‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Fans Demand New Leads

Fans of “Fifty Shades of Grey” have been tied up in who will play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the upcoming movie adaptation, and many were none too happy about the casting announcement made on Labor Day.

Author of the best-selling erotic series E.L. James announced on her Twitter Monday that “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam and “Ben and Kate’s” Dakota Johnson will play the protagonists in the movie. However, many loyalists had set sights on “White Collar’s” Matt Bomer to play the troubled billionaire and Alexis Bledel of “Gilmore Girls” fame to play Steele, and started a Change.org petition in protest of the decision, which has received more than 7,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

“All readers believe matt is christian (sic),” reads the petition’s page. “It would be a dream to see him in the movie.”

Bomer had always been a fan favorite to play Grey, along with “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavil and “Vampire Diaries” actor Ian Somerholder.

“Matt Bomer is perfect to play this role… He’s the only Christian Grey,” one commenter wrote. “He is a great actor and he can fit the character perfectly… No Bomer No Movie.”

Several have jumped to defend the “Fifty Shades” cast, including the film’s co-producer Dana Brunetti.

“There is a lot that goes into casting that isn’t just looks,” he tweeted Monday. “Talent, availability, their desire to do it, chemistry with other actor, etc.”

This isn’t the only Change.org petition as of late to cry foul on an anticipated casting announcement. Batman fans recently started a petition against Warner Bros., calling for them to recast Batman in the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” movie after the announcement was made that Ben Affleck would play the caped crusader. That petition has garnered more than 90,000 signatures.

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie is set to bow in 2014.

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  1. Fancy says:

    So disappointed in the casting of Dakota to play Ana Steele!!! What were they thinking???!!!

  2. Sam says:


  3. mzpeparika says:

    I am not hear to bash the actors that were chosen, however I could see Dakota as Kate and Charlie as Elliot. I don’t know why I feel so invested in this movie but I would really like the characters to do the book justice. I just don’t feel an innocence from Dakota. She is definitely a beautiful girl but she isn’t believable as Ana. And Chris just doesn’t appear to be polished enough to be Grey. just saying.

  4. SARAH says:


  5. raerae says:

    i think alexis Bledel and Henry Cavill would be the best options for this movie….the actors they have now do not protray the characters written at all! i will be disappointed if they do not change the actors.

  6. C. Pierce says:

    The movie is ruined !

  7. Tabu says:

    Snap out of it. Learn to spell and use grammar if you intend to insult someone. At least try to appear educated. If you read the books and enjoyed them, then I suspect the author’s choice of character representation should also satisfy you. It is the author’s vision after all.

  8. kitty says:

    Matt bommer is so handsome ANd atractive to fifty shides of GREY. CHARLIE is so ugly And i don’t like

  9. Anastasia says:

    O don’t like charlie and Dakota to 50 shides. :'((( Matt And Alexis are perfect :))) ACTORS change

  10. Rebecca says:


  11. Nova Lova says:

    Anyone who believes Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel should play the leads weren’t reading Fifty Shades of Grey very intimately, in my humble opinion, take a reread, you’ll see the chemistry between those actors would be a terrible mismatch. I have my reservations that Charlie Hunnam was cast as well but looks aren’t what matters here, what matters is that he gets the ‘feeling’ right. Dakota Johnson is perfect for the part, are we intelligent enough readers/fanatics or not?

  12. Tabu says:

    I strongly disagree! Charlie has stellar skills for making you see him as his character without carrying previous characters forward!

    • kw_8083 says:

      I agree, Charlie just brings a character to life!! He is an awesome actor. I am not sure about Ana’ s role as I do not know this actress but I am sure that the author knows what she is looking for. Lets face it if it was not for her we would not even have a Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele. So lets all quit pouting and wait and see what they have in store for us!! I just hope the movie is as steamy at the books. I don’t see how they will bring that to reality but we shall see!!! (Clapping my hands like a school girl..lol)

  13. Karen says:

    Charlie is a classic case of casting against type. No matter how good an actor is he must also be able to project the image of a character- and Charlie God bless him is NOT Christian Grey. Matt Bomer does project the Christian Grey image to a tee – and also has the savior faire to carry that role. This is a terrible case of miscasting and will have a serious impact on the film’s box office appeal. What was James thinking…?!

  14. Sandee says:

    Best actor for Christian Grey is Chris Hemsswarth. Perfect. This is the best for him.

