Jerry Ferrara to Play Boxer Arturo Gatti in Biopic (EXCLUSIVE)

Jerry Ferrara Play Boxer Arturo Gatti

Michael Strahan is producing with Mark Wahlberg exec producing

Jerry Ferrara looks ready to show off his boxing skills and will play boxer Arturo Gatti in an untitled biopic.

Nicknamed “the Thunder,” Gatti was a two-time world champion boxer who went 40-9 over his 15-year career. His infamous battle with Micky Ward spanned three fights, all of which were  voted fight of the year by Ring Magazine.

Gatti died under controversial circumstances in 2009 when Brazilian authorities originally declared his death a homicide and charged his wife with the crime before deeming it a suicide. The Gatti family had a separate investigation into the matter and their private coroner declared his death a homicide.

Michael Strahan is producing the pic, along with his producing partner Constance Schwartz of SMAC Entertainment, Sandy Kyrkostas of 24p Media Group, and Pat Lynch. Lynch, who managed Gatti throughout his career and knew him better than anyone.

“I’m extremely excited to be able to tell Arturo’s true life story,” Lynch said. “He was more than just my fighter, he was so much a big part of my family.”

Mark Wahlberg (who actually played Ward in “The Fighter”) and Stephen Levinson are exec producing.

“I’m excited to be a part of making a film about an incredible champion, boxer, character, and someone that deserves to have their story told in the right way,” Strahan said.

Ferrara is also signed on for the indie drama “The Life.” With both projects Ferrara, who is known primarily for his role on TV’s “Entourage,”  is starting to show more of a dramatic side in his career.

The Gatti role would also show Ferrara’s athleticism. The thesp has recently been Tweeting about his training, even mentioning hurting his hand during his preparation and hinting at the role by sharing a famous quote from Gatti.

Aside from the “Entourage” movie, which is in limbo, Ferrara has stayed busy in the feature world. He co-starred in the hit comedy “Think Like a Man,” which already has a sequel set to bow in June and co-stars with Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro in “Last Vegas.” He also has a role in Universal’s “Lone Survivor” and recently wrapped production on the indie “The Life.”

He and Wahlberg are repped by WME and Leverage Management. Strahan is repped by WME and SMAC Entertainment.

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  1. Mike Carvalho says:

    A movie about the great Arturo Gatti is well over due, it’s sad that none of these Hollywood people don’t have the stones to make this happen !!! Pisses me off like crazy !!!

  2. Blue horizon says:

    How do you portray his heart.

  3. Jay Williams says:

    That guy’d REALLY have to muscle up to play Gotti. He actually looked kind of frail on Entourage (which Gotti definitely wasn’t!) Good for him if he can do it, but it would be a tremendous transformation of his body.

  4. Gatti2 says:

    If you read my post I told you what I know! No loser here!

  5. Stronz says:

    It’s sad to see the true story of Arturo Gatti won’t be told. This movie should not be about boxing but unfortunately Hollywood will turn it in to some bullshit like “The Fighter”. I’m also shocked to see Pat Lynch is involved in this. He most certainly will manipulate the story into what he wants people to believe. Fortunately, there are a select few people who know the truth about what really happened and I hope karma will do its justice in telling that story one day.

  6. thekid22 says:

    I was hoping they would of choose Max Greenfield from the show New Girl, When I watch movies about real life people I want the actors playing the part to look like the athlete they are playing, I feel like Max. Looks like Gatti

  7. CivilianWarfare says:

    I am not a hater, but Jerry is clearly an actor of limited ability. He was the weak link in the Entourage series. I wish him luck, but choosing him to play one of the toughest men that ever walked the planet will prove fatal to this project. Maybe, further down the road, Jerry will develop into a actor with depth. Arturo was far to complex of a human being for even a seasoned actor to tackle.

  8. Gatti says:

    WTF! this is a horrible choise! Arturo Gatti was a lionhearted warrior, this guy is some pretty boy he can’t play Gatti :/

    • rick says:

      this is a joke, bad choice.
      should have someone with real boxing skill and look, joey sasso looks like him is a pro boxer
      from new york, living in los angeles…

      • smitty says:

        “Yeah, and Hilary Swank has a vagina, but she won an Oscar pretending she has a dick. That’s what actors do. They pretend.” – Ari Gold

  9. Michael LAUTATO says:

    Jerry Ferrara is becoming the hardest working actor in Hollywood & he is already one of the nicest guys A true gentleman he deserves all the best

    • CivilianWarfare says:

      Unfortunately, those qualities will not help him when he drowns in the deep waters of a complex character. He has never played a leading man, and asking him to do so in a project like this will crush his creative spirit. This is like putting a green boxer in with the real Arturo Gatti.

    • Billy says:

      Well said Mike ;)

      • shirley says:

        What do you know? Who are you? Did you know Arturo? Dd you know Arturo’s Family? Do you know Pat Lynch? I doubt it. Just another loser posting bull shit. Speak up LOSER!!!!

      • Gatti 2 says:

        What a sin that patrick lynch is still cashing in on Arturo Gatti’s blood. Pat claims Arturo was family? Why didn’t t he talk to him for the last two years of his life? Pat lynch is accountable for Arturo being an addict because pat just cared about his next payday! The whole Arturo pathetic camp just stood by and watched a warrior crumble to a depressed state of addiction and destructive behavior! The only person who knew Arturo Gatti was his brother Joe Gatti. Pat did a good job on brain washing Arturo to keep him away but pat was so stupid he was slowly killing Arturo! Arturo and Joe had a bond no one could break even though pat tried it didn’t work. It is a wonder how he sleeps at night! Oh that’s right he doesn’t he is haunted by what he has done to Arturo Gatti!

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