‘Man of Steel’ Early Tracking Suggests $100 Million Debut

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' Superman reboot opens June 14 in the U.S.

How high will Superman fly at the box office? According to sources, “Man of Steel” is gearing up for a $100 million debut at the U.S. box office.

Early buzz on the film has been strong and Warner Bros. has been emptying the tank on its marketing campaign for Zack Snyder’s $225 million blockbuster.

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As of Thursday, WB executives were projecting a domestic cume north of $300 million for the Legendary Pictures film — possibly more — with positive word of mouth only strengthening its worldwide potential.

Fandango reported Wednesday that “Man of Steel,” opening June 14, is outselling the previous 2013 summer movies at the same time in the sales cycle. The site began offering tickets on May 21.

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“Iron Man 3” remains the highest-grossing film of the summer with nearly $1.2 billion globally and $387 million domestically, so DC Comics’ Man of Steel has a long way to go to compete with the likes of Marvel’s Mr. Stark.

Still, industry observers are suggesting muscular B.O. legs for the reboot.

“It’s very good,” one rival exec admits.

Audiences will have to wait until Monday, June 10, to find out just how good, when the film’s review embargo lifts at 8:00 p.m. PT, the same night as the film’s world premiere in New York.

Directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill, “Man of Steel” was produced by Christopher Nolan and Charles Roven and rolls out internationally beginning June 13.

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  1. macie says:

    I watched it already! I hope it will earn a lot.

    • Fred says:

      It will, but I think some fan boys are not being realistic about it’s box office prospects. Some are way over the edge with their overestimations, that said “MOS” will be a big hit and make WB/DC the money it needs for them to move on with more upcoming DC projects.

    • nalindra says:

      well the reviews are towards negative so that’s bit of a worry about the legs of the movie,hopefully it will do well.

      • Fred says:

        You’re very right, while the reviews shouldn’t have any impact on “MOS” box office opening weekend, you can’t help but to think it could hurt in the long run. I know some people have given “IM3” the business, but it’s still at 78% on RT and has showed some pretty good legs since it opened at 174 million, which is why it’s going to end up over 400 million domestic. What kind of legs “MOS” shows will indeed determine how much it finishes it’s box office run with.

  2. R. Paul Dhillon says:

    If it can reach $500 million worldwide, consider it a huge hit even though those numbers are barely profitable given production budget and marketing which studios claim are $175 million on tent poles. There isn’t much interest beyond core fans and if the film is so, so then it’ll be real trouble!

  3. James Reese says:

    This movie is going to break the Billion dollar mark. I don’t know what you people are thinking 900 million. This is going to be the big money maker of the year.

    • Fred says:

      500 million worldwide won’t quite cut it, especially considering “Superman Returns” made nearly 400 million worldwide in 2006. To me MOS needs to reach at least 600 million worldwide to be profitable, and I think it will. If it catches on big with movie audiences it could potentially reach as high as 800 million worldwide, just my opinion though.

  4. Fred says:

    A few months ago I was thinking a 75-90 million opening weekend for MOS, now i’m thinking 95-115 million possibly for it’s opening weekend.

    • Fred says:

      Do you really honestly think “MOS” has a chance at outgrossing “IM3’s” 400+million domestic and 1.2 billion worldwide. Now think real hard and take the wild fan boy enthusiasm out of you before attempting to answer that question. I personally think 900 million is probally a little out of “MOS” reach, i’m thinking more like 650-800 million worldwide. I’m not trying to shoot down “MOS” whatsoever, because it looks like it could be great and I think it will be a box office hit, i’m just trying to tell you overly imaginative fan boys to calm down some on the ridiculous box office predictions that’s all, use some common sense and understand how the box office really works. Also understand this buddy, it doesn’t matter how excited fan boys like you and I are, it’s the ‘General Audience’ that will determine “MOS” success in the end, not us. Fan boys don’t have the impact that you might think, not to make a film a massive hit, it takes an audience of folks who have never picked up a damn comic book. If they don’t have an interest or are invested in “MOS” it will fail period, no matter what you try to say or argue about, those are the hard facts my friend. We’ll truly start to find out next Friday how audiences truly react to it. Personally I think it’s going to be a hit, but remember it’s still a reboot.

