Gal Gadot to Play Wonder Woman in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are set to star

Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman in the untitled “Batman vs. Superman” movie.

Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are set to star with Zack Snyder directing.

“Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character,” Snyder said.

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Variety first reported that Gadot, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” thesp Elodie Yung and Olga Kurylenko had tested for the part that was believed to be Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Woman rumor has been kicking around for some time, and insiders believe the plan is to have not just Batman and Superman in the film but several members of the Justice League as well. It’s unclear which members, but Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) and the Flash are said to be locks to make an appearance in some fashion, whether that’s a significant role or a cameo.

Warners will also look to now cast the villain with “Zero Dark Thirty” and “300: Rise of the Empire” star Callan Mulvey someone Warner Bros. is eyeing to play the role.

Pic will bow July 17, 2015. Gadot was last seen in “The Fast and Furious 6” and is repped by ICM Partners.

She tweeted the following after Variety’s story hit on Wednesday.

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  1. I think she is perfect for the role considering how tall she is and I think she is going to do great.

  2. ery beautiful and interesting.but good.

  3. toplu sms says:

    very good strategy.

  4. i see very beautiful and interesting.but good.

  5. Paula Tirado says:

    What part of “…all the bitches in Hollyweird are too emaciated to make a decent Wonder Woman!…”, do these idiot movie producers and casting agents, not get!?!?! Wonder Woman had an hour glass figure. Gal Gadot is flat chested, for fuck sake! If they were thinking of even considering Gina Carrano, bitch can’t act! HELLO! All Hollyweird is doing is wasting film footage!

  6. don juan says:

    don juan says dc and warner bothers and zack syder done fucked it up again, they just can,t leave it alone,zack why gal gadot? you know you and warner bros.done fucked up the person of woman woman.this chick is too skinny,leave it to hollywood you guys done fucked up wonderwoman, need i say any thing else?

  7. 1rtv says:

    The Woman is not even pretty

  8. Jaclyn Smith says:

    Are they going to give the girl steroids??? She is no where close to the physique needed to play this role. Wonder Woman was made to have muscles, an AMAZON, over 6 feet tall!!! Hollywood is forcing women to feel the need to be sick figures to be sexy….sad day for women.

  9. Ray says:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!! GINA CARANO should be the The new Wonder Woman. You want proof? check out her pictures ANYWHERE online!

  10. Lee_man says:

    Y’all are getting to worked up about this, it’s really not that serious, the girl has one thing that gives her an edge and that is the fact that she has served in the military so she has some knowledge of fighting and she not just a pretty face. I think she is perfect for the role considering how tall she is and I think she is going to do great.

    • carrie says:

      oh please that doesn’t make her wonderwoman

      • Mike says:

        You don’t think they will get her to GAIN WEIGHT for the Role and get a boob job if needed?

        She WILL look like Wonder Woman by the time filming comes. SHESH stop all the crying you sissies.

      • Andrew C. says:

        Every Israeli men and women have to spent some time in Military Forces. She’s no special or different from any woman in Israel.

  11. Winston says:

    I think Andrew C is right. Wonder Woman should be played by a tall, muscular woman. Also, she should look Greek since her origins are tied in with Greek gods. Casting actresses with brown skin would be a refreshing way to spice up movies to say the least. Any way, This trend of chosing a frail skinny little woman for such a physically impressive role just doesn’t work. Gol better hit the gym and bulk up for the next year to even get close to how Diana is supposed to look. Hollywood fails at casting again and fails again to give minorities of any kind a chance.

  12. Andrew C. says:

    With all respect, she’s a good and lovely actress but too SKINNY to play a role about a woman who spent her life practicing and studying sports and marcial arts. Come on, we are talking about the most powerful woman from the comics!!! All male character are played by strong, athletic and good actors. And what do we have for Diana? a TOP MODEL? She needs a lot of fisical work for this film. And then, maybe… maybe… I don’t wanna a bodybuilder to play a warrior woman, but What did happened to Bridget Regan, Gemma Arterton, Jessica Biel, Charlise Theron, Evangeline Lilly, and so many, many other great options to this role????

