POLL: Is Ben Affleck the Right Choice for Batman?

Ben Affleck Batman Poll
Paul Drinkwater/Getty Images

Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck is set to star as Batman in the upcoming Superman-Batman feature, which leads us to ask: do you think Warner Bros. and DC Comics made the right move?

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  1. RR says:

    Yes…Affleck is great…for the direction of this movie…the dark knight series was great…but what dc is building …..its gonna be lasting and no need for rebooting like marvels spider man.fantastic four …keep up the good writing dc comics…and great job Affleck…

  2. Pete says:

    Batman is a dark character and comes from a dark place,perfectly portrayed by christian bale,chris nolans films were existential, essentially the batman charcter is used by bruce wayne to channel,his dark side to help the weak,there are elements of nietzsche,shopenhauer,freud,in his movies,that is why those films rised above its genre,i think its being cheapend,then again batman ,like james bond is a role,so can be played by someone else but Affleck may be light weight,better a unknown actor.

  3. Pete says:

    Batman is a dark character and comes from a dark place,perfectly portrayed by christian bale,chris nolans films were existential, essentially the batman charcter is used by bruce wayne to channel,his dark side to help the weak,the are elements of nietzsche,shopenhauer,freud,in his movies,that is why those films rised above its genre,i think its being cheapend,then again batman ,like james bond is a role,so can be played by someone else but Affleck may be light weight,better a unknown actor.

  4. nicos says:

    I don’t care what any big time veteran actor or director says this is the lousiest batman choice EvAR. They might as well bring back Adam West Mayor or not. Why does it need to be a Hollywood big name? I’m sure There’s a young unheard of yet Talented Bloke somewhere on this Plane Who has the face and skill to pull it off maybe even better than the previous guy.but i guess that’s not how the industry works or whatever. I sure hope they don’t ruin the good trend they’ve had so far, if this is where DC comics wants to go to compete with the success of marvel they might as well Forget it Literally…. like keep doing animations instead maybe Ben Afflecks voice might make a good Batman….maybe not.

  5. Give me a break! Don’t understand why everyone is being rediculous!! He was great in Daredevil! The chemistry he had with his then co-star Jennifer was amazing! I think everyone is being a jerk for giving him a complex and judging him. He’s a great actor and I believe he will prove all of those sceptics wrong!!! See you at the movies Ben!! :)

    • Kathy says:

      I’m sorry, but daredevil was a lousy movie. If u were a true fan and have read the comics, u really wouldn’t be calling it a “good” movie.

  6. Matt says:

    I just think its impossible for anyone to follow Christian Bale’s performance of Batman.

  7. Oscar_28 says:

    Los fanaticos estamos acostumbrados a Christian Bale!!! poner a Ben Affleck es patear a la fanaticada que es la que les da las grandes recaudaciones de dinero…. no a Affleck si a Christian Bale!!

  8. Andilore_29 says:

    pésima desición, es muy grande ese traje para Ben Affleck mil veces mejor Christian Bale!!

  9. Evan says:

    Seriously Hollywood? Ben Affleck as Batman? He sucked at DareDevil why promote him to Batman? Christian Bale made an excellent Batman like Heath Ledger made the perfect Joker. Substituting Christian Bale for Ben Affleck is like substituting jelly for cauliflower in a peanut butter and jelly. Here are some more examples people, it’s like choosing Steven Segal to play spiderman, or choosing Alec Baldwin to play as Thor. Want more comparison? OK! Like choosing Steve Buscemi to play the Flash, or Antonio Banderas to play Captain America, or Morgan Freeman to play the Joker. Bottom Line, you can’t just pick random names out of a hat when your trying to pick a marvel super hero. For God sakes pretend like you care. Certain actors cannot do certain roles, the audience won’t buy into it, they’ll just look at you like you’re an idiot and they’ll be very disappointed.

  10. Isabella says:

    me parece que Ben es terrible para la caracterización de un tremendo personaje como lo es Batman. NO POR FAVORRR!!!!!!

  11. Worse than Clooney, and saying that is bad enough

  12. DEBBIE says:

    Ben Affleck is not Batman material he is too “little” for this role. If he plays batman the image of batman will be ruined 4EVER!!!!!

  13. jack johnson says:

    I don’t hate affleck or anything but somebody needs to beat the living crap out of this guy and stop him from ruining this movie.

  14. Chumanfu says:

    To me, Affleck is the guy who tries too hard to be liked, this is about as opposite to Batman’s character as you can get.I’m not a comic book guy, but being treated to Christian Bale as Batman was a real treat. Now we have someone whom I regularly confuse with Ben Stiller playing the tortured Batman?I really hope he does well on the part, but I’m really expecting to be disappointed now.

