Jamie Foxx, Oliver Stone Eye Martin Luther King Film

Jamie Foxx Oliver Stone Martin Luther

Pic will be a DreamWorks/Warner Bros. co-production

After hitting a home run with “Lincoln,” DreamWorks looks ready to take on another prominent historical figure. DreamWorks and Warner Bros. are in early talks with Oliver Stone to direct and Jamie Foxx to star as Martin Luther King Jr. in an untitled biopic.

Both studios have been trying to get the picture up and running for some time, after putting the project into development in 2009 when it was supposed to team with Warner Bros. for a co-production.

The MLK drama is still far away from a greenlight but getting both Stone and Foxx to sign would speed up the process.

Pic would follow the famous civil rights activist from his rise all the way to his assassination in 1968.

Kario Salem wrote the original script with Steven Spielberg, Suzanne De Passe, Madison Jones and Samuel Nappi producing.

Both Foxx and Stone are no strangers to tackling projects dealing with historical events and iconic individuals — Stone with “JFK,” “World Trade Center” and “W” and Foxx with Ray Charles in “Ray,” for which he won an Oscar.

Foxx is repped by CAA and Montone/Yorn and was last seen in “White House Down.” Stone is also repped by CAA and last directed “Savages.”

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  1. James says:

    If conservatives are going to get upset about Foxx’s “racist” commentary, they should also be up in arms defending Hostess Ding Dongs, detective Alex Cross, Tyler Perry’s endless Madea film series, and Barack Obama singing and dancing like a white guy on Ellen.

  2. James says:

    Youll are mad cause Jamie said he gets to kill all the racist white people in his Django Unchained I bet if he was white youll wanted have a problem with him saying anything like that

  3. James says:

    Since all of youll are talking mad shit about Jamie he is laughing all the way to the bank

  4. than you says:

    its already been done.

  5. So a conspiracy nut and a black racist want to make a film about MLK? Sounds about right.

  6. Patriot says:

    Foxx has no idea what MLK Jr. stood for and has done everything is his power to prevent MLK’s dream from ever being a reality.

  7. The Kingslayer says:

    Ever since Alexander, Oliver Stone hasn’t been the same, he’s lost his edge.

  8. redruffansore says:

    So in other words this is going to be a complete work of fiction. Couldn’t you find an actor that doesn’t look brain damaged to play Martin Luther King? Question, Since MLK was a republican, will Jammy require a brain transplant to understand how to play the part?

  9. American Patriot47 says:

    It’s going to be a big flop, and decidedly so.

  10. great! A RACIST BIGOT playing a pacifist who wanted racial equality – what a pick!

  11. Selena says:

    I’m 28 and a resident at an urban hospital. We finally have the time to go see movies. We see Indie films, and those off the beaten path. The last thing we’d do with our free time is go see a movie meant to race-bait made by a couple of oldsters who “think” they’re going to make a difference. That may play for the over 40 crowd, but for those of us under 40, we’re not buying what they’re selling. We live in the real world, and the differences we see are based in economics, not race. But nice try Jamie.

  12. nofb says:

    Puck the racist. And Mr. Self flagellator.

  13. Brandon says:

    After the bone-headed, utterly racist things he has said over the past few years, Jamie Foxx will never have a successful film again. No one wants to watch this guy, and to have him playing Martin Luther King Jr. is an absolute shame. Dr. King will roll over in his grave.

  14. nearboston says:

    The last good thing J.Foxx did was Wanda on In Living Color.

  15. Scott says:

    So, will the director have access to the FBI files on this pos, or just another fluff piece?

  16. Bill Dallaire says:

    Jamie Foxx will only add to the racist undertones to movie will portray. If you don’t agree just look at Foxx’s racist comments and behavior in the past. Another Foxx movie I will never watch.

  17. suibne says:

    well which is it? Shoot or Eye? Shoot the film? Eye the film? Are we allowed to use the word “shoot” anymore?

  18. Most people don’t know that MLK was a drunk, philanderer, plagiarist, and that his doctorate was a fraud.

  19. Bet this will be fair and balanced and made out of the country to save on taxes.

  20. Fred Garvin says:

    WOW, just when you think an retarded looking blackman like Jamie Foxx couldn’t screw up anything else….WaLA !

