Comic-Con: Superman and Batman to Team Up in Movie

Superman Batman

Warner Bros. opts not to do a traditional "Man of Steel" sequel

Warner Bros. kicked Saturday at Comic-Con with a big announcement: Batman and Superman will pair up in a new movie as the follow up to “Man of Steel.”

Zack Snyder, who helmed “Man of Steel,” is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who will then pen the screenplay. Production is expected to begin in 2014, with an anticipated release date in summer 2015.

To make the announcement, the director brought out “Man of Steel”-castmember Harry Lennix to read from Frank Miller’s 1986 book, “The Dark Knight Returns,” in which Batman battles Superman: “I want you to remember, Clark. In all the years to come. In all your most private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

During the brief presentation, Snyder revealed the film’s logo.

The new Batman has yet to be cast. Christian Bale has, however, said he would not return to the role.

The final title has yet to be determined, with Goyer saying, “we’re not actually not sure whether the title is ‘Superman vs. Batman’ or ‘Batman vs. Superman.'”

Studio and the director made the announcement of the the Superman and Batman match-up to 6,000 people inside Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center, at the end of its panel where it also promoted “Gravity,” The Lego Movie,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” “300: Rise of an Empire,” “Godzilla,” and “Seventh Son.”

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The studio and DC Entertainment has been considering several options for its superhero films, including a “Man of Steel” sequel for 2015, a Flash movie in 2016 and the Justice League film for 2017.

Warner Bros. has indicated that it planned to bring back Superman for a 2015 film if “Man of Steel” performed up to expectations. The film’s worldwide box office has hit $622 million since its June 14 launch. “The Dark Knight Rises,” starring Bale, topped $1 billion in global box office last year.

The Batman-Superman movie could match the box office prowess of “Marvel’s The Avengers.” That 2012 Disney release, featuring Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Thor, amassed $1.5 billion worldwide.

It would also move the Burbank studio closer to its long-planned all-star superhero pic “Justice League” — finally fully exploiting its DC Comics library beyond Batman and Superman.

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“Justice League” would bring to the screen such characters as Aquaman, the Flash, Wonder Woman and another Green Lantern, whose costly 2011 predecessor flopped.

“Superman and Batman together on the big screen is a dream come true for DC fans everywhere,” said Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment. “All of us at DC Entertainment could not be more excited for Zack’s continuing vision for the DC Universe.”

Snyder said, “I’m so excited to begin working again with Henry Cavill in the world we created, and I can’t wait to expand the DC Universe in this next chapter. Let’s face it, it’s beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest superheroes in the world.”

The new film brings back Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder as producers. This time, Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are serving as executive producers, along with Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan.

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  4. Also, Make the two heroes to work together without any arguing in the movie ok.

  5. I want to ask Mr. Zack Snyder a big favor to make the Movie to be in good shape without having Batman faking his death at all. Because it kinda concerns me a little bit. By having a fight between Superman and US Troops vs Batman. Then even to let Superman to stop & end Batman ONCE & FOR ALL!! at the end of the final battle easily since from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Movie that Batman should beat up The Big Blue not too hard in the fight without kryptonite to end it that Oliver Queen had shot way too quickly for a aim range that Superman couldn’t stop him and weaken. Also, find a new Dark Knight Actor because me & my mom were discussing about it that I can know who is the new actor guy for Batman The Dark Knight ok!! So please I want to make the 2015 movie nicely done that Superman can actually win the battle and settle a score against Batman at the end of the battle & crossover movie too.

    P.S. I’m a fan of Superman

    -Sincerely A Resident of New York State, Skyler Cruz Wolsey
    46 Dublin Dr
    Ballston Spa NY 12020

  6. Louie says:

    I hope batman would wear his batman beyond costume. Since the suit will help to amplify his strength nth times he wont be too much a weakling compare to superman. Plus, since his beyond suit has a built-in nano tech, his gadgets will be almost unlimited. — just a thought

    • Mike says:

      Actually Louie, I don’t think they need to present Batman as gadget dependent. Batman’s strength is that he’s always several moves ahead. The comics have established that Batman has files on all of his Justice League buddies and knows how to use their weaknesses against them. I think it would be more enjoyable film wise for Batman to outsmart Superman rather than merely out-gadget him.

  7. Spike says:

    I hope Batman and Superman accidentally do each other in and we never have to see theatre screens gobbled up by this mindless comic book crap again. While I’m at it, may the Starship Enterprise disappear forever into a wormhole. May the Avenge avenge themselves into oblivion. May Hunger Games participants cannibalize each other so that only bones are left- that that includes that non-actress whose name I forget.