  15. Jeff says:

    I think its a disgrace. Ben Affleck is not a good actor. I will give him credit for producing, that he somewhat knows how to do. Look at what he did with his last attempt at a superhero film. Every role he plays all seem the same, and they have no depth. Warner Brothers made a HUGE mistake, and I firmly believe he will screw it up. Now, in regards to people saying “Oh, well look at what they did to Heath Ledger when they cast him as the joker.” That was different. He could act! He knew how to play different characters, he embodied his roles! Ben Affleck does not. He seems very stuck up, with that damn smirk he always makes. I dont like this decision at all, I highly doubt I will change my mind, I’ve never been keen on his acting skills, and come 2015 I think I will be proven correct. Ben Affleck is no Bruce Wayne. Shame on you Warner Brothers, Shame on you.

  16. Meilani says:

    Thanks God its Ben and his chin+proportional muscle… just imagine if they casted Dwayne the rock.. >.<

    • Toni Wyatt says:

      I’d rather see the Rock as Batman as Affleck. But they seriously need to up their money for Christian Bale. He’s the only and best Batman there ever has been.

  17. Brett says:

    Affleck should stick to directing and Hollywood should have more sense considering all the blockbusting flops that has cost them bigtime. Studio heads….ready to roll?

  18. Dan says:

    Affleck was HORRIBLE as Daredevil, all but ruining that franchise and now he’s on the verge of ruining another comic book icon, and personally my favorite. Hopefully enough people will see this for the horror it is and make changes.

  19. Jonathan Teles says:

    Wow, who cares?? People here need to get a life, its just a movie that will be portrayed by an actor. That’s it, nothing else. If you think he is so horrible go ahead an audition for that role then.

  20. Matt says:

    Ben Affleck is a terrible choice as Batman. If they’re thinking that Daniel Craig got away with his portrayal of Bond so Affleck can do Batman, then they have made a fundamental mistake! Craig did Layercake and showed he could pull off ‘cool’, Affleck did Daredevil and showed he was totally ‘uncool’. This will be an even bigger mistake than casting Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, way to go Warner Brothers game set and match to Disney and we the viewing public will have to wait a few more decades before this pairing is attempted again!

    Just for the record there is a way out, retain Affleck as Director, and cast another more suitable actor as Batman with no past connection to the franchise. Someone like Hugh Jackman (Batman needs to be a brute of a man to even stand a chance of looking plausable next to Supernan), who has the physicality but also looks the part in a tux. Remember Batman isn’t Ironman, the suit enhances his abilities it doesn’t define them!

  21. Like I said Russel Crowe or even Sheryl Crowe but ben Affleck? What the heck is going on? Michael Fassbender , Dwayne Johnson…it cant be that hard…

  22. Keith says:

    Well it could be worse. They could have cast kenanu reeves. Now he’s an actor who just can’t connect to the moment.

  23. Tess Shea says:

    I loved Michael Keaton as Batman and I think Ben will be just as solid. Way too many movies are made by committee and executives, hopefully this will be more realistic to the first few batmans.

  24. Dead In Hell says:

    The best part of this poll isn’t how overwhelmingly opposed the voters are to Affleck as Batman, it’s watching the writers on this site scramble to handwave the negative reaction as “a flood of nerds!!” and pretend that it somehow, as a result, is not viable. Majority opinions are only valid when they agree with you, huh?

    Truth is this was a poor choice. Shills in the entertainment media are paid to pretend that it wasn’t, but the potential audience is clearly not in agreement with the journalists tasked with putting a positive spin on the whole thing, or the handful of celebrity friends that have wished Affleck well on twitter (who are inexplicably getting articles dedicated to them). Who cares what Chris Rock or Damon Lindelof think? One hasn’t made a good film in decades, the other has only ever ruined previously good things. They’re irrelevant. It goes without saying that they would be all smiles about something like this. It wouldn’t garner much good will for them in Hollywood if they weren’t. No one “inside” the industry is going to come out and say “Yeah, this was a huge mistake”. Their platitudes are meaningless.

    What matters is what the people who they’re trying to sell this film to think. And those horrible nerds that you entertainment writers seem to loathe? That’s the audience.

  25. 1favored says:

    I think Jennifer Garner would make a better Batman than Ben Affleck. He is more of a “movie star” than a “hero”.

  26. Holy Batman ????? Why do they always try so hard to ruin a good thing ???? Affleck as batman are you kidding me !!!!!

  27. Arnie Tracey says:

    I like Ben, but he is too well known. He is what he is. And he isn’t what he isn’t. And that’s Batman. Just saw Keaton on HBO in “Clear History.” Still twitchy. Still Great ! Sign him up !!!

  28. Allan says:

    Bale, bale, bale!!!

  29. esias says:

    Ben is just not Batman material i also hate that after a great ending to the Dark knight series that they still wanna keep bringing batman out.. like let it go ..After the dark knight series why continue Batman.. it will not get no better.

  30. mosabbir says:

    Ben doesn’t have the capacity to be Batman like figure. You need to have a dark side to play that role. Sorry I’m not going to pay a dime to see the next batman if ben is batman. Too bad Universal studio….

