Film Review: ‘Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor’

Film Review: 'Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions

Perry's latest offers a sluggish, relentlessly downbeat portrait of a young couple in crisis

The devil is in the details — or perhaps under the bed sheets — in “Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” a ludicrous marital drama-cum-morality play from contemporary black cinema’s most prolific multihyphenate. Significantly lacking in star wattage (including Perry’s own), this sluggish, relentlessly downbeat portrait of a young couple in crisis should play well to Perry’s fanbase, but won’t draw anywhere near Madea-sized crowds at a very competitive Easter box office.

Like many of Perry’s films, this one originated as a stage play, though judging from the evidence onscreen, it’s hard to imagine it playing very far outside the dinner-theater circuit. Framed as the titular “confession,” related by a marriage counselor to her latest client, “Temptation” introduces childhood sweethearts Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Brice (Lance Gross), married for several years and living in Washington, D.C., where Brice works as a pharmacist in a small family drugstore (run by Yiddishe Momme Renee Taylor, whom some may initially mistake for Perry himself in whiteface and drag).

Judith, meanwhile, holds one of the more fanciful jobs in recent movie memory: “inhouse therapist” for Janice (Vanessa Williams), a high-end matchmaker with a Pepe Le Pew accent and a devoted minion (Kim Kardashian) whose primary responsibility seems to be castigating Judith for her sensible shoes and discount-store couture. (“Is your fashion icon Delta stewardess?”)

As if credibility were not already stretched to the breaking point, it soon emerges that, for all her supposed insight into relationship compatibility, Judith is a nice Christian girl who’s never been with any man except Brice. Which makes her the perfect catnip for Harley (Robbie Jones), a social-media billionaire who comes calling ostensibly to invest in Janice’s company, but quickly makes a bigger bid to get Judith into the sack.

From there, “Temptation” takes a sharp right turn toward the smugly moralistic. Harley isn’t just a snake in Judith’s middle-class Eden. With his Internet billions, he promises to set her up in the private marriage counseling practice she’s always dreamed of, proves chivalrous (nearly pummeling a cyclist who accidentally runs into Judith in a park) where Brice is cowardly, takes her for rides in his Ferrari and Rolls, and eventually entreats her on to his private plane — a one-way ticket to the Mile High Club. But fret not: Like a subsequent bathroom tryst cloaked in enough steam for a three-alarm blaze, this encounter has been skillfully designed not to offend Perry’s churchgoing base or endanger his PG-13 rating.

Love of money is the root of all evil, don’t we know, because the Bible says so and because the notion of Judith being tempted by a rich guy who isn’t also a total asshole would be far too complex for Perry’s reductive universe. So, having attained his prize, Harley stands revealed as a sadistic bully luring Judith into a decadent underworld of very bad behavior (evidenced by a throbbing techno rave party that’s like Perry’s answer to the masked ball from “Eyes Wide Shut”).

In the interest of padding the running time to nearly a full two hours, Perry also adds a second woman-in-distress subplot involving a mysterious new pharmacy assistant (Brandy Norwood) on the run from something — or someone — in her troubled past. Less mysterious is the true identity of the film’s unnamed narrator, who leaves the listener of her story suitably traumatized, but with no clear moral to take away, save perhaps: Listen to your mother and you won’t end up getting divorced, or getting an STD, or both.

Perry previously took on the subjects of marriage, infidelity and the hard work of sustaining relationships with far more nuance in his 2007 dramedy “Why Did I Get Married?,” in which the characters were reasonably three-dimensional and had some semblance of inner lives. Here, they’re mere puppets on Perry’s strings, and impossible roles for the actors. Gross, in particular, spends most of the movie projecting all the assertiveness of a teacup chihuahua, only to finally rise to the occasion when the script needs him to, his dearly beloved poised on the threshold of damnation. What more, really, can one say about a movie in which Kim Kardashian is the single most believable thing on screen?

Consistent with most of Perry’s films, craft contributions are adequate but undistinguished, with occasional overhead shots of metro D.C. adding a dollop of location flavor to otherwise obvious Georgia soundstage shooting.

Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

Reviewed at AMC Empire 25, New York, March 28, 2013. MPAA Rating: PG-13. Running time: 111 MIN.

A Lionsgate release presented with TPS of a TPS/Lionsgate production. Produced by Tyler Perry, Ozzie Areu, Paul Hall. Executive producers, Michael Paseornek, Mike Upton.

Directed, written by Tyler Perry, based on his stage play “The Marriage Counselor.” Camera (Deluxe color, HD, widescreen), Alexander Gruszynski; editor, Maysie Hoy; music, Aaron Zigman; music supervisor, Joel C. High; production designer, Eloise C. Stammerjohn; art director, Gentry L. Akens, II; set decorator, Dane Moore; costume designer, Johnetta Boone; sound (Dolby Digital/Datasat), Chris Durfy; re-recording mixers, Joe Barnett, Marshall Garlington; assistant director, Chip Signore; second unit director, Paul Hall; casting, Kim Taylor-Coleman.

Cast: Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Lance Gross, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Williams, Robbie Jones, Renee Taylor, Ella Joyce, Brandy Norwood.