  13. WWFAN says:

    you know, some fans wonder if DC and Warner Bros. even care anything at all about the Wonder Woman character. it’s like they just said let’s just get someone to play the role, regardless of who it is, and hope that everybody will just shut-up and be happy that they’re finally getting her in a live action movie. Well, the truth is that i am very happy that, FINALLY, Wonder Woman is going to be in a live action movie. It’s been a long time coming! But do I agree with Zack Snyder saying that Gal Gadot is the perfect actress for the role? NO!!!!!!!!!! They could have definitely found a better actress for the job. But let me say this……I just hope that Zack, Warner Bros., and whoever else realizes the scope of the situation. Gal Gadot has been offered an incredible role that a lot of actresses have been vocal about wanting to play if they ever got the chance. This will be Wonder Woman’s first time in a live action movie. Gal is under a LOT of pressure to come out with gloves off and swinging in this role, because serious Wonder Woman fans, like me, are going to be expecting a lot from her. if she pulls it off and does a great job, she will have silenced a lot of critics, but if she doesn’t pour 100% into this role and try her absolute best to show that Wonder Woman DOES deserve to be on the big screen and have her own movie, then a lot of fans of Wonder Woman are going to be REALLY pissed off.. All I ask is that since this is Wonder Woman’s first time out on the big screen in a live action movie, just make it something great and that has made our wait worth-while. So Zack, Gal, and Warner Bros., the ball’s in your court. Just, PLEASE, let it be an experience we can be happy with. Gal may not not have exactly been my choice to play Wonder Woman, but if someone were to ask me if I think she can do it, my response would be that if she really tries her ABSOLUTE best and holds nothing back at trying to believably be Wonder Woman on the big screen, then yes, she can, but it’s up to her!

  14. David Brooks says:

    I’m really afraid of the Batman. vs Superman director & Ben Affleck as The Batman. Won’t bring thier A GAME. Gal Gadol will bring her A game after a little toning up (Workout).

  15. David Brooks says:

    I truly can’t wait to see the fabulous Wonder Woman on the BIG SCREEN. please!!!! Don’t mess this up!! Good luck.

  16. Fingerscrossed says:

    This actress may be attractive but she looks NOTHING like Wonder Woman. Out of all the actresses in Hollywood you mean they couldn’t find one with blue eyes or a figure of an amazon ? Lynda Carter matched perfectly and set the bar very high. I can already tell this is going to be nothing like Wonder Woman as we all have known her since the 40’s. And this New 52 garbage DC Comics is dishing out is disgusting. I feel Jim Lee has taken all of our beloved Super Heroes away from us.

  17. Gal Gadot says:

    I think Gal Gadol is a great choice. She is beautiful and she can do action as we saw in Fast and Furious…Plus she was in the Israeli military. She may need to “thicken up” as everybody says but she has plenty of time before release. Let’s just watch the movie first before expressing the negative comments. Hope it’s a good one!

    • carrie says:

      again being in the military has nothing to do with weather she looks like wonder woman or weather she can play the part and I don’t think she can

      • Dan Levitan says:

        Well, being in the industry, I can tell you that she CAN act the part. PRECISELY because she was in the Israeli Defense Force. Also, because she is from Israel and is by definition “Mediterranean”, in which Greece is also part of the Mediterranean, she has the potential “Themiscyra” look.

        People need to stop thinking about what the comic book looks like, or how Lynda Carter played the part. This is now, there is no stopping it. I, for one, am happy with the casting.

  18. Belen P. Kantutera says:

    she does not seem like a lynda carter type… you know, the drop dead gorgeous type… but who knows? with some cosmetic enhancements (plastic surgery) and stringent workouts, she may just suddenly become vavavooom… else, she becomes one of those easily forgotten thingie

  19. stevepostrel says:

    WW is tall and powerful. Think Charlize Theron with dark hair. It’s as much about attitude and presence as stature, but actual height and physical strength would be a big plus.

  20. JJ says:

    The As long as they were going with a thin Gal, they shoulda looked at Olivia Wilde or someone Snyder has worked with, Lena Headey. Both carry a strong demeanor worthy of a super heroine. Gadot is cutesey and doesn’t have the elegant but “dangerous” look that the other two starlets can pull off. Instead the franchise went toward the fragile direction as evident by the casting of Afleck. Way to doom the franchise, kristy carlson. No one will ever see Afleck as a Dark Knight. People are already have a bad opinion of the movie because of 1 player. Coulda saved millions in advertising and damage control by not having Afleck. Karl Urban as Batman woulda been a respectable adversary to Superman.

  21. Ms Wonder says:

    I have heard a lot of complaints from the serious comic book fans about Ben Affleck playing the role of Batman and the blog for those against it. I didn’t think it was a very good choice, but it just made me feel like I don’t need to see that in theaters, I can wait to see it on video. I heard the rumors that Wonder Woman may be in it and I was so excited! Wonder Woman has been my hero as far back as I can remember. Then last night I herd that the girl from “Fast and Furious” was playing the role. Then when I found out it was the one no one will even miss , the one that did not pull off the tough role at all, or bring anything to the movie at all, and is far toooooo skinny to play Wonder Woman. I now have no interest in seeing this movie! I now looking for the blog ” Against Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman” to join.