  31. RUkidding says:

    Biggest mistake ever. Ben has proven to be a great director, but acting is just not his thing. The movie and Warner Bros will suffer from this enormously. Henry Cavill and the new superman just stepped up the whole game making an incredible reboot. Why would they ruin this with anyone other than Christian Bale. Regardless of all the meager attempts at handing the mask to other actors, and kudos goes out to Micheal Keaton and Tim Burton for the first attempt, There is simply only one batman, and it’s Bale all the way. All this hype for this new justice league movie and I am instantly deflated and lost interest to go see. It’s too bad as well, as I really like Cavill in the latest Man of Steel.

  32. O.D.Humanity says:

    Did Daredevil teach us NOTHING!? Will the new Batman be autistic, or just slow? I hope they make the Batmobile a tiny yellow bus.

  33. BytheBay says:

    IMO Michael Keaton was the best Batman by far. I’ve never seen Ben Affleck pull off any “edge” at all, so unless they’re going for a cheery boy-next-door super hero, that’s just not going to fly.

  34. El Chingon says:

    I think it’s obvious, none of us personally have anything against Ben, and that he is also an extremely poor choice for Batman. It’s too bad that Warner Bros. can’t see that and would rather play politics than give the audience what they want.

  35. Ayan says:

    *10 years ago my mistake

  36. Gary says:

    Great he killed one of Marvel super heros now he is getting the chance now to take out a comic icon…Warner Bros and DC comic hwat hell are you thinking??????????

  37. Ayan says:

    People are being ridiculous. Daredevil came out a year ago (and the problems in that movie were not entirely Ben Affleck’s fault) and for people complaining that he can’t play a dark character, have you not seen The Town?

  38. Linda Summers says:

    Ben Affleck IS a very good actor. Let’s get that established right away. He has suffered some silly casting that threw a huge cut in his career path. However, since then, he has appeared and/or directed numerous films that show his true talent. I personally think he can be the strong, dark, and a little bit uncharacteristic, Batman.

    This entire brouhaha looks like someone’s vendetta is showing. It’s so obvious that someone (and corporations are considered “people”, too) has put forward an unbridled effort that rivals political sparring. I hope Ben does the role and takes them all down!

  39. Tim Murphy says:

    Affleck is a good director, but a cardboard cut out of him could do a better acting job. Don’t ruin this movie, give it a chance with a better actor!

  40. tom says:

    boy that movie will flop if hes in it

  41. Dan says:

    NO WAY!!!! If he’s allowed to play BATMAN, He’ll ruin the film. Warner Brothers Please DON”T give him the role.

  42. Frankiebaby says:

    I think he’s to sweet of a guy to play batman, maybe egg head would be the better roll? Remember Vincent Price , awesome!

  43. kevin says:

    He will ruin the film. What are the guys at warner brothers smoking? Look at his last movie as a superhero-Daredevil (one of the worst superhero movies) dare I say. Gosh, almost anyone would be a better choice.

  44. Mitchell says:

    I dont dislike him per se. He does have some very good films. But…..Ive never seen Daredevil, and theres a REASON for that!!!!!! Because Ben is NOT superhero material…Period!!! Why is the role not being given to Joseph Gorden Levitt?? Either he becomes Batman, or he becomes Robin/Nightwing!!! Can Anyone REALLY picture Affleck fighting Bane, or being a butt kicker like Bale did?? If Affleck had to face Bane, he wouldnt fight him, he would just throw his oscar at him and then run!! Has Warner Bros really forgotten the Clooney disaster??

  45. John says:

    I grew up on DC Comics books as a kid only to see them butchered on the big screen (except for Superman I & II), I guess the executives at Warner bros. believe the comic book fans will automatically go out to see it out of nostalgia so let’s not worry about appealing to them and keeping it true to form. Let’s change it up some to attract a new audience to rake in more $$$. So, I’m not suprised they pick Ben Affleck.(Shame on you Warner Bros.) Anyone who truly is familiar with the Batman knows that Ben is even worthy of holding Robin’s cape let alone wearl the cowl of Batman.

  46. Hannah says:

    I will be content to just kill myself if this really happens…first of all, it’s not even time to start a new series yet and secondly, Ben Affleck is not capable of fulfilling this role in any way shape or form.

  47. Mike says:

    Don’t hate Ben Affleck but as batman I wouldn,t see it

  48. john says:

    Travesty!!!…. Anyone remember his role as daredevil?….. Absolute pants….no disrespect Ben…but your acting is not up to batman role
    Someone pls convince bale to carry on.

  49. Mark says:

    I guess that some directors/producers/etc have short memories, as it seems they disregarded George Clooney’s experience having donned the cowl. While I don’t have anything against Ben Affleck as an actor or director, he just seems a very odd choice for the Batman role. Perhaps the decision makers are going for the glitz and glam approach?

  50. Elaine says:

    Oh hell no, he sucks at acting. He’s going to ruin the Batman saga. They might as well put Daffy Duck in there.

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