Stephenie Meyer on ‘Twilight’: ‘I Am So Over It’

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' (2011)

Producer now focused on Keri Russell starrer 'Austenland'

Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer is done with the vampire franchise.

I get further away every day,” she told Variety. “I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.”

Meyer has been promoting the Aug. 16 release of whimsical comedy “Austenland,” which she produced through her Fickle Fish banner. Keri Russell stars as a die-hard Jane Austen fan who plans a vacation at a resort steeped in the world of the 18th century British romance writer.

Fickle Fish is developing adaptations of a pair of ghost stories — Lois Duncan’s “Down a Dark Hall” and Kendare Blake’s “Anna Dressed in Blood” — but she won’t completely rule out ever writing about “Twilight” again.

“What I would probably do is three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died,” she noted. “I’m interested in spending time in other worlds, like Middle Earth.”

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  1. RILEY says:


  2. RILEY says:

    Stephanie Meyer i hate u soooooo much ending the twilight movie was the worst thing ever in my life and everyone else there should be a twilight saga- breaking dawn part 3!!!!!! Even the cast wanted to make another movie you are such a BITCH!!!!

  3. kjhartmann says:

    Honestly, it’s not surprising that’s she’s over Twilight… if I were in her shoes I would be too! She has received so much hate over these books. “She ruined the vampire genre… she’s writes like a third grader…” I can’t help but think the people that say things like this are closed minded individuals. She didn’t ruin the vampire genre… she broadened it. She doesn’t write like a third grader… she writes differently than we’ve seen before and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s unique and new. It just sucks for those that do appreciate Stephanie and Twilight… because Twilight could go on… but she wants nothing to do with it anymore and I’m left to imagine it for myself! Come back Stephanie!!!!!

  4. Jan Jenkins says:

    Step should be so ashamed of herself. I did not see the host and will not ever be interested in anything else she does. I wonder did she “steal” the twilight idea after all? Most people would be so grateful for twilight fans, after all she was nothing before twilight. Back she goes to nothing! There are many talented authors out there, that would be happy to have the twilight fan base,

    • Dodo says:

      I don’t think any talented author out there is capable of producing something bad enough to attract a fanbase that found a way to praise twilight, to be perfectly honest. But there is always the author of that “50 shades” atrocity, whatever her name was.

  5. Dani says:

    Sauron wants to end up with the Middle Earth even in the real world.
    STAY AWAY!!!!!!

  6. Alex B. says:

    It was only a matter of time before Stephanie Meyer would experienced what her vampire obliterating crappy novels/movies did to most fans of the genre. We’re so over it!!

    Here’s a title for her next project: Let’s Go Jump the Shark

  7. Jan Jenkins says:

    Nothing like “biting” the hand that fed you steph

  8. Dianne B says:

    Never bite the hand that has fed you and continues to do so. Take a break,do something different for a while. People started reading again ,having conversations about the series of books. I never met so many daughter’s,mothers’s,grandmother’s. and men discussing Edward,Bella,and Jacob!
    Has she lost her mind!,


  10. Jen says:

    Way to slap your fans in the face Stephenie. I will not be supporting your work from here on out.

  11. gkngc04 says:

    Wow! I am speechless….I can understand that she is ready to move on from Twilight but my gosh, to stab your fans in the back like that was immature and so uncalled for….why can’t twilight be a happy place for you? Because you made millions and money makes people crazy? Take a note from Robert Pattinson’s playbook Ms. Meyers: be humble, genuine and gracious, he knows how he got to where he is and wouldn’t oncestep on the toes of his fans who took him there….boo on you! I am over you….

  12. E.v. Emmons says:

    I can honestly say, I have no interest in what she’s going to do to the amazing Jane Austen’s work. I will likely never see Austenland, not because I don’t have an interest in Austen, I think she’s profoundly gifted, but because I can’t see SM bringing anything of worth. There is no more that needs to be said. Jane Austen’s stories, hold up today in modern times, and will always be remembered as classics.
    I have to wonder how long Twilight will hold up, after the shabby disregard SM gave to her fans in this article. What a horrible way to repay such a loving and faithful fan base. I’m appalled.

  13. Cindy says:

    So when I met you at the BD2 fan camp and premiere and you were smiling taking pictures, was that all a fake?!! You didn’t want to be there? You hated every moment of it? Were you over it then and just pretending to want to be there? WHERE YOU LYING TO WHOLE TIME?!!!!!!

    Would George Lucas ever say he’s over Star Wars – that it’s “not a happy place to be?” Would Steven Spielberg ever say that Indiana Jones is “not a happy place to be?” Would J.K. Rowlings ever say that she’s over Harry Potter and that he is “not a happy place to be?” ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

    I have never seen one of the most disrespectful attitudes against the fans who love this story ever. How dare she! She is ungrateful, hateful, egotistical, stuck up, evil, nasty, snobbish and so much more.

    She basically slapped everyone who made those films in the face basically stating, “Thanks for making me rich, now F*CK OFF!”

