Universal Dates ‘Jurassic Park 4’; Renames It ‘Jurassic World’


Pic will bow June 12, 2015

On the same day Disney takes “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” off its 2015 calendar, Universal has dated “Jurassic World,” the next installment in the “Jurassic Park,” franchise for June 12, 2015.

Colin Trevorrow will direct with a screenplay he co-wrote with Derek Connolly.

Plot details have not been released. Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley are producing.

In May, Uni post-poned production on the project in order for Trevorrow and Connolly to take a pass at an original draft by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver and allow exec producer Steven Spielberg to give his notes as well.

The 2015 summer is already looking at a very competitive year with “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” a new “Batman-Superman” film and the next installment of the “Star Wars” franchise all expected to bow in 2015 and now auds can expect this film as well.

With the script now turned in, the studio will now look to casting the film. Uni had been eyeing Bryce Dallas Howard, David Oyelowo and Garrett Hedlund to star when they were prepping prior to the postponement and sources say they are still favorites to get offers when those go out.

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  1. Kaiju Cowboy says:

    This will be a total casualty of summer 2015. It will top out at $170 mil, maybe much less, which won’t even begin to cover the budget and half the marketing costs.

  2. occultology says:

    In this installment the dinosaurs may even bite people.

  3. HerrinSchadenfreude says:

    If they mess up this movie like they did the other three with another ridiculous cave under to get a PG-13 rating by throwing in any more gymnast child dinosaur fighters or kid survivalist experts collecting T-Rex pee or kid computer hackers saving the day or any more grinning tap dancing raptors or SuperSauruses OR cuts to Barney or Toho style Army-Navy beach approaches I will FIND a way to un-see this movie and I will refuse the airsick bag that would make it easier for others to watch.

  4. LOL says:

    Man, you Americans love crap, but that Jurassic Park movie of yours is something else. I went to watch it on the IMAX and was blown away by that T-Rex attacking the dumb America kids in a car scene. The annoying non-diegetic music cuts out completely, and all you get is intense tension and brilliance. That scene is incredible. Spielberg directed the hell out of that sequence. It’s so good I could give him a hug and high-five. Amazing, it was.

    Bring on Jurassic World. This is a franchise that makes America look good.

  5. Andrew McDonald says:

    I don’t care if it’s a bad idea

    It’s Jurassic Park, a guaranteed geek fest

    Cgi has come such a long way since the last one, and with speilburg on board there’s no way it will be devoid of interest

  6. auriculum says:

    I could care less what they name it….It doesn’t change the fact that it’s STILL A BAD IDEA for the studio to make this.

  7. Heff Goldblum says:

    They can’t make Jurassic Six, Ray Arnold is dead. The movie can’t go on without him…
    Lex Murphy & Tim Murphy grew up and got jobs working for Apple! Steven Spielbergerger ain’t directing it! The other five movies were ok, but they still haven’t made No.4 yet! That’s why were talking about this!

  8. Medusa Media says:

    Pay attention to what Universal Islands of Adventure theme park in Florida is doing. They have permits filed for a secret construction project in the Jurassic Park area of the park, which will be completed in 2015. Looks like they are adding some new rides there that will be tied to this new movie…since these new rides will open in summer 2015 around the time the movie opens. If you follow the theme park construction I bet clues will be given away in that as to what the plot of the movie will be. “Jurassic World” feels like both “Sea World” and also “Walt Disney World” in terms of a new park being constructed that is bigger and more ambitious than the original John Hammond-designed Jurassic Park was in the first movie.

  9. Shawndell Rivers says:

    Jurassic World?!?! I Did Not Seen That Coming But Would Love To See Ariana Richards As Lex, Joseph Mazzello, jeff Goldblum And Julianne moore For This Upcoming Movie.

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