New York Theater Will Admit Teens to NC-17 ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’

Blue Is The Warmest Color Cannes

IFC Center will ignore MPAA's 'voluntary' rating

Those sex scenes in Abdellatif Kechiche’s three-hour long NC-17 lesbian drama “Blue Is the Warmest Color” have been polarizing the talent, and now exhibitors are taking a stance, too. In New York, high schoolers under 17 will be admitted to see the film.

The IFC Center in Greenwich Village — which falls under the same IFC ownership as distributor Sundance Selects — has said it will not turn away teen-aged viewers, the New York Times A.O. Scott reported. Scott also said that his own 14-year old daughter has seen the film twice.

In a statement, John Vanco, senior veep and general manager of the IFC Center, said that “high school age patrons” would be admitted.”

“This is not a movie for young children, but it is our judgment that it is not inappropriate for mature, inquiring teenagers who are looking ahead to the emotional challenges and opportunities that adulthood holds,” Vanco said.

The theater added on Thursday: “The MPAA rating is a voluntary guideline that we as a theater are not obligated to enforce. In this case we feel it is unnecessarily restrictive and we will indeed admit high school age patrons to screenings of this perceptive and moving film at the IFC Center.”

With roughly 15 minutes devoted to simulated sex between Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux, no one has questioned whether the rating was deserved.

The MPAA reserves an NC-17 rating for any film that “most parents would consider patently too adult for their children 17 and under.” Their recommendation to exhibitors is clear: “No children will be admitted.” But the MPAA rating is just a recommendation that doesn’t carry legal or contractual force.

In France, “Blue” has a “12” rating, meaning anyone over that age is permitted to attend. It is the second-least restrictive classification, equivalent to the U.S.’s PG-13. Earlier this month, an arthouse in Idaho garnered attention for vowing not to screen the film due to obscenity laws that affect venues that sell alcohol.

“Blue” has opened well in its first week of release in Gaul; Stateside, IFC is starting out with four screens on Friday.

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  1. Path jinn says:

    Our farts smell sooooo goooood! Ahhhhh.

  2. jondos says:

    And then people wonder why some folks are not gay friendly? THIS is why these is more intolerance than there should be, because the gay community does not have the same concerns as the straight community. Just ignore the rating system, because OUR CAUSE is much more important than the rating system. OUR GAY MOVIE is so special that it cannot live within the bounds of a rating system! Self importance everywhere you look, up, down, left, right, everybody thinks they have all the answers for everyone else, and nobody really gives a crap about anyone else’s opinion!

  3. Alex says:

    This flick should be called, “Blue is another word for Lesbian Porn”.

  4. rhineheart says:

    The Babylon woman riding the world power is full of abominations

  5. Father of 4 says:

    It is this type of behavior (allowing underage kids into an explicit movie) that promotes bigotry rather than alleviating it.

    • Detex says:

      citation needed.

      • verheek says:

        Because they see the aberration and it disgusts them. But rather than differentiating between the movie and real life people, they bully LGBT kids that they associate with the same lifestyle. Not hard to figure out really. Same with the gay day parades. It’s the worst of sexuality being paraded as healthy freedom and then someone identifies as LGBT and that’s all you know. This crap will backfire on innocent people and this movie is only one part of that picture.

  6. A. Levy says:

    Well, this is in Greenwich Village, ground-zero for gays and lesbians, and the children they’ve managed to buy/adopt. Those poor kids won’t have a chance at a normal life, so what does it matter.

  7. nunyzbiz says:

    Easy, A parent can sue the theater for letting an under-aged person in without the parents consent.
    The rating is just something extra to back it up.

  8. Dave Edmonds says:

    So then another film but with a straight couple and the same level of content would have the restriction upheld I’m guessing. I would like to see the theatre’s response on that.

  9. jdub says:

    No problem….when my underage child sees this, I will sue the Theatre. How dare they decide they are above the law, when they are not.

    • What law? MPAA ratings are SUGGESTIONS to theaters.

      And you’re not going to sue anybody, and you know it.

      • BigDino says:

        Grandpa Keller, no one made the argument that anyone should or be forced to watch anything. This theater has the legal right to not adhere by the rating system. It is a private business. If parents do not want their children to watch this, then it is their responsibility to make sure that it does not happen, not the theaters. And keep your morals, you have the freedom to practice whatever you want but you don’t have the freedom to block content at a private business because you don’t like it. Manage your own family, that is your job- everyone else has their own choices to make.

      • David Keller says:

        So you approve of young boys and girls watching homosexual sex? What is your intention here, to undermine morals or the parents responsibilities? Speak up!