    May the writers of this crap get writers block when it comes to big vapid studio nothings movies to where they can only write meaningful material and are have a crap block for eternity. And just for good measure, may any future vampire blood fests be plagued by the vamp characters sucking out all each other’s blood, drying up to dust, and blowing away in the wind. And may the writers of vampire crap movies and TV serise all get sudden and permanent urges to write meaningful content instead of the crap they spew forth.

    And, last, but not least, may the studios and TV networks IF THEY CAN’T GIVE US MORE INSPIRING AND MEANINGFUL CONTENT, also dry up and blow away with the wind, leaving more space for serious filmmakers and writers.

    Maybe this will relegated airheads drones to stick to their videogames and amusement park rides (which is where their limited imaginations should feed), and leave what’s left of the theaters to serious moviegoers who actually want to come away with something meaningful after watching a film.

    Well, there, I’ve said it. I wouldn’t change a word of it. But beware all you crapmongers, your business model is shaky and will eventually ooze into the Pacific where it belongs with sludge from the L.A. sewer system.

  8. Ka Eaton says:

    Ought to get one of Adam West’s progeny for Batman; a lesser known will give both heroes a level audience playing field.

  9. Bella says:

    Too soon, take enough time to develop a good story/script so that it won’t b crap. Starting production in 2014 is too soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though, loved Man of Steel.

  10. genemin3 says:

    Christian Bale is not coming back for this movie? I don’t know if I could watch it without him…and this is coming from a Superman lover. What he did with Batman’s character is amazing.

  11. Billy says:

    First of all I think it’s great news. Lets be honest, someone needs to compete with Marvel. Superman-Batman is defiantly a start and something different on a whole new level. All these critics saying it won’t work will wrong. I like the avengers but what a lot of people don’t realise is that it’s not actually as good as its been made out to be. its good but could be better. I think a lot of people will be disappointed with the 2 movie.

  12. Mal says:

    Bad idea. Why would Superman need Batman! Really people why? He wouldn’t, not even in the slightest, this film is a bad idea…

    • Prometheus77 says:

      Another expert talking here. About 300 issues of “World’s finest comics” and 87 issues of “Superman/Batman” tell a different story. You just need a villain that uses Kryptonite and Batman comes in quite handy. Or a case which requires a skilled detective and Batman has earned it’s keep. Of course, fighting Zod or Darkseid is something Superman can do on his own.

  13. The Kingslayer says:

    Best news I’ve ever heard.

    Meanwhile Marvel continue to put Thanos on ice and have their thunder stolen by WB.

  14. Mike says:

    Well, I called it!

    I think this is the most logical path to follow if the goal is to someday start a Justice League franchise to compete with the Avengers. Although I would prefer Vandal Savage or some sort of equivalent villain as opposed to DarkSeid. I would save him for the actual JL movie

  15. Pete says:

    Ive been saying for a while to do a proper justice league movie here are the steps

    step 1 worlds finest you need to start off with a joining of these two

    step 2 introduce flash and reintroduce green lantern

    step 3 combine martian man hunter with batman and superman and include wonder woman leaving her island coming to earth

    step 4 dark seid arrives forcing all the heroes to join together

  16. arnaud says:

    This new superbat logo can already be seen in the opening minutes of I am legend. It’s on a building behind Will’s head when he’s stalking deer. Coincidence?

  17. Ka Eaton says:

    We really need a Wonder Woman and Aquaman then, maybe even the return of Black Scorpion.
    Getting ahead of yourselves without Supergirl as well and she is long overdue!

  18. Ronnie says:

    Batman vs Superman was settled a long time ago:

  19. Lemon says:

    Andy Kevin Walker wrote a great screenplay on this subject with Wolfgang Peterson.

  20. KMase says:

    It seems like an awesome idea and something I have been wanting to see since I heard ideas about Justice league and Man of Steel. But rebooting Batman right after the most successful DC series in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Am I the only one that have read or atleast hard about the comics of “The Greatest Team Ever Assembled” which was Man of Steel and the Dark Night? If you brought Christian Bale and Batman from the Dark Knight trilogy with the new Man of Steel. That could set up for quite possibly easily blow The Avengers out of the water. But rebooting Batman again already seems iffy.

    • Prometheus77 says:

      Rebooting Batman is the only way to go. Nolan ruined Batman to the point of there being no other chance than to reboot.

      • Prometheus77 says:

        Geez. Heath Ledger played one version of Joker. One who’s mainly Joker in name. There is no real definitive version of the Joker. Any good actor could easily come up with something that’s better. The same goes for a writer. Any writer, who is worth his money, could come up with better scripts than Nolan. I’m glad we’re done with Nolan.