  15. wendsj says:

    I think these two will be perfect for the movie, I am a big fan of Son’s and he is Christian Grey for sure.

    • Chrisez says:

      I agree with you, wendsj. I’m frankly thrilled. But isn’t this bizarre DRAMA from the crybabies fascinating? It’s as if the end of the world iof their world! Love it!

  16. Tab says:

    Bottom line…I trust the author’s decision. If the author’s on board, then it’s as it should be.

    • kuabci says:

      I wouldn’t trust a single thing this author says or does. Her body of work clearly indicates a severe lack of good judgment.

      • Tabu says:

        So…why did you read it? Why do you care enough to publicly attack the author so personally?

      • kuabci says:

        Mmmm, I’m not sure fanfiction counts as the “author’s” intellectual property… Unless of course you mean I.P. Freely, in which case she didn’t really invent that either.

        As for “approving” of the cast, I’m pretty sure NO casting of this movie would be appropriate, as the movie itself is already a cinematic travesty.

      • Bob C. says:

        Yes, but good or bad, it is STILL her I.P. Who else has a better right to approve of the casting than her? We sure don’t.

    • Chrisez says:

      Tab, you make a lot of sense. Thank you for your intelligent remark. Just look at the losers crying, wringing their hands, thinking of murder and/or suicide, because this vital, earth-shattering casting decision will mean the world will come to an end. You just have to sit back and laugh at these fools!

  17. ellisaurus_rex says:

    Where is this petiotion and where can I sign it? NO BOMER NO MOVIE

  18. Kat says:

    I am VERY upset and disappointed with the casting of Fifty Shades of Grey, I personally think they should change the cast and cast Matt Bomer to play Christian Grey, the reason for that is because HE IS ATTRACTIVE. I pictured Matt Bomer while I read all three books, he is perfect for the role of Christian Grey and I’m pretty sure most of the fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey will agree with me.

    • Lois says:

      Same here but apparently nothing us fans can do about it

      • kuabci says:

        As if anyone asked for Kat’s opinion. If foaming fangirlz get to whine and complain about the casting of an already crappy movie, then anyone else is just as entitled to express their opinion.

        We didn’t ask for it, so please take it elsewhere.

      • Chrisez says:

        Bob C., your opinion is just as valid as these crybabies who have NO life. If the author likes the casting and the producers like the casting, then the silly crybabies can take their opinions and…well, you know. :-)

      • Kat says:

        Well that’s just disappointing. I was really looking forward to watch Matt Bomer star in Fifty Shades of Grey.

        Also Bob, I didn’t ask for your opinion please take it elsewhere.

      • Bob C. says:

        Thank God! People, get a life.

  19. Tab says:

    Charlie is going to rock this movie. The books became dull and predictable, but casting him is going to make it worth tolerating the Anastasia character. Be still my beating heart. Oh my!

  20. M.M. says:

    Fifty Shades of Grey was the most anticipated movie of 2014. Not not more! Wrong actors makes for low attendance. That’s what you get when Corporations just want to make fast money. Rushing a major project is not the key to success.

    • M.M. says:

      @Bob exactly what i’ve been saying. they rushed this movie. everything about it is wrong on so many levels. from the actors, to the timing, to the writer and to the director. i agree a director should be french or even spanish. they do these sort of films with more sensuality and artistic flare with the right actor and actress.

      it’s going to be another big budget flop with huge hype. movie tickets is so expensive these days , i wouldn’t waste it on this one. I read it so i will just stick to the book. Movie will be suck anway.

    • DG says:

      HA HA HA, “the most anticipated movie of 2014”?!? Behind The Avengers, Captain America, Mockingjay, The Hobbit, X-Men, Spider-Man, even Maleficent? Ummm… can you possibly provide ANY kind of backing for this ludicrous statement? Nice try.

      • Frank W says:

        Most people complain about the casting, but what about the director? This movie cries out for a French director, either Catherine Breillat or that soft core guy Jean-Claude Brisseau. Even Lars Von Trier!

      • Bob C. says:

        Don’t you love these over-dramatic crackpots, DG? You’re not gonna get any backing for their ludicrous statements. They’re just not intellectually capable of anything but groundless hysteria!

  21. Uraeya says:

    I’m SOoooo very disappointed in the casting of Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey. He doesn’t fit the character description at all. He’s just not this gorgeous, sexy, powerful billionaire who turns heads everywhere he goes, and dazzles women. What happened to Henry Cavill or Chris Hemsworth? Now I have little desire to see this film.

