New York Theater Will Admit Teens to NC-17 ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’

Blue Is The Warmest Color Cannes

IFC Center will ignore MPAA's 'voluntary' rating

Those sex scenes in Abdellatif Kechiche’s three-hour long NC-17 lesbian drama “Blue Is the Warmest Color” have been polarizing the talent, and now exhibitors are taking a stance, too. In New York, high schoolers under 17 will be admitted to see the film.

The IFC Center in Greenwich Village — which falls under the same IFC ownership as distributor Sundance Selects — has said it will not turn away teen-aged viewers, the New York Times A.O. Scott reported. Scott also said that his own 14-year old daughter has seen the film twice.

In a statement, John Vanco, senior veep and general manager of the IFC Center, said that “high school age patrons” would be admitted.”

“This is not a movie for young children, but it is our judgment that it is not inappropriate for mature, inquiring teenagers who are looking ahead to the emotional challenges and opportunities that adulthood holds,” Vanco said.

The theater added on Thursday: “The MPAA rating is a voluntary guideline that we as a theater are not obligated to enforce. In this case we feel it is unnecessarily restrictive and we will indeed admit high school age patrons to screenings of this perceptive and moving film at the IFC Center.”

With roughly 15 minutes devoted to simulated sex between Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux, no one has questioned whether the rating was deserved.

The MPAA reserves an NC-17 rating for any film that “most parents would consider patently too adult for their children 17 and under.” Their recommendation to exhibitors is clear: “No children will be admitted.” But the MPAA rating is just a recommendation that doesn’t carry legal or contractual force.

In France, “Blue” has a “12” rating, meaning anyone over that age is permitted to attend. It is the second-least restrictive classification, equivalent to the U.S.’s PG-13. Earlier this month, an arthouse in Idaho garnered attention for vowing not to screen the film due to obscenity laws that affect venues that sell alcohol.

“Blue” has opened well in its first week of release in Gaul; Stateside, IFC is starting out with four screens on Friday.

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  1. close says:

    You see how the homosexual community is trying to influence the future youth, to see nothing wrong with their deviant lifestyle choice.

    If this had been heterosexual sex or pedophilia sex scenes, the NC-17 would be enforced by the theater.

  2. Ron Burgandy says:

    Where is Bloomberg is all of this? The man wants a Legalist culture that the Qin emperors would applaud and refuses to allow anyone to buy a soda without government approval yet he will allow a theater to violate the MPAA guidelines to show such a film to kids? Sure they are guidelines, not rules, you say. Then why do local theaters turn down tons of cash by carding and tossing out 16 year olds who want to see an R rated movie?
    By the way it’s ok to let two kids endure a lengthy scene of lesbian sex but not play a violent video game because they are too impressionable. So in the culture wars, guns and soda = so bad kids shouldn’t be even allowed near them but scissoring = a public service

  3. MrsFudd says:

    This movie is pornography – nothing less. To blatantly ignore the NC-17 is disgusting. No one with any kind of moral compass should see this trash. To allow high schoolers in is just indoctrinating them with the LGBT agenda. I bet they are jumping up and down with joy, hoping to get some more young recruits. God help this country – we are going to hell in a handbasket,and Hollywood is a huge part of the problem.

    • BigDino says:

      Dear ignorant person who obviously knows nothing about the film, the movie is 180 minutes long and the scene you’re referring to is about 6 minutes. That’s about 5% of the movie, making it something other than a porno. But please, feel free to keep up with the bumper sticker hyperbole speak and nonsensical ramblings, it makes for an interesting read. I am curious to know though, who is this “they” you speak of?

    • brenna b says:

      How do you make someone attracted to something they aren’t? That’s like saying all the movies showing straight sex is indoctrinating people to be straight. If your’r gay your gay, and a movie isn’t going to make you that way, or change you.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not an R-rated film, BigDino. It’s a NC-17-rated film!

        Big difference!

