NBCU: ‘Fifty Shades’ Casting Will Be Finalized Soon

Fifty Shades of Grey Casting

NBC-Universal employees have been told the recasting of Christian Grey in the company’s film version of the erotic best-seller “Fifty Shades of Grey” will be finalized in the next few weeks.

A company-wide “town hall” on Wednesday covered a variety of subjects but “Fifty Shades” was the inevitable hot topic in the wake of last weekend’s announcement that Charlie Hunnam was dropping out as Christian Grey, according to an NBC-Universal employee who attended the meeting.

The source, who requested anonymity because the meeting was private, also said NBCU officials confirmed “Fifty Shades” will still be released next year and that co-star Dakota Johnson remains committed to her role as Anastasia Steele.

The meeting was held primarily to introduce Jeff Shell, who is taking over as Chairman, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group.

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  1. KinKitty20 says:

    So, I have read this book like 9 times and I still can’t picture That lady(Dakota) as Ana. I bet she would do well in an older role but not as a this particular character. I am giving my views and I strongly believe Alexis Beldel, Ashley Green or some other “younger” actress with a certain level of innocence about them would be better playing that role. I emphasize on the word younger because that bitch is old!!!!!! and she ain’t never gonna please the Fifty Shades fan base. Could you please listen to us and find a new Ana!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanna enjoy this movie without my mind plastering the word old across ma favorite female character.

  2. stephen says:

    Actually, I have read the books and am voicing my opinion on them, so please don’t assume that I haven’t. I have presented my findings in a rational manner, not emotional so please don’t tell me to “Chill”. I’ll be more than happy to talk about each part in a mature and reasonable fashion if you wish. I thank you for your opinion and I hope you can thank me for having one. There have been far too many individuals in my life that have given abuse, although not physical, that have suppressed my ability to give an opinion or to even make my own decisions, so it’s an act of courage and bravery for me to launch my feelings into the world at large. I guess that one of the things that get to me is that the woman is afraid (at least for a while) to even voice her opinion or that it’s not heard. (She doesn’t say her safe word, she says she doesn’t like him anymore because he goes away but then jumps back in bed with him, and she changes her life because he demands it).
    I understand that it is just a book, but it’s an influential book that is showing that women are most successful when they take their clothing off or throw themselves at a rich guy or not have a brain or a life for themselves. I don’t mind that it shows two lost souls finding each other, and I don’t mind that is shows how to spice up one’s sex life. I do mind that there are there is risky and shallow behavior that is being praised and rewarded. And I wish I could just walk away but it’s on my yahoo page daily, on my daughter’s yahoo page daily, and has been such a buzz for the last several years and now with a few more movies coming out it will be a buzz for several more.
    I know individuals don’t share my opinions, and I can appreciate that and appreciate that they have their own. I am not a “hater” just a parent that is deeply concerned about the message it is sending to our society and to our highly influenced daughters that are seeing and hearing this on a daily basis. There seems to be a theme in Hollywood: “If you can’t act, just get naked.” However that theme seems to have run into many performers, themes off books, themes of movies, and now themes of life style. It comes on during morning talk shows when trying to get our kids off to school; it comes on during award shows, and now daily upon the computer.
    My message is simply this: shallow behavior shouldn’t be praised or reward and that there are many dangers out in the world. Please don’t emulate these individuals. Feel free to explore a great sex life, even one that has bdsm in it, but please don’t lose yourself in it, please don’t be a poor example to society by being shallow and hollow, please play safe, and please don’t plaster it where our kids can see it.

  3. Jennifer says:

    First of all…It’s JUST a MOVIE, and It’s JUST a BOOK. For entertainment purposes only. Everyone just needs to move past the “i hate this actresss and actor” comments. No one person is going to fit the roles perfectly because everyone’s imagination is different. IT’s a MOVIE, It’s HOLLYWOOD, its not going to be exactly like the book, the movies never are. Secondly, @ Stephen, you need to just chill! It’s just a book and its just a movie and if you would have read the book you would know that several of your comments just don’t apply.

  4. Stephen says:

    Where I do believe in the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it disturbs me that these books are being made into movies. The storyline only encourages, inspires, and rewards dangerous and shallow behavior.

    Dangerous behavior 1) The woman doesn’t tell anyone where she is going and whom she is going with. She just disappears to go have sex with a guy she has never met and doesn’t know much about. 49 other women have done this and have died by the Green River killer. The last monster to come into the headlines held three girls chained in his basement for 10 years. Mr. Gray exhibits all the traits of being a monster. But if you think that he wouldn’t do such a thing because he is rich and famous, just look true stories for yourself.

