Helena Bonham Carter Joins Carey Mulligan in ‘Suffragette’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Helena Bonham Carter
Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Sarah Gavron directing pic

Helena Bonham Carter is in talks to co-star with Carey Mulligan in the period piece “Suffragette.”

Pathe Films and Film4 are co-financing the film and Sarah Gavron is directing.

Based on true events, the story revolves around the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement: women who were forced underground in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly brutal State.

The film will be produced by Faye Ward and Alison Owen and executive produced by Film4’s Katherine Butler and Pathe’s Cameron McCracken.

Bonham Carter was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in BBC telepic “Burton and Taylor.” She can be seen next in Disney’s “Cinderella” as the Fairy Godmother.

She is repped by WME, the Schiff Company and Conway van Gelder Grant.

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  1. Skye says:

    I will TOTALLY see this movie, even if the only thing that winds up being positive about my seeing it is in lending financial support to a WOMAN DIRECTED movie about this very important time in Human History. It is long, long overdue, much like stories from women’s viewpoints about the extremely VARIED experiences of women and without all the female characters just being props to male characters. The tired and much over-used argument that women don’t go to see movies unless they’re ‘love’ stories or involve being rescued by the always more important male characters, has GOT to be dropped. The women of the Millenial generations, Generation X, the Baby Boomers, and the Depression Era women have waited far, far too long for their HUMAN experiences to be told in major films. Too many generations of women actors have had isolated professional experiences as a result. Some of you in LaLa Land have been WAY too conservative and now that we have more money and social power, we are crowd sourcing films about US to be told without all the usual reliances on objectifying our sexuality while also muting our normal, carnal instincts; making all the female characters cry instead of rage ( e.g. when was the last time you saw a female character rage like Brando’s ‘Stanley’ did? No, female characters are expected to only show REPRESSED anger, forget about rage ); show two women fist fighting – which happens out here in the real world; or otherwise show women acting, you know, HUMAN – without being turned into either angels or devils? We’re tired of female characters that are always falling down, crying, waiting for love, being attacked by rapey pervs, waiting for a dude to rescue them from some other violent or pervy dude, being supportive of fat, loud, fart-joke-telling knuckle draggers and/or drunks and/or suburban businessmen and/or etc etc etc. The list of stereotypical female roles that, if even mildly truthful, tell only a millionth of our fully human, flesh and blood lives is despicably long and has been going on for far, far too long under the totally lame excuse that ‘nobody wants to see it’ ( thanks hollywood for filming us as nobodies, casting us as nobodies, and hiring a preponderence of MALE writers, directors, actors, crews, producers, and distrubutors – gee, can’t imagine WHY women’s voice have been muted? duh..). We want OUR James Deans; OUR Elvis’; OUR Brando’s; OUR ‘Last Tango’s In Paris’ stories; OUR crime bosses, cops, detectives, lawyers, and judges; OUR mythical LEAD female heros that fight with swords, shoot arrows, gather armies and do so without being ‘evil queens’ or ‘white angels’. We want OUR African-American, Chinese, Japanese, Latina, European, Native American sisters stories told. We want OUR stories of female ex-cons, prisoners, gangsters, thugs, outlaws; we want OUR women ranchers, cowgirls, and westerns told without it being a woman being rescued, raped (your old standby tool to introduce the male hero…yawn..), who tote guns, shoot them well, ride horses, etcetc…we want these told. SOMETHING…ANYTHING…besides Suburban Mom (done to death), Longsuffering Wife ( done to death ), Angels (done to death), etc etc. And we want Whoopi Goldberg BACK in films dammit LOL IF women ‘can’t carry major films’ then how the hell did Jumpin’ Jack Flash or Burglar ever get made? Why were they SO successful, hmmm? Stop with the playing it safe script writing…There are MANY ‘real’, historically verifiable WOMEN heros and villians and everything in between but you REFUSE to show them….I mean, WTF are you investors even thinking half the time? You DO realize, do you not Hollywood that it is WOMEN who make up THE MAJORITY of the human population? Do the math boys/girls out there and you could cash in BIG TIME – but you AIN’T gonna do it by condescending, patronizing, or insulting us about what we feel or how we SHOULD feel or act. We lust after men’s bodies and are sexually VISUALLY driven as much as men ( though you hate to admit it), we love, we break hearts, we carouse, we work, we educate ourselves and sometimes we break the law, we go on the run, we go to prison. Sometimes we get addicted to drugs and alcohol and sometimes we do this when we are old, not when we are just kids ( the teen girl getting her groove on bit has been overdone and usually not realistically…such characters get slut shamed, raped etc to make some OBVIOUS moral conclusion to the audience…thanks, but we don’t need help from MALE writers telling us what to think ). Frankly, this comment is too long but it is coming from a place of HOPE inspired by the idea of this new movie! It’s about damn time and hopefully the director won’t drop the ball or soft-soap it to make the males feel all betters about themselves at the expense of the female characters/audience members. There is a HOST of information about the female perspective of all ages, cultures, and orientations discussed quite centrally on websites such as Jezebel. You would do well to PAY ATTENTION to US cause guess what? We are a huge market with more and more spending power and influence. Ignore us, and you lose. Ignore us, and we’ll blow you out by crowdsourcing our films and their distribution, cut you out of the picture entirely, and make MILLIONS. Or, you can. Take your pick. Maybe BOTH is the better option, eh?

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