‘Gravity’ Rises to $500 Million at Worldwide Box Office

Gravity Movie

Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” is expected to cross the $500 million mark globally on Saturday, becoming one of the most successful sci-fi movies of all-time and the biggest box office hit of both Sandra Bullock’s and George Clooney’s careers.

The 3D sci-fi smash, which is being tipped for a run at the Oscars, has earned a boffo $235.9 million domestically and over $261 million overseas.  Last month, “Gravity” became the highest-grossing live-action feature in October history with over $400 million worldwide.

Bullock’s previous highest-grossing film was “Speed” ($350.2 million) while Clooney’s benchmark was “Ocean’s Eleven” ($450.6 million).

“We know what we have here,” Warner Bros distribution president Dan Fellman recently told Variety. “This is a phenomenon where people are asking friends and family not only if they’ve seen the film, but where.”

The $100 million space odyssey largely benefitted from premium 3D and Imax ticket prices as well as repeat viewings.

Greg Foster, chairman of Imax, called “Gravity” an “early Christmas present” for studios and theatrical exhibitors. “The habit of going to the movies is created when you have a great experience,” he said.

Co-financed by Warner Bros. and RatPac Dune Entertainment, “Gravity” is expected to remain in theaters through Thanksgiving.

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  1. Trish Dane says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Gravity, though I wonder how much Bullock and Clooney each made for their roles in the movie.

  2. Bert says:

    I’ve seen this 4 times, as did another contributor. This film excels on numerous levels. A rare instance of strong box office and near-unananimous critical praise. It’s not everyone’s taste, but that’s always the case.

  3. mike s says:

    Movie was a decent movie considering scifi
    Good actors but poorly directed had so much potential, but it was STUDIOS think by putting two big names and some great CGI with a weak script it will blind movie fans and generate half billion well it did.👎 shows how much movie buffs dont know from a good movie to a bad movie if it hits them in the face.😭😡

  4. mike s says:

    I couldnt agree with you more, also it had a soft ending, to much focus on bullock

  5. David says:

    Too bad it’s mostly Bullock breathing

  6. Pat says:

    Cheaper than buying a ticket to the ISS, with some of those experiences. This was a cinematographers movie, an art form of a visual industry that has matured beyond a simple story telling. Imax 3D rocks

  7. Jesper says:


    It would have been a great movie. I’m still bothered by the Clooney sacrifice scene. As soon as she got a grip of him and after the initial tug from the ISS they would have been weightless. It was a beautiful movie but I still can’t get over how they could have overlooked this major physics flaw in one of the most crucial moments in the movie.

  8. Robynn says:

    Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!! The promotional work must have been fantastic as the movie is a real let down !!
    i love both the actors but really you would never sit and watch it twice…torture for sure !!!

  9. Leon says:

    What??? Sci-fi movie??? OK, there’s science and it’s fiction, but that doesn’t make this movie sci-fi. Low-earth-orbit human space travel is a real thing, they have the worst day ever, but that’s just unlikely not impossible. If anything the genre would be more like Inaccurate-fiction.

    PS: Passive Real3D technology sucks, it is barely enjoyable. Gimme back my Xpand active-shutter 3D glasses, I won’t watch another 3D movie unless so.

  10. Indiana says:

    Greg Foster is 100% wrong. The habit of going to the movies comes from CHEAPER prices.
    Personally I only go to the theater if I know the movie has a potential good ending. Greg do you even know what it is like to spend 50 of your hard earned dollars on a movie that has an ending that… Sucks!!! That is Imax in ny 20 a ticket and 10 to 15 in popcorn/sodas.

    • Ana Piachuska says:

      Obviously you yanks have been over fed on pop corn and coke to appreciate a truly “entertaining film” and that does not end in fingers down the throat with Hollywood smaltz !! Some smart ass at the studios
      realised us Euro’s go deeper into the imagination.

    • Frank says:

      Nope, Greg Foster is right. He hit the nail on the head by saying it’s about the good experience that gets people to come back. That good experience feeling is generated in part by the ticket price but also by the value associated with the film – you said it yourself, there’s the ticket price and then addons such as popcorn/sodas and whether you’ll actually enjoy the film. All of these combine to make the conception of a good (value for money) experience.

    • Dear Stuart Oldham, I hope my comment will be moderated: WB should apologize publicly to Alfonso Cuaron for having pressured (abused him?) him relentlessly for years “to do what the Studio want” before giving him a start date. Alfonso is an Artist, not a hack at the mercy of a studio. This proves that technocrats at the studio ‘s helm have no “vista”. Homage to Terry Semel, Bob Daly & Joe Hyams.( Clint Eastwood, Stanley Kubrick, Oliver Stone…)

  11. fredy gutierrez says:

    If you still haven’t seen this masterpiece, do yourself a favor GO SEE IT !!! see it at the Imax though. Impressive movie, take your wife, girlfriend, best friend or even your neighbor. GO SEE IT !!! don’t wait until it comes out on bluray.

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