  10. danny rose says:

    Why would public schools advocate homosexuality? (isn’t sexuality private?)
    Why would public schools advocate birth control without parental consent?
    Why would public schools advocate for child molesters to remain in the classroom?
    UNIONS & the DEMOCRATIC political system have turned our schools into indoctrination facilities.
    Strongly suggest that all people take their kids out of school and either go private, or home school,
    which is now free in many states.

    • verheek says:

      Many have home schooled. But not sure it’s the schools so much as it is weak administrators pushed by strong activists. You have to know the facts about what really works in relationships and life and be a strong advocate against people who are pushing immorality on the wings of freedom and tolerance.

  11. AK says:

    The young women who made this film said the director was abusive and the scene, demeaning. And they both regretted it.

    But by all means, New York, please proceed. The destruction of the culture that made possible America-that-was cannot proceed without the full cooperation of the great national urban cesspit.

  12. pauljack34 says:

    With porn so readily accessible these days, I bet the only teens seeing this are the weird EMO kids. Have at it.

  13. SarahT says:

    And off we go. They don’t want prayer or the pledge of allegiance in school, but go see two women going at it. That’s okay. This is where our country is headed. Absolutely pathetic. And by the way, nobody loves a girl on girl film more than me.

  14. Bob Dee says:

    Wow! The smell of New York City. The “agenda” rolls onward.

  15. John Dillon says:

    Wait wait wait. How is this any different than a porno? We say porn is wrong but since these are lesbians it’s not? Are you kidding me? Let me off this planet.

  16. josetoyou says:

    Who in their right mind would choose to live in this cesspool of “humanity”???

  17. pauljack34 says:

    Big freakin’ deal. In this day and age where after a couple clicks of a mouse a kid can find porn what does it matter. I bet most teenage boys don’t want to sit through 3 hours of an art film to get to a lesbo love scene.

    The girls may appreciate the “art” of it. I hear it’s a film that beautifully presents the feeling of alienation and love and heartbreak. I bet as an adult I’d appreciate it, but only because I’ve lived a little life and understand it. I bet a teenager, boy or girl, would be bored silly.
    If teen boys want to see lesbian sex they can just google it. If teen girls want to see romance they’ll watch “Titanic”.

    We’re in a new age with entirely different problems. This seriously means nothing. Liberals are destroying the world with unsustainable economic and political ideas that are bound to collapse. Be libertarian and accept the cultural ideas, they’re not going away.

  18. jody says:

    As adults, it is our duty, even responsibility to protect the young….. we are woefully underachieving in this regard. It does not take a genius to surmise we shall be seeing further moral decline in the next generation. God must not be pleased, just like when Moses’ people were dancing around the golden calf naked.

    • pauljack34 says:

      The culture will change when people want it to change. I think it’s already starting. I see a lot of themes in movies and TV that explore the emptiness of sex without love. Excessive debauchary usually leads to unhappiness. People will “get it” and try to seek more purpose in their life. You just can’t force it on them, they have to figure if out themselves.

      • verheek says:

        Yep well said. I think God also knows that. It’s the pendulum swinging one way and then the other. Too bad it can’t find a shorter period so that it doesn’t end up at the extremes of the scale.

        I also think of the number of movies coming out on Biblical themes. Also, business is a big driver so if the market isn’t there and/or people complain, it will keep the boundaries from moving out and out and out to extremes.

        If some people leave their apathy and stand for what is right, we’ll get back on track before the nation collapses into total selfishness. There are lots of good people out there and sometimes turning off the tv, computer, mobile device and spending time like the old days can make a big difference in one’s perspective on life.

  19. olentangy74 says:

    Just more ammo for the argument for what a sewer New York is. It seems fitting that Anthony Wiener is from there too. New York and Hollywood, stinking cesspools both.

  20. DJH says:

    Funny how much time and effort the unethical, cowardly, unAmerican, deceitful, treasonous filth calling themselves journalists spend forcing glbt issues on the 95% of Americans who AREN’T!
    Just imagine what our jobs and economic outlook could have looked like if – one after another, dems hadn’t focused solely on the needs of special interest to the detriment of the rest of us!

  21. Carl Weathers says:

    Hollywood and its related culture(media) long ago lost all contact with reality when it comes to what is “appropriate”. And thanks for continuing to have NO grasp of “age appropriate”. Absolutely no clue and whats worse its determined by people with agendas, mental illness, narcissism or all the above. Which is why you see the above or things like “Rhianna” being on a Nickolodeon award show. Problem is you want to CONTINUALLY undermine parents decisions at every turn, which frankly you have no right to do. Problem is you can’t simply “turn the channel” with media everywhere, and no one wants to turn Amish. Thanks a-holes.

    • verheek says:

      Well we don’t have cable for those reasons. The kids don’t need the crap and neither do we. But we do have lots of movies and a netflix subscription so we can control thing somewhat. This isn’t Amish but it’s more centrist on the content scale. It would be nice if there was a feature on DVDs to dial back the rating and it would show the movie accordingly. Movies on airplanes are edited but not TV? You wonder sometimes.