    • If you don’t think Charlie Hunnam is handsome, hot and sexy then you must not recognize a good looking man when you see one. He has a HUGE fan base because not only is he gorgeous and ripped but he oozes great talent and owns every role he plays. Everyone should give the guy a break. I never heard of Bomer or Bledsel before but I am ecstatic that they picked Charlie to play this role. I think he is the best choice for the male lead.

    • MLove says:

      If you don’t think that Charlie Hunnam doesn’t meet the Christian’s description then you may need 2 read the book again or look at some of his other pics, plus he does favor Chris Hemsworth, even though I agree with you there, that was my 1st pic. As far as everyone else’s pic Matt Bomer looks the less likely description of Christian. You need a man with body abs, the ‘V’ and that can pick a woman up…and that’s besides the blondish hair and grey eyes.

    • lismlvr says:

      I think filming will start on this soon, correct? Cavill is filming Man From Uncle now, so he’s not available. Hunnam was not who I pictured either, but what are ya gonna do? The actors have to agree to terms, be available, and fit some casting agent’s vision. The fans of the books don’t really factor into the decision.

      • Bob C. says:

        Lismlvr, you’re a breath of fresh air! I wish all the crackpots pissing and moaning and wringing their hands over the casting world take a lesson from you. They predict the end of the world (or civilization as we know it), but I think Hunnam and Johnson will do just fine. I’d rather be positive than so pessimistic as to be ridiculous!

  22. Legalimy says:

    I’m SOOOOOOO glad Henry Cavill isn’t doing Fifty Shades of Grey. That way he can play the role of Professor Gabriel Emerson from the Inferno Series by Sylvain Reynard. He’s ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for it. I do agree that Dakota appears to be older than her age. She doesn’t fit the description of Ana Steele’s character. So go ahead and disagree. I’ll watch it anyways and cross my fingers the Inferno Series gets adapted into three films. It’s way better than FSoG.

  23. jules says:

    Bottomline, the actress , Dakota Johnson, is unattractive and looks too old for Anastasia Steele! The worst casting ever!

    I won’t pay $13.50 to see this crap of actors.

  24. jules says:

    Not only is this movie already ruined with bad casting of two lead actors, the screenwriter(Kelly Marcel) was also a writer of the bomb, Terra Nova! SMDH!!!!

    They should just throw this in the can.

  25. Chrisez says:

    HAHAHAHA! Just as I thought — your eyes are crossed as well as your logic. LOL!

  26. Chrisez says:

    Not at all, Dart Vade. You just proved what an idiot you are. You completely missed the point of that comment. Apples and oranges.

  27. mavs1234 says:

    I have read the book and I understand why fans are angered by this decision….however it all depends on chemistry and their acting…charlie and dakota are great actors so I am pretty sure they will do a great job…so before everyone judge this decision lets first see the film. Its pretty embarrassing when you criticize and then knowing that you were wrong.

    • movie critic says:

      Charlie is a good actor. I dont know how he will live up to Christian Grey role. Dakota has been in alot of movies however, small parts. have you seen her TV show Kate and Ben? mediocre. It got cancel immediately. She was in Social Network opposite Justin Timberlake. You’d think being the biggest box office movie opposite Timberlake and not to mention having a hollywood pedigree she’d be a buzz all over Hollywood. Instead it went to Rooney Mara with no ties to the glitz and glamour. Dakota got the part of Ana because of nepotism.

      • Dart Vade says:

        he is correct though, she is a terrible actress who has 2 former Hollywood heavy weights and all she can give us is a very bad TV show. On top of that I have asked a few of my friends about her looks and no one finds her attractive, which should be the jumping off point for a movie like this, hot first acting second, since this is basically a lifetime movie as they wont take it nearly as far as the book did. You know that lead actor thought he was getting some hottie he would be making out with for countless takes, not Melanie Griffith at 40 years old, which is what this girl looks like.

      • Chrisez says:

        You’re a silly broken record, movie critic.


        DonnaDee (aka “”Melanie Griffith) LOL!

      • Chrisez says:

        MovieCritc: Check your facts. First off, it’s “Ben and Kate.” And it wasn’t cancelled “immediately.” It ran from September 25, 2012, to January 22, 2013 — 18 episodes — despite fair to good critical reviews. People have already expressed their annoyance with your know it all attitude and snarky crazy talk. If this truly IS your life, how sad.

