Fox News: Oprah Pushing Racism to Promote New Movie (VIDEO)

The Butler

Fox News host Martha MacCallum and Republican strategist Dee Dee Benkie rejected Oprah Winfrey’s claim that the prejudicial treatment she received in Switzerland was racism on “America Live”, and wondered if the OWN mogul was needling the story as a promotional tool for her new movie, “The Butler.”

“Maybe Oprah Winfrey was miffed because she didn’t know who she was,” Benkie said. “And here’s the other thing: you know Oprah’s got a movie out about the butler. It would be really terrible if she was using this story to promote the movie. I’m not saying that. But I gotta say, it’s not fair to call anyone a racist whenever there’s no proof of it. There’s absolutely zero proof. Rude, yes. Racist, no.”

“When we call something like this racist,” MacCallum said, “it perpetuates this discussion, it makes people think, ‘People are still racist. It happens all the time, it happens all the time’ and that’s damaging.’”

“Maybe this clerk wasn’t racist but when there is a bigger issue in this country,” Fox analyst Jehmu Greene countered. “When I walk into a store and go buy hair for a weave, yes, I am treated differently.”



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  1. AL says:

    Look who’s talking about RACISM Fox news and talk shows are at the top when comes to racism the very top.

  2. She was in Switzerland, where they don’t even take a stand on where to sit!

  3. al says:

    Can we see what Oprah was wearing before we “back away” and say this is a class issue? In some circles, if you wear brown skin that is a demerit in social points regardless of your accesories. Of all people, these people who work in media should know!

  4. whiteyblackbitch says:

    I don’t believe Oprah anymore. She has made too many racist and out right lies . She seems to be inflaming black haters just to make money on her movie and net work. I believe now that she will do anything and is very racist.

  5. Murphy says:

    FOX and NEWS should not be used in the same line ,sentence nor paragraph

  6. Perry says:

    Once again, Fox News reminds me why I NEVER watch their crappy news shows.

  7. Andrew says:

    First point, if the salesclerk didn’t want to show Oprah the bag and the fox news women say the clerk wouldn’t have shown them the bag (pure speculation on their part as they’ve never had a clerk not show them something), then that has to be the worst employee in the world and is killing that private business. So the clerk wouldn’t show it to Oprah, wouldn’t show it to the other 2 women and tell them all that it’s too expensive? And does she work on commission? How does her boss feel about paying for an item that the clerk doesn’t show to anyone?
    And as far as the price goes, who cares about that? Oprah is free to spend her money any way she wants to. If it’s 38, 000 or 20, 000, what difference does it make? Oprah probably gives very good gifts. If she gave a $30 handbag as a gift, that would cause a huge controversy. I wish fox news would stop with the class warfare and let private citizens spend their money how they want to.
    And as far as speculating on the drum up for publicity angle that fox news says “I have no proof” of, and at the same time saying you can’t call the clerk a racist because you have no proof, escapes their ability to understand hypocrisy.

  8. YRP says:

    Fox News promotes RACISM.

  9. Chinoiserie says:

    I am not American so I do not know how reliable Fox news are but what he says seems to make sense to me. There is no proof of racism the store clerk just offered a bags that was worth 20 000 since they were there, instead of bag worth 38 000 that was not easily accessible. Oprah’s version of events is the same as the store clerks apart from the fact that Oprah claims that she said the bag is too expensive and refused to get it to her while the clerk says it is a misunderstanding do to the fact she does not speak good english.

    So is word to word (and she was offered very expensive bags already) yet most chose to apparently believe Oprah. But you forget that Oprah has a history of claiming people to be racist. She once accused of a Hermes store of being racist because they did lot let her in after they had already closed. According to her she should have been let in since there were still people inside the store, yet usually store`s do not drive away immediately after they close but do not let new people in. Yet she told this to newspapers and was sure of racism. So forgive me if chose not to believe people who call wolf multible times. There are so many real and proven racist events every day we should focus on instead feeling sorry for a celebrity that most likely was not subject of any racism.

    • Liz Daniels says:

      I am hoping a good CSR(customer service representative) does his/her job very well. If I walk into a store and ask a clerk to show me a specific bag, do not offer to show me something else. Show me what I ask for. I will decide if I want to see something else, not the clerk. That should be universal. As far as Hermes, no they should not have let her in if the store was already closed. Matters at hand.