      • HDDeer says:

        The ratings were so high in those movies, and how could any writer possibly come up with something any better than those when christopher nolan had written all 3. And no actor will be able to pull off joker properly, without the world comparing it to Heath Ledger’s performance. If they want to reboot batman they are best off rebooting him in the same movie where superman and batman collide.

      • Snacks says:

        The way Batman fought hand to hand in Batman 3, Jason Bourne (after being chased down for 3 movies and also doing the chasing himself,,, resulting in him being a little beaten up and tired) could still easily beat up Batman. Batman 3 hand some of the worst,if not the worst, fight scenes in superhero movies ever. Wait… was it a superheor movie?… Batman was rarely in it. Very frustrating to watch. And actually it was the most tedious movie I’ve watched in a long time.

        That being vented, I believe a reboot of Batman is necessary. But not in a movie showing Batman’s origins again. Just re-introduce Batman in Superman/Batman. Again, origins is not necessary. We all kind of know Batman. Now this Batman should fight more like Jason Bourne or Aaron Cross. He should have gadgets, lots. How else can he at least come close to keeping up with Superman. Detective work is important. His fancy planes and cars, don’t always have to be destroyed.

    • Shawn says:

      Please read my earlier posts. I agree with you 100%!

  21. Forrest_Gump says:

    bring back Michael Cane as Alfred and all will be forgiven

    Matt Damon as Batman therefore = Jason Bourne is Batman!! Means he could kill people with pens and newspapers?

  22. Ajith says:

    MOre than henry cavill i want chritian bale as batman …………. dont change batman :( :(

  23. Vicki says:

    I admit I was a little taken aback at this but now that I have had time to process , I really think this could be very exciting! Something that has never been done, right? Try not to worry.

  24. Mike says:

    It looks like the Easter egg picture they had hidden in the movie , I am legend!! Sounds like they had this planed for a few years now. Just have to connect the subliminal dots. Pretty cool.

  25. Ctw says:

    Bad idea superman and the dark knight work alone. No teaming up please. The justice league movie also very very bad idea there is a reason the avengers movie worked and that’s because they were meant to be a team. The man of steel was good but do a sequel on that movie not one where they team up.

  26. kingofgrills says:

    This is a step in the right direction for DC. For too long they’ve been trying to force a Justice League movie without introducing new characters first – huge mistake. Now this team-up will satisfy their pocketbooks and hopefully buy the time they need to introduce origin stories for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Martian Manhunter. Hopefully, they will just take Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern and just make a good movie that matches the tone and feel of Man of Steel and the Dark Knight films – it doesn’t need a reboot.

    DC needs their own version of Kevin Feige to intelligently oversee the DC Universe. They have a long way to go to catch up with Marvel, but they have the characters to match.

  27. Josh says:

    I loved bale as batman but I think there are plenty of other guys willing able to do just as good if not better! And as a superman fanboy I loved man of steal so much, I’ve seen it at least 4 times! I would love to see this batman superman team up under the helm of Snyder, true I would still like to see an official sequel to man of steal with out bats and a new stand alone batman film…. But a batman superman film with Snyder leading into the justice league with cavil as superman is such a great friggen idea I’m in love with it… I would have its babies if I could I love it so much!!!! All you may Sayers are lame and I hate every one of you with the fire of a billion yellow suns…. This movie will absolutely rule!!!!!

    • Alex says:

      I’m a fanboy myself but you have to be honest. Man of Steel was mediocre at best. Not a good way to start the DC universe.

  28. elisebabe says:

    I love the Nolan Batman movies, but it’s time to move on from Christian Bale and his outrageous demands. He’s flatly said he won’t be involved, so my advice is not to try to entice him with a dumptruck full of money – just recast the role.

  29. Rev says:

    As long as this doesn’t have anything to do with Nolan’s films, count me in. The last one was unwatchable.

    • Shawn says:

      Not true! Do your research! He said he would love to be batman again if there was a good story to tell and Nolan was involved. It would be terribly stupid to insult intelligent fans/ moviegoers and reboot batman after the hugely successful DKT! Look at Downey Jr. He’s I’d getting PAID to be Iron Man because Marvel/ Disney knows without him their whole plans fall through! Do the same with Bale!

  30. Alex says:

    I predict this will fail. 1) neither Dark Knight Rises nor Man of Steel were very good. They were ok. 2) the average fan will be feeling confused and burned by because MOS wasn’t that good and Bale being replaced so soon. 3) Marvel’s game plan felt more organic. This feels forced and more importantly it feels “been there did that already” 4) Marvel beat them to the punch already.

