Constantin Films Delays ‘Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes’

Mortal Instruments City of Bones Movie

'Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' has grossed more than $70 million worldwide

After a disappointing B.O. opening for “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” Constantin Films has delayed the production of the next installment “Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes.”

Principal photography was expected to start later this year and Constantin said in a statement that the reason for the delay is to “analyze the results to date and reposition the franchise in order to maximize the results for future installments.”

Since opening on Aug. 21, the $60 million dollar adaptation of the Cassandra Clare tome has grossed more than $70 million worldwide but only $28 million domestically.

Helmer Harald Zwart was expected to return, as were stars Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower.

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  1. Jenn Roush says:

    Wish they would go ahead with next film. This movie was great and I think if they announce another one is being made that more would watch the 1st one. People want more.. just sayin

  2. Alexandria Adams says:

    I’ve read all the available books in the series and loved the movie. I would like to see the rest of it play out on film.

  3. Charlotte says:

    I hope they do continue with making the next installment. I liked the movie so much I went and brought the books. Would love to see it continued to be played out on the big screen.

  4. Emma Graves says:

    I really love this movie the mortal instruments and I really hope they make the second one including the rest. After seeing the movie I went out, I bought the books and I’m reading them now and I love them and I can’t put them down. When I went to see the movie I brought my sister and niece with me and they also loved it and they should advertise it more often then they did because I feel everyone will love it too as much as I do. And I can’t wait for it to come out on Dvd because I’ll be the first to buy it.

  5. Joe Smart says:

    Here’s a reality check for all of you who seem to think that asking Constantin to make the sequel to City of Bones will magically make it happen. As of today City of Bones has grossed 80 million dollars worldwide on a 60 million dollar budget. That means as of today Constantin has likely lost 40 million dollars on City of Bones.

    The other thing you people don’t seem to realize is that City of Bones flopped because not enough people paid to see it. Every single one of you posting those please make the sequel comments did pay to see it–so Constantin doesn’t care about you or your comments. They already know if they make the sequel you will come to the theater but the next movie will just end up flopping again. Constantin cares about the people who didn’t see City of Bones because it needs them to see City of Ashes.

    The only way Constantin can make City of Ashes profitable is to get a lot more people to see it than saw the first film; to drastically cut the budget of the second film or to pull off some combination of the two.

    You people can cry and plea and beg all you want but the only way City of Ashes is likely to get made is if City of Bones does extremely well on home video. If that doesn’t happen making City of Ashes would basically be the equivalent of flushing tens of millions of dollars down the toilet.

    So if you want City of Ashes made buy City of Bones on home video when it comes out. Buy an extra copy to give as a gift.

    I know some people on this comment link think that I’m a jerk but the fact is Variety is a trade publication, not a fanzine. If people are going to post here they should accept the fact that the movie business is a business and that studios make movies to make money.

  6. Karen s says:

    Please make all the movies – LOVE the stories and the movies are perfectly cast – it’s a sexy magical good v evil romp for a more mature audience than potter or twilight. I think it will catch on w/o/m.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I loved it! Went to it with my daughter. I’ve pre-ordered the movie from iTunes! Please make the rest of the movies! So looking forward to it. We bought the books as well!

  8. louise says:

    I loved mortal instruments city if bones so did my Mum and younger cousin, it appeals to all ages,I preferred it to twilight. But the advertising for this film was dismal, none of my friends had even heard of it until I mentioned it, as it wasn’t advertised on TV, like twilight and Harry potter and I think the next film will be better as that is when you get to know the characters just like twilight. Advertise the next one better.

  9. Joe Smart says:

    All of the people who keep posting that they want a sequel to City of Bones need to put their money where their mouthes are and buy City of Bones when it comes out on home video. Without strong home video sales for City of Bones it is unlikely there will be a City of Ashes movie.

  10. cassandra sprotte says:

    I loved the movie I am reading all of the books because of it and would be disappointed if they didn’t finish making the books into movies :(

  11. Lex says:

    Dear Constantine,
    I think Mortal Instruments did not deserve all the bad reviews it did. I really love this movie because it can stand on its own. It will be a new classic I will add to my favorite movies. I do not like movies to much, but I have noticed this series is popular. They should do the sequels on a lower budget. I blame the bad marketing. Plus hot topic is one store with merchandise. I do not think divergent,and new vampire academy will do as well as mortal instruments. They look like bad movies. No offense! I think they should focus on continuing mortal instruments because people are reading the second books,and so on. They should have created a video game for the wii u, or 3ds. They sell alot of video games,or market through Walmart since everyone shops there. Thank you for considering my opinion. I will be sad not to hear about sequels.

  12. Liv Byrne says:

    I personally think Constantin film should ask their marketing company for a refund, there was little to no advertising here in Ireland before the movie. Nothing by way of promos etc., I happened to log into the odeon cinema site and watched the trailer, which was the reason i went to see it. I went another five times after (and I am twice the age of the demographic for the book). I do not remember it being on any trailers beforehand, The Hobbitt is not due out until November but I have lost count of the trailers that I have seen for it. The Mortal Instrument, City of Bones was a brilliant movie, the script writing was a bit of a let down. In regards to the actors they were all fantastic, great to see a non buffed up hero and also a kick ass action man who happens to be gay, and two strong female characters. The sales of the books have increased which means also the target audience for the movies will have a wider base. City of Ashes and City of Glass should be done back to back, it will cut down on costs. I do think their marketing needs a definite change, I would love to see a breakdown of where 60 million was spent on marketing….

