Universal Shifts ’50 Shades’ Release Date to February 2015

50 Shades of Grey Release Date

Film was set to bow on Aug. 1, 2015

Universal has shifted the release date for “50 Shades of Grey” to Feb. 13, 2015.

Highly anticipated Focus Features pic had been set for release on Aug. 1, 2014.

A delay had been expected after “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam unexpectedly dropped out of the project after being cast as Christian Grey. Two weeks later, Jamie Dornan was cast in his place.

A few days after Dornan’s casting, Univeral and Focus announced they were moving production back from mid-November to early December.

Sources say Uni execs were actually reevaluating releasing the film in August long before Hunnam’s exit and saw that while the brand would do well in that slot it still makes more sense to release the film over Valentines Day to give that more event like feel.

Valentines Day is always hot spot for romantic dramas or comedies and while this film will be much more steamier than the usual Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation that normally comes out here, it still falls in line with the type of film women would go to with or without a date.

That weekend would also be viewed as a four-day weekend with Presidents Day falling on a Monday in 2015 which is even more appealing than the normal three day weekend.

No word yet on whether Universal and Focus will move production which is set to start in December. One insider says they could move it one more month but as of now are more than prepared to start production next month. Mark Bomback was recently brought in to do a polish and it would seem smart that the studio allow him to take his time and not rush out what would be the final draft.

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  1. Tyler Durden says:

    You fat complainers will be lined up with your purses out regardless.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Lena you are AWESOME. I couldn’t of expressed it any better. Jamie and Dakota are horrible characters for 50 shades of grey (um…now nothing). Matt is beautiful, he is the MAN (gay or not) I am a woman and he is so much classier and hotter than Jamie. Dakota. Don’t get me started she is beyond the total opposite of Ana. Alexis is the right fit. FSOG is going to SUCK (no pun attended)…lol. They need to re-write the script and beg ON THEIR FAT KNEES and beg and plead for MATT AND ALEXIS and give them the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. cheap bastards. You want sirloin steak or McDonalds? Matt & Alexis – hot and classy.. Jamie & Dakota – creepy and crack head. Hey should Dakota play CG’s crack head mother NOW THAT IS THE PERFECT PART FOR HER.

  3. Lena says:

    I’ll give YOU – “50 SHADES OF ‘NO!'” INSTEAD of Grey if things; THE ACTORS; precisely; do not change! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO DECENCY? JD/DF; I’ve absolutely nothing against you;.. except this movie. (Well, yes, considering IT’S A MOVIE! THAT HAS A LOT OF DETAIL; INSIDE AND OUT.) The only thing you and jamie have in common for trying out; is not being right for the parts at all. PERFECT MATCH! right? = BS!This movie is TOO IMPORTANT FOR THINGS TO JUST *sail away off-course* with just anyone for the roles/or a little resemblance bc of hair color/bone structure
    I will NOT BE SEEING THIS MOVIE. “HEY E.L JAMES! CONGRATS ON GETTING A REP AS A LIAR; for someone who promises for the right man (in the book at least first, right?) and woman; and gives us poison for it/or lets someone else do it for you. You might as well be the one to do it though, right?
    I have the right to say considering it looks like I’m the only one (and other ppl who are upset on the net) who knows, CARES AND DOES THE RIGHT THING; YOU ALL DON’T. All you care about is ”getting work!” and “oh, I got the part!” “Oh, I hope I can do it!” “YEAH; I’ll dye my hair!” “Put contacts in for the part!” “I’ll memorize my lines!” AND THATS AAAAALLL YOU THINK IT TAKES TO MAKE/TAKE/GET A PART.
    FURIOUS! FURIOUS! FURIOUS! LOTS OF SMART PEOPLE ARE!!! Directors should be viewers and some viewers should be directors bc they obviously can’t think straight.. Aren’t you embarrassed?
    MOVIE PARTS/ROLES ***ARE NOT*** TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY; JUST. BY. A. SCRIPT! Someone legitimate and right in their own mind should come across the one man and one woman who gets looked at, and is noticed RIGHT AWAY BECAUSE “THEY ARE TE REAL CHARACTERS”! Not this hype of going back and forth and then resulting in one of the worst decisions EVER to be MADE.
    <3* YES!! TO: Matt Bomer/Alexis Bledel /& ALSO/ For people who LOOK LIKE THEM/THOSE TYPES!

  4. Donna Mimozo says:

    Are they doing this in 3 parts

  5. E.V. says:

    Meh. It makes sense why no big or medium name directors would take this project. Leave to it to a woman married to a guy 20 years her junior with kids to add her own spin to it.

  6. TK says:

    I agree with all the previous comments. By the time you all get through jacking around with the script, everyone will have forgotten about the book. It was great, but your chances of having a great movie is nil. Who do you think your kidding. The public is not stupid.

  7. Jim says:


  8. Not happening says:

    Dakota-johnson must go!!!! This will suck if she plays.

    • TK says:

      I agree! She doesn’t look anything like Anastasia was described in the book. A better choice as far as I’m concerned would have been Channing Tatum and his wife. Both look like Christian and Anastasia. Plus, Channing stated that the only way he would do the movie is if his wife could play Anastasia. They would have been perfect. Channing gets expressions on his face that I picture Christian having.

  9. Curbcooler says:

    Febuarary?! This must be a real stinker. But even I could have
    Told the, they were fools with that August release date!
    (Goiing up against “Guardians of the galaxy”)

  10. The casting having been completely missed, the film is going to do a flop! And the producers are going to lose all their money…

  11. Contessa46 says:

    I don’t care how lo g it takes as long as you produce this movie in the USA in total! Tell the CEOs and all involved withh the film to stand with their brothers of America and use LA workers ONLY!

  12. GeorgeValentin says:

    February 13, 2015? That’s unacceptable! Fans have waited long enough!

  13. How about TURN AROUND? That should be the best place to position this one.

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