Jeff Bridges on ‘R.I.P.D.’: ‘I Was a Little Underwhelmed’


Jeff Bridges is understated but disapproving about the disappointing performance of “R.I.P.D.,” one of the summer’s biggest flops, in the October issue of GQ magazine.

“I had such a great time working on that movie,” he told GQ of the supernatural comedy in which he starred. “I remember what we were doing. I thought, This could be fun to see. And when I saw it, I was a little underwhelmed. For my mind, the studio made some, uh, choices that I wouldn’t have made.”

The Universal film cost $130 million to make and failed to break even. It generated only $33 million domestically and $68 million worldwide. It was also panned by critics, scoring a 25/100 on Metacritic and a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. Variety’s Scott Foundas called the film a “generally uninspired mashup of ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Men in Black’,” though he praised Bridges’ performance.

“I remember when someone pitched me the project, I couldn’t quite grasp what they were talking about,” Bridges says in the interview.

Bridges also comments on watching the box office numbers after a movie’s release.

“It’s kind of fun when the movie’s coming out,” he says. “It’s like having a horse in the race. And they’re lining up, and they’re off! And you’re rooting for your horse. And in this case, the jockey fell off the horse and you came in last.”

“R.I.P.D.,” based on the Dark Horse comicbook “Rest in Peace Department,” starred Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as deceased law enforcement officers who patrol the afterlife for spirits that have failed to make the crossover from Earth.

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  1. DRM says:

    If you like something it is a sign of taste, if you dislike it is a sign of preference. It is easier to argue preference than the lack of taste!

    And it is a BIG bandwagon!

  2. Stan says:

    My girl friend and I loved it, critics are idiots.

  3. LORANN Pike says:

    Jeff you made a big mistake not doing IN CASH in which was at your gate last year

  4. pwrspin says:

    Yes, as a whole RIPD was underwhelming. It probably shouldn’t even have been made after 3 Men in Blacks and 2 GhostBusters movies kinda saturated the movie going public on comedy monster movies.

  5. Steve cares says:

    Come on Jeff, you mailed in your preformance, When I saw the headline “Underwhelmed” I assumed you were discussing your preformance. Hay we all make mistakes, I have enjoyed your career for years. The “vehicle” wasn’t funny, most of the jokes were actually gross. Could have had a hit instead they went for the kids market with grossout scenes. Maybe that is what you were aluding to when you said “The studio”. Hey next time Jeff.

  6. rocky says:

    jeff has had many winners thru his career, nothing ventured, nothing gained

  7. milo says:

    Sounds a lot like The Frighteners (great movie) as well.

  8. Canadian Sun -->Son says:

    I bet Burt Reynolds, is proud of Ryan. He keeps his Legacy going! RIPDU should have been an NBC film with KISS and Gene Simmons could be Doc Brown!

  9. I know nothing about the comics but I thought it would of been perfect for a tv show instead of movie. It seemed like a fun premise to play around with.

  10. I think it was more like a mashup between men in black and men in black 2 and 3. Oh and a little hellboy 1 thrown in.

  11. sulked says:

    I think what people refuse to admit is that this movie could have been great as an original – meaning not trying to specifically base itself off a comic, and if they would haven taken more freedoms with it, I think it could have been amazing,e ven with people saying it borrows heavily from Ghostbusters and M.I.B. It could have been its own, if they had wanted it to be from the start. Instead they seemingly went in knowing it would be, at best, a B movie – and it could have been more. That’s what frustrates me about the movie. I liked the idea.

  12. I kind of figured this is a perfect Neflix / rental movie. Big and dumb

  13. Brian lol mom says:

    I actually loved this movie and will buy the DVD.


  14. Tater says:

    Ryan Reynolds being in it told me all I needed to know when deciding whether to see the film. Looks like I made a good choice.

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