    Dangerous behavior 2) She should have requested Mr. Gray to get an aids test. He is at high risk with the large amount of partners he has had.

    Dangerous behavior 3) BDSM can be risky. There have been injuries and deaths because this behavior wasn’t monitored (again check for yourself) There should be a warning with these movies and books to not repeat some of these actions.

    Shallow: Our leading lady has had no relationships before and yet throws herself at the first rich guy she sees. “I know him, he’s rich”. Not that he’s compassionate, thoughtful, creative, intelligent or caring.

    Shallow: He doesn’t want a relationship, he only wants sex, she says “ok”. He gives her gifts, but not tokens of affections (he makes that clear). If not affectionate gifts, then they are payment for her sex. She is a prostitute.

    Shallow: Our leading lady isn’t intelligent, can’t hold a descent conversation, doesn’t contribute to society, isn’t creative, funny, or have a back bone. She doesn’t do what she says she’s going to do (she doesn’t go on the pill, doesn’t use the smart phone, and doesn’t use the safe words) nor can she communicate with him how she feels because she thinks he’ll stop having sex. She’s boring and weak willed.

    Lack of story: Let’s take the sex out of the book for one moment. There isn’t a plot line, no drama, no humor, no plot twists, no depth of character, and no character development. It is written as if done by a twelve year old. The characters are hollow, shallow, and two dimensional.

    I have a daughter. I want nothing but the best for her in her life. She knows how to play the flute, the violin, runs cross country, play softball, and goes to campfire. She is creative, thoughtful, imaginative, smart, funny, caring, giving and has placed the needs of others above her own time and again. I would hate to see her opportunity for success (and that of any woman) be destroyed by becoming someone’s sex toy. (I do hope my daughter does have a great sex life with someone she cares about, but not to the point of losing her identity and or her opportunity in life to be successful on her own.)

    It has come to my attention that enough individuals don’t want this movie made. If it is then there will be protests at every theatre that play it until the theatre has it removed. And, although some couples will go see this movie to get some ideas on how to spice up their sex life, the only reason a single guy would watch this will be to watch the actress get naked, be tied up and be taken advantage of. Every theatre that does run this, will run the risk of their showroom becoming equivalent to an adult movie theater. The actress that does this movie will only be known as the actress that is willing to spread her legs (no acting required). If this is released, it should go straight to DVD, sold at Lover’s and be given the warnings of the above risks that may be involved with risky and dangerous behavior.

    Personally, I don’t think these movies should be made. It gives an impression that all women have to do to solve all of their problems is to find a rich guy. It suggests that women are stupid and weak willed. It promotes dangerous and risky activity. It belittles women as shallow, hollow, and that they don’t deserve a life, success, or even a mind of their own. I believe that all proceeds of these books should have gone to support foundations that help battered women. You may repost this to help discourage and perhaps even stop these movies

  5. Shirley U. says:

    I so wish Dakota was leaving…..they saying she is committed to her role…???…so what?…..we don’t like her as Ana…..I liked Charlie for Christian WAY better than Dakota for Ana….she just isn’t it…….Charlie was worried about this role affecting his career…..he doesn’t want to be famous but have a career…..Dakota is all about the fame…..you know that girl is clawing her way to keep this part….ugh!!!!

  6. Adele says:

    Jay Ryan from Beauty & the Beast! Now thats the lead actor they should consider! Superhot! Supersexy!

  7. Sophie Riley says:

    If anyone should havebgone it should have been dakota. I do not see her as ana im sorry. She does not look fragile or shy. Also looks too old

  8. geni says:

    not everyone hated charlie.i liked him.not who i saw when i read it,but i liked him. people are bitching they want matt and several others.well they either can’t or didn’t want the role. matt didn’t want it.

  9. trish says:

    how do we get rid of this girl ??doesn’t she know it wasn’t just charlie we hated??? These directors must be blind as well as stupid for ever giving her the role of Anna!!!!

    • Ruth says:

      “Hate him” – what strong language for an actor!

      NO serious actor will take on this role because the book is total trash. Yes, it sold billions but it remains boring trash and it is significant that the female role has been given to a totally unknown (except for her parents) who may/ may not know how to act. I feel sorry for her because this part will probably destroy any career she may have in the future. Congrats to Charlie for making the right choice and getting out whilst he can!

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