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  1. Julia says:

    Awful! So what, if you have a bad marriage and seek love elsewhere you get beat up and catch AIDS? Such a stupid movie. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  2. Michelle says:

    I just seen the movie and I loved it. Tyler Perry you did that. This movie speaks the truth, what are we talking about this movie makes you want to think twice before you cheat, before you have unprotected sex, and before you judge someone based on how they look. I love TP movies because it always have a real life message. I sometimes feel like the character Judith in this movie, like wanting more out of my man and I sometimes thought of cheating on him alot but I never did. This movie was a wake up call for me definitely.

  3. Joycelyn says:

    i love this show very much it is number one in my book

  4. not telling says:

    good review.

  5. Temptest says:

    I saw TP’s movie “Temptation” last night and it wasn’t bad. It is a MUST see for the younger generation, married couples and anyone in a relationship. There were several strong moral messages on immorality,infidelity, trust, betrayal, Lack of communication, Vanity, Spiritual War Warfare (Good vs Evil) & Greed. Real ending…You reap what you sow!!

  6. Angie says:

    Wow, Scott! You sound like you are mad. I thought the movie was excellent. I enjoy movies that speak to real life issues, in a real way. I appauld Tyler Perry for not being afraid to go where others refuse. I appauld Tyler Perry for always making movies that speak to moral issues. His movies always have a message in them, whether Madea is in it or not. I’m tired of movies that continue to promote immorality. There is another way to live!

  7. itsme says:

    I watched it, well most of it. It wasn’t that bad. So he is taking a stand in support of family values. You may not like it but why attack the messenger who delivers the message to those of us who do. If you get married don’t cheat. If you get a bit ahead of or behind your spouse from time to time, trust that open communications and a little time will sort it out. If nothing works, get a divorce. But under no circumstances should you cheat. In our so called civilization, we need the institution of marriage. It serves and important purpose. People want to see those who violate it get their just desserts. It’s their money and if they choose to spend some of it on morality plays to remind themselves the wages of betrayal, why do you care? Why does it offend you so? Three cheers for Tyler Perry.

  8. Ms.9 says:

    I saw the movie twice – first with a 50-50 white and black audience (ages 16 -70 it seemed), and then 95% black audience (16 -50 I guess).The first audience enjoyed it more than the second. I am not sure why.

    I loved seeing two professionals trying to make it. Marriage is hard! I loved the character the husband played.

    The movie was well thought out.Some of Tyler’s other serious movies to check out are Good Deeds and The Family That Preys.

    This man does not need Madea to make a movie.
    I am glad he’s young. I want to witness the body of his work in my lifetime.

  9. ac says:

    It is an excellent movie, our young people definitely need to watch it. All of the actors were not perfect but the message was more important. Proud of Tyler Perry for making this movie, knowing it would not be received by all, “what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul…” he didn’t sell out on this one.

  10. JLS says:

    Came across an article that Tyler Perry had a new movie out. Did a search to check it out. After reading Scott Foundas review, I’m going to have to watch it. There are those in Hollywood who seem to have a total distaste for anytning that promotes any morality or personal responsibility. Could this be Mr. Foundas? Typically I’ll watch a film before checking reviews. It seems the movies I get the most from recieve reviews such as the above. I look forward to seeing, Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. I’ll come back with my thoughts, Scott.

  11. KT says:

    Wow, some of the negative comments here are downright viscious – unbelievable! So this is my take right, I do not expect white Hollywood to give a favorable review to anything that Mr. Perry does after all they didn’t get his ideas earlier but he has gone around them to carve out his niche…successfully. WHat is bothersome however, is hearing that he always portrays Af. Am. women as “dumb”, “helpless” & “naive”. For those who made those comments did they not see a successful Af Am woman owning a sussessful business? Did they not see a woman who had the strength enough to leave an abusive relationship instead of staying in the situation because of the “bling”? What movie were you watching exactly?

    Was it an excellent movie, no. Was it formulaic, yes. But we should all know by now that Mr. Perry’s focus is about the message which it seems so many of the critics missed. The message is simple but poignant that 1) the grass isn’t always greener on the other side 2) everything that glitters isn’t gold 3) we all have to deal with the consequenses of our decisions good or bad. These are lessons that our youth need to see and hear and feel because they are not getting it anywhere else hence the PG rating. They are in 6th grade giving head, having sex in school toilets; utterly desensitized to the ramifications of unprotected sex. All they see is the “bling” life and they have no idea all that goes with that life.

    It is unfortunate that so many of us as Af.Am are now so “integrated” that we can now say that we will not support another Af. Am. given that it was not so long ago that we could really only support OUR own. Take a lesson from the Hispanics – I’ve seen some downright awful hispanic driven movies be successful because they seem to realize that if the producer (a hispanic) is successful he/she tends to hire more hispanics i.e. keep the $$$ in their community longer. Another lesson: Jews are said to be loyal to a fault, ever wonder why so many Jewish culture films win oscars? Are they really all that stellar?

    Admittedly, improvements need to be made on his part in terms of writing, scripts etc. But to say that the film is terrible is just plain wrong – sadly the people who could benefit most from it are rejecting it.

    • Tammy says:

      Very well said! I agree w/u 100%! Many of the negative comments here about TP’s movie/movies are sad, but what’s even sadder, is the ones that come from his own people.

