Rosenbloom, Ratigan, Jenks Team on Legal Docu


Unitltled project focuses on 2005 murder conviction

Chip Rosenbloom, Dylan Ratigan and Andrew Jenks are teaming on an untitled documentary about the 2005 murder conviction of college student Ryan Ferguson.

Ferguson was convicted for the 2001 killing of Kent Heitholt, sports editor for Missouri’s Columbia Daily Tribune. Ratigan and Rosenbloom will  produce and Jenks will direct.

Filmmakers are focusing on Ferguson’s conviction being  based on the testimony of two witnesses and their admissions that they committed perjury. He is currently serving a 40-year sentence.

Rosenbloom initiated the documentary under his Open Pictures banner. He exec produced Halle Berry thriller “The Call,” the “Shiloh” trilogy and the  documentary “Fuel” and is co-owner and vice-chairman of the St. Louis Rams.

Ratigan is exec producing. He is the author of “Greedy Bastards,” a former MSNBC host and former global managing editor for corporate finance at Bloomberg.

Jenks is the host of MTV’s documentary series “World of Jenks.” His documentary credits include “Room 335” and “The Zen of Bobby V.”

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  1. Dylan, although it is awe-inspiring to be cognizant of your current exploits, alone, I realize it is an insufficient resolve to terminate my enthusiasm there. Inertia is a dynamic to master! Therefore, my friend, I thank you again for inspiring me to channel my energies toward a more powerful and productive effect! ‘Onwards and Upwards’.

  2. Linda says:

    Dylan, I miss you SO much from your MSNBC show!!! I am not surprised that you are doing powerful things elsewhere. Do you ever schedule a week or time for ordinary people to visit your farm? Or your film project? Your admirers would love to travel sometimes to California to experience your current projects…

  3. Mary Clare says:

    This is great news for both Ryan and the preservation of freedom and fairness for all. Every day that Ryan spends in prison is another strike against the Missouri judicial system. I am from Missouri and am embarrassed that we have allowed this to first of all happen and secondly go on for so many years. Hoping our Govenor corrects this quickly and your movie then can have a happy ending.

  4. I am so happy to see Dylan doing a great service to us by pointing out some of the many defects in or justice, system. Dylan is a mensh !!!!

  5. Alice Kleeman says:

    Go for it Dylan! I look forward to seeing the documentary. I detest miscarriages of justice. There’s much too much of it. I’m behind the Innocence Project, too. There’s a man in Guantanamo that has been cleared for release, but they won’t release him to anyone but Saudi Arabia because they fear what he knows about torture down there.

  6. I agree withNoanie Rofoli. The financial network did not treat Dylan with the respect that he is due. I’m glad that he has found a way to make his voice heard. America needs to wake up and understand how much help our armed forces have donated to America to keep it free. It is also important that Dylan had found a way to let Americans become aware of the need to eat healthy. Kindly let us know when the movie is going to be available for viewing. We need to help all of those who are negatively affected by false witnesses. Keep going, Dylan. Our country needs you and your associates.

    Marilyn Brown
    Expert Licensing

  7. Noanie Rofoli says:

    Thank God someone is finally bringing Ryan’s story to the big screen. Hopefully his plight of being wrongfully convicted, due to his very troubled friend, will force the political, judicial machine to right this glaring wrong. Thanks Dylan and the rest of the producer’s for helping Ryan to hopefully obtain his freedom. Glad you finally came to California, Dylan, the land of sun, love and hope where anything is possible if you believe. We love you and the work you are doing for vets, as well as changing the way we grow, healthy, organic foods. You are definitely moving onward and upward, Dylan! Thanks for helping Ryan. Peace.

  8. Gordon Dorn says:

    Dylan, I am glad to see that you are still interested in telling stories we all care dearly about , best wishes, gordon

  9. Hurrah! What a team! The issues they choose to produce on film will be exciting and enlightening!

  10. Jackie Lucas says:

    Dylan, I REALLY MISS YOU!!!!!!
    Let justice prevail!!!
    Free Ryan Ferguson!!!!!!

  11. Rosalie C. Popick says:

    I miss Ratigan’s spot on MSNBC; four others in no way have succeeded in replacing him. Therefore, I look forward to seeing the documentary.

  12. Paul Ciardullo Sr. says:

    When will we have leadership that has a singular focus on “Getting the money out”? It seems that all of its champions have moved on to other causes. Maybe they never really believed in it as a truly worthy cause in the first place. The problems are still there. The root cause of our inability to solve these problems is still there.

    • Theresa Gibson says:

      Check out “Move to Amend.” No one has given up! They just waited until AFTER the supreme court decision to fight it, instead of seeing it coming!