  10. Kay Wright says:

    As I read the comments, Liz Daniels said it all. Bravo my friend. Well said. If you don’t have to deal with it on a daily basis, you cant comment on it. When we have to constantly teach our children to dress a certain way in this country so that they are not profiled should be a clue. Fox news wont get it because they are the perfect pro filers.

    • Liz Daniels says:

      Actually that reply was for Jon…sorry Kay.

    • Liz Daniels says:

      Kay, I agree with you 100 percent. I don’t like the pants worn like that either. I hope it’s a fad that will soon fade away. You say that to say what exactly? Respect me as a human being whether you like what I am wearing or not. Until I prove otherwise.

  11. Willie Pete says:

    maybe the clerk doesn’t like uppity former talk show hosts

    • Liz Daniels says:

      Or, maybe she doesn’t like Black people. Would that make her a racist? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck..

  12. Keith says:

    Memo: To Fox News. Ms.Winfrey doesn’t have to “push racism,” it survives and thrives on its own. (see Fox News agenda)

    • Liz Daniels says:

      Amen to that. I find it really, really, hard to comprehend that “certain” people can be oblivious to the fact that racism is alive and shows itself daily.

  13. Gafe Garcia says:

    Regarding “racism, bigotry and misinformation” when the name FOX News Network comes along all things are possible!


  15. Robert Benet says:

    I guess david manning is right about people using racism to make money.

    • Liz Daniels says:

      David Manning..right…used in the same sentence. That’s a joke..Each and every time racism shows up, it should be called out..Bravo Oprah..

  16. Michelle says:

    Fascinating-2 white women telling a woman of color they don’t believe that racism really happens today and people are “generally nice and positive”. Wow.

  17. G. Jardoness says:

    Hopefully this didn’t include an epitaph on Oprah’s part…

    Um, Miss Winfrey, a Paula Deen’s on line one, wanting to know whether you’ll need a lift to the next racial-sensitivity meeting?

    • G. Jardoness says:

      Yes ma’am, the purse is still $30,000 — but the cost of the store’s security-cam tape of you ranting and raving and calling the clerk everything in the book — priceless.

  18. jeannie5 says:

    If Oprah needed a story on racism to promote her movie,Fox News gives enough everyday. She could choose any “Hannity” show

  19. letsbefair says:

    Was it a racist act by Winfrey to embarrass the store clerk and was the store clerk white? Is that it?

  20. When you are a person who has faced racism or a religious persecution then you know it when you see it. Its time for people to be real with each other. When everyone can call a wrong action wrong then we can grow as a Species.

  21. GP says:

    ““Maybe this clerk wasn’t racist but when there is a bigger issue in this country,” Fox analyst Jehmu Greene countered. “When I walk into a store and go buy hair for a weave, yes, I am treated differently.””

    …this was in SWITZERLAND, you fool. It’s entirely possible the clerk didn’t know who she was. They have what’s called a different country over there. Not every country is your precious America. Do you understand that? Hell, I wish _I_ didn’t know who she was.

  22. letsbefair says:

    This woman always talks about how come no one helps out the intercity children and we should pay higher taxes. Then she throws $30,000.00 on a handbag how much food could have been purchased or School books for the Children, does she really need a 30,000.00 handbag?

  23. PMED006 says:

    This article is the perfect example of the classic bait and switch…….”Fox News: Oprah Pushing Racism to Promote New Movie (VIDEO).” But in the article (and on Fox News) what was actually said was, “It would be really terrible if she was using this story to promote the movie. I’m not saying that.” Dee Dee Benkie merely stated that it would be “terrible” if Oprah had less than genuine motives when showing her disdain for how she was treated while shopping in Switzerland. Additionally, Dee Dee Benkie does not work for Fox News, she was a guest of the show “America Live” in fact her bio states that she “has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, CBS This Morning as well as nationally syndicated radio.” So by this logic the article could be titled: Fox News, MSNBC, CBS This Morning as well as nationally syndicated radio: Oprah Pushing Racism to Promote New Movie (VIDEO). Careful the spinning here will make you dizzy…….

  24. Liz Daniels says:

    Enough already..It was/is racist. It happens all the time. Those that have experienced it, recognizes it and those that haven’t “the privileged” knows absolutely nothing about it. You have to walk in my/our shoes to know it..Stop sugar coating it. Racism is alive and well in the US and abroad…Check statistics!

