Box Office: Two Ryan Reynolds Misfires in One Weekend?

'Turbo' tracking in the mid-$30 mil range for five days; 'R.I.P.D.' expected to tank in high teens

Fox bows its second DreamWorks Animation title, “Turbo,” on Wednesday, and tracking suggests a sluggish five-day opening in the mid-$30 millions. But “Turbo” won’t even be the weekend’s biggest disappointment, with Universal’s pricey sci-fi comedy “R.I.P.D.” expected to top out in the high teens from Friday to Sunday.

PHOTOS: Ryan Reynolds Box Office Career

Both pics feature Ryan Reynolds: “R.I.P.D.” also stars Jeff Bridges, while Reynolds voices the lead snail in racing toon “Turbo.”

R.I.P.D. is looking like the third big-budget box office flop in a row, after “The Lone Ranger” and last weekend’s “Pacific Rim.”

The Fox-DWA toon hits theaters while “Despicable Me 2” still is doing sizable business: The sequel fell just 47% in its second weekend and has cumed $234 million domestically through Monday.

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That said, family tracking is always difficult to nail down, and “Turbo” could overperform slightly if word-of-mouth builds enough to entice adults. The film, which also has a TV series with Netflix, has a younger-skewing look, with strongest appeal among boys.

According to an updated report from analyst firm Stifel, “Turbo,” which carries a production budget of $135 million, should become profitable, thanks to traditionally long legs for toons and greater international appeal than DWA’s disappointment, “Rise of the Guardians,” last year.

Unfortunately for Universal, the same financial outlook cannot be applied to “R.I.P.D.,” which according to the studio, rang up a net cost of $130 million, though other sources say it’s much higher. “R.I.P.D.” could end up as the biggest box office miss for Universal this year, after a string of hits including “Mama,” “Identity Thief,” “Fast and Furious 6,” “The Purge” and “Despicable Me 2.”

“Oblivion,” which cost $120 million to produce, ultimately was a straddler for Universal in March, grossing just $285 million worldwide.

Among the weekend’s wide releases, tracking has been strongest for “R.I.P.D.” among young men.

Reynolds is familiar with disappointing box office weekends after “The Green Lantern” flopped in 2011. That film, which cost $200 million to produce, cumed only $219 million worldwide.

Meanwhile, Fox bows “Turbo” day-and-date with the U.S. in only Brazil, Mexico and Russia, while most major European markets open in October. The staggered overseas release pattern isn’t unusual for animated films during the summer, and is a go-to strategy for Fox with past successes including the “Ice Age” franchise.

The DWA toon’s midweek domestic launch is meant to take advantage of increased summer moviegoing for family films, as well as give it a headstart over other wide releases, “The Conjuring,” which should win with roughly $30 million in three days, and “Red 2,” tracking in the $20 million-range.

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  1. Apocalypto says:

    Maybe Reynolds would do better on A&F TV Network (Abercrombie & Fitch) since that’s where they cast him from. Enough with the Abercrombie and Fitch Central Casting. But the studios will never learn.

  2. Whoever wins, Ryan Reynolds loses?

  3. bubba says:

    to say Turbo will bomb is a little presumptive considering when i bought the turbo game, it was the last one left yesterday, the day the game came out! for people who think Ryan sucks cuz he doesnt drive an suv, own a gun or kissed some dude in a movie, get over it.
    drudge linked to this because he probably thinks Ryan Reynolds is hot and would never date him. drudge is so cute when he links to elton john/ streisand/ madonna stories…think about it. can anyone say closeted Log Cabin Repub? allegedly. mmm-hmmm.

  4. Dirk Digler says:

    Who green lights this bull crap? RIP’D? Really? “Let’s see… We shouldn’t even have made Men In Black 3, for God’s sake! Let’s make a sub par copy of Men In Black even though no one wanted to see the f’ing original! Brilliant!”