  12. Ms. 9 says:

    See Eve’s Bayou and The Great Debaters to understand Jurnee’s star power. She is the next Angela Bassett, in terms of her ability to act with her eyes.

    The situations were real. The actors were perfectly chosen- including Kim and Brandy.

    Tyler does something interesting with lightskinned women in his Tv shows and movies. He shows them as women with horrible conditions. I the black community, we see them as spotless and “chosen” while the dark ones are denied. Tyler puts darkskinned women in a more positive light in most of his films. In this film, Brandy’s character was admired or desired by both male characters and a beautiful dark woman “won” in the end . Predictable H ollywood would have shown us a lighter beautiful girl winning in the end.

    In the 80’s, Spike Lee was blasted for never making a clear point. Now Tyler Perry can’t win for delivering a message.

    I had a good time watching the movie twice last weekend. I saw myself and many friends in those roles.

    I loved this movie and The Family that Preys—yes, with an “e.”

    Happy I am living to see more black actors on the big screen on a regular basis.

  13. Ericka says:

    I saw the movie and saw it twice!!!! It was a good lesson ! To try to work out your marriage before you consider doing something foolish! I think every man, woman, black, white no matter what color you are should see this! THIS IS REAL! It will make you think about things twice!

  14. This review tells me that the critic does not know how to have an unbiased opinion. Its obvious you came into it already deciding you didn’t like it because it was a Tyler Perry movie or because that Kardashian was in it our whatever. I also went in not expecting much with her (I feel like she kind of got better as the film went on – but she was still pretty one dimensional and had trouble delivering her lines at the right pace) but excited that TP had casted other great actors, like Jurnee Smollet whose passion shines in every role she plays. Anyway, in response to this “review”:
    1) Judith’s job – a) who cares if its “fanciful?” Doh it’s a movie. Also, I had a white friend ask me how I could accept the lavish jobs and apartments the women on Girlfriends had…. ? Are black people not supposed to have that? Have there never been any movies where ppl had far fetched jobs (yes, there are, it was rhetorical)?
    b)its actually not that far-fetched. They were in DC I believe and DC has some crazy jobs – all those rich politicians coming in and out of it it makes sense. I found several high end D.C. matchmaking services for rich people in just one google search. I also saw that in-house therapist is most. def a thing in a variety of fields. I have to say, I think what the writer was trying to say that it was fanciful for the amount of colored people running/employed by it

    2) I wanted to smack you for your rude comments on the Yiddish woman. Looked like another TP in drag character – seriously? How do her looks effect her performance as an old Jewish woman running a pharmacy? From all of the Yiddish grandmas I know/have seen (which is quite a few in NYC), she seems perfectly fine to me. And she is beautifully who she is supposed to be. The extra makeup, the kind of eccentric clothes and blunt behavior = Yiddish old woman. And she was hilarious. As for the homosexual joke – really no movie ever has a character who makes fun of that? And no one has a grandma that is always questioning if the single bookish granddaughter is gay? The joke was in the fact that she said lesbian and not druggy or gangbanger. Another Duh. I loved her for bringing humor and a culture different then the black Christian culture you complained about seeing too much of in TP movies.

    3)Let’s move on to that. Did you really just complain about the Christian undertone of this movie? TP is telling the story of a black couple from the south – you want realistic? a Bible quoting mama is about as real as it gets. You may not like it, but that doesn’t contribute to the worth of this film. Why is it that every weekend I have to choose between a movie about a girl dating multiple guys to find Mr. Right or a man going on a killing spree. I like those movies, but I also like movies about characters. If your telling a story about ppl and they are a certain religion, it wouldn’t make sense to not have that religion factor somehow in their decisions. And as a Black Christian, I personally applaud this movie for not only showing the dangers of losing yourself and “love of money (which was not what it was about idk why you said that)” but also the dangers of sheltering your child from the real world and forcing religion down their throat. The mother was a pastor – who perpetually lied about the girl’s father. The husband forgot her bday twice and they weren’t married that long! He also didn’t care to keep a spark in the marriage. This was not just a “listen to momma, be a good wife” lesson in morality. Judith didn’t just skip into temptation on her own. Each character had their flaw and were at different places in their lives – one ingredient for a good movie. Also, Vanessa William’s awful supposed to be fake accent was so funny. Cheesy, yes, but cheesy is good sometimes.

    4)I admit it wasn’t the greatest movie, (the Kardashin, Brandy’s “i have aids so I’m all mighty and wise but too stupid to get a restraining order and ask for help getting to and from work” character, Judith’s ignorance, the stupid wife who the story was being told to, it was way too easy for Brice to save Judith, and AIDS – really?) but it did show the growth of TP – Harly was a great example of how women are drawn in, which is y I didn’t mind the pace. Yea, we knew what was gonna happen – but so did all the characters (except Judith), it was like a good dose of dramatic irony.
    (The Family that Preys is still my favorite TP movie, however.)

