Hollywood’s Latest Bomb? ‘White House Down’ Struggling at the Box Office

'White House Down' Box Office Not

'The Heat' sizzles with estimated $40 million weekend

Less than a month after Will Smith’s “After Earth” crashed at the box office, Sony finds itself in another predicament with Roland Emmerich’s “White House Down.”

The $150 million action thriller, starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, is the studio’s most expensive film of the summer but may debut as poorly as fourth place this weekend with a projected $27 million.

Not only are the early estimates soft for a project Sony bought in a record spec deal for $3 million in 2012, it’s actually worse than this year’s other White House thriller, “Olympus Has Fallen,” which opened to $30.8 million for FilmDistrict on a much smaller budget ($70 million).

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy’s “The Heat,” meanwhile, is sizzling in second place with approximately $40 million this weekend. The R-rated comedy, produced for $43 million, marks another hit for McCarthy and “Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig.

Still the No. 1 movie, Disney’s “Monsters University” eyes an  impressive $50 million this weekend while “World War Z” rounds out the top 3 with $32 million, dropping only 52% week-to-week.

Despite “White House Down’s” mediocre performance, Sony should have a strong late summer push with both the “Grown Ups” and “Smurfs” sequels, followed by sci-fi tentpole “Elysium,” starring Matt Damon.

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  1. Brett says:

    I used to enjoy watching Jamie Foxx act, from his In Living Color days all the way up until he revealed himself as a racist. I will never spend another penny on any project that Jamie Foxx is included in. He is toxic. Hollywood may still employ him, but I have fired him.

  2. Nick F. says:

    It’s a good movie, more enjoyable than Olympus Has Fallen, but there’s no way it’s going to make a profit considering how much was spent.

  3. JJS says:

    Grownups 2, no that’ll bomb too, Smurfs it’ll do ok as a family flick, Elysium probably will be the biggest of the Summer Sci-Fi (other than Hunger Games 2), but the rest are really meh.

  4. CG says:

    I saw both, ‘White House Down’ and ‘Olympus has Fallen’…loved them both! But I found ‘WHD’ much more entertaining. Foxx was acceptable as the president, Tatum was really good on his role, and being an Emmerich film, it does delivers in the action and special effects. I hope it picks up at the box office and people go see it. It’s worth the time and money.

  5. Mary DeHarde says:

    It is Jamie Foxx that brings “White House Down” Down

  6. Really, just like any other movie: curiosity opening weekend then word-of-mouth thereafter.

  7. Conflating a confection of conflagration into a patriotic patois of paranoia — whew! — the preternatural violence of WHITE HOUSE DOWN is that essential ingredient for “harmless” fantasy-driven family entertainment presented here for your consideration.

    Tatum Channing is “John” (like McClane) in a soiled tank top T-shirt. (Didn’t this movie used to be DIE HARD?) And a scrum of villainy on the hunt for the President of the United States, which certainly is AIR FORCE ONE (grounded, naturally). Together with the “buddy” factor complete with one-liners — RUSH HOUR. And the joie de vivre in witnessing the White House suffer some lavish indignities; yes, INDEPENDENCE DAY.

    Expedient minds in Hollywood do think alike (OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN); imitation not being a form of flattery but a source of ennui, where original thought is not usefully creative. The six major studios are in the business of repackaging movies that the film-going public may have already seen by insisting, “We can top that!”

    Of course you can, dear.

  8. Carlos Shabo says:

    the Marketing for this movie has been trash and it makes me not want to watch it.

    the trailers are full of hip hop music and one liners that try to be funny.

    blame the marketing team on this. it has ZERO seriousness in it.

  9. Jena says:

    The movie was excellent. This is a must see. Action packed!!!

  10. Tango35 says:

    Aren’t you being a little presumptuous in declaring WHD a bomb when the week-end is just starting? If Thursday’s stats are correct it did better than “The Heat” for that time period. Nothing like giving bad press that might not be deserved.

  11. The World was hit with her share of tragic news stories recently. This weekend was simply a perfect time to shed the heavy hearts and be instead, entertained by a lighter fare. ~djg

  12. governor says:

    Film District released Olympus. Nice journalism.

  13. Chain says:

    can I also just say that Jamie Foxx’ hairline bothers me lots. thanks.

  14. Chain says:

    wow thats shocking for such star power and theme. Seems the action genre is seriously struggling no matter who stars. Of course it doesnt help that the plotlines been done already this year but I still expected huge numbers.

  15. Spike says:


    Hello…? Wake up call time. More and more and more, the only thing you studio folk are good for are your tentpoles made with tremendous brand equity. When your vision-challenged execs venture out into original material land to put your creative stamp on something new……..you have been blowing 100 mill here, 200 mill there, etc. Think Prince of Persia and the latest Will Smith offering. Pretty soon, even in your opinion, you’ll be talking about real money. This time on White House Down, “down” is the operative word: how much will your write down be?

    Let the comic book drivel (the Batmans, the Ironmans), features from stupid TV shows, and other popular, but exploitive and shallow material from best-selling books flow from your production and development departments all blessed to throw one or two hundred mill at because, most of the time those are hitting it big through nothing creative you studios have done, NOR your writers and directors— but simply because of the brand equity which came with the source material.

    Because you make it difficult for us indies when you so ignominously bomb, please leave the quality, creative, original filmmaking to the indies. And I would adivse you to not simply whistle past the headstones of the majors, but to update your resumes, because the studios are over-bloated, mentally-challenged, visionless dinosaurs on a road to extinction. Stick to your mindless stuff until your mindless audiences tire of even that pap and decide to stay at home. And God forbid, they find out there is other content out there which might get them to think and feel deeply, as they munch their Big Macs and fries. If they get a hankering for that, they will never come back to spend money on your McDonald’s brand of moviemaking.

    • chaod says:

      You just said what everyone feels but do not know how to articulate. Spielberg and Lucas going out and declaring major studio death is accurate only because they are literally cannibalizing themselves into oblivion not listening to creative thought or human ingenuity projected with actual legitimate humanity.

      We are living in a culturally depressed Orwellian nightmare.
      The nightmare being that the greatness is all around us all the time, but right now no one believes it.

    • Footer says:

      ^^Post of the week right here!

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