Jerry Bruckheimer May Return to ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Franchise (EXCLUSIVE)

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Producer shepherded first two installments in the franchise.

Eddie Murphy and Paramount may have found an old friend to help guide the ship on the latest installment in the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise.

Sources tell Variety that Jerry Bruckheimer is in talks to come back on as a producer of “Beverly Hills Cop 4” after producing the first two installments.

While the news may come as no surprise, since Bruckheimer and his late producing partner Don Simpson produced the first two installments, Bruckheimer did not participate in the third installment.

Paramount and his reps had no comment.

Par and Murphy have been trying to get the project off the ground for some time, with Brett Ratner throwing his name into the ring to direct at one point.

Murphy and producer Shawn Ryan looked to have a shot at receiving a pickup for the “Beverly Hills Cop” TV pilot (a project Bruckheimer did not want a part in), but CBS balked, leading Murphy to go back to the studio with an idea for a new feature installment that “Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol” scribes Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec would write.

Bruckheimer’s return signals that Paramount is serious about getting the project off the ground this time.

Since “The Lone Ranger’s” box office failure, Bruckheimer had an incentive to get busy on past franchises. Besides “Beverly Hills Cop 4,” sources tell Variety that Bruckheimer is helping to develop the script for “Bad Boys 3,” while  he is still pursuing “Top Gun 2” as long as deals with talent can close.

Though “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” has moved off the 2015 slate, he and star Johnny Depp still plan to release that sequel in the summer of 2016.

Bruckheimer currently has the Screen Gems pic “Beware the Night” in production, and once a deal closes, he will begin overseeing pre-production on “Beverly Hills Cop 4.” He is repped by CAA.

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  1. ClaudiusValentine says:

    after watching Beverly Hills 1 and 2 last night i understand why most everyone says the first two are the shit sorta speak. they had everything from action scenes comedy scenes good 80’s music good side characters awesome theme song and one of the best main character of a movie ever axel foley the crazy annoyingly funny cop from Detroit played by one of the best actors to ever walk on screen Eddie Murphy. now to talk about the 3rd film i just watched to see how it was i have to say the 3rd is as good as the 2nd but in a different time frame the 3rd hills movie is in a different era the 90’s things have changed by then the people watching have changed. sure the first 2 hill movies are better more classic but if the 3rd were to stay true to its roots having the 80’s music having axel going crazy people of the 90’s would complain how dull it is. people would say it isn’t the 80’s anymore now they spiced it up making it abit more 90’s with an 80’s feel then every old mo fo from the 80’s complains. trust me this 3rd film is just as good as the 2nd we all know nether 2 nor 3 compares to the so called great original but they come real close. i seen the original and that one isnt as great as everyone says people need to get off there high horse over the dang original hills movie its a great movie a true classic but it isnt that great. so when another hills movie comes out in the future (we all know another is on its way) stop comparing it to the dang original because its not gonna come even close. but the franchise is good enough to make a few more movies. beverly hills cop the original was made in the early 80’s of 84 it was a very different time everything came together perfectly for hills 1 same with original ghostbusters. if u stop comparing it to hills 1 and just think how can we make hills 4 good then we’ll have a winner for the next one. sure compare the 4th to the 3rd yes. but to compare it to the 1984 original is just plain dumb. to make a good 4th and beyond they need to take axel foley out of Detroit and move him to where most his good cases happened in Beverly Hills California. because with his boss being killed in the 3rd why would axel stay in detroit with memories of his old boss. we all know making axel chief of police would be dumb a police chief can not go around on a case all crazy. but moving axel to beverly hills partnering him up with rosewood having them run beverly hills police with a new female recruit would make for a very good start on a new Beverly Hills cop series. there’s no need for a 4th or any numbered hills movie just add a name under cop like “beverly hills cop: the new beginning” (which would be the 4th) “beverly hills cop: the california massacre ” (which would be the 5th) theres no need to number and compare them anymore let the next set be stand alone movies to

  2. Jake says:

    Just because The Lone Ranger failed doesn’t mean you should fall back into sequels. Johnny Depp just couldn’t pull his Atlas impression and hold the whole movie. Stop spending so much money on films, stop falling back on old franchises, stop digging through old IP that my grandparents barely remember (Here’s looking at you John Carter.)

  3. Joll says:

    Anything Jerry Bruckheimer does makes me happy. He is the best of the best

  4. Jake says:

    This is awesome news, this is a franchise that I want to see back — and the Eddie Murphy character that I love

  5. Spike says:

    Real imaginative, Jerry. Well, at least it won’t cost $270 million.

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