Tommy Lee Jones to Remake John Wayne’s ‘Cowboys’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Tommy Lee Jones Cowboys John Wayne
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Donald De Line producing

Tommy Lee Jones is heading out west again and will write, direct and star in a remake of John Wayne’s 1972 pic “The Cowboys.”

Warner Bros. is on board to develop the film with Donald De Line producing.

The original also starred Bruce Dern and followed a rancher who is forced to train a group of boys and get a herd to market on time to avoid financial ruin after his cattle drivers leave to look for gold.

Lynn Harris will oversee for Warner Bros.

Jones is no stranger to the Western genre, making strong turns in Ron Howard’s “The Missing” and the classic miniseries “Lonesome Dove.” He directed “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.”

Jones, who is repped by CAA, can be seen next with Robert De Niro in Relativity’s “The Family.”

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  1. Sarah says:

    Why??? They better not ruin it with Liberal PC BS!! Will it even be worth paying $15?? Liberal Hollywood is the reason most movies suck now.

  2. Opal Marie Blagburn says:

    Wow so cool I have his autograph one yr at the ftworth rodeo so cool he gave it to my son in law at that time think he is a good man lv ed his shows m

  3. Joe La Brake says:

    As a young ranch cowboy in Wyoming and not to bad with a rope I auditioned for The Cowboys. There was a lot of incredible talent. I didn’t make the cut but there were so many boys to choose from.

  4. Stacy says:

    Won’t watch it. You can NOT redo The Duke.

  5. Linda says:

    Oh, *puke*!! A libtard trying to be JOHN WAYNE!! Quite laughable!! Stick with the original, wannabes only fail!!

  6. Stephani Caldwell says:

    Can’t wait to see this. Tommy Lee Jones will do an amazing Jobe with this movie! Haters going to hate, quit sharing ugly comments. People need to be POSITIVE!

  7. Donna Dixon Lindsey says:

    Don’t bother, no one can take JOHN WAYNE’S place! It will be a waste! Just like True Grit! No one wants to see anyone in a JOHN WAYNE movie, EXCEPT JOHN WAYNE!!!!!

  8. I new John Wayne i did movie sets for him there is no body going to take the coy boy away from him he put him self in he,s movie,s and no Tommy is going to do better .

  9. Why does Hollywood always choose to belive they can better a film. Never will there be a ‘star’ (which we no longer have….’stars’) that can play any of John Wayne’s parts better than he did.

  10. Hal Shapiro says:

    My only comment is WHY ?????????

  11. John Kasian says:

    A remake ?–No -Leftie Crap -Probably story line changes -Will not work-Flop !

  12. John Laird says:

    Most people alive today never saw John Wayne in the “The Cowboys”. Many successful series today are based on a lot less than an old man successfully turning a group of young inexperienced boys into men. I know it don’t appeal to most. Today our young ones are taught to take short cuts, let someone else do all the work and don’t get caught. I believe it takes a real man to love a boy enough to teach him to be truthful and treat all with respect. If anyone alive today can pull of the Cowboys, it’s Tommy Lee Jones.

    I can’t wait Mr Jones! “your burning daylight”

    John Laird

  13. Randy Rauenzahn says:

    Please don’t do it!
    Some things are just left alone. I am a fan of Mr. Jones, and like his work alot. But remaking the Cowboys is like pulling a retired number out of the rafters and using it agian.
    Some things are just not done.
    I’m sure it’s already under way, but I will not be going to see it.
    Mr. Jones is a big fan of mine, and if this happens I’m afraid it will change my high regards for what I thought he stood for as a western enthusiasts.
    You don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  14. It is hard to remake anything of our Hero John Wane but if anyone man can make one worth watching it would be Tommy Lee Jones he is Great

  15. Rob says:

    Think all the Dukes movies should be left alone
    But also think is time for westerns to come back

  16. Fred Judd says:

    It should be a great film . Anything Tommy Lee Jones does is good . The remake of True Grit was Great.

  17. Thomas Donaldson says:

    Please leave John Wayne movies alone. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!

  18. Lynne says:

    Dear Mr. Jones, I agree with most of the people on this page. You are a fab’s actor, and a great director. BUT there comes a time and place to leave things alone, and this is one of those times.. People like John Wayne, Richard Burton, Charlton Heston, Red Skelton, and so many others. There was only one JOHN WAYNE, and they will never be another great person like him. If YOU do make this movie I WILL NOT go see it. For I FEEL, that John Wayne movies should be left alone. And kept in the manor that they were made.

    • says:

      “Stagecoach” has been remade with great celebs â€“ i.e.: Bing Crosby, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson â€“ “Red River” with James Arness â€“ and “True Grit” with Jeff Bridges â€“ and none of them has compared with John Wayne’s movies of the same.   When will people in the industry wise up that there is only one John Wayne and only John Wayne movies?  Next â€“ some one will attempt to remake “The Quiet Man” and/or “The Searchers” simply because they were the Best!  Duke played his best in “The Cowboys” and should have won an Oscar.  Instead, Tommy Lee Jones thinks he can remake it â€“ and presumably better!  Even with all the digital technologies we have today, sound effects and actors, “The Cowboys” will outlast and new renovations.  Question:  Why try?