    What I am saying is that you, critic guy, should put less bias in your reviews and more on the movie as a stand alone itself. And maybe its ok to do a litlle research on the type of characters the movie is about before you declare them unrealistic or too churchey (or jewishey) or whatever. It is definitely not a bad thing to see other American cultures represented in a movie from time to time. I feel the real moral if there is one was not listen to your mother and you wont get an STD, but that you are responsible for what you decide and there will be consequences regardless of who lied to you, who forgot you, who charmed you – it’s on you. Or, to get Christianese – everything in moderation!

  15. I’ve been one of TP’s biggest critics over the years, but his movie making has improved drastically. It’s hard for me to sit through another Madea movie TBH. But this movie is very good. Believable? As someone who just came out of a long-term relationship (with similar issues as in the movie) and is studying to be a professional counselor, I found the movie authentic and heart-felt. I appreciate the original story writing, especially considering Hollywood is always looking for another 70’s-80’s show to turn into a movie.

  16. DHQ says:

    Trying to figure out where your venom comes from…
    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, the acting and the story.
    It’s somewhat amusing that some complain about Tyler’s “moralistic” approach, but apparantly have no problem with the standard “immoral” movie fare we are relentlessly bombarded with. Perhaps their horns are showing…
    But wait. Tyler Perry went to every major Hollywood studio when trying to have his movies made and they all turned him down. Now he produces, writes, directs and sometimes acts in his own movies, hires tremendous talent that Hollywood tends to ignore, has been hugely successful, and has created his OWN studios in Atlanta. I guess Hollywood and their network (including Variety?) are only too happy to promote support for this successful Hollywood outsider, whose messages make them react like a demon sprinkled with holy water…

  17. Tammy says:

    It seems to me from reading your comments Marcus, that you are very jealous of TP & his success. Whether you like or dislike his work, he is not the only producer out there getting rich off good & bad movies alike or who owns a mansion. Could it be the fact that TP is black and doesn’t deserve the same perks as his counterparts be the issue for you? Unfortunately for you Marcus, TP has many other fans out here who love & support his work & who don’t mind making him rich or paying for his mansion. So I suggest if you no longer want to be a part of the “make TP rich movement”, that you immediately stop seeing all TP productions. I think that’s a simple solution for someone who appears to be one TP movie away from anger management classes. I’m sure there are many “other” producers out there who would appreciate your support in making them richer & helping them pay for their mansions instead. There, problem solved.

    • Manu says:

      I’m totally voting u up Tammy. haha I saw Marcus all over the place, started to think that he’s one of Variety’s or somethinG!

      • Tammy says:

        Thanks Manu! I can’t understand the hate Marcus displays for TP. It can’t be that serious. It’s just entertainment, lol.

  18. GW says:

    70% of the moviegoers were women, regardless of race. TP knows his audience. You would like to see some growth in his work; however, he continues to put out the same old stuff, year after year. He knows his audience will support him no matter what and no one demands or challenges him to do better. Every one I know that loves his work are typically those his message is trying to reach, women, church-goers and those with their own relationship or familial issues that can identify with someone on the screen. Can’t knock the brother for getting paid because that’s what it’s about. Can no longer support him either, until he starts to put out better quality work, that requires some though. His story lines are too predictable and boring.

  19. Boffo numbers at the box office! Tyler Perry’s Temptation earned $27 million at the box office. I think Tyler Perry understands his market and made savvy casting choices with this film. While there is no unanimity of opinion within the black community about whether or not this was a good film, the controversy shows that we are not a monolithic group and that everyone is entitled to their opinion. The ability to express one’s opinion without fear of consequences or retribution is what makes this country great!

    Consider the director Quentin Tarantino. Many people bashed his film “Django” while others thought it was a groundbreaking film. Ditto for Antoine Fuqua’s “Training Day” film which many people hated due to Denzel Washington’s role as a rogue cop.

    Perhaps we’ve reached the point where we can simply go to the movies to enjoy a good story line and not feel that every movie is either an indictment of the entire black race or must glorify us as a people.
    Heck, it ‘s just a story! Many great film directors do get embroiled in controversy as they practice their craft.

    Valerie Gulston

  20. webben says:

    You will find definitely most of00 facts like that to consider. That may be a great point to raise up. I supply the suggestions above as standard inspiration however plainly there are concerns just like the one a person deliver up when a very powerful thing will be employed in sincere uberrima fides. I don? to know if guidelines have surfaced round issues that adheres to that, on the other hand I am sure that a job is definitely clearly known as a reasonable sport. Each youth really feel the have an impact on of only a moments pleasure, through-out their day-to-day lives.

  21. Cassandra Hernandez says:

    It was a Lifetime movie at best. Really ?Tyler Perry.

  22. Corliss says:

    I truly loved this movie. Tyler Perry movies are the type that keep me interested from the moment the movie starts until it ends. I don’t know why anyone would leave a negative review on this movie. It was very entertaining and also had a great story line. I gasped along with what seemed like the entire movie theatre on one part in the film. (I won’t say when so I don’t spoil it for those who have not seen the movie). I have seen a 2 ratings and a 3.67 above, but I give it a 5. Tyler will always get my money for his movies. I don’t think it has a thing to do with demographics. This story line could be any place, any race if the truth be told. Go and enjoy the movies. I learned long time ago that you can not go by these reviews. I gasp at some of the movies that win academy awards. Those are the ones that fall in the line of demographics. By the way, I will be seeing it twice.