  22. You guys realize that it’s still at least 6 to 9 months before filming starts and that is plenty of time for her to tone up, right? Also, let’s all not forget that Christian Bale was at 120 pounds for “The Machinist” less than 9 months before Batman Begins started filming.

    • Jennifer says:

      Do you think she will win hip, chest, ass and muscles in 2 months?
      The film begins to be shot in February.

    • zzzzzzzod says:

      Tone up and bulk up are two different processes. And the third installment of Batman didn’t require Bale to be at his largest as it played on the story that he was withdrawn from Gotham and emotionally distraught. He was larger in the 2nd movie than he was in the first. Plus, Bale is a method actor. That guy is maniacly committed to his roles and making sure he looks the part. Plus his resumé supports a huge range of acting skill. Gal has only played the demure damsel, which she does very well. I have nothing against her other than she doesn’t fit the ideal of Wonder Woman at all other than she’s female. There were definitely more suitable actresses for the role. This pick comes off more as a personal favor than a sound choice.

  23. zzzzzzzod says:

    So I presume that in about a week, the same publicity team that tried to quench our fears about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman will be making their rounds and earning their pay while trying to convince us that we need to relax and give a 95lb Wonder Woman a chance. Oh I’m relaxed. It ain’t my money on the line. And I definitely will be Redboxing this turd-nado.

  24. Dane Ryan says:

    Who the heck is casting this and are they on crack? Gal is an anorexic waif and has no business playing the powerful Wonder Woman. Are they trying to destroy any chance of a Wonder Woman movie? Booooooooooooo!

    • Ebby says:

      It seems to me that the majority of people who approve this choice aren’t even fans of WW. Some of them don’t even like the character (as I have read on other forums). They pushed the envelope with Affleck -whom I like I just think he is miscast. And now they make Wondy 120lbs, brown-eyed and a possible love interest? Way to go side-kicking the “arguably most powerful female” in the comic book universe. Doesn’t DC and WB know which side their bread is buttered?

    • zzzzzzzod says:

      Dane speaks the truth. This pick seems more inline with the emo/hipster youth than the strength that was illustrated in the comic book.

  25. Rodossus says:

    I think Gina Carano would be a better Wonder Woman

    • zzzzzzzod says:

      I had no idea who Gina Carano was. Then again, I had no idea who Gal Gadot was either until this announcement. So I Googled Gina Carano. I definitely think Gina would have been a better pick than Gal. Her face even looks more like Wonder Woman. This Gal Gadot chick is waaay too demure.

      • Lex says:

        In Haywire Gina had to get her voice dubbed because she could not speak clearly. In Fast and Furious 6 she had the fewest lines. Both movies she was one note and same character. So you picked one of the worst actors for WW.

  26. Tim says:

    Maybe I’m nitpicking, but I was hoping they’d pick someone more Wonder-Womaney. A stronger jaw, for example, and more muscles.

    • A stronger jaw on a woman and it starts to look manly, her physic can change because, well, they train for months before the shoot.

      • Ebby says:

        Not necessarily…Amazonian makes me visualize a Lucy Lawless-type – beautiful AND strong AND noble. And that is what WW is. That is what true fans want to see. Gadot is pretty but she does not embody the true essence of the character. Which is okay if they are targeting people who want to see a runway model in a WW costume. But they will lose a significant audience (um…people who actually LOVE the character). Which from a marketing/revenue standpoint doesn’t make sense.

  27. While I’m glad that they are trying to cast a relative unknown, she definitely doesn’t have the sparkle I’d hope for in someone playing the role of Wonder Woman. She’s not altogether unfortunate looking but she’s a bit plain and without the It factor needed. This does not bode well for WW ever getting her own movie.

  28. Mary Ann Stanton says:

    It will be hard to top Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. And why cant we see her in her own movie first? Girls would love her as a superhero, and guys would go to see the hot girl in the sexy outfit.

  29. Should of went with Jaimie Alexander.

  30. jay says:

    I would have preferred Gina carano to play wonder woman! She is so much better and has the right physic but hopefully they made a good decision in choosing her :/

  31. And not one qualified Italian or Greek actress to be found to play WW? Let me guess WW will speak perfect English without an Latin or Greek accent…

  32. sunshine says:

    wow, this is the crappiest message board population i have ever seen. … ever.

  33. GeoRob says:

    As beautiful as she is, she better hit the squat rack and make it her bitch!