      • Anonymous says:

        Damn straight it makes you an attention whore…gay this, gay that…having “gay pride” parades, teaching 5 yrs old about how 2 men/women have sex, forcing kindergartners girls to kiss each other in the guise of “fight against bigotry”. It doesn’t surprise me why the pervs (aka GLBTs) get so much “hate.” They pretty much deserved it! You homos constantly blame heteros for being “obsessed” when really it is you queers who doing all the oppression. We’re just sick of this crap being shoved in our faces. But don’t worry, I’m sure NAMBLA will help you freaks in your War against Biology.


      • Anonymous says:

        LOL “indocrine to be straight”

        Get real you moron. Nature practically wants us to be straight, otherwise we wouldn’t need the opposite sex to reproduce. Hell, even the animals know that!

        BTW There are people who quit the homosexual lifestyle, they’re called EX-HOMOSEXUALS. The only person a person can change is themselves, & yes, sexual orientation IS a choice.

        The fact this theater is allowing MINORS to view this is beyond degrading & disgraceful, but I guess pornography is ok in NY as long as faggots are doing it.


      • BigDino says:

        Verheek, the point being made is that this film isn’t a conversion tool for anybody, which is a point being made. Second, this is not pornography. You clearly do not know anything about this movie other than there is a sex scene in it. It has a 180 minutes runtime with about 6 minutes consisting of “the scene.” Third, children are not being forced to watch it, at all, in any capacity. If parents do not want their children to see this, then it is their responsibility to make sure it doesn’t happen. Anything else?! Any other ridiculous accusations that need to be addressed??

      • verheek says:

        What does this have to do with shielding kids from porn? Adults make their own choices but to say this entitles the theatre to ignore the rating – there is a big disconnect. Because someone wants heterosexual porn restricted doesn’t threaten one’s hetetosexual identity.

      • BigDino says:

        It’s funny how illiterate and ill- informed people’s comments are on this thread. It’s like they’re not sure what they’re outraged about but feel the need to angrily comment anyways. I doubt most of them have even read the article.

      • brenna b says:

        Anonymous, you are just proving my point. Both you and I are commenting here, but I’m the attention whore? And it sounds like you are the one whining, not me. Read all the books you want, attraction isn’t defined by ones parts. It’s my life, and I life it as I choose, as long as it’s not harming anyone. Isn’t that what we all want, what America is all about?
        Your distaste doesn’t make two women together a perversion. Base your statements on facts and logic, not on your hate. There have always been gays, and always will be. And a whole sliding scale of human sexuality in between.
        As long as there are people who hate me simply for who I am, I will not STFU. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem, not mine.
        With your hate and vulgarity, you have no right to pretend to take some kind of moral high ground.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh shut the hell up, you whinny bitch! If it ain’t between a MAN & a WOMAN, it’s perverted! It makes you a fucking PERVERT! Wanna know why? The parts don’t fit. Wanna know why the parts don’t fit? Read a biology book on reproduction & see for yourself (if I must explain that, then you’re a retard)

        I’m sick of your sex cult (it’s not worthy of the term “community”) shoving this crap down peoples’ throats! You’re a homosexual. ok we get it. STFU about it already, you pretensious attention whore. Are you clowns so twisted that you think it’s appropriate to post this stuff where MINORS might get a hold on this crap. If you’re gonna make a porno about 2 carpet munchers, at least put in a porno maganize that way the kiddies don’t get a hold of it.

        God! The stupidity of you people! It’s truly infinite

  4. Anonymous says:

    OMG it’s a f*****g porno film!!!

    LOL Now I see why the GLBT “community” gets the reputation it does. Everything is all SEX, SEX, SEX with them. If it’s not lesbians, it’s fags. And if it’s not fags, it’s pedophiles. No wonder why they’re called PERVERTS, it’s because its what they are!!! Yeah like making a NC-17 porno film is gonna help their “cause”. What’s the “cause”? Showing this movie to 5 yrs olds in Elementary School? What a bunch of FREAKS!

    Hey morons, R rated movies don’t have sex. They may have nudity, but not showing them having sex. That would make it a porno. And that makes it PERVERTED! And that is the reason why I tell you, if New York City or San FranSICKO ever got hit by another earthquake or hurricane, i swear, I will NOT pity for them. Stuff like this is exactly what angers the gods!