  23. Denise says:

    This movie is AMAZING! I agree that some of the amateur acting was pretty obvious. But the message hit my heart. I am personally going through a similar situation, and all of my girlfriends and I went to see it together, and we all had a HUGE REALITY CHECK! I think many people get caught up with race, if Tyler Perry is portraying “black women” is a negative way… and that is besides the point. Who cares if the actor is black, hispanic, white….? That is ignorant. Pay attention to the message that the movie brings. And it is not if you listen to your christian mother you won’t get HIV, It is about not taking your spouse for granted, valuing them, and listening to them. It provoked a huge impact for me. thank you Tyler Perry you are incredible.

  24. Xao Lin says:

    I agree Variety made a very racist comment.

  25. leon says:

    U people are idiots this is not about black….i am a black male and i felt this movie… was great performance, story was good , great twisted ending…i dont want to be fuckin bored by seeing a succesful black women and she live happily ever after go see a fuckin disney movie…this is reality….I am not gonna sit her and lie that this is not happening to the black commmunity because its is, wake up is a damn message…. black women always lookin to be glorified in movies….i have witness general number of black women make mistakes….way more number than successful women…. TRUTH HURTS…. i love the learning experience….i dont wanna be lie to in the movie when blacks are not to doin so great i wanna hear the truth nit some bullshit happliy ever after movie…stop basing off ur selfish selfs and look at the numbers

  26. Pat Jones says:

    Im a black woman who feels this movie has a good point; but why do our movies have to depict us making bad choices all the time? Some of us have made good choices and have overcome. Tylers movies these days are becoming more and more depressing to watch. Show us being successful and making the right choices.

    • elvira says:

      I am also a black woman and I have to say that i know alot of movies where black women are shown making the right decisions…most of the Tyler Perry movies i have seen show black women overcoming obstacles and learning from their mistakes…i see nothing wrong with that. There are several movies with successful black women…maybe you just aren’t watching the right movies(:

  27. Giovanni says:

    The comment Variety wrote that “…this sluggish, relentlessly downbeat portrait of a young couple in crisis should play well to Perry’s fanbase…” IS SO RACIST.

  28. keisha says:

    Goodness knows that I am not TP fan, this is probably only the 3rd movie of his that I’ve seen. What I find so interesting, is the amount of harsh criticism that the movie is receiving, when the over arching theme of the film is about the cost of infidelity. The problem is we don’t care anymore, b/c we have been the one being cheated on, or been the cheater. It hits too close to home and the truth hurts. Every action/decision has a cost, and when it comes time to pay…many find that the price is much too high. Even if the acting wasn’t that great….TP movies are all about messages to remind of us of what is most important. What they say is true people usually are satisfied with 80% of their marriage, but they still seek the other 20% outside of their marriage only to find out that once they get it, it’s not as great as they thought that it would be. That’s the lure of infidelity to make you believe that you’re missing out on something, that you don’t have. Your marriage, may not be perfect but, nothing ever truly is. The critics will always be out there, but there will always be those of us, who seek out TP movies not necessarily for the “name-brand” actors and actresses but for the honest, hard truth message that his stories bring. Like it or not, this message is taking TP all the way to the bank.

    • Marcus says:

      Harsh criticisim because the movie stinks plain and simple.TP going to the bank no doubt. Having to go to a TP movie to learn what is important in life pathetic. Get a message from him IE hey man help a brother out and see my crappy movie thanks lets all stck together and make me rich. At least the Madea movies are up front with that they are comedys but this garbage is to much. Don’t pee down my back and tell me it’s raining.As far as critics of course they, me ,we are out here. Stop peddling your crap to the black community stealing our money with your sub-par movies and embarrassing talented actors with lousey roles.I need to take a shower after seeing that movie I feel so violated.

      • DHQ says:

        Nice try Marcus, your venom obviously does not fit the movie, so your credibility has taken a huge, self inflicted hit.

  29. Shirice says:

    This Tyler Perry film (and others) proves that deep down inside, TP really and truly hates Black women, and prefers to continue the garbage stereotypes of us being miserable, homewreckers runover by disease. But the dumb sheep keep flocking to his crap movies, where he has made it clear that Black women were only important enough to make him rich, fat and happy. And to help him promote his negative beliefs of you. Any Black woman who spends money on this film is pathetic.

    • Tammy says:

      Dumb sheep? Whoa, Sharice & Marcus must have shared a giant pitcher of “hater-aid” spiked with venom.

    • TP fan says:

      Truly hates black women yet he is in love with a black ethiopian woman…smh

    • elvira says:

      Tyler Perry’s movies are meant to teach a lesson. You act like every movie he has made portrays blacks women in a bad light and that is not true. Even though his characters are mostly black, whites can easily relate to them…especially in this movie imean come on it is a movie about cheating…

  30. Mary says:

    I saw the movie twice. It is awesome!!! Great job Tyler Perry.

    • Marcus says:

      Must work at Tyler Perrys public relations office. You are not fooling anyone. But if you don’t you must be blind and deaf or saw a different movie than I.