  28. Melissa says:

    I think Charlie Hunnam would be AWESOME as Christian Gray!!!!! He is so HOT and SEXY!!

  29. RandomMe says:

    Anyone consider Colin Egglesfield or Erica Dasher?

  30. Bobby Bowfinger says:

    Why didn’t they just get role Amanda Seyfried, and have her pretend to be 21. She knows how to eXploit herself. Even Kathrine “Kate” Upton from Sluts Illustrated could been perfect for the role-model..Of the sick & twisted… talkie movie

  31. pam says:

    Are all you naysayers the ones who also complained that Daniel Craig would never make a believable James Bond?

    • movie critic says:

      Pam, very different. James Bond is a mans movie. It’s easy to be actioned-up. Fighting, running, dodging can be done just about by anyone. Fifty Shades is a woman’s movie. Women are more critical. They’re more detail oriented. They are capitivated by the characters in the book when it comes to romance and relationships. Hence, the casting should’ve been more thorough and wise, not haphazzardly or nepotism.

      • movie critic says:

        DonnaDee, is that you Melanie (Griffith)? hmm… thought so!

      • DonnaDee says:

        Good Lord, Movie Critic! Is this your life? I keep reading you bad mouth perfectly good casting choices and making wacky predictions at every turn. You really despise the actors — we got the message! Some people broke the news to you that there are far more important things going on in the world. Give it a rest, ok?

    • Bob C. says:

      And Michael Keaton as Batman.
      And Heath Ledger as The Joker.
      And Tom Cruise as LeStat.
      And on and on.
      And guess what — all the naysayers were wrong!
      And this is no different.

      • Dart Vade says:

        and George Clooney as Batman
        and Val Kilmer as batman
        and rosie odonell as betty
        and jessica alba as sue storm
        and kate bosworth as lois lane
        and Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates

        and on and on and on…
        and guess what all the naysayers were right!!

        wait did i just defeat the purpose of ur post?

      • Dart Vade says:

        yes it is bc the purpose of this book is sex and neither one of these leads are very attractive at all, especially her, their acting is like 4th on the list bc the source material is dreadful and the movie will suck none the less and now they just killed anyone who was curious to see Watson or Portman or Johanson naked, now they can go see a girl naked (whom they never cared to see in the first p[lace) who they also dont know!! Yay cant wait to see that girl get naked with that guy in that movie, yeah sounds like a winning formula

  32. Lisa says:

    Every woman has their own Christian Gray.. While reading, Bradley Cooper was my Christian. I love Charlie Hunnam and think he is an excellent choice. he has the gruffness needed for the role and will look the part once everyone sees him in a suit, we are use to seeing him in his role of Jax. I wasnt sure of Dakota until I saw pics of her with dark hair. I think this is an excellent casting job

    • movie critic says:

      Dakota Johnson looks older than her age. like 30 yrs old! She’s a mediocre actress. Have you seen Kate and Ben? The sitcom bombed. got cancel after few eps. She was in The Social Network, you’d think the buzz and schitzzz for her small part will be loud especially with a hollywood pedigree? Instead it went to Rooney Mara. Dakota got the part because the Director has close relations with her parents. This movie will flop before he begins. Fans have their own gripe but bottomline if Dakota and Charlie wasn’t chosen the outrage would’ve been minimal.

      Personally I don’t mind Charlie. but if he’s going to remain stocky , he’ll be just as wrong as Dakota.

  33. DG says:

    I love how people are acting like these are some major plum roles that are so extremely coveted and desired. Most of the actors people had in their minds when reading this crap probably had zero interest whatsoever in the project. Just because it’s a film based on a (currently and undeservedly) popular book doesn’t mean the roles are some major career boost. If anything, they’ll do more harm than good (Pattinson and Stewart are basically jokes in Hollywood now, and will probably never live down the Twilame stigma). The fact remains that this rubbish project was doomed before it was even conceived.

    • rocknrolla says:

      Oh pleaaaaase you obviously living under the rock. This was the talk in Hollywood. Every agent was sending their guys and gals to the casting directors.

      • DG says:

        Oh really? EVERY agent? Were you there? Do you live in Hollywood? I mean, since you seem to have the inside scoop and all.