    Or, “Hey! Everybody’s getting sick of Johnny Depp and his tired Jack Sparrow character in Pirates of the Caribbean, so, let’s have him to the same f’ing character in Lone Ranger! I know, I know. It’s the same as his quirky character in Alice In Wonderland or Edward Scissorhands or Dark Shadows, but let’s do this!”

    Personally, I think Fox should do another remake of The Odd Couple with Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox. But, they can make it a social commentary on white-on-black racism. It should be written by Tyler Perry. It would be huge!!!

    Are they actually filming this junk honestly believing that it will be successful? I don’t get it…

    • EZE says:

      I think your Odd Couple idea is a great…and would be easy to write. Just fill 120 pages of a screen play with drivel and insert a “oh, no you didn’t” or “don’t even go there” every three pages.

  5. Jack Boot says:

    Huh…. wonder if the lead spot in that community theatre summer play is still available? He might want to check it out.

  6. John Moser says:

    If rancid dreck like Identity Thief and The Purge were hits, how can any film, no matter how awful, fail?

  7. DocL says:

    Note to: Fancy Bosses in Hollywood.
    Subject: Movie Bombs
    Stop making crappy movies and I’ll give you my money.

  8. Jim says:

    Unfortunately for Mr. Reynolds, being likable and having great abs doesn’t translate into star power.

  9. Ian says:

    Only the female 34 years and older demographic seems to like Ryan Reynolds as long as he’s starring in comedies. He can’t seem to score a hit in action or dramatic roles like his contemporaries such as Ben Affleck and Hugh Jackman.

  10. John Rogers says:

    I am sure his check cleared.

  11. Savannah B. says:

    Who is Ryan Reynolds?????

  12. Brian says:

    Why doesn’t Hollywood just ask the average person on the street if a movie idea is good or not? I’m 100% on whats a hit or miss and a 91% what the movie will clear in the first week. The 9% I guess wrong on first week sales is off by less than 3 million dollars. Hollywood should ask the people what they want and save a lot of time and money by avoiding the flops!

  13. Steven Saints says:

    I wish I could produce something for $120M, gross $285M and then that be considered a disappointment. Must be rough.

    • HI there,

      Studious only take in half of the total worldwide sales. So technically they only made around 22.5 million for the movie. That does not include the cost of the world wide advertisement done by the studious, which can be a lot. So it is a disappointment because they might be at a lost. Most studious just want to break even because their profit margin will kick in during DVD releases, televisions rights and streaming rights. But even then – thats not a guarantee to make a profit as well.

  14. Fed Up says:

    Hollywood needs to understand get we don’t like their movies or their agendas shoved down our throats. How about if Hollywood adopts the our morals and interests and then maybe we will return

  15. donald says:

    seems to me people are starting to protest with their wallets. Hollywierd has told use for decades how stupid we are all they seem to know what is best. Finally getting what they deserve, none of my money.

  16. Chad Miller says:

    Well at least Reynolds movies will be in good company with the 2 other summer Hollywood crap bombs so far, The Man Of Steel, & The Lone Ranger. Other than the new Star Trek & Iron Man 3, this seasons movie going experience has sure been wracked with some high dollar disappointments!

    • Replyer says:

      You are entitled to your opinion. But if your opinion is that ironman 3 was better than man of steel, your opinion is stupid an so are you.

    • Susan says:

      I saw The Lone Ranger and loved it. It couldn’t have been better. Johnny Depp is hilarious in it. I highly recommend it.

  17. EZE says:

    I took a quick glance to see if someone else on this thread had stated the obvious- RIPD is obviously a remake of MIB only with ghosts, not aliens. Ryan Reynolds is the white Will Smith so if I saw MIB why should I see it again?

  18. David Dewitt says:

    Could just be that a $6.00 drink, a 8.50 popcorn and A 9.00 ticket x 4 and its just not worth $50/60 bucks to see an actor that has told me how bad I am for driving an suv and owning a firearm.

    Get a real job and see how its like outside of LA and NYC.