  21. hmm… I guess Oliver Stone could play the part of MLK. . . . but what is Jammie Fox going to do?

    On a serious note; Martin Luther King; proponent of non-racism, peace, and harmony will spin in his grave if the racist Jammie Fox were to ‘play’ him.

  22. Jim says:

    Anybody wanna bet cash this will turn into W. and Nixon?

  23. tea isstronger says:


    Who will direct the film, Joe Biden. America can not wait for this science fiction film.

  24. marcus hayes says:

    90% of you are morons. but the devil is easy to spot. no offense taken.

  25. Fred Beloit says:

    The title? The Odd Couple.

  26. I’d rather watch someone shoot Foxxx, than to watch anything Foxx shoots.

  27. Curtis says:

    Calm down, Beavis

  28. Curtis says:

    Here’s an idea: Let us all judge the film before anyone has even seen it, let alone read the script upon which it is going to be based. There. Doesn’t it feel better to judge? I know I feel better about myself and my place in the world now. Thank goodness we all have the power to make artistic and moral judgments without all the facts. Phew!

  29. Keyser says:

    Well, here’s another film I will never see. Foxx is on my “do not see” list. I refuse to support any fool that is as misguided as this idiot.

  30. nunya says:

    Yup, this is what the early stages of revisionist history looks like. Even thought MLK was a God fearing conservative, they will make him preach black liberal theology and boom, he will be the father of that.

  31. Realist says:

    I Will NEVER Support Any Film Featuring That Racist, Jamie Foxx!!

  32. cali says:

    Good Point. They must be hiding some really terrible things and are afraid to discredit one of the very few African Americans hero’s.

  33. cali says:

    Is he going to put in the parts were MLK cheated throughout school, and plagiarized his thesis? How about the prostitutes and vile comments he made about the president at the time? Nah, I’m sure their just going for the whites are evil approach to continue the white guilt among America.

  34. Captain chuckles says:

    MLK= hero
    Foxx= racist
    Won’t EVER see another movie with the see through lens of color rather than content of character Jamie foxx. What a travesty to let a racist who is the very antithesis of Dr King make money and portray MLK. Jamie foxx is an idiot.

  35. Arnold says:

    Foxx isn’t fit to lick MLK’s boots. What a joke.

  36. G says:

    Is there the scene before he was shot where he’s got two white women in bed with him for “therapy”?

  37. rumpletumpskin says:

    d*mn. Would have made a great MLK…. except he trolled for trayvon, so I will never see anything he makes. Shame.

  38. donfitness says:

    I’ll leave all the racism points to the prior postings, but thought I’d bring up another point about Jamie Foxx… Wouldn’t he need to gain about 35 pounds or so to depict MLK?

  39. Beaufort says:

    Let’s not, and say we did.

  40. grow a freaking forehead

  41. Beavereater says:

    The scene where he beats the snot out of the white prostitutes should get Jamie an Oscar.

  42. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Coming to a theater near you another liberal version of history that Hollywood wishes had happened.

  43. I’ve read every comment posted for this movie and none have been positive. In fact, most are venomously against it. My guess is, it will be unpopular and get at least 3 Oscars – directing, acting and political-correctness.

  44. Aleric says:

    Oh look another film by Oliver Stone I wont pay to see.

  45. bob wire says:

    Jamie same guy said he’d search every nook and cranny of the Country to find Michael (Kramer) Richards for using the “N” word…then that fraud Foxx got caught in a CraigsList hook up gone bad with a guy in a Philadelphia hotel room—Foxx claimed the dude claimed “I be Beyonces manager, we want to talk about a deal”…that was his cover when things went down when Foxx got to the room…dont trust this guy—he’s a racist, a hater, angry, and I believe a bit on the autism spectrum.

    He wants a Race war…Oliver Stone? Tell the womanizing part that J Edgar got on King and maybe I’ll see it..without that part, it aint the truth on the man…sorry…and King was a Republican and Consertvative.

  46. James says:

    Just wondering — will the biopic include the part about when King copied major sections of his Ph.D. dissertation from earlier work by Boozer? Or his incessant womanizing? It seems that historians have had a field day “deconstructing” Thomas Jefferson, FDR, JFK, etc. Perhaps they can now take a more honest look at Dr. King.

  47. Jill says:

    I will not watch any Jammie Foxx Movie, he lost my respect.

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