  13. Amy Carpenter says:

    I am thrilled to read that Chip Rosenbloom, Dylan Ratigan and Andrew Jenks are making a documentary bringing even more attention to this terrible miscarriage of justice to Ryan Ferguson, his family, and ultimately, to Mr. Heitholt by the Missouri “justice” system. It amazes me that no one has had the honesty, integrity and courage in the chain of appeals to step forward and stand up for the truth. Thank you to these men. I hope the documentary can help to free Ryan at last.

    • sandra says:

      I’ve watched 2 trials for this case. Horrible miscarriage of justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Dave Allen says:

    This is great news. Thousands of people already know Ryan is innocent and this will surely spread the word.

  15. Linda Hoppe says:

    THANK YOU Mr. Chip Rosenbloom, Mr. Dylan Ratigan and Andrew Jenks for championing this case, bringing attention to a broken and corrupt justice system and for ultimately helping Ryan. This is every parent’s worst nightmare, knowing the danger your child faces in prison on a daily basis but feeling completely helpless in protecting them. I pray that this movie will give Governor Nixon the courage to do the RIGHT THING and grant an immediate pardon to Ryan Ferguson.

  16. Thank you so much for bringing attention to Ryan’s case. Maybe this will be the thing that will finally get the “powers that be” to listen and do the right thing. FREE RYAN

  17. Thank you so much for taking this case on. Maybe this Documentary will help for Ryans release. Thank you again, a good luck.

  18. The time is way overdue for Ryan Ferguson to be freed from prison. The ONLY two eyewitnesses have recanted their trial testimony and have admitted to perjury. No physical evidence, now no eyewitnesses, FREE RYAN FERGUSON!!!!! HE IS INNOCENT!!!!!

  19. Stephanie says:

    Thank goodness! I hope that the documentarians can also uncover the truth about Michael Boyd’s involvement. Ryan needs to be free, period.

  20. Mary Boyle says:

    Thank you for taking this on! God will be with you all the way.

  21. Larry Secor says:

    Thank You so much ..I am 100% positive that Ryan is innocent and would bet my life on it. The prosecutor, lawyers , judges and the attorney general should all be held responsible for the injustice they have done to Ryan..this kind of corruption should not happen in this country.

  22. Marla Brown says:

    I’ve been following this case for years. He never should have been convicted of this crime. GOD SPEED! !!!!!!!!!!

  23. julee says:

    Finally the truth will come out!! That Ryan is Innocent!! I live Columbia Missouri I have talked to Ryan’s Dad and Mother. I have told them I’m fighting for their son to be released from Prison. I’m ashamed of my state I feel like Missouri is a third world Country. Crane should go to jail for this!! How can he sleep at night when he knows he put a innocent man in Prison!! This will not go away!! Until Ryan is free!!

  24. Phyllis Salt says:

    Everyone involved in this wrongful conviction should be jailed…see how they like it (and they would be guilty)! We have to pray to have Ryan released as soon as possible…maybe he can make the premier of this movie. Thanks for your help! Phyllis Salt, Canada

  25. Danielle Fraser says:

    I’m from Australia!! Were watching in disbelief and discussed… Thankyou for helping… I hope with all my heart this will help get Ryan out… AUSTRALIA is 100% behind Ryan Ferguson….

  26. Marilyn says:

    I pray to God this will help Ryan. I was born in Missouri, but now live across the state line. It’s an embarrassment. Governor Nixon, pardon Ryan Ferguson on the basis he is INNOCENT!!

  27. elle monet says:

    Hopefully the film will emphasize the illegal tactics of the Missouri Governor’s office and bring awareness to citizens of all those wrongfully imprisioned – and get the State of Missouri to start looking for the real killer – still out there – a threat to everyone. Thank you for bring public awareness to this egregious injustice. Free Ryan Ferguson – he is clearly innocent.

  28. Jane Ellen Ashley says:

    Thank you!

  29. Robin says:

    Shame on our legal system for sending Ryan to prison for a murder he definitely did not commit. Praying for Ryan to get justice and be released.

  30. Suzan Moren says:

    Thank you!!! It’s my hope that all the attention to Ryan’s plight will move the Missouri Governor to free Ryan based on his innocence and end this nightmare. My fear is that they are so embarrassed by all the attention to Ryan’s case that they will continue to dig their heels in and refuse to admit they made a mistake. How easy it could be for them to just say “Oh my God..the witnesses admitted they lied (never mind with encouragement from the police) let’s do the right thing and free this innocent man” and find the real killer. Instead they continue to cover their behinds and do nothing.

  31. Kelly May says:

    I am so glad Ryans case needs as much media attention as they can get.

  32. Louise Tashjian says:

    Thank goodness- Ryan should not be in prison and he needs more media attention-Shame on AG Koster and the corrupt Missouri judicial system

  33. says:

    Thank you!! #freeryanferguson

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