    BTW The dykes are butt-ugly

    • brenna b says:

      Us lesbians are everywhere, not just in NY and SF. There are plenty of NC-17 films out there, so what makes this one any different? A lot of movies out there now have sex scenes. If you don’t want to see the film don’t go.

      • BigDino says:

        Anonymous, I wonder how high the pile of underwear is that you crawled out of to comment on this thread. haha. This particular theater does not legally have to give this movie a NC-17 rating, did you not read the article? Being the free society that we are, you don’t have to watch this movie. Your children (poor them, having a dad with such a foul mouth, illiterate grammar, and the IQ of my toilet paper) do not have to watch it. Nobodies children have to watch it if the parents do not want them to. Is it not the parents job to be responsible for their kids? Don’t put it on the theater’s shoulders. The movie is NC-17 because the ratings system is geared to punish sexual content and reward violence- and being a 6 minute love scene in a 180 minute movie, I would hardly say that this qualifies as porno. These scenes also consist of SIMULATED sex, which means it’s not real, however explicit they may be. It sounds to me like you’re not entirely aware of what this movie is about and yet feel the need to regurgitate whatever impulsive, ignorant comment your brain manages to fart out. It’s kind of hilarious.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dumbass. Do you even know what NC-17 stands for? It stands for NO CHILDREN UNDER 17. In other words—NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. PERIOD! Kids can watch R (Restricted) -rated as long there’s an adult. But this isn’t a R-rated film, it’s a NC-17 film!

        Correction: You make up 2% of population (CDC Statistics). So NO, you are NOT everywhere.

        “There are plenty of NC-17 films out there, so what makes this one any different?”
        -LOL Sounds like someone doesn’t know how movie rankings works. Allow me answer your question: Because THOSE industries ( such as the adult industry) keeps that stuff DISCRETE like they’re suppose to. They don’t freaking FLAUNT their adult to companies whose demography is 16 yrs & up, such as Cosmopolitican. For god’s sake, there are TEENS who read that stuff! Fucking perverts!!!

        “A lot of movies out there now have sex scenes.”
        -Yeah but alot of R-rated movies don’t actually SHOW them having sex. Most R-rated films might show some nudity here & there but that’s as far as they go. If it becomes more explicit, it gets the NC-17 rating. Clearly you haven’t watched enough films to know how it works

        “If you don’t want to see the film don’t go.”
        -Don’t worry. They’re too ugly for me to masturbate to, so that won’t be problem.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha says:

    Actually Lesbianism is part of the straight porn. Guys like seeing girls do it and girls really do not give a hoot. What is really prohibitive is to see guys do it. That is more controversial than Lesbian acts. Even in playboy magazine soft Lesbianism is shown.

  6. tlsnyder42 says:

    This is a disgusting pornographic movie! It’s also boring!!! Only leftist loons like Scott and atheist/pagan fundamentalists would find it appealing.

  7. Bay Area Bill1 says:

    “Cosmopolitan” New York??? How about the most sexually perverted city in the USA other than San Francisco? NYC and SF are melting pots of the worst perverse elements of US society — except for black and Hispanic gangs in places like LA.

  8. says:

    Grateful I’m a Southerner and live in the South. God’s country. Long ago decided I would never visit NYC again—or anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line.

    • Joe says:

      You can watch REAL rug munchers any day of the week on the internet, and its free and not ‘simulated’. Not sure why anyone gives a rats-crack about this nonsense movie.

  9. Ralph5226 says:

    hey… I don’t know the lesbians. They like the same things I do!

  10. Ralph5226 says:

    There may not be such a law in New York, but in the rest of the free states in our country we have corruption of minors laws.

  11. This nation is finished, it is done for. The Obamanites, the Homosexual lobby, the Marxists, the welfare class, and Hollywood have successfully destroyed this country. Anarchy and chaos are coming and soon. And to you leftists, here is one question for you. Who in the name of God is going to pay all the bills soon?

    • Habibati says:

      Cool story grandpa.