  34. Craig S says:

    I’m a little bit concerned that in her first tweet about the role, she misspells the character’s name…

  35. Uncle Morty says:

    This is Good for the Tribe!

    A Jewish Wonder Woman is CHOSEN!

    • Vu says:

      And your point is? Christian Bale is English, Henry Cavill is British, Chris Hemsworth is Australian. Do I need to say more?

      • Fingerscrossed says:

        His point is that DC Comics/ Warner Bros is destroying our Super Heroes and this Wonder Woman before the project begins. This actress is NOT Wonder Woman. We never needed to be sold on Lynda Carter when she spun into the role , everyone just knew, WOW! Wonder Woman!!! The only way this might work if it does, and I stress might. Is because Warner Bros is going to distort Wonder Woman so much as Jim Lee has in the comic book with this New 52 crap that it will fly with all the 13 to 18 years olds today and alienate the rest of her fans who have existed since Lynda Carter and those before that. So another words if you want the red, white, and blue, all american woman in her satin tights, fighting for our rights it will not be here. Rather we will be getting a dark, bitchy watered down hardcore woman they call Wonder Woman who looks NOTHING like her and jewish with brown eyes and I’m sure to add the final salt in fans wounds dressing her in that dreadful new Wonder Woman costume with black and white boots or blue rather then her original red boots with white stripe because of course today it can’t look like she is wearing the American Flag ESPECIALLY if the actress isn’t even from here. HORRIBLE. I’m hoping for good but expecting this to be all out garbage. Obviously someone in charge with no love for the charactor’s. I like Ben Affleck but that’s another miscast. The only thing missing out of this Batman & Superman film is the rest of the Saturday Night Live cast. What a poor joke on all of us. Needless to say teenagers will not care at all.

      • isaac says:

        His point is, the movies producers are jewish, the script writers are definitely jewish and nothings wrong with that so whats your point?

  36. Ben Lundy says:

    So Wonder Woman finally gets introduced to film, but she’s playing second fiddle to her male counterparts, who get top billing. It’s really disgusting how misogynistic the powers that be are showing themselves to be in their treatment of the DC Universe.

  37. Rolf says:

    I feel disappointment.

  38. Dynnik says:

    Not to be pessimistic, but even though I think she’s gorgeous, she’s definitely not in the ‘acting league’ I would expect for someone playing WW. What a feeble casting choice! In “FF6” she was barely okay; nothing out of the ordinary. –As comment above mentions, she’s seems more a bikini model than a warrior. I would seriously doubt that any depth of character will come out of her performance. We’ll see.

  39. Ted says:

    This will be the second Feature Film incarnation of Wonder Woman, actually. She’s a character in the upcoming “The LEGO Movie” opening in just a couple months.

  40. Jim says:

    What about Gina Carano? She certainly looks the part and was excellent in haywire.

  41. Shaaaaawn says:

    >getting angry over obvious troll replies

  42. E.V. says:

    I “wonder” what their going to do about her accent?

  43. ILoveHenryCavilForEver says:

    Gal is actually very pretty and if you’ve seen her work she is very talented. Gal could pull off the wonder woman however this movie won’t come out till 2017 she will have enough time to get bulk up and fit for this role wonder woman has somewhat a accent so i can say they are doing a good job by picking these actors and ill be like …21 when this movie comes out can’t wait! But when were waiting you should make another superman movie with just superman…. You know.. Like batman has like sequels?

  44. The Monarch says:

    I sense another “Spider Man 3” here. Too many big characters and none of them get adequate development and screen time.

    I get that DC wants a piece of that “Avengers” pie but Disney took their time and laid all the groundwork; DC/Warner just haven’t created that larger universe yet, and I think trying to do it all in one movie is a mistake.

    Would love to be wrong, because Wonder Woman is a great character and I would love to see her in some big-budget films, and I have been a Batman fan for a long time now.

  45. rob says:

    im not sure he dont look like WW maybe he be play young diana before he was WW or something like this

  46. Mell says:

    Stupid, lame stunt. It should be called Justice League. DC never does anything right. Marvel all the way.

    • Carlos says:

      “DC never does anything right”.

      The Dark Knight Trilogy > The Avengers

      • Rod says:

        and if you want shyte, look no further than Iron Man 3, Captain America, and Thor The Dark World…what a snoozefest

      • Rod says:

        The Avengers was plagued by adolescent dialogue and sub-par action sequences. And while The Dark Knight suffers from not as good The Dark Knight, it was still pretty solid and the action and story were much better than the colorful popcorn flick known as the Avengers.

      • Jim says:

        Lol, nope. The third one was shite.

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