‘Pacific Rim’ Better-Than-Expected Thursday Night With $3.6 Mil

“Pacific Rim” (WB)

'Grown Ups 2' nabs $2.3 mil

Fanboys showed up in large numbers Thursday night to see Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim,” which opened to $3.6 million in late screenings, matching the performance of recent box office surprise “World War Z.”

The numbers are better-than-expected for Warner Bros. and Legendary’s expensive sci-fi tentpole with the real test being Friday and Saturday. Decent midnight grosses, since they’re often so heavily fanboy driven, rarely paint an accurate picture as to just how big an upside the film will earn. But if a film craters with late-nights, it’s doomed to underperform. That won’t be the case with “Pacific Rim.”

Heading into the weekend, “Pacific Rim” was tracking under $35 million.

Overseas, the “Pacific Rim” numbers were mixed. Despite a No. 1 start in Korea, the $200 million-plus film came in fourth place in Australia with a less-than-monstrous $604k.

Sony and Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups 2,” this weekend’s other wide release, earned a solid $2.3 million Thursday night and is still expected to beat, if not match, “Pacific Rim’s” debut in the U.S.

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  1. Jimmy Russle says:

    I really don’t understand the hate-boner Variety has for this movie. Did Guillermo Del Toro not pick you for his dodgeball team as kids or something?

  2. Ana Diaz says:

    Of course it outperformed. It is geared to Hollywood’s favorite audience: male teenagers and young men. It’s a version of Transformers underwater. It is actually long, overblown and boring.

    • BMN says:

      Have you seen it, Ana? If you have you would realize that it’s actually a decent length (in fact, I wanted to see more. Unlike many films, I didn’t feel as if it should have ended much earlier than it actually did), very engaging, surprisingly funny, though it wasn’t overblown. though I am not quite sure what you mean by that.

  3. Just saw Pacific Rim this afternoon…..what a ride!!! Kept me on the edge of my seat throughout…..sad that the “powers that be” have already sent it to it’s grave…..Don’t believe the critics…go enjoy the fun!!!!

  4. harry georgatos says:

    I’ve seen PACIFIC RIM and what I can say is visually it is one of the most original films I’ve seen with it’s digital lightshow that overwhelms the senses. The real problem once again is the script with flimsy characters and woeful dialogue. Nevertheless I feel Variety is wrong with the potential of this film at the box-office and will be number one. GROWN UPS 2 is basically for people who want to feel like morons for a couple of hours. The level of technical artistry in PACIFIC RIM is that of proven filmmakers where GROWN UPS 2 could have been directed by a hack sitcom director!

  5. Caine says:

    Not another negative spin on Pacific Rim Variety magazine??? Predictable. If it smashes the weekend box office out of the park, I wonder how you will write a negative article then? Here’s Monday’s report’s headline: “Pacific Rim surprises all but won’t have the legs to be a hit”. It must be terrifying to get behind a new intellectual property. I reckon Variety works for a rival studio. And no, I haven’t seen the movie. I’m just sick of the daily attack from Variety.

  6. pacRimWasAwesome says:

    Variety likes to do that. …

  7. M.E says:

    Isn’t grown ups PG 13 the same as Pacific Rim? I would much rather have my family watch Pacific Rim than Grown ups. Stop calling it a “fanboy” and you always make sure the word “Fanboy” is the first line in your articles. Are you trying to alienate women from watching this?
    Women my age who were in awe when they saw Jurassic Park for the first time and then Godzilla might enjoy this too. In fact some reviews I’ve seen on Youtube are from women and they have enjoyed the movie.

    You seem to have a bias against the movie variety since you have ruthless reviewd it and made sure to call it a flop even before the opening night and call it an exclusively “fanboy” stuff. When I’ve notice a lot of the reviews I’ve read are from …well everybody!! and very positive reviews they are.

  8. Joe Key says:

    How does a brand new IP have fanboys? You make it sound so negative that the movie is doing well. And furthermore, how was World War Z a surprise hit? It was based on a best selling book, with Brad Pitt in the lead role. It had an established fan base of the book and the actor both. This makes it even more puzzling at your use of fanboy in regards to Pacific Rim. Brand new IP, no fan base, no huge lead actor to create buzz. This is a REAL surprise hit if it does well this weekend.

  9. The Kingslayer says:

    I hope Pacific Rim obliterates Grown Ups 2.

  10. Fernando says:

    Its sad how recently its been nothing about negativity with these people. Bomb this, mega flop that– its like industry insiders or whatever they call themselves want everything to be a disaster. Let the films demonstrate their performance and then comment on it– not the oppossite, months leading into a film’s actual release!

  11. stopthebleeding says:

    It’s a SAD SAD country we live in where a 0% rated dumb comedy film full of washed up TV stars is ‘poised’ to make more money (according to the people at Variety who for some reason want it to fail) than a overwhelmingly awesome (by fans, non-fans and critics) epic adventure film that has more artistry and talent behind it than all the blockbusters of the past decade.
    PACIFC RIM will surprise you Variety, everybody… just go see it… again

  12. JAKE J says:

    The word is “they’re” not since “their”. Sixth-grade English class. Saw PR last night amongst non-fanboys and the experience was terrific. The prognosticating experts are DEAD wrong on this and we are looking at Starship Troopers surprise numbers. Apparently, many are rooting against the film. They are about to be disappointed.

    • Investor says:

      Starship Troopers bombed. It opened at $22M and made $54M total domestic. Cost more than twice as much. If Pacific Rim does numbers like that it will be a mega flop.

      • JAKE J says:

        And pulled in $66,000,000 overseas for a $121,000,000 take . It was also a HUGE hit on VHS/DVD and spawned two sequels. Hardly a mega-flop.

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