Lindsay Lohan’s Struggles an Age-Old Hollywood Dilemma

Lindsay Lohan Struggles an Age-Old Hollywood

Youthful indiscretions are as old as Hollywood's hills

Justin Bieber throws punches, drops trou and urinates in a mop bucket? Promoters and record execs have little or nothing to say. Lindsay Lohan blows probation, zips in and out of rehab and along the way gets accused of grand theft and crashes a few cars? Directors, writers and producers largely stay mum. Amanda Bynes drops a bong on your head from 36 floors up? Keep a tight lip. Nothing is said or done.

At least in public …

Almost 90 years ago, Hollywood was reeling from one scandal after another as the biggest stars in the biz behaved in ways that would make today’s hard-partying celebutantes blush. The showbiz honchos saw a threat to their livelihoods. As the five-column headline on page one of Variety blared, “easing out” of what were called “bad actors” was seen as the cure for those who would “slur” or “leave a stigma.”

It was the dawn of the infamous Hays Code, but if you’re thinking of a ratings board, think again. Warning that those “who may find themselves the center of a scandalous story in the press” are “writing their own ticket of farewell to the screen,” Variety reported that offenders wouldn’t be loudly or even quietly condemned or punished.

Called the “silent system,” Variety ominously noted that “no written notice is sent out to an undesirable.” However, the biz bitchslap would be heard loud and clear when “the player finds that suddenly all demand has ceased among the regular line filmmakers. Turning to the independent producers the repudiated player learns that freelancing is precarious, with a lesser salary and bare prominence.”

Hmmmm … Like going from starring in pictures for Disney and Paramount to co-starring with porn actors in Internet-distribbed films with $300k budgets?

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  1. BobbieFisher says:

    Lindsay Lohan may be sober at the moment, but her biggest problem, sober or not – has always been her lack of intelligence. She’s not a smart actor. She can play herself, poke fun at herself – but outside that very limited range – she is utterly incompetent. Ms. Lohan is illiterate and uneducated and no matter how hard she tries, the movie-going public can tell when she’s “acting”, and with all her baggage – she really won’t be winning over the ticket buyers anytime soon. If Ms. Lohan was serious about a comeback, she would be keeping her head down and studying her craft at the actor’s studio because her lack of true talent is showing. Even sober and on time – will she ever be a box office draw? Not with her present lack of intellect and technical prowess. Her grunts and sighs and eye rolling telegraphs her every line much like a high school prom queen (who at 27 years of age, looks like a pudgy, plastic surgeried, 40 year old Beverly Hills housewife). No, I don’t think the producers are silent so much for her infamously lying, thieving, late-arriving, no-showing, tantrum-throwing past (which is very recent) – as much as for what little Ms. Lohan has to offer to the cinematic task at hand.

    • Jane says:

      Robert Altman, Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, Tina Fey and many others would disagree about your opinion Ms Lohan cannot act. As for uneducated, she was a straight A student so you are wrong on most of your points.

  2. Ian says:

    Instead of poking fun at ‘The Canyons’, you should rather embrace the new way of getting a film to market, the low production costs and the way the film is funded. It is obviously a huge threat to the established industry. ‘The Canyons’ alone won’t change anything obviously, but if the trend continues and grows, it will become a real threat.

    Taking swipes at Lindsay is also getting old, imho. Very old. Mock her all you want, but she now owns 25% of the movie and they sold the m-o-d rental rights to IFC for a guaranteed $1 mill minimum .. That alone is a 300% profit vis-a-vis production costs.

    Ask Disney what they would rather have, The Canyons profit or Longe Ranger estimated $200 mill loss.

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