ILM to Pact With China’s Base FX

ILM Pact With China's Base FX

Kathleen Kennedy signs agreement in Beijing

BEIJING — Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic has signed an expanded co-operation deal with Base FX that secures the exclusive use of the Beijing-based shingle’s services for all ILM’s Hollywood pics.

The deal is another sign of how Hollywood is trying to build closer links with firms in China, the world’s second biggest movie market.

Base FX has been working with ILM for a year and, under its supervision, its Beijing production team has successfully completed work on “G.I.: Joe Retaliation,” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “The Lone Ranger” and “Pacific Rim.”

Base FX founder Christopher Bremble and  Lucasfilm topper Kathleen Kennedy concluded the deal at the Beijing Film Festival, where Kennedy is due to give a keynote speech.

“The exclusive contractual agreement is a key part of ILM’s growth strategy in Asia, providing scale and guaranteed capacity in China,” the two companies said in a joint statement.

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  1. pixelman says:

    Let’s face it, VFX is being outsourced and as soon as China grabs hold, they’ll slap the grin right off the people of Vancouver and India. Tt would be a major mistake to underestimate the ability and Artistry of the people in China. We do not hold a monopoly on Artistry or VFX. It’s ONLY TIME…and with software and hardware advances, there’s really nothing but time stoping/slowing this. It WILL happen.

    Don’t worry about long term industry problems or what’s good for VFX because I can ASSURE you Kennedy and the likes don’t give a crap about it.

    Figure out your plan B’s and C’s folks, because VFX is going the way of cheap, cheap labor. I give it 5 years and you wont see any real VFX being done in North America, India or Europe.

  2. Tim Fisher says:

    Even after all the toys and prequels and profit-driven gimmicks the often obstinate Lucas wrought on the fans, this move sure feels like a kick in the gut. These aren’t the ideas we’re looking for.

  3. Lando Calrissian says:

    This deal is getting worse all the time.

  4. Eric Fensler says:

    Sadly, the truth is that VFX is more akin to high tech manufacturing. I know VFX people long to be called artists, but the skills required aren’t bouyant enough to keep the US industry afloat. More user friendly software toolsets, faster processing and an abundance of skilled workers exceeds that of the demand. Longevity in a career isn’t possible on a skillet alone. The development of IP is critical if you want to remain employable long term. Within a few years the low labor costs in China and the like will all but kill the remaining VFX companies in the USA, Europe, the UK, NZ and the rest. It’s over.

    • David says:

      Although I agree with the increasing availability of technology at a cheaper price and the over abundance of competent workers. VFX artists, particularly animators and conceptual/texture artists are in fact the most skilled artists in the world. if Davinci was alive today he’d be a VFX artist albeit a high level supervisory one.
      ‘Factory lines’ of animators still require highly skilled leads and supervisors to guide them and produce high level artistry. All the technology in the world doesn’t make up for lack of artistic talent.
      This is why asia still requires top Westerners to go over and teach/supervise their companies.

      Make no mistake, this is all intentional and engineered by the globalist central bankers as part of their world takeover. they must destroy the current system, destroy the west and their dominance and bring in a communist style Orwellian new world order

  5. Anon says:

    BaseFX is not a good company. They overbook themselves and deliver late. Over-promise and under-deliver. Our experience with them was terrible on every level except price. It amazes me that ILM thinks they pass muster.

  6. Jeffery says:

    As an x-employee of ilm, we were told the collaboration was for crappy work like roto/wire/cleanup etc. Before we knew what hit us, there were layoffs. Talk about credibility. Kathleen Kennedy has been nothin’ but bad new for the lucasfilm employees.

  7. Jory Prum says:

    All your Base are belong to U.S.

  8. says:

    Not the most clever strategy there I think. Short term profit yes, but would it not be wise to think about the future of this industry instead? It won’t be long before BaseFX and other Chinese or Indian companies start to take the projects directly without going through ILM and others…

  9. Peter says:

    bye bye ILM.

  10. The more cynical side of me sees this as further eroding their labor force in California and North America. I hope they keep the bulk of the work at the central facility in San Francisco, and keep the stable of artists, technicians, production staff, and support crew close to their homes.

    • AJ Martin says:

      Your more cynical side is indeed correct. The sad reality is that whilst studio greed and overseas tax credits exist, the majority of the work will be undertaken overseas and many more jobs in San Francisco will be lost. The visual effects industry in California is in serious crisis.

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