  19. Sam says:

    We haven’t gone to movies in ages. Tired of being told how stupid, selfish and racist we are by a bunch of overpaid hypocrites. Why we would put a dime in the pocket of people who live like kings and queens, disconnected from the real world out here – yet tell us how bad we are and how we should live our lives?

    • Frank says:

      Yep, I’m a gun toting Libertarian who’s in the midst of watching my country being run by tyrants, with the full support of Hollywood. They even go so far as to allow the Chinese government and the Supreme Democrat Party Soviet to censor them. Most movies have become nothing more than a propaganda tool for the coming tyrany. I love movies, but am simply not in the mood to pay exorbitant prices to support my own destruction.

    • Chad Miller says:

      Okay Sam, I posted my comment to Mark that was intended for you by mistake, but I’ll reiterate it again here just the same: Excellent & valid point! I agree 100%!

  20. Mark Conner says:

    Ryan Reynolds is a fantastic R-rated comedic actor who is typecast into cheese because of his good looks. “Waiting” was awesome, and I thought “The Changeup” would suck, but it was actually really funny, no thanks to Jason Bateman.

    • Chad Miller says:

      Excellent & valid point, Mark. I agree 100%!

      • Mark Conner says:

        Thank you Chad. I would like to see Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen make a movie. Ryan Reynolds made a cameo appearance in Jonah Hill’s “The Sitter.” Except for kissing Patrick Warburton, he was hilarious.

  21. Jeromeu says:

    I have always loved the movies. I still do. However, I strongly believe that the low box office returns is part of a bigger picture issue. The quality of on-demand series like Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and many others are part of the larger selection of entertainment from which I make choices. I enjoy the actors I have not been accustomed to seeing, as it lends a freshness to the story, more believable. Money is tighter even for those with jobs like myself, so costs weigh into the decision. For a movie ticket, popcorn and a soft drink, I can purchase an entire season of Breaking Bad or whatever and watch it over a month or two with a couple micro-brews or glasses of wine on a weekday evening or a couple episodes back to back on the weekend. I think these are huge factors that effect the numbers for movie revenues, not just the qualitative aspects of the movie. If I compare the Walking Dead to World War Z, which I went to see, it didn’t pack the punch it would have in the past, because Walking Dead exceeds in intensity of suspense and special effects. I depend on the movies less for action/special effects as I used to in the past and more for specific directors, stories, or subjects I cannot find on HBO, A&E, and others. I will still go to the movies, and I will enjoy it, but far less in a world of greater choice and quality when it comes to the entertainment spectrum. I am looking forward to Elysium, to make a point that movies and going out to a theater still matter to me, but more for the Neill Blomkamp (District 9) and the story and less for the actors, although I am a fan of both.

  22. Wendell Pace says:

    I’m not going to RIPD cause it has guns in it and guns are bad.

  23. marie says:

    Maybe it is because everyone who is making an honest living is busting there butt to keep a job and are to tried and fed up to pay the high price of a movie ticket and and supper sized pop corn. Id rather just wait for it to come out on bluray and watch it with a beer and chips/salsa. Plus with Netflix and Hulu Plus and a kick ass screen and surround sound why should I leave to be pissed some fool can’t stop texting during the show. My two cents.

  24. Paul Roth says:

    Hollywood: the viewing public is sick of seeing the same tired old movie star faces shuffled around in different projects each year. We want to see interesting creative films, not a runway of Hollywood models showing us and themselves, how beautiful they are.

  25. Chris Lofton says:

    No one goes to see movies because some actor or actress is in it anymore. Not for a decade at least. When will Hollywood learn that the product is what they should be concerned about and as long as they continue to produce or reproduce (as is now more often the case) crap then they are going to suffer at the box office!

    • EZE says:

      Hollywood used to be able to mesmerize people with interesting stories and the actor/actress was the cherry on top. Now, there’s no effort to develop new stories either because their running out of ideas or creativity is being diluted by pills and other hidden vices. They’ve been left with counting on the celebrity to carry the movie and fail to realize- nobody that makes the kind of money you need to regularly go to movies really cares about these people. The morons that worship these celebrities on TMZ are either unemployed or working part time at the mall.