  25. KATY Winshap says:

    You bleeding heart liberals living in Beverly Hills, Bel Aire, Santa Monica and Malibu, have you ever seen a black person? do you send your children to all-white schools? check yourself before you start calling other people “racist.”

    • Katy Winshap says:

      You bleeding heart conservatives living in trailer parks, have you ever seen a black person? Do you send your children to schools? Do you even know what a school is? Check yourself before you start spewing racist rhetoric from the comfort of your own basement. Not all blacks are out to get you, but your own preconceived notions certainly indicate that YOU have racist beliefs.

      • Liz Daniels says:

        Can we please stick to the subject…Black/White..Switzerland…Thank you

      • Jonario Eduardo says:

        Making a series of racial remarks and insinuations against “non-black persons”?. You should be proud of yourself, conveying the power of narrow mindedness for all to see. You do know you don’t need to walk in a black person’s shoes to experience racism. Non-black people these days across the globe experience as much racism and hate from others.

  26. KATY Winshap says:

    I’m like to know why the LA Times refuses to print her apology after she embarassed the store clerk. Or should I say bullied her?

    • Bob says:

      so you think all conservatives live in a trailer, kind of funny most white people are portrayed as rich white people that is a new take/ sometimes people try built a racism story just to make the news.
      Oprah would do that for publicity for a movie? of course she would!

  27. Jeeper Creeper says:

    And FOX is pushing the fake Oprah racism story to boost their ratings.

    • Jonario Eduardo says:

      The media in general promotes all forms of hate and fear it can muster in order to promote ratings from the shock value. It has become one of the biggest evils in the world. Fox is bad, CNN is bad, CBS is bad…they sell out everyone they can if it gets them viewers. Watching news in Canada or various European countries, its a stark contrast to the garbage that U.S. news services try to propagandize.

  28. Stefan Halka says:

    Oh, so much like the Hermes incident, Oprah with her entitlement attitude is pissed she isn’t getting the treatment she wants. Now she is being a bitch, hitting below the belt and crying “racism” to get her way.

    • jeannie5 says:

      Money talks. Its obiviously working. The government issued an apology,the store issued an apology. Need I say more. Power is power and Oprah has it. Along with around 3 Billion dollars

  29. DD says:

    FWIW, the sales clerk has vehemently denied being either racist or elitist. She said that she merely said – or tried to convene the message in her imperfect English – that the Tom Ford bag collection had less expensive items. These “less expensive” items were still in the $20K range rather than the $38K crocodile skin bag. (my take is that showing someone a $20K bag does not constitute racism … the clerk did not say, “Ma’am, the Walmart is on the next block” … it was more like, “The Gull Wing Mercedes is overpriced. Let me show you this very nice, affordable 911 Turbo)
    Additionally, the clerk is claiming that Oprah is essentially slandering her and the store proprietor (a female acquaintance of Tina Turner’s, who also happened to attend the big wedding) via her access to the US media and that the Swiss lady is quite aggrieved by it.

    • R A says:

      I agree with you. Oprah just happens to have a new movie coming out so now she’s Black. Everyone is not racist and I’ve had clerks provide me with just that same sceniro you offered. Believe me Oprah is an elitiest just like all of the elite. I don’t believe Oprah’s story for one minute. I remember she lied on a woman in the school she set up in South Africa. The women sued Oprah and won. There’s two sides to every story and Oprah has proven herself to be a liar on more than one Occassion. And her movie
      “The Butler” is not welcomed at all. I hope all black people boycott it.

      • Liz Daniels says:

        What? Are “you people” (I get to use it this time :) ) serious. One question. Why would the Swiss government apologize if it did not happen? I, myself, am looking forward to seeing “The Butler”

    • Liz Daniels says:

      Come on DD get real…Why would the clerk offer Oprah something else? Why? because she thought Oprah couldn’t afford it. Period..If I walk into a store and ask to see an item, I don’t care how much it cost, I want to see that item. I don’t want to see something else.

      • DD says:

        FWIW, it’s not clerk’s job to show anything the customer asks. Her job is to maximize the profits for the store owner (who would then presumably compensate the clerk for the done sale with commission fees). In other words, it’s quite possible that the other bag had more profit for the owner and that was the item that the salesperson was trying to push. Thus is the nature of the retail trade.