      • Habibati says:

        Bay Area Bill!!! The funny thing about the Arabic language is that anybody can speak it- even people who aren’t Arab (imagine that, and it basically makes me a genius because it’s a level 4 language)! I am a citizen dun dun dun, and I vote (3rd party all the way). I’m also not from nor do I live in New York. Nor am I gay. But for you B.A.Bill I can be ;)

      • Bay Area Bill1 says:

        Another MooseSlime invader are we, Habibati? Stay in NYC where you belong.

  12. brenna b says:

    This is no different than any other R rated movie that shows sex, so I don’t see what the issue is.

    • Anonymous says:

      R rated movies don’t show sex (or forplay). Porn does, that why pornogrpahic material a NC-17 rating. It’s a f******g porno film!

  13. Corpseman57 says:

    If a graphic film showing what happens inside the womb during an abortion was produced, does anyone believe this film would be shown to those under 17? Or anyone for that matter?

    Children don’t need to learn about lesbianism, but they sure should learn the dirty truth about abortion that is being hidden from them in school and in the media.

    • Ralph5226 says:

      Corpseman? Kind of an appropriate name. Did you get it from Obama?

    • BigDino says:

      What are you even talking about? You’re turning this into some bizarre issue. if you want your children to watch that, then show it to them. No one is forcing kids to go see this movie. It is an option. If you, as a parent are so against it, then don’t let your kid see it. Voila.

  14. BigDino says:

    Calm down puritans, no one is forcing children to watch this. If you have a problem with it, just make sure your kids don’t see it (as that is your job). Problem solved. I am surprised to hear conservatives making the argument for regulation on theaters (a private business) and censorship of content because they don’t like what’s in this particular movie. Just don’t go see it then. I left that ideology not too long ago; I’m so sorry I didn’t become a libertarian sooner. Also, to everyone else wanting to make this a religious issue, go move to Iran or Saudi Arabia. You have the right to practice your religion here, but you don’t have the right to force your religion on others.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Calm down puritans, no one is forcing children to watch this”…yet

      Just you watch. The GLBTs in CaliFORINATION & New FAG City has a reputation for FORCING children to watch this crap. it’s already happened in Massachusetts

      • BigDino says:

        What are you even freaking out about? haha, You’re ranting about something that has not even happened! Your comment is so illiterate that it doesn’t make sense. Even if it did make sense, “something something regarding California and Mass.” you don’t provide any examples because you can’t. They don’t exist. You’re one of those angry people who read a headline, and even though you’re not sure what the article is about, you feel the need to angrily comment and it’s just pure gold. Thanks for the laugh mate!

  15. lorcanbondal says:

    This action strikes me as nuts. They are opening themselves up to lawsuits, and they will deserve it. What would you do if someone invited your fourteen year-old daughter to this. What if he invited her into his basement for other “NC-17” or amateur films?

    Keep in mind, in almost every other country, films like these are illegal to show to anyone unless they are eighteen.

    • BigDino says:

      Actually, in Europe, this movie is available for viewing by teenagers. In Asia, it depends on your regional location, big cities are pretty liberal with cinema. If by, “In almost every other country” you mean Iran or Saudi Arabia, I suppose you might be correct. If you have such a problem with “amateur movies” (but really a 6 minute scene in a 180 minute movie) then take responsibility for your own kids, don’t put it on the shoulders on a theater. It’s not their job to watch them.

      • BigDino says:

        Anonymous, there is more countries in Asia than Taiwan and Russia (it is the largest continent) and there are very liberal cities (you’ve obviously never been there) despite there being very conservative areas as well. The film is being shown at film festivals and certain theaters in the Arab Peninsula, North Africa (where the director is from) in India, in China, Japan, Korea, etc. You should look this stuff up before you ignorantly comment. I like how wrong your correction is.

        You laugh at Europeans, but the fact still remains that your initial comment about “everywhere else” not allowing minors to see this is false. I pointed out that Europe is allowing it. I think it’s awesome that someone like you who lacks any kind of critical thinking whatsoever can still type on a keyboard. Good job buddy :)

      • Anonymous says:

        “Actually, in Europe, this movie is available for viewing by teenagers. ”

        Precisely why we make fun of Europeans!

