Downey Jr.’s ‘Avengers’ Salary: Will Other Actors Fight for Better Pay?

The Avengers Robert Downey Jr. Chris

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief that Downey has committed to two new “Avengers” movies, but the deal only started to gel in recent weeks.

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Downey made around $50 million from the first “Avengers,” and sources say he will make even more from “Iron Man 3” after backend is paid.

But tellingly, the announcement does not include news that he will star in an eventual “Iron Man 4.” Marvel recently dated two unnamed Marvel movies and there was speculation that one could be “Iron Man 4.”

Sources say the talks between Marvel and Downey were always focused on “The Avengers” and not individual character pics. Downey has made it clear he wants to do other projects that aren’t Marvel-related, which is why it works for him to commit to two pics.

With Downey now locked in, speculation turns to what the other cast members will do. Downey was the only one not locked in for the next film but several sources close to several “Avengers” actors said that while they are committed to deals, renegotiations may still occur.

“We have a deal but the current one we have just isn’t going to cut it, so we’ll see,” said a rep for one “Avengers” thesp. The actors could well be smarting after Marvel paid Downey Jr. $50 million and Scarlett Johansson made nearly $20 million while others were paid far less.

Those talks may have to wait as Marvel is now deep in the search for the actress who will play Scarlet Witch, a new member of the “Avengers” universe. Whedon will begin meeting with actresses next week, and the casting could be the next piece of news to come out of the Marvel universe.

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  1. Chirag B says:

    $20 mil for Scarlet J? Really? for hero who fires 9mm while Iron Man shoots repulsor rays, Thor has a hammer and super strength, etc

    save the $20M and use it on someone else… sheeeesh

    she is WAY OVERRATED

    • aliablack says:

      You mean for an actress who does many if not most of her own stunts and fight scenes, compared to an actor who films most of his IM scenes in a CGI booth and has a stand-in/stuntman inside the suit unless his mask needs to come off? Or did you think that RDJ was always in the suit when IM is on screen? Not to mention, he doesn’t actually fly or shoot repulsor beams. Those are CGI’d in. But things like Black Widow’s fight with Hawkeye in the helicarrier? Or the fights with the Chitauri? That was the actors with the stuntmen only standing in for the really high-difficulty acrobatics.

      Do you seriously think that actors/actresses who portray superheroes should be paid according to their character’s abilities/superpowers? If so, then Iron Man/RDJ wouldn’t even make the top 10.

    • matt says:

      and i think robert downey junior insisted that she be in the movie even though her character wasnt even going to be in it.

  2. Sunny says:

    I am not so sure if Marvel is really that clever with casting because if I remember correctly they did not want Downey at all for Iron Man. I believe that they imagine the Marvel characters will be the selling point for those movies and casting interesting actors to play those characters is only of secondary importance.

  3. SLEY SAMPSON says:

    It was always a slippery slope. You put that many “stars” or “rising stars” and before you know it the budget of your film has sky-rocketed just on actor’s salaries alone. Before you’ve built the sets or started filming with those high-tech 3D cameras, before you’ve spent those advertising $s, your budget is $150 million. You’d better hope + pray they show up that first weekend before your earnings plummet by 60%, which is average for most films. At the same time, you can’t argue that their worth every penny. If you do argue the point, you just might be recasting like in the case of Edward Norton. The audience forgave you that time Mr. Fiege. They MIGHT NOT do it a second time. Food for thought. As for me, I WILL BE THERE on opening day.

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