        I’m not living under a rock, but some fans of this poo “literature” are certainly living in a dream world.

  34. Mister Salty says:

    Anastasia Steele is 21; Alexis Bledel will be pushing her mid-30s when the movie comes out. It was never going to be Alexis Bledel, as much as I like her.

    • movie critic says:

      it’s not about the age it’s about the youthfulness. Alexis can pass for 21. Dakota at 23 looks older, like 30! Alicia Vikander is 20 she was considered but thanks to Sam Taylor-Johnson the director who has close relations to Johnson’s parents, she got the coveted role. This movie is already ruined before it began. Rightfully so. Remember it’s the real fans that will make it a flop when none will go see it.

  35. liss says:

    In which 50 shades books does Matt Bomer fit the Christian Grey description….the amount of negative comments here about Charlie as Christian just shows how much people either didn’t read the book or were too dumb to understand CG’s description..eish…

    • Talya says:

      It’s because Matt is very handsome with grey eyes and very dark auburn hair. His hair may be a little darker than the burnt copper that Christian is described as having in the book, but when Christian’s features are described, Matt is very close to that.

      For Ana, she is described with long wavy brown hair, blue eyes that are a little bit too big for her face giving her an “innocent” look, and full lips. So that’s why Emmy Rossum popped into my head, even though her eyes are not blue.

      But there’s always hair cut/color, contacts, physical training etc. that actors undergo for a role.

    • movie critic says:

      liss, Charlie wasn’t even the first choice , which means he didn’t fit the Christian Grey mold but was just a runner-up as option. Matt DOES fit Christian being beautiful etc but I don’t think he would make a right Christian. You have to actually read the book (all 3) to conclude Charlie isn’t a Christian.

  36. movie critic says:

    Emilia Clark (if rumors right she turned it down) the second runner-up would’ve been Alicia Vikander, and Imogen Poots were considered in the top 3. But director Sam Taylor-Johnson already made up her mind for Dakota “SO NOT ANASTASIA STEELE” Johnson because of her close relations to Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith and perhaps the writer Kelly. Typical nepotism BS. This film is already ruined with bad casting. It will be a catastrophic flop at the box office. Karma is a biatch, baby!

  37. Chrisez says:

    Darth vader, why are you so mad at the world? Do you hate everybody? There’s no need to be so nasty.

  38. movie critic says:

    According to Hollywood Reporter, director Taylor-Wood first choice was always Dakota Johnson. Quite suspicious about this because of her close relations to Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. If this is true I hope this movie will flop big time. It’s already ruined by the bad casting. Hollywood Reporter is saying Alicia Vikander was considered. I looked her up and she is a perfect Anastasia Steele! She was deprived of the role because she’s Swedish with no Hollywood connection. Why doesn’t this surpised me. I hope Universal, EL James and especially Sam Taylor-Wood get what they deserve a MAJOR FLOP JOB.

    • movie critic says:

      I mean director Taylor-JOHNSON, not Taylor-Wood. sorry.

      • Dart Vade says:

        chrisez: will you ever get laid, how many times have you read this trilogy, do you rent ur moms basement or do yo just keep her body in the freezer, have you read any other book with fabio on the cover?

      • Bob C. says:

        Perfect, Chrisez! Thank you!

      • movie critic says:

        Chrisez, you’re on the WRONG THREAD. stfu

      • Chrisez says:

        Movie critic, since you can predict the future on such vitally important things like this movie, please tell us something on the less important things: Will we attack Syria? Will al-Qaeda succeed in their mission to down drone spy planes? Will Egypt survive its civil turmoil? Does EL James care what you think about the casting of FSoG?

  39. Lola_dk says:

    I don’t why some fans said that Matt Boomer is the perfect Christian Grey, yes he is good looking, but I have never seen him portray anything menacing, which is a pretty impotant side to Christian.. Ian was my Christian, not that I think that he looks like Christian, but because I think he could portray all sides of Christian…but with that said, I am very excited with the pick of Charlie and I can’t wait to see what he does with this role.. Dakota looks wrong, but I don’t know her, so we shall see…

  40. Jasmine says:

    I think Ian from vampire diaries and Emma Watson would be good for the man roles they both good and what they do !!

  41. None says:

    It’s the blond(e) hair. Don’t worry, people, they have them.

