise above this. I love you Paula Dean! I watch your show because you can cook the best of anyone on the Network. This is the reason I wake up on the weekends and turn the Food Network on. I won’t even answer my phone if it rings while Paula Dean or her Family is on the Food Network cooking. It is a shame that our society has now allowed people to express their personal vendetta ‘s through their job. Your true fans won’t let you down, Love That Paula Dean!

  42. Kenmandu says:

    Let me eat butter!.

  43. sarah says:

    It is so sad that our society doesn’t promote, forgive or appreciate people who take accountability for their mistakes. It’s ridiculous that she got fired for this. Shame on you Food Network channel.

    • Sarah says:

      People learn bigotry just as they unlearn it. The process of growth is to take responsibility and receive forgiveness. Our society punishes people for taking responsibility and rewards them for avoiding it. This happened many years ago. Let it go. People get to offended now days.

  44. Bill says:

    I wonder how many of the Food Network executives may have things in their past – remember, we’re talking 1986 here – they’d be less than proud were they made public.

  45. Michael Aldridge says:

    This Christian nation continues to be quick to throw the first stone and reluctant to forgive. Given that the Scripps offices are located in the South, I’ll bet an afternoon there would provide plenty of grist to grind them to an inauspicious halt.

  46. Georgiann says:

    I am glad she was fired! Free speech should not include racism and outright bigotry!! She is a public figure and her brand of thinking is and should be censored

  47. Family Visions NC Inc. says:

    Reblogged this on The Daniels Group Public Relations LLC..

  48. Ryan says:

    That’s rediculous. Firing someone who used a term 25 years ago. Would it have been better for her to lie under oath? I have more respect for Paula than for the food network after their actions today.

    • Will says:

      What part of “She reportedly suggested in the deposition that black staffers at her restaurant dress up as slaves for a wedding her company was catering” didn’t you understand?

  49. Richard says:

    After all the food she’s put into her mouth, she was destine to put her foot in there too…!?!

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