  26. Nala says:

    I feel that Ryan Reynolds is a wonderful comedic actor, and the critics seem to be on some hate crusade, since the Man of Steel…which was a lovely film.

  27. jamie says:

    I hope one day i can make 165 million off a movie like oblivion and call a 165 million profit a “disappointment”

    • HI there,

      Studious only take in half of the total worldwide sales. So technically they only made around 22.5 million for the movie. That does not include the cost of the world wide advertisement done by the studious, which can be a lot. So it is a disappointment because they might be at a lost. Most studious just want to break even because their profit margin will kick in during DVD releases, televisions rights and streaming rights. But even then – thats not a guarantee to make a profit as well.

  28. Clifton says:

    R.I.P.D. trailers looked awful. Nothing but a poor “Men In Black” wannabe.
    I like Reynolds and Bridges but man, were they ever sold a bill of goods.

    • Besides being a huge rip off of MIB, Rip Torn is rolling in his grave. The big reason all the movies are flopping might be missed here. The demographic audience for these movies are unemployed and broke this year and can’t afford a movie?

  29. KP2GMU says:

    Cume is a word.
    a. cumulative/accumulated audience: the number of people reached by an advertising or broadcasting medium over a specified period of time.
    b. the cumulative gross earnings from a movie, album, etc.

  30. You know the old cleche’ definition of insanity; trying the same thing over and over expecting different results.
    You fools in Hollywood are lost in the wilderness. What worked a generation ago is foreign to most now.
    A good example is the cartoonish style of Johnny Depp movies. Just like watching Rambo XXII.
    Another example is the unpleasantness of taking the family to the theater. It is almost as bad as going to watch a live NFL game at the stadium !

  31. It’s disappointing that critics can ruin a film’s chance of success BEFORE it has even been released, rather than just letting the audience decide. Just saw “Pacific Rim”, and this is a GREAT film, maybe one of the best ever of this genre.

    • Jim says:

      I agree that Pacific Rim was entertaining. Not the Transformers knock-off that it was advertised to be, but a smart parody/homage to old robot-monster movies of the 1960s and 70s.

  32. Blushark says:

    Who is Ryan Reynolds?

  33. justme says:

    put out crap and what do you expect? Hollywood writers havent had an original thought in their brains for 20 yrs

  34. justme says:

    put out crap and what do you expect?

  35. Alan says:

    I have never seen a single advert for RIPD. Could that maybe be part of the problem? I have seen adverts for evry other flop and hit, so how did I miss this?

  36. Scott J says:

    Sucks to see Pacific Rim doing badly. It’s actually a decent movie with absolutely amazing visuals.

  37. carlb says:

    while i think ripd will do well it has a 96% ranking for people who want to see it, red2 also has a 98% ranking. i think both will do well with adults and teens tired of seeing constant cartoons weekly. what’s worse is i have to sit thru them with my grandson. who cant see movies like these two. so it’s adult night weekend for me. lol

  38. Kess says:

    ““Oblivion,” which cost $120 million to produce, ultimately was a disappointment for Universal in March, grossing just $285 million worldwide.”

    Wow… just WOW.

  39. Leon says:

    Its because PG-13 films suck and people are missing the glory days of R rated awesomeness. Kids now are realizing that PG13 just doesn’t cut it.

    • Lerpanz says:

      I prefer PG-13 movies. I don’t need to see extreme gore or breasts to be entertained, and I prefer not to, because then the films tend to throw in pointless stuff just to meet a rating “quota.” That usually just interferes with, rather than contributes to, the story.

  40. SamB says:

    Who is he? Most “leading men” these days look like girlie-man models. No screen presence such as Connery or John Wayne.

  41. Buying Gas, Not Hype says:

    Its the economy stupid. $40 in the tank or $40 to see a POS movie?

    • Dave says:

      That’s why Redbox is doing so well…I’ll just wait the 2-4 months it takes to see a movie and pay a buck or $1.29 and enjoy it in the comfort of my own home.