  31. nicole black says:

    i just saw temptation and I’d give it a strong B rating. i really don’t
    understand all of the strong negative reviews i’ve read. i’m in love
    with lance gross and decided to give this a try and i wasn’t
    disappointed, not even by kim k’s performance. there were a couple of twists that made me let out a little “oh snap” and there were even a couple of laughs to be had. i think the reviews are coming from
    something other than the “movie” itself. unfortunately, people just
    don’t respect Tyler. there’s constant chatter about his dialog being to simple and preachy. i get that, but there are so many movies that have really dumb dialog in addition to a whole lot of sex and/or violence. so if i’m going to be beat over the head by anything I’d choose this.

    my feelings about tyler perry are neutral so i can objectively say that i enjoyed this movie and would recommend giving it a chance.

    • Marcus says:

      Give it a strong B rating are you kidding me. Yeah if the B means I was strongly burned for wasting my money to see this steaming heap.Oh snap yes like snapping out after being ripped off to see this movie. And Kim K another rich person who like Paris Hilton has no talent except for making homemade sex tapes and rich daddys. As far as respect for Tyler it is actually the other way around he has no respect for his audience or there intelligence. He just exepects hey brother I’m black you’re black lets stick together and give me your hard earned money. Well no more Mr. Tyler you are not going to take any more of my money for your crummy movies. Have some respect for your audience instead of just lining your pockets. I also stongly recommend the movie DON’T see it! Donate your money to a local homeless shelter or food back not to Tyler Perrys mansion payment.

      • elvira says:

        lol you sound so angry its just a movie..people have their different tastes and opinions and white people watch Tyler Perry’s movies

  32. I thought the movie was great and entertaining…the issues he brought up in this film happen everyday across our nation. African American woman have the highest rates of HIV and I thought the film depicted courageously and brilliantly awareness to all women that find themselves in these situations. People love to talk bad, buthad it been a Steven Spielberg movie good lord it will all be great reviews.

    • Lovinglife living with HIV says:

      Vanessa you are correct in your comment about AA women and the rates of HIV

    • Shirice says:

      OKKKKK MS HERNANDEZ…What makes you think you can quote the LIES of Black women having the highest HIV rates? That’s not true at all and I guess you figure you need something to make yourself feel better than Black women. I’l have you know tht Latinas are pretty low on the totem pole as well, but racists don’t spew out lies and fake statistics about you guys because only Black people are targeted for such fodder. Cut your statistics crap ms Hernande and look into the rates of disease in your own community.

      • Lovinglife living with HIV says:

        Women of color, particularly Black women, have been especially hard hit and represent the majority of new HIV infections and AIDS diagnoses among women, and the majority of women living with the disease. Among women, the number of HIV-related deaths and HIV death rates are highest for Black women. In 2008, HIV was the 4th leading cause of death among Black women ages 25–44, compared to 5th for women overall in the U.S. In 2008, the HIV death rate per 100,000 women, ages 25–44, was 15.0 for Black women, higher than the rate for other women and most men in this age group, and second only to the rate among Black men.

  33. Rene Lee says:

    I was excited to watch Confessions of a Marriage Counselor for one reason, Jurnee Smollett-Bell. She was excellent in The Great Debaters and I thought she would be great in this film as well. But it’s dissappointing to watch Tyler Perry create images of African American women and men that are so unrealistic.

    I am an African American woman, college educated in my 30’s, that grew up in a strict Christian home and never used drugs, even when offered. So, I am are supposed to believe a mastered degreed, christian women would loose herself, leave a man she has known for 19 years for a disrecpectful pyscho.

    Furthermore the characters in Temptation weren’t well developed. The moment, I began watching the film, I figured out Judith was the much older women telling the story and it didn’t take long to discover that Melinda ex, was Harley. What did take me a moment to figure out Vanessa Williams, character Janice, had a french accent, funny. Kim Kardashian role of Eva was a perfect fit for her, she did better than I expected.

    I would love to see something different from Perry in future movies, there are so much to explore in relationships, it is not this over the top, drama filled craziness like in Temptation.

  34. Chanel johnson says:

    Even though the characters did an amazing job acting I still think Tyler perry does a disgrace when it comes to black women. This will be the last movie I watch from him. He makes us out to be weak,senseless, and pathetic. Six years of college and she doesn’t know what dope is in 2013? Come on… I just wish he would make more positive movies about us. There are black women who do an amazing job as a wife and mom with jobs and are comfortable with being that. We don’t all have issues and problems…

    • Marcus says:

      The actors did do an amazing job,why can’t Tyler do the same and give them amazing material to work with stop already with the usual stereotypes and dumb-downed plots. His movies are like those sleazy infomercials buy the latest flavors then wait for the next new and improved product / movie to come out and buy again.

  35. This movie will be a box office success judging from the reactions that I witnessed at Harlem’s Magic Johnson Theater. Black men find the lead actress Smurnee-Bell very attractive and black women swooned when Lance Gross serenaded his wife in acowboy hat and displayed his buff torso. Viewers liked the idea that Harley was a super successful business mogul with a private plane and Brandy Norwood ‘s character tugged at your heart strings. Vanessa Williams was hysterical with her faux French accent. Casting Kim Kardashian was a wise move too since she is controversial, the. ” flavor of the moment and Kanye’s lover. She will probably bring in a more diverse audience.
    For all of the reasons cited above, this movie will be a box office success; probably not as successful as the Medea franchise, but it will make money! Looking forward to Tyler’s next film starring David Alan Grier as a prospective father-in-law who is less than enamored with his potential son-in-law; out-takes of the movie shown in coming attractions at the theater were really funny!