        And, by the way, this isn’t the first time O[rah cried wolf. Back in 2005, she got into a spat with another super high end store, Hermes in Paris. She tried to enter it 15 minutes after the closing. The store didn’t let her in. She complained. They apologized. She was wrong. They were right.

        I’d also bet that Oprah can be quite a pill, wanting everyone to yield to the diva. If you had asked salespeople what it’s been like to deal with her, I am very confident that more than a few rude words will be used.

      • Liz Daniels says:

        The point is..If I am shopping in a store and ask to see a certain item, regardless of the price, I expect the clerk to show me that item. That is their job. A clerk’s job is not to make an assumption of what I can or cannot afford. They are there to provide a service, hopefully with a smile. I don’t believe it’s a racist shop, however, the clerk on the other hand had a racist moment. I wonder how ofter she has had an encounter with a Black woman/man. Do your job, treat everyone the same and the world would be a happier place. As far as the shop owner, Are you saying that Tina Turner(my number 1) is his 1 Black friend that every white person has. When racism shows up, I’ve often heard many “people” say, “I have a Black friend.”. Your story is your story Research(fibbing as you say) as opposed to buying. I probably would have walked away also. Glad you didn’t chalk it up to racism. Not knowing his job? I would have chalked it up to the salesperson’s doing his job and not wasting his time on your “research”. We all have stories and unfortunately none of my stories are close to “research” or beamers..

      • DD says:

        A “poor black woman” can afford a $20K Tom Ford bag? Talk about “getting real”!

        And, this story is all over European rags. The sales person, according to the owner, has been working there quite a while and has no history of either racist or discriminatory behavior. The owner of this “racist” shop is a friend of Tina Turner’s (who, for the record, is black).

        So, here’s really what happened – Oprah didn’t think people she offended would reply so strongly and is backtracking all over the place now. In other words, there was nothing to the story. Oprah invented it because it seemed like a very convenient little lie to tell on the promotion circuit. She dried wolf. Again.

        PS. Many years ago, I once walked into a Mercedes Benz dealership in Hollywood right when the new 500 CL model came out. I walked in off the street, dressed in shorts and sneakers. A black male salesperson – in a white shirt and a designer tie – looked me over, asked if he could help. I said (fibbing entirely) that I was doing research for my boss, who preferred a new BMW 750 to CL 500. The guy winced and said, “I feel sorry for your boss”. And walked away.

        I didn’t chalk it off to racism but not the guy knowing his business.

      • Chinoiserie says:

        Swizz tourism apologized since they did not want any bad publicity to Switzerland. The store and the clerk have not, the tourism have no other information sources so they were just careful, I does not indicate that they actually believe Oprah based on her word alone.

  30. faye Scott says:

    Had Oprah been another race would the clerk tell her she couldn’t afford the purse? Yes, it was racist. She apparently didn’t know Oprah and has the idea that an ordinary black person couldn’t possibly have the funds to buy an expensive item. Don’t excuse bad behavior and obvoius racism….I don’t care where in the civilized world this happens; call it like it is – call a spade a spade.

    • phd says:


      Have you ever vacationed in Continental Europe? If you haven’t, you’re not qualified to make an assessment. I’m white and if I went into that shop and tried to paw that bag, they wouldn’t show it to me either even if I were well dressed. Since I don’t wear expensive bling, they wouldn’t think I could afford it and they’d be correct.

      • Liz Daniels says:

        I have vacationed in Continental Europe and I can make that assessment… I’m Black and I differ with you.

  31. Dg786 says:

    While we are just throwing “racism” at everything, isn’t it racist to speak with that accent to mock the person you are talking about? The story says Switzerland but she is sounding middle eastern or something. She’s just mad that somebody didn’t recognize her and make a big fuss.

  32. G, Jardoness says:

    Did the clerk have her prejudices? Probably.
    Did the clerk simply act as any snotty boutique clerk would? Probably.
    Did Oprah have her prejudices? Probably.
    Did Oprah misconstrue one for the other? Probably.
    Did both of them have reasons for their misconceptions? Probably.
    Did both of them suffer for this miscommunication? Probably.
    Did the purchase of a $30,000 purse make any more sense than claiming racism as a way to enhance a movies broad-appeal — Probably not.

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