    • Prometheus77 says:

      1) exactly 2) yes (to Juan, no he’s not) 3) preach it, man 4) although I’m a DC fan, I sadly have to concur. Marvel was smart in bringing their universe together. DC totally dropped the ball

    • Juan says:

      1) it won’t 2) your an idiot 3) man of steel was great, and the second movie of the year so far after iron man… Deal whit it hater. 4) and when they did that? R you for real…a man of steel sequel feel force to you…it’s not even the jl movie… Keep hating but get a life.

  31. Handyman003 says:

    This will either be very good, or very bad. I’ll admit I enjoyed both the Dark Knight films, and Man of Steel, but this has me worried in many ways, especially the timing. I was hoping for a more traditional option.

  32. Kil-El says:

    I wonder how many people will be killed by Superman and Batman in this movie?

    • Juan says:

      People dies in movies. And in real life too.
      So I guess you just wanna hate.. That’s should make you happy.

      • MOOSE says:

        I agree with Juan on both of his posts the dark knight trilogy was amazing and man of steel was almost as good. However i think bring back Bale and let Nolan direct this one.

  33. Faye says:

    You should use a different picture for Batman, since Bale has said repeatedly that he won’t be Batman anymore. Using his picture for this story gives the mistaken impression that it will be Cavill and Bale teaming up in the movie.

  34. Zack Snyder sucks says:

    This is lame. Basically they’re saying a Superman movie won’t hold up without Batman. Batman already had his movies — why are they bothering to reboot him yet AGAIN? Just terrible, terrible all around.

    • Because this is the only way to bring Batman back to the screen so soon after the Dark Knight trilogy and, let’s face it, if Warner’s wants to put together a cohesive DC movie universe, Batman has to be in it. There’s no Justice League without him. Bale isn’t coming back and his take doesn’t really mesh well with a Justice League movie anyway. Recast Bats, put him with Supes, lead into Justice League

  35. Chuck says:

    Christian Bale should not return as Batman. His time is up, it was great but this is a new (rebooted) universe.

  36. Georgia says:

    Without Christian Bale behind the Batman mask I won’t see this movie.

  37. Shawn says:

    This movie will only be truly successful if Bale comes back as Batman!!! WB/DC don’t insult all your moviegoers who obviously loved Bale in the role by rebooting the character! You want to be on par or fair better than Marvel you better get Bale back! Be smart, you get him back and everybody wins!!! Oh, and chances are you surpass the success of the avengers! Again, be smart! Bale is this generations Batman! Don’t rock the boat!!

    • MOOSE says:

      I agree the dark knight trilogy was made great by bale and batman won’t be the same without him. I think the open ending up f batman makes it easy for superman to come to Gotham. But i am a massive Nolan fan and he should direct this one.

    • Prometheus77 says:

      BS. I’m glad he’s gone. I’m glad we’re done with the boring Nolan Batman, which had nothing to do with the comic Batman.

      • Prometheus77 says:

        Well, then that bulk of movie audiences should go and watch something else if they don’t care for Batman. Why make a movie about a comic superhero when that movie in the end has little to do with that comic superhero? The Nolan movies were pretentious and little fun. Marvel did way better with their movies and again, I’m glad that the Nolan Batman is over.

      • Shawn says:

        Your bulk of movie audiences are NOT comic geeks like you (Prometheus…need I say more)!
        There’s a reason Nolan/Bale ‘s Batman made over 2 billion!! They were good, gritty, realistic movies for intelligent fans/moviegoers! No one cares if they’re like the comics only is the story is good and the actors are good!

    • Its not WB being unfair… Christian Bale already reported that he would not return as Batman, its funny because he said something like “lets not be greedy, its time for someone else to do their version of batman” Christian Bale is a busy actor, he cant just commit to being Batman especially since he took up the cowl since 2005! This team up movie will def work one way or another, pairing the two greatest super heroes of all time will trump the avengers!

      • Shawn says:

        Oh, your explanation is flawed all over: see Robert Downey Jr . He’s in a bunch of stuff, that hasn’t stopped him!!

      • Shawn says:

        For all those that saying that Bale has said he wouldn’t return are NOt doing their homework!!!! He has said repeatedly that he would love to return if “there’s a story to be told” and if Christopher Nolan is behind it in some compacity! That was last year! The latest article has him stating all that about passing the torch etc. BUT in that same interview, he states no one has even approached him about the Justice League or Supes/Bat combo!!! The question should have been if he was approached would he do it!! Get your facts straight people!! He needs to be back as batman! Who wants to see another batman so soon and one that’s not going to be as good?!?!?

    • demigod50 says:

      Christian Bale has said over and OVER, that there is absolutely NO WAY he’s coming back to play Batman EVER, or any other superhero. Sorry, but that’s simply the way it is!

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