  36. tto says:

    Was it great no, but it wasnt terrible, i think the whole christianity angle is kinda played, but i do like films supporting marriage, and oddly enough i actually individuals who had similar fates as the ones in the movie, so it is pretty realistic to a certain degree. I didnt get the impression that money was the root of all evil, or if u dont listen to ur momma you are going to
    get aids, i kinda walked away from it thinking that sometimes we believe life should be more than what it really is, instead of thinking youve settled at life be appreciative of what you have and are going achieve. Were there cheesy parts of course, the issue i have is how people are saying its unrealistic, most individuals i know that cheat are pretty selfish and have felt like theyve settled at life, and most of the individuals got caught cheating by getting vd, so that to me was pretty realistic to. I mean people are bashing this movie, but before i saw it i had just got done watching castaway on t.v. and saw a white man talking to a volleyball for a 90 min and that movie is supposed to riveting and realistic. Look im not saying tp is steven speilberg or anything, but i kinda get the feeling that hes getting a bad rap here, and sadly enough i hate his films

    • Tanyail says:

      I looked through all the comments and yours was the most I could relate to!

    • Marcus says:

      Yeah Valerie box office success for Tyler have another drink of the coolaide. Kim Kardashian is a celebrity for what reason sleeping around alot I guess. Great role model for young girls hey honey sleep around get pregnant while still married to another guy great job! And what is wrong with Kanye he couldn’t do better? Hey you know my fiance the married talentless chick that gats around quite a bit I’d have her walk 10 steps behind me so no one knew she was with me let alone have my picture taken with her. Poor guy is going to have to deal with this dirtbag the rest of his life.

    • nicole black says:

      such a refreshing review I miss NYC, I’ve been stuck in the south for the past SIX YEARS!!!!!!! the opinions here are just so simple from both sides (black and white)

  37. “Perry’s reductive universe”??? What about Foundas’s reductive universe — such as that offensive remark about Renee Taylor? Tyler Perry trash is precisely the sort of low crap that Foundas richly deserves to spend the rest of his days and nights “reviewing.” Was the phone call you got from plagiarist Pauline Kael when you were 16 really worth it?

  38. William James says:

    I am here to tell you that wasn’t the entire script he change 35% of the script the rest was mine, most of that was my life besides the HIV, he took the plot and Idea from my script, if Tyler had made the entire script, you really would had felt it more, This script was written, because I wanted people to respect their husband and wife, because your not just hurting yourself your hurting all that’s around you, so you can love or just leave. Pain last a long time, and most times we make it through, and sometimes we don’t.

    • Yollie says:

      Wow, if it’s so much trash why waist your time and breath going to Mr. Perry’s movies?? No matter your personal opinion it’s not everyones… Unfortunately looks likes yours might not even matter because Mr. Perry’s movies are good, if you use your brain there is lots of food for thought, some of you all have said it’s not realistic, stop, freeze! It’s very realistic look at the condition of the African American family in this country in 2013, in the 1950 & 60’s African American heads of households were 2, 75-80% of families then have 2 parents and now in this country it is less that 30%… because too many folks are asimilating, do want any information to help them and then have folks outside of the community bashing a movies that brings invaluable information… very, very unfortunate…. receive the message or don’t go to Mr. Perry’s movies. I am looking forward to his work, and more and more, I hope he keeps on blowing the ball out of the yard everytime!! No matter what you think Mr. Perry’s movies are great success and they will remain. Peace!

      • Manu says:

        Marcus… seriously?? Are you like over all the comments?? Da hell is this, get a life. Dude obviously you do not like TP’s movies or something, this one you particularly hate, uhm does it hurt that bad?…..#YOLO (haha haterz gonna hate)

      • Marcus says:

        Go to a TP movie for information to help us BRILLIANT! And here I’ve been wasting my whole life gettin advice from parents, friends, teachers and the preacher. I hope I don’t have any major life problems before his next movie comes out what should I do? Does anyone have Tylers home number just in case? I to now have seen the light taht is Tyler Perry.

    • Disappointed says:

      This isn’t a script to take credit for. As a professional actress I can say the movie lacked nothing in the performance dept. But this script is poorly written. It portrays a weak minded view of women that contract the disease. Expected more from such a dynamic writer and actor like Tyler Perry. This was his worst movie yet. Next time he should write 100% of the script! Keep trying every writer has written tons of scripts it only takes one to succeed wish you the best!

      • Manu says:

        Marcus… seriously?? Are you like over all the comments?? Da hell is this, get a life. Dude obviously you do not like TP’s movies or something, this one you particularly hate, uhm does it hurt that bad?…..#YOLO (haha haterz gonna hate)

  39. Donna says:

    I believe Tyler Perry is a very successful person we all admire, i am sure a lot of people look up to. I believe he should feel good about his hard work. With that being said i think this movie was really bad. Who are the people standing by TP while he makes a movie as bad as this one. We spent most of the movie laughing at scenes not meant to be funny. And the ending was the worst. I went to show support but i feel slighted. I think it is about time to do it better. Real fans will be honest and tell you this film was bad. You are capable of better work Tyler i just know it.
    Best of luck to you.

