Marvel Likes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Paul Rudd for ‘Ant-Man’ (EXCLUSIVE)

ant man Joseph Gordan Levitt Paul

Pic bows July 31, 2015

Sequels to “Thor” and “The Avengers” may be on the horizon at Marvel, but the company’s antennas are increasingly tuned in to Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man.”

Sources tell Variety the two actors who have emerged as front-runners to land the title role in the superhero feature are Joseph Gordon Levitt and Paul Rudd. Insiders warn there’s still a remote possibility another actor could emerge but as of now, Gordon-Levitt and Rudd are the main contenders for the film.

Marvel recently moved up the release date of the comic-book feature to July 31, 2015 and Wright, following his vacation, tweeted a pre-production photo of the Ant-Man character, which has since reignited the anticipation that an actor would be attached shortly.

The two choices are certainly interesting.

Wright, director of “Shaun of the Dead” and most recently “The World’s End,” appears to want more of an every man actor for the role with a wise-cracking personality rather than a beefed up action hero like Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans.

Sources indicate the two are expected to meet with Marvel execs and Wright one more time before a decision is made and that there’s also a possibility of another actor entering the mix.

In the comics, the character’s alter-ego was Henry Pym, a brilliant scientist who invented a substance that allowed him to change his size and communicate with insects. One scenario that was rumored early on when Wright first came on is that he would focus on the later years of Ant-Man and add Scott Lang, a crook who steal Pym’s technology and becomes the new Ant-man which may also hint at the idea that both actors could potentially become involved in the film though this idea as of right now seems unlikely.

Wright co-wrote the script with “Attack the Block” director Joe Cornish.

Kevin Feige will produce for Marvel.

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  1. Volvagia says:

    illyaD.: Yes, awesome casting choice. Here’s my perspective on a race changing ethnicity: If the character has nothing that specifically ties them to any one racial background, it’s fine. (See also: Fishburne as Perry White or Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury.) But when your superhero name is a pun on your racial background (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), you can’t really say casting Lucy Liu makes the character better.

  2. Gordon-Levitt is my choice. Also one question bothers me since the beginning of Ant-Man announcement. The Wasp. She will appear in the movie, no doubt, and the question is who will play her? Why nobody talks about The Wasp casting?
    Personally, i would love to see Anna Kendrick as The Wasp, because, come on, she is just awesome and fits perfectly for the role.

  3. The Kingslayer says:

    Paul Rudd would be a fantastic choice, he’d fit perfectly into Marvel’s universe.

  4. Volvagia says:

    Paul Miller: There’s someone with Paul in his name that I think could pull off a full, uncompromised take on Pym, but it’s not Paul Rudd. My choice would be Aaron “Jesse Pinkman” Paul. Nathan Fillion or either of these choices would be a good Scott Lang and I’d hope that, if they’re going for the hat trick, that Pegg or Rafe Spall is chosen for Eric O’Grady.

  5. Paul Miller says:

    Paul Rudd would be a brilliant choice. Even though he usually plays the kind of vapid, entitled, insecure… waitasec, that’s exactly right for Hank Pym, as long as you throw in the Reed Rechards-level IQ. Now, just make sure that he hints at the menace necessary to play a guy who regularly beats his super-hero wife before shrinking her down to the appropriate size to terrorize with his ant friends, and there’s a rather weighty addition to Marvel’s cinema pantheon.

  6. PS says:

    Geez. Why always the same fuckfaces?? First JGL in Batman, now in the competition’s comic book movie!? Why can’t there be more diversity with actors, (gasp) and maybe even unknowns, that fit the part? Just the fact that they consider a 32 and a 44 year old for the same role, shows how clueless these people are. It’s all about name, connections and politics. At least Rudd never appeared in a comic book movie before.

  7. ocatchavez says:

    Joseph Gordon Levitt – totally…. I like Paul Rudd, but not for Ant-Man

  8. Wingspan says:

    Could we please try to promote Nathan Fillion? It’s always nice to hear about the little group that could. Let’s be that group.

  9. Keith Coppage says:

    Two gifted actors set to play Marvek’s most neglected founding Avenger! Way cool.

  10. Curbcooler says:

    Let me get his strait, JGL turned down “Godzilla” but is willing to do the copy
    Ant-Man film?! Haaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

  11. Rudd plays the same character in every movie. He has zero range. I’d much rather see JGL get the part and give it some dimension.

  12. Umar says:

    Yusuf Gordon-Levitt is up to his old trycks again! He should has stuck to being Robin Hood in… Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin Hood. Paul Rudd is totally ’90’s he was Clueless! Yusuf need back to get for Spider Man villain…

  13. JK1193 says:

    Both terrific choices, but I gotta go with my boy Joe. I definately see him doing a lot of cool things with Ant-Man and pairing him with Edgar is basically asking for real life magic.

  14. Nanny Mo says:

    Antman! Marvel’s just about to jump the Shark!

  15. Wingspan says:

    I love these guys but this is THE role to allow Nathan Fillion to (finally!) break into the Marvel Universe. Let’s make it happen, fans! Browncoats unite!

  16. jtpercell says:

    In the comics, Henry Pym (a/k/a Ant-Man) invented Ultron, who will be the villain in Avengers 2.

    • Wingspan says:

      Joss Whedon’s already confirmed that Pym will play no part in the invention of Ultron in the next movie, sadly.

      • Jede says:

        Janet van Dyne-Pym/The Wasp was a part the first draft for ‘THE AVENGERS’. It would be best if this OTHER original Avengers/Ultimates comic books member gets (Or got) and STAYS in the finished drafts for ‘THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON’.

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