      • nalindra says:

        Same goes to you mate in terms of common sense,but well fan boys will always look at these properties differently than we will since they are huge fans of these characters,we are just movie enthusiast right? but using box office to gauge the quality of the movie anyway is also not good,even though in 2012 avengers & TDKR were phenomenally well made good movies and also earned big bucks all money making movies are not great movies as well,if that is the case transformers,pirates 2,3 matrix 2,3 ,Alice in wonderland all must be considered good movies. but they are not,so a studio & fan boys what they really must care for is the quality of the movie so that it will be better for the future of the franchise. similar to batman begins or casino royale which will allow other sequels to cash in in the future. even iron man 3 was for me not that great even though I expected it to be,it did benefit I think from the goodwill of avengers to earn so much. I’m much more interested in the quality of the movie because I know if the quality is good the movie & the franchise as a whole will benefit greatly.

      • nalindra says:

        yep true again,I think when you put too much expectations its too much pressure for the franchise and suddenly ppl think its not a success even if it earns $600 mil- $700 mil,I know some who think TDKR didn’t match expectations since it didn’t earn as much as Avengers or TDK domestically, but the fact is it was huge,same happened to spidey reboot where some labeled it as average but as you said it earned a massive amount for a reboot. I think not only people but the studio also has to be realistic about this and give the movie a chance rather than expecting unrealistic benefits from it.

      • nalindra says:

        agreed I think realistically this may earn around $600 mil – $700 mil,given that this is the first in the franchise though that is a big number and if it does then must be considered a success since even batman begins only earned $ 374 mil been a reboot and been part one.

  5. R. Paul Dhillon says:

    Well said!

    • Fred says:

      Again very well thought out spoken points my friend, yes quality certainly doesn’t always equate to box office success, as i’m sure we all have witnessed through the years. Me and you both agree that “MOS” should be a success, but we also share realistic expectations. MOS earning 600-800 million worldwide certainly wouldn’t be what I would call a failure, you would have to be a basket case to think that. The embargo for MOS reviews are supposed to be lifted in about 40 minutes, so we’ll get our first official reviews and see what the critics think of it.

    • Fred says:

      Thanks, just throwing my worthless little 2 cents out there, lol.

      • Fred says:

        Nalindra you talk with such common sense, i’m very impressed. You are exactly right about TDKR, as soon as “The Avengers” put up the box office numbers it did some people thought TDKR had to equal or surpass that to be a success, which is ridiculous. TDKR was expected to reach 1 billion worldwide which it did and then some. So what it didn’t reach 1.5 billion like “The Avengers”, nearly 1.1 billion is good enough as far as i’m concerned. You can’t expect the films you want to surpass another film’s box office take just because you want it to, it doesn’t work like that, it rarely ever does. All in all 2012 was a wildy successful year for comic book films at the box office, in fact it was by far the best year ever for CBM’s, and that’s saying a lot considering how big 2008 was. CBM’s made over 1.4 billion domestic and almost 3.5 billion worldwide, those are incredible numbers. Led by “IM3”, “MOS”, “The Wolverine” & “Thor:TDW”, 2013 should be another big year at the box office for CBM’s. 2008 CBM’s reached over 1 billion domestic and around 2 billion worldwide, I think 2013’s slate could reach as high as 1.2 -1.3 billion domestic and 3 billion worldwide. “IM3” has already given 2013 a fantastic start, so if MOS grosses between 600 million to 800 million worldwide that’s a win for CBM’s, not a damn failure.