    Well Mrs. Meyer, you the rue the day you made this statement. Every dime you spend is thanks to us, the Twihards you now hate so much. Yeah, the ones who took you from an average housewife with a dream about a vampire to a successful writer who is now making movies in Hollywood. Yes, we put you there. Gave you that producer’s chair. Now we see the real Stephenie.

    I have two words for you…VERONICA ROTH. She wrote a book about her male character Four unlike you who refuse to finish Midnight Sun as a punishment to the fans who made you a rich woman.

    Well, I hate to say this but, once we get over you, you will regret it. Hate you back babe. The Potterheads have Pottermore and look what we get…an ungrateful witch.

    From a Twihard who’s over SM (I will never say her name ever again because I’m over her)

  14. kitmcclaine says:

    What Mrs. Meyer has failed to recognize is that Twilight fans are the same people who also supported The Host (book and film) and looked forward to her future projects like Austenland. Her words today came as a slap in the face. How she could be so ungrateful for millions of loyal and devoted Twi fans is unconscionable. She might be so over Twilight, but as of today, I am so over her.

  15. Spike says:

    So are we.

  16. Stephenie, do you think that maybe you thought of us, the fans and admirers, who for all these years not only followed your Saga but also followed you, your life and your other work and showed true love for your writing that not only made us fall in love but also changed the lives of each and everyone of us? By saying that “it’s not a happy place to be” you despised and you humiliated us all. This is OUR place, and you are responsible for it. In IT we are happy, and it is just unforgivable for you to try to take it away from us. It might not be for you, but for us it is FOREVER Sincerely, Twihards #TwilightIsAHappyPlace

  17. bella2 says:

    well, Stephenie, I’m over you too! Im sure it doesn’t matter to you but I don’t think I’m alone when I say the majority of Twi fans are not going to be supporting your future projects. your constant whining and complaining about Twilight in every freaking interview is disgusting on many levels. hope you saved the millions you made because that will never happen again now that everyone knows you feel the need to stab fans in the back after you’re done with us.

  18. lgw22 says:

    Ms. Meyer: I will always be grateful for the Twilight books because it allowed me to make friendships that will last a lifetime. It also introduced me to Rob and Kristen and I will be a fan of their projects for as long as they choose to act. Perhaps you’re so secure in your wealth and fame that you don’t care how you sound to the people that took you to that magical position in life but I think it’s sad you want to be arrogant and condescending instead of appreciative and professional.

    I promise you that I will never support another one of your projects since it’s gives you such pain and unhappiness once it is complete!

  19. Dave Andrews says:

    Middle Earth? Yes, please do it. (Loved The Host, BTW. Never read the Twilight series).

  20. Paige says:

    Won’t be much sympathy for her as she certainly wasn’t “over it” as she raked in the cash! It would have been nice to say, “it’s been good to me, but moving on”” rather than sound so remiss.

  21. lallaloolly says:

    Oh, give her a break. I can totally understand why she’s over it. She lived and breathed it for so many years, the same story, day in and day out. Artists, authors, musicians, movie makers, they aren’t fulfilled by reliving the same piece of work over and over and over again, they like to move on to new creations. I can also understand why it’s not a happy place for her when, despite it’s popularity, her personal little romance fantasy made her the worldwide butt of every literary and movie joke there is, when an erotic fan fiction based on her extremely chaste series has outsold her novels and is forever linked to her books, the dedicated fandoms of her books and movies have devolved into fractured little sects of batshlt crazy, and the leads of her movies have had their lives totally invaded by constant pap invasion.

  22. SarahG says:

    I’m sure she is “over it” and I can’t really blame her, but there is also this little thing called “professionalism”. Twilight has made her millions upon millions of dollars and has opened the door to new opportunities, like having her own production company. And this money and opportunity has come to her without paying a huge price in her personal life, unlike some of the actors in the series. She doesn’t get hounded by crazed fans or have paparrazzi camped in front of her house and have them following her kids everyday. Whether intentional or not, she comes across extremely ungrateful. Not really great PR for her upcoming project.

    • she’s not ungrateful. she just did twilight to make money. which she did. now she wants to do something she actually cares about. and whether or not it’s successful she will still be making money from twilight. so she doesn’t care anymore.

  23. Evie Hammond says:

    Jane Austen is 18th century? She must be undead too, because she wrote in the 19th century. All of her books, in fact, are written after 1810. I’m not even one of her fans, but hers are not romance novels — most everyone agrees that they ate social commentary and critique.

    • Annie says:

      Actually, three of her novels WERE written before 1800. However, none were published until the 1800’s. even so, I agree. Austen was not truly an 18th century author.

  24. Grace says:

    You stay out of Middle Earth, or anything else to do with Tolkien, lady. I can accept that you wanted to mess with a public mythos like vampires, but you stay away from anything to do with the father of modern fantasy.

  25. niagirl says:

    How can one be tired of something that made them a millionaire. People are so predictable. Fans seem to be over you as well. The Host bombed as will Austenland.

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