  19. Bill Wheeler says:

    I loved the original movie with John Wayne, but the original book was a little darker. If it was remade to more closely follow the feel of the book I’d watch it!

  20. Tommy – your fans love you – and I’m a big fan. But I strongly agree with what they are saying – Please don’t do a remake of “The Cowboys”. Duke poured his heart and soul into this one – going as far as not wearing the conventional “Duke” clothing. Remember – I spent 18 years writing a “prequel” to “The Cowboys’ and finished up with a “sequel”. Seven fantastic, action filled and romantic novels. I only did one scene from “The Cowboys” in the first two pages. William Dale Jennings loved it and gave me his blessings to continue. They are yours, Tommy, to consider. And Duke’s character is strong in this first chapter. I wrote the novels because “The Cowboys” was one of the BEST of John Wayne – all I did was to polish it. Jennings agreed. Your friend and biggest fan

  21. audreysnyder56 says:

    Give the man a chance, People!!! They did a remake of True Grit and it wasn’t that bad. I agree, they should leave the classics alone but what can you do?

  22. It would behoove Mr. Jones – one of the greatest of all Western actors (Lonesome Dove – et al) to read the prequel and sequel to William Dale Jennings’ book “The Cowboys” – a series of seven books starting with “Across the Brazos” by Ermal Walden Williamson. Reading it – and the following six novels – might just make more sense to film than to remake “The Cowboys”. Hope you take the challenge, Mr. Jones. see the books at

  23. Fred says:

    I liked the new True Grit, but felt the old was one was better, Hats off to the coens for their movies and also their emphasis on music.
    I love Bruce Dern in anything,just don’t kill John Wayne . Tommy Lee can probably pull it off.
    Remember even John Wayne at times had trouble finding new material to do.
    So he did Rio Bravo two more times. El Dorado & Rio Lobo.

  24. Susan says:

    Come there r just some movies u can NOT remake!! John Wayne & the cowboys is one of them!!! Sorry Tommy! but as a neighbor lol down in Alpine, Tx ur a good actor! Got nothing against ya!

  25. Audrey says:

    They need to make more westerns.

  26. dawninca says:

    I like Tommy Lee Jones but I think The Cowboys was one of John Wayne’s greatest movies and Wayne is a hard act to follow. Not certain Jones can pull it off.

  27. Annie Sutton says:

    I hope it will be better than the remake of True Grit. I know TLJ will do a good job. It’s hard to compete with John Wayne.

  28. Barbara Kaiser says:

    TLJ will do a fantastic job! Always admired his work. Remember ‘Riverrats’ … went to the old stud farm in S. Il where they filmed this. Particulars are: Location(?) When(?) Anything for ‘extras’ (?) Cochise County Arizona

  29. Richard says:

    Mr. Jones is a very good actor and one of a kind with his voice being special,But–but what’s with all these remakes are the Producer Writer Director Folks running out of fresh ideas? There must be a script laying around that would be an original, There just has to be!! Just my suggestion!!

  30. Audrey says:

    I am curious as to who the actors will be. I don’t like remakes so Tommy, do us proud,please!!!

  31. Kenneth Johnson says:

    If it is as good as the new True Grit and No Country for Old Men I am way past ready to see the new Cowboys. The Alpine/Big Bend area would be a great location as would Ft Davis. We’re waiting!!!!

  32. Sandy Stillwell says:

    Tommy, please come to Odessa to film again! I was going to be an extra in “3 Burials”, but my car was too shiny! I loved spending to day on the set. Good memories!

  33. Rusty says:

    In All the Pretty Horses Bruce Dern played a Good Guy Judge. Hes repenting in his later years.

  34. Rodney says:

    It would be so awesome to be a part of such a “Classic Western”! I hope they come film it in New Mexico! I have mixed feelings about a John Wayne remake. I didn’t like the remake of True Grit either. To remake a John Wayne Western is sure a tall order! The Cowboys was the first John Wayne Western I saw and I fell in love with the genre. And just as John Wayne told Bruce Dern, I hated him for killing John Wayne in the movie. Over the years I’ve learned to forgive Bruce, but I never did like him in any other movie (sorry Bruce). And I guess in my book he (Bruce) will never be anything to me but a bad guy! R.I.P John Wayne, you were by far the hero of the West!

  35. Rusty says:

    Would be interesting to bring Bruce Dern into it as a good character this time around. Robert Duval would make a good chuck wagon cook and renew their Dove union if not Dern as the cook.

  36. Jim says:

    The TRUE GRIT remake suck. I may allow this one.

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