  22. DEREK W. NEWELL says:

    Hi, please view my relationship poem, go to Google, type in my name, Derek Newell Poet, then view my poem, ”EXPRESS IT”. Thank You.

  23. dan says:

    I wish americans would get a life, like you don’t have nothing better to do

  24. ernaldo says:

    ….”So important”….(Nero, circa 68 AD)

  25. Karla Homolka says:

    Make sure the Wiener gets in to see it …..
    Always good to have a wiener in the lesbo special :)

  26. Htos1 says:

    Divorce sux, but there’s always a family who gives you no choice.(blue states)

  27. Gary Smith says:

    Um…we seriously need to just cut this nation in half. Red and Blue.

    Blue states. You pay crazy taxes, take all the mexicans, muslims, give the government your guns, take their “free” healthcare, get ebt cards, SNAP, all the welfare in your welfare states of America you can enjoy. Have women marrying women and raising kids for 3 months until they get tired of eachother and want to adopt more with other women, enjoy men having babies with 8 different women, then paying the women with your taxes because they cant work and raise these idiot’s kids, send your 14yr old girls to lesbian sympathetic movies, drink only small cokes, have less people working, everyone make the same wage, ride around in only small cars, carry all your trash around in a cloth bag as well as your groceries, don’t buy anything or sell anything because thats what capitalist pigs do.

    Red states will keep their guns and religion and everything else that built the country before someone decided it was ok to start letting you make decisions about how we’ll live our lives.

  28. George C. Scott says:

    Is this lifestyle recruiting? Wonder if they’d feel the same if it was a movie slamming Matthew Sheppard or LGBT lifestyles?…bet they’d want it classified “Over 30 Only!”

  29. Lou says:

    This is unfortunate our young grow up way to fast. Voluntary or not rating are there for a reason. Be a parent and allow your child to be a child.

  30. Rick says:

    Would like to open a show across the street playing, “Do Your Part, Kill a Q****!

    • BigDino says:

      As long as you didn’t incite violence, it would be perfectly legal for you to do so. Just as it is this theater’s right to show content that you don’t happen to agree with. You either support the first amendment or you don’t (not physically harming someone is an inherent part of that support btw).

      • BigDino says:

        No Stephen Michael, I support the right for anyone to make movies with whatever political content they want. I also support people’s rights to choose to see or not see a movie- and I support the parental decision to either allow or not allow their child to see whatever movie. It’s not being forced on anyone. Also the ratings system is not a legal obligation that theaters must carry out, despite the fact that most of them do.

      • I guess the rating system only applies to movies that have a political message that you support . Being a parent I would not let my son go to this movie, The reason I do not believe that a child under 18 should go . Being gay is a life style and should not be viewed by children. They have many years to learn about the gay lifestyle.

  31. brucethehoon says:

    I simply must ask… Have you seen the film? It’s just interesting that if you haven’t, you’re able to determine that there could be no merit in it other than homosexual indoctrination for children. By your logic, I suppose we should think of The Passion of the Christ as indoctrinating torture and crucifixion? I seem to recall that bit did go on for a while. See, I KNOW passion was telling a story and that the horribly graphic, disturbing torture was there to support the story. The thing is that I SAW it. I didn’t just assume the worst. How about you?

    • Mary says:

      3 words for your example: apples to oranges

      • Vasco DeGama says:

        Bruce: two things – 1. the article ONLY talks about the homosexual aspect of the move and 2. the ONLY image I have seen covering the numerous articles about this movie is the one above of the 2 “stars” just about to kiss so YEAH, I’d say that whatever the content of the movie, the collusive media is ONLY pushing that aspect of the movie. if the movie’s plot involved a straight up heterosexual couple’s story and the attendant explicit sex scenes would the theater give it the same ratings pass. I’m guessing no.

  32. BigDino says:

    “Teen girl porn”? First of all, the legal age for consent in France where this movie was made is 15. Both characters are above that age while both actresses were above the American age of consent (mostly 18) when this was filmed. Second, there is a 6 minute sex scene…this movie is 180 minutes. I don’t think that qualifies as pornography, but this is America and you’re welcomed to be ignorant if you want. I think the fact that you’re fixated on “teen girl porn” says a lot about you though.

  33. mike says:

    This is nuts! Wtf is wrong with people? Propaganda pure and simple! I have a 14yr old daughter and if she was admitted without my permission I’d sue the rats! Where do they get the right to do this?

    • BigDino says:

      Why don’t you do your job as a parent then and make sure she doesn’t go see it? Quit making it the responsibility of everyone else. They are a private business and have the right to show content that you don’t happen to agree with.

