Spike Lee’s Kickstarter Project Hits Goal

Spike Lee's Kickstarter Project Hits Goal
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Vampire project raises $1.3 million in 26 days

Spike Lee’s fundraising effort has topped its $1.25 million goal, five days before the Aug. 21 deadline.

As of 10 a.m. PDT, Lee’s campaign had received $1.302,891 million from 5,368 pledges for a new film that’s known for now as “The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint.”

“God is Great,” Lee said in a Tweet. “Jesus Saves. Special shoutout to my brother Gene who put us over our goal. We did it. We did it. $1,251,231 and still going hard.”

About a quarter of the funds have come from 28 pledges of $10,000 in exchange for dinner and a courtside seat with Lee at a New York Knicks game during the upcoming season. Lee is perhaps the best-known fan of the Knicks.

The campaign also generated $70,000 via 14 pledges of $5,000 in exchange for being named an associate producer and a $5,000 pledge in exchange for Lee flying to the donor’s hometown for a showing of any of his films — selected by the donor. He also managed to sell three pairs of autographed Nikes that he’s worn for $500 each.

Lee has only described the film as being focused on human beings who are addicted to blood. “Funny, sexy, and bloody (and it’s not ‘Blacula’),” he said at the time of the campaign launch.

(The director was referring to cult blaxploitation pic “Blacula,” which starred William Marshall as an 18th century African prince who returns from the dead in 1972 Los Angeles.)

Lee announced on Aug. 5 that he had tapped British actress Zaraah Abrahams as the female lead after discovering her while watching “Black Girl in Paris,” a short film by one of his students.

For Lee to tap into the Kickstarter funds, the campaign was required to hit the $1.25 million goal by Aug. 21.

The two most notable Kickstarter campaigns for the Veronica Mars movie and Zach Braff’s film “Wish I Was Here” reached their campaign goals of $2 million in three and four days, respectively.

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  1. Bobo Brazil says:

    Spike is an even bigger racist than Alec Baldwin, but I don’t think he’s quite the homophobe that Alec is. Maybe Spike “evolved” like that wimp Obama. I guess it’s a “teachable moment” for everybody.

  2. Perspective: Spike Lee is trading with (large) donors who are receiving “a gift” in returning for their giving. The value of what they donate is disproportionate to what Lee rewards them in return, but it remains no less a “barter”.

    People (fans) who want “to rub shoulders with the gods” have always done so: acquiring an autograph, stalking, rummaging a celebrity’s garbage…of late, kicking in some crowd-funding in return for an film credit or whatever.

    For a truly struggling filmmaker who offers no more than a copy of the finished product on DVD…well, God bless ’em.

  3. This was an experiment in showing Film Makers an alternative way to fund their films, This is a filmmaker who shot a major film on Super 16 due to a lack of budget to get started. Traditionally ethnic films and most films have a hard time getting made. So when someone introduces a new method they should be commended. When the film makes more money than it cost to make on such a low budget what happens: More films are made. Not every film will make 60 million at the box office. Fans support their superstar. Tvonthego.com is a new Tv platform for the mobile and desktop and hopes to create a new netflix for indie content so we hope this film is hugely successful for all film makers.

  4. LOL says:

    I think Spike Lee is one of the most important American’s in living history, however, this new way of film financiering is exploitative.

    Most movie fans will invest in such projects primarily on the basis that they, in some rudimentary way, get to be a part of show business, but really they’re merely out of pocket. It’s silly to invest in something when you know nothing about the creative development and production management of what you’re investing in. This isn’t how Hollywood studios procure hedge fund investments and it’s wrong for established filmmaker to swindle naïve fans into investing something they won’t recoup on.

  5. Its good to see the film community get behind an effort to raise awareness about crowd funding. Its about raising capital for artistic creation. Crowd funding is not begging. Its an alternative way to create a new possibility which can then be used to create greater possibilities. A potato gets planted and then creates bread, flour and so many other products from the one potato. Municipal bonds build bridges.

    Crowd funding can become a real way to fund innovation. The access to capital is the problem for many entrepreneurs. For every film project made think about how many people are employed. The cast, the crew, the deli, the rental house, the transportation and the lawyers.

    So one seed is not the forest but its a start of an ecosystem. http://www.kickstarter.com tvonthego.com hopefully we can showcase this film on one of the tv networks we are building.

  6. Paul Zotos says:

    Im Glad spike got da money
    Somebody exolain why people
    Gave money to a dude with
    Lifetime ringside seats
    Totat cost of seats could send
    Alot of kide to film school
    And if you got an extra seat
    Bring a high school basketball
    Player not a money guy
    But im lookung forward to
    Seeing this project i have loved
    All of Spikes Joints /-)-Zotos

  7. What DaHell says:

    I’m sure 1.3 million could be raised and spent on more important things like feeding the homeless or starving children. Yet it was decided to give it to this douche to make a crappy movie. Good job on priorities America…you make me sick.

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