        “In Asia, it depends on your regional location, big cities are pretty liberal with cinema.”

        Correction: Actually many Asian countries frown down upon this kind of stuff, & the majority of them are Atheist. Taiwan & Russia has laws against showing this kind of crap. They all know how degrading you faggots can be.

  16. wehillusa says:

    Another reason NYC should no longer exist!

  17. Cynthia says:

    Now hold on one second. It’s NOT ok for kids to ride their bicycles without a helmet or to do handstands without a helmet BUT it IS ok to expose them to porn. Yet another example of the convoluted thinking on the left. Morons.

  18. Paradox says:

    N.Y. PEN. LAW § 235.21 : NY Code – Section 235.21: Disseminating indecent material to minors in the second degree

    A person is guilty of disseminating indecent material to minors in the second degree when: 1. With knowledge of its character and content, he sells or loans to a minor for monetary consideration: (a) Any picture, photograph, drawing, sculpture, motion picture film, or similar visual representation or image of a person or portion of the human body which depicts nudity, sexual conduct or sado-masochistic abuse and which is harmful to minors.

  19. bill says:

    Little recruiting film. Girls, you can sign up in the lobby.

  20. smash44 says:

    Big deal. Teens have more access to the most raunchiest websites on the Internet featuring lesbianism. It’s called porn.

  21. Linda lovelace says:

    This is a double feature; Deep Throat will also be shown

  22. I wish Al Qaeda had used nukes on 911

  23. Keith Diggs says:

    Something is WRONG with LIBERALS. Something is MISSING inside of them. And SOMETHING inside of them takes particular DELIGHT in the perversion of the youth. Think I’m exaggerating? Google “Kevin Jennings and FISTGATE” who was Barack Obama’s School Safety Czar, you’ll see that he was caught teaching GOLDEN SHOWERS and FISTING while part of a radical homosexual group to ELEVEN YEAR OLDS in Colorado!

    There is SOMETHING in these people that is EVIL. This isn’t “Choice” this isn’t “an Alternative way to raise children”, this is exposing them to some FILTHY LIBERALS SEX DREAMS recorded on film by two W.HO.RES. posing as “actresses”.

  24. RobX says:

    Something tells me Vanco will be in the back smacking it while he exposes teenagers to sex scenes.

  25. Silly Liberals says:

    Bet those floors will be sticky after the boys get done.
    Can’t have a large drink, but soft core porn is alright in liberal land.

  26. Yirmin says:

    I seriously doubt it will be high on the list of most teenage girls looking for a movie… It would however be pretty high on the list of most teenage boys to watch… I think we all know the reasons why, and it isn’t because of, “…inquiring teenagers who are looking ahead to the emotional challenges and opportunities that adulthood holds.” No it would be for the fact that it was hot porn on the big screen.

  27. gutyui says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone realizes that our country is heading in a very bad direction. Perverting the minds of kids is pretty bad, parents should prohibit and protect them the best they can. Of course, kids grow up eventually & make their own decisions.

  28. Bon says:

    Sooo as long as it’s lesbian porn (nc-17) it’s ok for what we are told are “CHILDREN” to see? Because that kind of porn is more moral??!!!!! Wow. Perverts in power…this is what we get.

    • MrFurious says:

      If you don’t want your kids to see it, don’t let your kids see it. Not everyone is a prude that thinks any kid that sees a nipple is going to Hell.

      • verheek says:

        You’re over the top in too many ways. If you think objectors are prudes then you’re an extremist because you can only compare others to your own position. If you want to watch this crap, find a backroom in a sleazy club. Oh and it’s just seeing a nipple; and you have an issue with religion too.

      • jonathan8184 says:

        So now, it’s “Prudish” to inhibit minors. Anything else you want? How about total liscentious anarchy? Orgies in the street with preschoolers maybe?

  29. Ryan Mouk says:

    As long as they don’t serve super-sized drinks, everything will be OK.

  30. Phocus says:

    Any theater that does not honor the rating should lose the right to show the film. Period.