  34. BigDino says:

    “Don’t worry so much about the rogues and rakes, you high- minded puritans. You know the sins of others will not appear written on your foreheads anyway.” How about you all just do your job and watch your kids. Don’t let them see it if you have a problem with it. Don’t go see it if you have a problem with it. Then you won’t have to worry about regulation on a private business or censoring content that you don’t agree with.

  35. Don says:

    Any bets it will be on television within a year?

  36. BigDino says:

    I’m curious to know how you’re trying to establish a correlative relationship between buying soda (Bloomberg is a Republican by the way, he passed that law) and a theater’s responsibility to monitor other peoples children. If parents don’t want their children seeing this, then they shouldn’t let them see it; it’s not the theaters job to keep track of that. It’s not like the theater is forcing children to watch this. I’m amazed that conservatives are trying to make this an issue of regulation (who is the leftist now?)

  37. BigDino says:

    Why do you assume it is the theater’s responsibility to monitor others’ children? If parents do not want there kids to see this, then it is still their responsibility to make sure it does not happen.

  38. BigDino says:

    No, those concepts are actually not in any liberal literature or philosophy. That’s a very interesting and unfounded theory though.

  39. Mark Tippets says:

    Actually its greed to them green is the warmest color

  40. BigDino says:

    This is very interesting, your logic that is. The ignoring of the ratings system that IFC is doing is being done entirely to brainwash our generation (in my 20’s too) into becoming Democrats (therefore supporting the democratic party)? Allowing people under 20 to see this movie is specifically a Marxist tactic (are you aware of what a Marxist is out of curiosity?) to secure the leadership of the democratic party? Our generation has “nearly unanimously been brainwashed.” I see that you are fluent in the language of hyperbole and bumpersticker. Hmm, I figure in criticizing democrats (really, both parties do suck) you would be one of the laissez- faire type who would support the theater in deciding not to carry a rating (when legally, it does not have to) because it is a private business. I also figure that you would support a private business being able to show content even if you do not agree with it, because you support the bill of rights. I would also figure that you think it would be the parents responsibility to manage what their kids watch and not the theaters.

  41. BigDino says:

    Here’s a solution for you paranoid puritans, why don’t you just keep track of your kids?? Problem solved. Don’t expect a theater (or whoever else for that matter) to keep track of your children. Then you don’t have to raise your blood pressure by blaming all of the liberals, libertarians, vegetarians, librarians, and whoever else you blame for your problems. While your at it, quit trying to censor content that you don’t like. It’s not very first amendment-y and small government of you all. If a private business wants to show this movie, it’s their right to. And finally, how is a 3 hour movie with a 6 minute love scene (less than 5 percent of a movie) porn, especially being that it’s simulated? Are you all really that dense?

    • drdarby says:

      You do sound like a tard Dino. Funny though only on this issue do you want to allow parents to parent but I am sure you agree with the indoctrination on the public schools.
      As a private business I agree with you but schools being a public business are you ready to use the same argument.
      For libs, you Usually only agree with freedom of speech as long as you agree with it, much like you only apply freedom of choice toward abortions.

      • BigDino says:

        What argument are you trying to make in your assumption of my opinions? I am a social libertarian. I didn’t say anything about abortion or public schools, and logically they have nothing to do with my opinion about a private business being allowed to operate as it sees fit. Please though, do respond so I can laugh some more at your ridiculous grammar.

      • Mary says:

        Well said drdarby…..

  42. David McKaig says:

    An independent business decides to flaunt the determination of the MPAA and do it’s own thing and you would prefer they toe the line and let the ratings agency decide what’s good and what’s bad. Who is the conservative in this situation?

  43. nofb says:

    Just another reason to hate New York..

    • Chris Lee says:

      Ah, BigDino comes across as such a true-blue, all-American, 1st Amendment-loving patriot … Until, of course, a “private business” doesn’t want to cater to homosexual marriages because of their 1st Amendment (the religious part) rights. Then it’s “Bring the full force and hammer of the law down on their heads! Put them out of business! They have NO right … blah, blah, blah.”

      • BigDino says:

        Actually as douchey as it is to deny people services, I would say that it is a businesses right to use their own discretion in who they do or do not serve. Any other obsolete points you want to bring up? What argument are you trying to make?

  44. Mike says:

    No worries…hacking someone up with a box cutter is not a prerequisite to watching this movie.

  45. John O'Neill says:

    So a film with sex scenes gets an NC-17 yet evening television and R rated movies and video games show brutal and horrific gore and violence. Seems to me that this theater gets it and those who have a problem with them don’t get it.

  46. False Hope! says:

    Ahhh!!! the Left continues with the moral disintegration of our society!!!!

  47. Bob White says:

    Game wardens should raid the place for fishing below the legal limit.

  48. Mike Dee says:

    Bryan – Wow! How “tolerant” of you.

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