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Docu debuts on Harmony Gold stage in Hollywood

Craig Scott Rosebraugh didn’t pussyfoot around before the March 6 preem of his doc “Greedy Lying Bastards.”

Hopping on the Harmony Gold stage in Hollywood, the helmer identified climate change as a “startling reality” and prepped the aud with a brief intro of the “denialist” figures and orgs his doc disputes.

Exec producer Daryl Hannah added, “It’s really, really scary, and the fact that we’re just going along talking about Lindsay Lohan and not really dealing with this is just shocking.”

The One Earth Productions doc also pulls the veil back on the money behind the crisis’ debate, and details the doubt-casters, such as ExxonMobil and the Koch brothers, as well as their misleading tactics.

“These guys aren’t protecting the American public; they don’t have the best interest of the American public,” says Rosebraugh. “They’re a bunch of greedy lying bastards, so hell, let’s call ’em what they are.”

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