  40. Livelovelaugh says:

    Very well said SIC, my sentiments exactly!

    • Randall says:

      I agree with Donna. Although the message is important and relevant, the way that ‘message ‘ was delivered was poorly done. It’s hard for anyone to accept what I’m saying because TP is so successful. The moral message of his stories are good but it always seems as if he just through them together. That’s not what Christians are about. I don’t believe his movie making skills would win any souls….that’s my problem with his work. I’m 4th generation COGIC and my grandmother wouldn’t go around quoting scriptures when she gets upset. That’s silly! That’s just one of the unrealistic things in this movie that’s covered by a real issue in relationships.

      Bottom line….TP addresses real issues but he does poorly and tha’s one of the reasons non-Christians aren’t moved by Christian work.

  41. SIC says:

    I’m a young black woman and I usually love Tyler Perry movies, I know I’m not going to get Oscar winning material but I can relate to the humor and yes, the messages in his films can be very inspiring and relatable.

    However, I was expecting for Mr. Perry to step it up in this one. In other words: ditch the excessive monologue and melodrama for an actual fast paced thriller. Make art, not heavy handed moral statements. But… Didn’t happen. I know Tyler Perry has a formula. It works. I get it. But there aren’t too many black film makers out here in the 1st place and I know we can do more than just highlight cultural generalizations and make moral statements. There’s no reason why people of ALL races shouldn’t be supporting Mr. Perry’s work.

    That said, I thought it was boring and underwhelming. Left me and my husband feeling depressed and more than anything, in need of therapy to recover. We’re headed to a Good Friday service, so hopefully that’ll lift our spirits.

    Also, I wasn’t leaping for joy at the moral message, which in my opinion, almost said: listen to your religious mother and you won’t get HIV. Sorry. As I Christian, I am getting so tired of this extremist, heavy handed notion of what it means to follow Jesus. Listen, Love God. Love people. That’s all we need to be saying to a broken world. Let’s face it, the heavy handed approach is what scares people off from the church in the 1st place and it hasn’t worked. It’s dated and I think Jesus is more creative and I think Tyler Perry could’ve stretched his artistic approach a bit. That’s all I’m saying. Again, love his other films and I’ll be at the next one. Was disappointed at this in terms of the actual film and direction, a little too heavy handed. I think Jurnee Smollet is an AMAZING actor by the way, hope she does more. She could win an Oscar if casted in the right film.

    • Marcus says:

      As a black man I usually don’t see TP movies because I feel as though he is insulting my intelligence by churning out this crap. So according to SIC we Black, white, hispanic, asian, indian, and maybe alien should support him because he is a black film maker. Great way to look at things I don’t see any wheelchair bound athletes in the NFL so I guess we should find some and support them even they might not be capable of performing as a lineman or other position on the field. But by SIC’s rational just because there aren’t that many we should blindly support them, as well as any minority in any field. Hey lets go to Joes restaurant there aren’t that many Eskimo places around the food is horrible but there is no reason people of ALL RACES shouldn’t support them. I currently am a supervisor at my job and am the only black man employed there I got the position because I was best qualified not because of my race nor would I want the job if that was the case. So I should just go see aTP movie because he is black that is just plain wrong. I enjoy music from people of all races should I just stick with “My own Kind” now? As far as Jurnee she is a great actress but will never get an oscar woking on a TP project. What does an Oscar mean anyway I’m the best at pretending to be someone I’m not? Big deal society as a whole puts to much emphasis on “Celebrities” anyway. How about everday people of little or no means volunteering of all different races, but I guess we would have to figure out the minority of them and recognize them more.You should never support anyone more over another just because they are the minority Period. Earn respect in your field of expertise based on you talent / perfomance.

    • well when it comes to art, each to their own R.G. here ya go !~ :

  42. Michelle says:

    I personally loved the movie and being a young woman it played on a lot of issues that are going on today. I have never been in a situation like this but I know one thing for sure after seeing this movie I will definitly think twice before believing that the grass is greener on the other side. Tyler Perry is always mentoring people through his movies and even if it didnt entertain you quit as much as you wanted it to I guarentee you that it touched someone’s life that may be headed down this same road. So bravo Tyler Perry for making people actually think about what they are doing to themselves.

  43. Mary Woodley says:

    I just returned from seeing this movie and I can say, Tyler Perry did it again “Awesome’ THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL AND POWERFUL MOVIE! LOVE IT!!!

  44. Robb7 says:

    Once it was known that Kardashian was cast in this film, the Twitter/Facebook response was the death knell for this latest from Perry. May be Perry can get away with Dr. Phil and Maya Angelou — but casting a talentless, whiney-voiced robot like KK was bad mojo.

  45. Temple Friedman says:

    It is obvious that your lackluster review was colored by preconceived notions of Perry that you already held. You could have published this same review without having seen the movie. In fact, you probably didn’t see it at all. SMH!

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