    • MrFurious says:

      And why is that? They aren’t breaking any laws.

      • BillyBob says:

        Peddling porn to minors is illegal, idiot.

      • verheek says:

        Who cares! What do laws have to do with something being immoral or not. Hello! The law is not all there is to guiding our choices. It’s suppose to be there to enforce what is already known to be good and bad before the laws were written!

    • Jake says:

      Who will clamp down on this private business and force them to adhere to a voluntary standard? You?

      • Keith Diggs says:

        We should BURN IT TO THE GROUND.

      • verheek says:

        Well we should. You want to go down the private-business-can-do-what-it-likes route? Some argument. We don’t turn a blind eye to immorality in the name of freedom to do what ever the heck I like! People should protest this but whatever happened to sexual immorality being stamped out in some people’s own lives? It doesn’t make it to public life it hasn’t found fertile ground in private life.

  31. Kevin Fodor says:

    I respect the right of a filmmaker to make a movie about any topic or subject of their choosing. I also respect the right of a movie house owner to decide the rules of what he will show and to whom he will show it to, within the limits of the laws of their particular jurisdiction. But, I also respect the rights of a parent of a child under the age of majority (18) to make the final decision over what their underage children can watch. If a parent does not wish for these kids to see such a movie, it is their right to not have them watch. This is just simple common sense.

    • verheek says:

      So generous but who gave them the right to make the film? Who gave you authority to support the right you think they have? This post is all so egalitarian but it’s misplaced priorities. All these rights to do what people want is because it’s pushing further into public acceptance of immorality and for some people this is like a flame to a moth. They are so excited by the pulling down of barriers that were created around sexual behavior to keep it pure and honorable. Now it’s more important to tear those down so we can do whatever we want and have no accountability for it.

      • Habibati says:

        Verheek, I don’t know where you’re from, but in America we have the capacity to create films based on whatever content we choose (as long as no one is being harmed/exploited against their will). It’s an inherent part of our social contract, and it’s something that the law protects. Here you have the right to practice your morality and religion, but you do not have the right to force on other people. Here a theater has a right to show a movie or not to show it. Here a parent has the right to allow their child to see a movie or not to see it, regardless of what you think or of what you approve. As much as polarities of our political binary system hate each other, they can’t stand the thought of being told what they can think and not think or do and not do, it’s something they have in common.

  32. CALIMANI says:

    Who cares? These teens have access to all kinds of porn on the internet. This lame, pretentious, artsy-fartsy, POS movie is nothing compared that. If you want your teen to be bored by some freak pseudointellectual “art” film, let them see it.

    • verheek says:

      Who cares? They have access to it all so what’s the big deal! Too late now. Just role over and play along. Not my kids. They are monitored on the Internet and so are other people’s kids. That’s not to say they’ll never get into something when they are older and making their choices but they will know it’s not God honoring behavior. We don’t throw away the responsibility to teach and raise our kids with God honoring morals and values just because some people out there are pushing corruption.

    • Jake says:

      Have you seen the movie? I doubt it. It’s not pseudointellectual at all. It’s not even intellectual. If anything, it’s really simple, just a very well done, straightforward depiction of a relationship.

  33. Christian since birth, using the intelligence god gave me says:

    I hope someone advises the the theater to have security on point in case some of these nutjobs decide to show up.

  34. James Payne says:

    ANYONE who takes their underage children to this is guilty of Child Abuse, IMO!!!

  35. Chris says:

    Why it is ok for the young ones to see this, but if they attempt to see a movie with the same rating, or an X rated movie, that depicts a man and a woman being intimate, that would be prohibited?

    I don’t think either is acceptable but if you’re gonna open the floodgates at least be consistent. Otherwise I’d think you are trying to push a homosexual agenda, which of course you aren’t, right?

  36. Sovereignty Soldier says:

    Counter the agenda by teaching your kids it is disgusting, a sin, and an abomination to God! Teach them to not be friends with or associate with these moral defects. Birds of a feather and nobody needs that influence around trying to make it normal or desensitizing the kids to it.
    This theater should be boycotted for good!