  42. Anthony C. Adams says:

    I haven’t read it. Don’t plan to. But have any of the people who are upset thought for a moment that perhaps the producers and E.L. James might have approached both Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel and were turned down. Just because the fans of certain stories imagine a particular person in film adaptations doesn’t mean that those people are the best choices.

  43. M.M. says:

    @Robert, EXACTLY my point. That is why I say Universal and EL James rushed this film to be made. They needed to be very careful on choosing the lead because it requires extreme detailed from physical to the chemistry that is why the book was so successful to women. Women are swooned by the physical and romance and vulnerability of the woman and the man. Fifty Shades movie has disaster written all over it. The 70 million plus fans of the book will not watch this movie. guaranteed! Just you watch when film critics butcher it.

  44. Robert says:

    “There is a lot that goes into casting that isn’t just looks,” he tweeted Monday. “Talent, availability, THEIR DESIRE TO DO IT, chemistry with other actor, etc.” Did anyone consider that Bomer and Bledel just flat don’t want to be in this ridiculous, recycled bit of mommy-porn?

  45. Cynthia Roth says:

    So disgusted in the casting:(. Been looking forward to the movie… Now not so much. Mr. Hunnam does not resemble what millions of fans have visualized Christian Grey to look like. Regardless of Matt Bomer’s personal life it’s the character and charisma he would bring to the part. Not knowing who he was I came across him flipping channels one evening and knew immediately he was perfect to play Christian Grey. Directors need to reevaluate their decisions as this may highly impact the movie ratings

    • Marco Polo says:

      You crazy fans do not understand the “FILM” process at all. “Directors need to reevaluate…” The process does not even resemble what is assembled in your head at all. Matt Bomer does not fit the criteria for International Sales. You have to base each role off of the bankability in each market, and anyone outside of the U.S. does not know who he is. So 2/3 of the world market would not care to see it. However, Hunnam just did Pacific Rim and is a good looking fellow and everyone knows how much a film with him in it makes. Money = Movie.

  46. debbi says:

    I’m more then happy with Charlie…People need to realize just because that’s who they envision as Christian doesn’t make it so…Charlie has depth…He will make this movie!!!!

  47. Supertrand says:

    I agree this amazing novel needed more sophisticated and talented actors to play the lead roles. I reckon the producers should audition more actors and choose more wisely. These two could very well hamper the success of Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

    Anyway, here are five actors / actresses who would’ve made a great lead cast for Fifty Shades of Grey.


  48. LovahLaura says:

    HENRY CAVILL!!!!! No Cavill, No Movie!!! ♥♥♥ Matt Bomer can’t play Christian, he’s gay! Sorry, but it’s true! I would be thinking about how a gay man is on screen doing those naughty things the whole time! HENRY CAVILL!!! COME ON!!!!! Just watch his Dunhill cologne ad or watch him get frisky in The Tudors!!! ;) It’s like the part was written for him!

  49. M.M. says:

    Those who actually read the book before the hoopla will not see the movie now. They rushed this , for one. They announced the movie released date even before they got their sh_t together, second. Bad casting, third. They were pressed for time, fourth. So many bad choices and time constraints on so many levels. What Universal and EL James should’ve done was wait another year or two to make the film. Maybe then they’d be more careful with the lead choices as well as more option. Charlie wasn’t even considered the lead in the first place, he was just the runner up. Then there’s Dakota. She’s so wrong for Anastasia Steele. Her first lead on a TV show flopped shortly after few eps if that. I’ve seen her act, mediocre. All she’s got is being the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Fifty Shades Movie has so many wrongs written all over even before it began.

    As for Matt Bomer , Ian and Alexis Biedel they don’t look right for the part. I’m for newbies but it must be picked carefully. Definitely Charlie and Dakota is bad casting.

  50. shannon says:

    Maybe those other actors (Henry, Matt, and Ian) didnt want to do the amount of nudity that this role requires. Anyone who has seen Charlie knows that he has no problem doing totally nude sex scenes. I personally wanted Henry, but I am soooo excited for Charlie!!!!!!

    • Alice says:

      I’m not gonna watch the movie for the amount of nudity, Fifty is a very complicated character, and all that six packs or muscles on Charlie cannot make him a good choice for this.
      If the producers insist then so be it, let all the perverts watch the movie while fans will not.

      • Darth vader says:

        You will still watch the movie don’t lie. Your being ridiculous. You act like the actor that y’all want to play the role actually want to play the role. They don’t. This is basically porno get real!!!!! Retards in this country.

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