‘Twilight Zone’ Movie Gaining Momentum At Warner Bros. (EXCLUSIVE)

'Twilight Zone' movie finds screenwriter (EXCLUSIVE)

Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Kosinski hire Aron Eli Coleite to write screenplay

The Twilight Zone” is gaining momentum at Warner Bros., which has tapped Aron Eli Coleite to pen the sceenplay for the sci-fi tentpole.

The studio has been in talks with “Oblivion” director Joseph Kosinski to helm “The Twilight Zone,” set up at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way where DiCaprio is producing with his partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran. Michael Ireland is also producing.

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Warners has been developing the project since 2009 as a potential tentpole. While the 1983 feature “Twilight Zone” had four separate storylines, this pic will have one story with various elements from the “Twilight Zone” universe.

Sarah Schechter is overseeing for “The Twilight Zone” for the studio

Coleite has been an active  TV writer with writing and producing credits on “The River,” “Heroes” and “Crossing Jordan.” His end-of-the-world spec script “The End” was set up last year at Warner Bros. with Drew Barrymore on board to direct.

Anthony Peckham, Rand Ravich and Joby Harold have worked previously on iterations of the screenplay for “The Twilight Zone.”

“The Twilight Zone,” created and hosted by Rod Serling, ran as a series CBS from 1959 to 1964.  The show melded fantasy, science-fiction and horror elements with Serling serving as the exec producer and writing or co-writing 92 of the show’s 156 episodes along with delivering monologues at the beginning and end of each episode.

Coleite is repped by CAA and attorney Karl Austen.

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  1. stephanie says:

    Does anyone have an original thought on how most movies and tv shows come from another country or remakes. Stop taking it personal creativity has gone to hell in a hand basket.

  2. JOE S HILL says:

    Apparently,nobody has learned a single thing,in efforts to remake “THE TWILIGHT ZONE”,and that is so
    utterly futile,that its laughable! and for Warner Bros. to try this a 2nd time,just doesn’t make a single bit of
    sense! their first time was in 1982,when director John Landis,filming a segment with Vic Morrow and two
    children resulted in a fatality,which killed the former “COMBAT!” actor and these kids. and “TWILIGHT
    ZONE-The Movie” despite its best intentions,just didn’t hit the mark,when it came out in 1983. two years
    later,CBS tried a new primetime version of the series,for Fall 1985,and despite some valiant tries,that just didn’t work-out,,even when MGM/UA Telecommunications syndicated the 1985-89 series-no dice!
    and most previously,the series was remade,yet again,with “THE BUTLER” star Forrest Whitaker,hosting
    the new version,which New Line Television did,for the now defunct UPN in 2002. so how on earth can anybody in 2013 even think to try,yet another version of Rod Serling’s hit 1959-64 TV series? didn’t the
    failures of these previous remakes teach anybody out there a lesson in futility? i really wish the Hollywood people today,would stop wasting their time and ours,with out classed remakes,which are very
    inferior to the originals! “TWILIGHT ZONE”,like its other counterpart,”THE OUTER LIMITS”,are extremely
    1st class Masters,which just cannot be remade or to succeed the originals in any way,,so please stop
    wasting time with this material,and move along!

    • Jamie says:

      It worked out fine thanks. The movie took over 30 million dollars and millions more on VHS and DVD. The 1985 episodes also worked quite well actually – that series ran for three seasons. You mean YOU didn’t like it. Everyone else thought it was awesome, me included. The only stupid thing about this idiotic remake is the fact that they want to do ONE story, which I have absolutely zero interest in. Anthologies are the way to go.

  3. occultology says:

    I don’t see how you can make ONE Twilight Zone “story” last 90 to 120 minutes and thereby improve on Rod Serling’s mastery of imagination. This could be a triumphant film franchise if done properly (multiple strange stories). Rod Serling was a WRITING GOD, as evidenced by TZ and his script for the original (and only) “Planet of the Apes” starring Charlton Heston…it was far superior to the book penned by Pierre Boulle. Serling created the greatest twist ending on film in the 20th Century. He was a massive intellect. Coleite has his work cut out for him. This “treatment” is starting to smell like the odious “Man of Steel” fiasco, which we all should have seen coming when Superman’s costume was “reimagined” without the red pants. Warner Brothers, you do not mess with American Icons…why are you so dense?

  4. Roger says:

    Indeed, it is CRUCIAL that those with creative controls first and foremost understand the original series for what it is! I knew that the Spielberg/Landis film was going to be a massive failure as soon as Dan Aykroyd’s character gushed about how the show “was soooooo scary!”—That was NOT what the series was about!

  5. brad says:

    If you want to kill the story in favor of pretty visuals just hire Kosinsky.
    This is not a serious film with Tron boy Joe at the helm.

  6. The original Twilight Zone was one of those magical shows that combined artistry and storytelling with one of the rare masters, Rod Serling. The standards and expectations for any productions are exceedingly high. Spielberg and Landis failed with their movie and following TV series mediocre at best.

    So I predict this endeavor will be an epic failure.

    Many reasons, en generale, en principe, Hollywood is too liberal to make a statement that might offend anyone. Ergo there is very little if anything original produced there. It’s all formulaic safe drivel.

    The writer has no real world experience to draw upon to make the characters or story anything like Serling made. Serling fought in WW2 and experienced horrors personally.

    • Jamie says:

      You’re an idiot, the movie was BETTER than the originals. Get over it.

    • Johnnie says:

      First of all, you’re an idiot. Honestly, turning a story about a Twilight Zone movie into a political comment proves how incredibly narrow-minded, rage-filled, obsessive and, I would imagine, insufferable you are to be around. Second of all, let’s take your irrelevant comment, born of wild irrational anger, at face value: when you say “Hollywood is too liberal to make a statement that might offend anyone”, how about Elysium? That made a statement. The problem is, that statement offended YOU. So, really what you want is a Twilight Zone movie where Sheriff Joe Arpaio goes to Heaven and guns down as many illegal immigrants as he wants with God’s approval. Is that the Twilight Zone you’d like?
      And finally,my God. Get over yourself. Go to weather.com and leave messages blaming sunshine on Obama.

      • old.school says:

        whoa look “Johnnie” too much sand in the vag trying to enlighten people with his drivel.

        you’ve gone full retard, never go full retard.

  7. One trusts that Warner Bros. in cutting corners (to moderate the budget) is bringing along less-proven writer(s) yet requisite talent for such an enterprise as THE TWILIGHT ZONE. A bargain-basement approach on the storytelling with lots of visual glitz may serve the opening weekend of the film’s release, some business overseas and anticipated online streaming. But together with a fast market in VOD and Blu-Ray will only seize an opportunity here while failing to exploit it.

  8. Crystal Moore says:

    Just get it right. TZ is such a tricky property. I hope they are able to maintain the integrity of the stories. I always remember the actors performances were always so emotional and realistic. Keep the balance. Too far to the right and its cheesy. Too far to the left and its and looses focus and heart.

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