    • deadpringle says:

      Agreed 100%. Why should I sacrifice money that can go towards food or gas for something that will only last for about 2 hours, and will probably suck golf balls through garden hoses anyway?

    • Disgusted With All of It says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!!!!!! You hit the nail right on the head. I don’t see movies at the theater anymore, because it costs the same as a tank of gas. NO movie is worth that much money.

  42. Ragnar says:

    Pacific Rim wasn’t a flop.

  43. Conservatives, 1/2 of the population, are no longer supporting Hollywood.

    • Sam says:

      99% of Hollywood insults conservatives at every opportunity. Why would we put our hard-earned money in their pockets? Most folks out here in fly-over country aren’t keeping even with the very real inflation that has happened under “their” administration the past 4 years..

      • Samk says:

        “1/2 the population is conservative”

        Get real, 1/4 of the population is liberal, 1/4 is conservative, 1/4 will NEVER vote and dont know what these two terms mean, and 1/4 are not represented politically by these two idiot parties and their policies! I’m sure you can guess what 1/4 I’m in!

        However, I do agree with your premise, that Hollywood has lost its mind and its ability to make movies people want to see in the theatre!

  44. William Jefferson says:

    At least he’s trying to make hits, unlike Ryan Gosling who is inexplicably called “A-list” although he only appears in small-budget indie type movies, which never connect with anyone but Brooklyn hipsters anyways.

  45. ginger says:

    I personally am sick of seeing the same Hollywood faces over and over again. I can only suspend my imagination so far. Bring in some new faces for new characters. Otherwise its just the same ole same ole.

    • capt3292 says:

      You need to watch films from the late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. They were all made with a small group of actors during that period. All the actors were on contract to the studios and had to take on roles as dictated by the studio moguls. Yet they were successful and were well recognized by the public because each were unique in their delivery of their lines. But most important was the writing and the camera work which revolved around a story not computer generated special affects. Another factor were the B films that were shown along with the main feature and became classics. One more thing is that the actors were not allowed to voice political comments as they do today. In fact almost all of the actors were very patriotic.

  46. Pacific Rim isn’t a flop. It has over 70% at Rotten Tomatoes, but was beaten out by the awful Adam Sandler movie (with an RT of 7%).

    The reviews for Pacific Rim are good, word of mouth solid, and foreign box office is making money hand over fist. It is a fun, corny movie that does what summer blockbusters are supposed to do: entertain.

    • capt3292 says:

      Rotten Tomatoes are critic comments. The real factor in determinating success is box office revenue.

    • marque2 says:

      It wasn’t a flop flop flop, but it didn’t gross nearly as much as the studio wanted. But how many more Robot films do we need. I think Transformers 1 – 10 was enough, don’t you?

  47. Bill Houng says:

    He’s never been any value as a lead in big ticket productions. He was surprisingly good in ‘Buried’ but that was low budget independent. He’s too good lookin for the humble uniqueness of star quality. Take the Highlander billing away and give it to a hungrier no name and focus him on rich in content lower budget scripts and he might have a chance at relevant stardom.

  48. Joe Dirt says:

    The problem is not so much the acting as it is the writing. Hollywood studios only seem to want to make movies that are retellings of old movies, prequels, comic books, historical epics, etc. Nobody wants to take a risk on an original idea anymore and we get stuck having to watch these boring retells of old stories. Storytelling as a whole has gotten worse in our culture, I blame it on TV and relying too much on special effects and sex appeal rather than plot and character development ot keep views entertained. We have lost our creatvie edge. I hope we can promote some new story tellers and screen writers that can get us back on track.

  49. Gdeon13 says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and point out that it isn’t yet the weekend. It’s not even 12:00 on a Wednesday. Seriously? The first few opening hours don’t declare a movie a “bomb” just because it doesn’t make “Avatar”-like profits.

  50. John W says:

    Ryan doesn’t care. He’s a bankable movie star and these two movies will do enough business to justify more work for him.

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