      • Fred says:

        Exactly, as long as it reaches 600+million worldwide it will be considered a true success, anything beyond that is icing on the cake for “MOS”.I think some people are thinking strictly like fan boys with their hearts and not their heads, and just throwing out ridiculous amounts and totally overlooking the fact that it’s a reboot of a character that has to establish himself first with today’s audiences. Wise words to use ‘Batman Begins’ box office to make a good point, obviously “MOS” will make more than 374 million worldwide, but like ‘Bats’ ‘Supes’ has to re-establish himself first. “The Amazing Spider-Man” which was a reboot as well grossed 742 million worldwide last year,, following “Spider-Man 3” which was not a beloved film in the franchise, but was still a monster at the box office. “Superman returns” which “MOS” is following made less than half of what “Spider-Man 3” did worldwide. ‘Spidey’ by far has been much more relevant with movie audiences than ‘Supes’ has over the past decade, that’s not even debatable. The point is just allow ‘Superman’ room to grow today without putting too much high expectations on him that he won’t be able to reach. “MOS” will do just fine at the box office, people just don’t blow your tops because it doesn’t reach 1 billion worldwide, it’s not expected to, every box office site says that and they a little more about box office history than these crazy fan boys do.

  6. For a motion picture which no one (but the inner-sanctum of Warner Bros.) has viewed chronologically, the hype on this film sums up what can be called “a self-fulfilling prophesy”. The strategy, clearly, is hyperbole achieving the desired box office reinforced by “crowd psychology”. The result is that the movie is a “hit” before it ever opens; acolytes who haven’t seen the picture from beginning to end are loyalists ready to fight and defend Henry Caville and all else involved.
    This sort of “mind-control”, I’m certain, is being studied; and we’ll see it again…and again.

    • George Damon says:

      Mind control? Yeah, well, whatever. I was a Supes fan long before Mr. Cavill was even a glimmer in his mother’s eye. The film looks really good from what I’ve seen and heard. But, I’d be going to see this film regardless of the WB marketing strategy.

      I am ready. I am waiting….

  7. The Man of Steel is back and better than ever!

    • My comment addresses MAN OF STEEL as an example; has nothing to do with being a fan of the comic book as much as marketing the motion picture — really, any movie but especially what’s regarded as a “tentpole”. The intended hype for AFTER DARK collapse quickly, torn asunder by nepotism. MAN OF STEEL, so swollen with anticipation, would not have far to fall in order to fail. Not to say it will, but people going to see the film out of no more than curiousity is success in itself.

  8. The “Caped Crusader” is Batman. Superman is the Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow, Last Son of Krypton, Metropolis Kid, etc.

    It might seem like a small thing, but that’s akin to calling the Mets “The Bombers” and hoping nobody notices you’re talking about the Yankees.

    • Fred says:

      Only time will truly tell how much WB’s strategy has paid off. Of course people can talk up a movie and hype it endlessly, but at the end of the day it’s always the paying audience that determines if a film is truly a hit or not. Earlier this year I wasn’t that impressed with how WB was handling “MOS”, but over the last few months they have marketed the film brilliantly, we’ll all finally see next week how much that strategy has paid off.

    • Fred says:

      Don’t forget the ‘Dark Knight’ and the ‘World’s Greatest Detective’ as well for ‘Batman’ buddy.

  9. Carlos Quintão says:

    In Brazil it will open in July 12, not June 12. It’ll be the last place it’ll be release. Blame the Confederations Cup 2013 for that.

  10. R. Paul Dhillon says:

    From what I have seen, it looks like just another superhero retread and not very good! There is something director Zach Snyder can deliver in the visuals but that is it as Henry Cavill is no Robert Downey Jr., who can take a half ass Iron Man and make it watchable! So I wouldn’t hold my breath in this tired formula creating much excitement!

  11. “I thought the shooting budget was $225m?

    Outside of that we are big fans of Henry Cavill and hope he does well.

  12. Love Henry Cavill!! I will be a repeat seeing the movie and plan to get it on DVD

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