  37. BillyBob says:

    The owners of the theater should be tried and jailed for contributing.

  38. BillyBob says:

    Promoting homosexuality to America’s children is the primary goal of the homoNazi lobby.

  39. georgeW says:

    The rules dont apply to liberals, democrats, LGBT or minorities.

  40. joe says:


  41. David says:

    Liberal lawyers will be available for free to take law suits from all high school age children who are prevented from seeing this film by their parents.

  42. Relentless Traveler says:

    What most parents fail to recognize, and this was clearly stated in the article, the MPAA guidelines are strictly that, GUIDELINES. They have no contractual or legal binding. More theater owners should be this bold.

    • Me says:

      If it is only a guideline, then why is it on a normal rated “R” movie the theaters clearly say they will card movie ticket buyers? I haven’t seen the movie and do not plan on it however it sounds as if the movie at best is soft porn, clearly not fit for teenagers to view. The liberals simply want to indoctrinate kids into believing that alternative lifestyles are acceptable in society. They are not.

      • BigDino says:

        Billybob, You clearly don’t know anything about this movie other than that it has a sex scene in it. It has a run time of 180 minutes and a 6 minute SIMULATED sex scene meaning that it is not pornography and therefore pornography laws do not apply. How is that hard to understand?!

      • Jake says:

        That is because the theater is warning you that they are following MPAA guidelines. They have no legal obligation to do so. The government used to be able to legally require it, but the supreme court ruled that you could not censor movies. This is fact, and inarguable. It is not law.

        Now most theaters follow the guidelines, but it is not a law. R, PG-13, NC-17, etc. exist to let the parents know what a movie is like, so that they can decide if it is appropriate for their kids.

      • BillyBob says:

        but most states have laws that prevent adults from providing pornography to children. The owners of this theater should be tried and jailed for pedophilia.

  43. alan says:

    liberals only obey the laws that suit them

  44. Carley Rowling says:

    Ahhh liberals, the birthplace of ignorance and AIDs. Destroying America minute by minute

  45. Laurie says:

    Liberals would oppose handing out bibles, but encouraging children to see a movie with explicit sex scenes and handing out dental dams in the lobby afterward would be just fine with them.

  46. Can’t recruit for homosexuality unless you let minors in to see the play. Duh.

  47. David Keller says:

    Shut the theater down.

  48. Nanny Mo says:

    Well duh, we all know it’s more important to be a lesbian than to follow the law.

  49. Middletown says:

    if there is one thing we have learned and can take to heart from the current political climate, is that you can now pick and choose which law you wish to enforce and follow.

    • Don says:

      What “law” is not being followed? As the article states, MPAA ratings are guidelines.

      • Kay says:

        Detex- They’re not nutcases. This has to do with people’s children, that’s a sensitive area for parents. It’s inappropriate for minors to see this movie, just as it’s inappropriate for them to see hetero NC-17 movies. Kids shouldn’t see this stuff. That’s what people are worked up about. Try to look at this from a perspective other than your own. Look at it like you’re a Christian who is trying to teach Christian values to your children, this would be an affront to what you’ve tried to teach them. If you can’t imagine that, then you’re not very empathetic. It’s hypocritical to only enforce the NC-17 rating when a movie depicts heterosexual sex acts and it’s insulting to heterosexuals and Christians.

      • Detex says:

        these guys are nutcases, you can’t use reason here. It appears by the comments that people are being forced to watch the movie… I guess they are coming to my block this week because I didn’t get the memo.

  50. rob says:

    OH OKAY… welcome to NY where you have NO RIGHTS but the values of the immoral are forced on everyone. What a wonderful world we live in now that we have a Marxist dictator regime in power…

    • Jake says:

      What is being forced on you? what right is being taken away? Just don’t go see the movie if you don’t want to. The business is exercising its rights as a private enterprise.

      • verheek says:

        Wake up. Stop the turn-off-the-tv-if-you-don’t-like-it. The point is it’s happening and it needs to be dealt with. I don’t care if it’s public or private business, that does not justify nor permit turning a blind eye.

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