  13. darlah says:

    my daughter went to see this film with friends i picked them up from the screening the teens raved about it so much it was like harry potter all over again the next day i was given orders to purchase the full series off books she hasnt set them down surly if a film series encourages teens to read should be backed 100%

  14. Alex87 says:

    Personally, I think the movie was pretty great. But for all the “real fans” of the novels, and I say this in order to favor Constantin Films, they should hire Cassandra Clare to do a rewrite of the movie City of Ashes and continue doing so with the rest. That would definitely attract the audience they desperately need and that way they can get back to production as quickly as possible.

  15. Jerrie Hackett says:

    Mortal instraments was a. Dry good book and the movie was just as good. I think a lot of people didn’t get to go see it because of the day of the week it was released. I have to say it was a have to see movie,and I feel bad for the people who missed. I also think it would be a shame if all the books weren’t made into movies

  16. Bethany says:

    I went to watch the film With my friend and when I got home I went and got the first book out of my sisters bedroom and started reading it and I couldn’t stop and know I’ve just finished the last book today and normally I read a bit and then a while later I start to read it again but there was none of that for those books and I think jamie is so hot he is an amazing singer and I want him to have a song in the next movies I really can’t wait for the next movie to come out. My sister told me just today that it has been delayed cause of money problems and i hope they get there money for it and u joe smart stop saying such bad stuff about it it’s amazing since I’ve watched I keep going onto YouTube and watching clips for the movie even though I’ve already watched it and ive been watching jamie singing his songs but I only wish he put them onto iTunes so I can by them I’ve also been watching there interviews funny so stop criterzing the movie and cast

  17. charlotte says:

    The only reason it didn’t do good was becaaue it totally boycoted certain places i really wanted to see it I looked within 25 miles of my house 7 cinemas and not one was showing. By the time i had decided i didn’t care about driving 30 miles to see it (the first week of September) just 15 days after realise date couldn’t even find it on there. now I have to wait till January for it to come onto dvd and i live in scarborough in england over 20 thousand just there i dont understand just found on somewhere yay.

  18. The director has confirmed that they are doing the next film. movie. (as well as one of the actors) They made a good amount of money due to the time year that it was released, sure March and November would have been better, but as there are three YA films coming out Feb/March next year, and Catching Fire November that would have been a bad choice. The whole thing makes is as if the next movie is not being done. $70 million is more than a good amount. I only had a problem with the script and i think what was done with the script was fine for a YA movie.

    • Joe Smart says:

      Rosie–I think the studio is less concerned with people being unhappy with City of Bones than with the fact that so few people chose to see it in the first place. As I stated City of Bones likely had to make 120 million dollars globally to break even. That probably seemed like a very safe bet to Constantin before the movie opened–after all the latest Percy Jackson film which is widely considered a flop made 166,872.00 globally. Because of its more modest budget (60 million versus 90 million) that would have netted a decent profit for City of Bones. But City of Bones hasn’t cracked 70 million dollars globally. Maybe lots of people will buy City of Bones on home video and help make up for that lost revenue. But since you know so much about film how many theatrically released sequels can you name for movies that bombed in theaters? It’s possible that Constantin will go ahead with City of Ashes but I don’t see why they would unless they have a reason to believe it will do better than the first one.

    • Joe Smart says:

      To date City of Bones has made 70 million dollars on a 60 million dollar budget–and that’s not including promotion or the money exhibitors get to keep. The general rule of thumb is that a movie needs to make twice it’s budget globally to break even. That means City of Bones would need to make 120 million globally to break even–which is not going to happen. Delaying a movie that had a firm start date is a bigger deal than you seem to realize. There has been no word from Constantin about moving forward with the sequel.

      • Rosie says:

        Look here i study film and TV I have worked with producers and therefore i know my stuff. The script was not ready and the marketing was crap. We are the Millars as a different market to the City Of Bones and honestly i would rather watch COB than We Are The Millars because that movie, was well bad and i expct why the reason they made so much money is you had Jennifer as a stripper in it. Oh and just to say a Budget is the total amount of money spent on the movie including marketing. Don’t you think that the actors and the director would know if they next movie is being made though? So i think you find they are just sorting out a few things and correct the mistakes they made on the first movie so that everyone is happy for the second.

  19. Hi.

    I just recently became a fan of the movie and book: Mortal Instruments.
    After I saw the movie, the cliffhanger part of the movie has made me buy
    all the five books of the Mortal Intruments series by Cassandra Clare.

    I am just dissappointed that this movie was not promoted well enough
    on cable TV channels like Fox, NBC, ABC, and more… and also not
    promoted well enough in Theaters on their movie preview or commercials.
    It was not promoted well enough on the News Website also. This movie was
    excellent after I watched it. I only learned about this movie because of the
    posters in the movie theaters.

    No one from my work, family, relatives, and friends has seen any of the
    Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Trailer at all they said. Everybody
    was clueless about the movie. Everyone I asked said that they have never
    seen a promotional movie trailer for it. If the movie was advertised enough,
    just like the way they advertised “Twilight and Harry Potter movies”, then I think
    that the movie would have made the $60 million dollar cost of the movie.
    I think the movie production did not do well in advertising this movie well enough
    to the world. I am praying and hoping that it will still make more than $30 million
    dollars on its Blu-ray or DVD sales later. I wish that Constantine Productions will
    advertise this movie for the Blu-ray Disc or DVD really well. I saw some of the
    Demi Lovato’s “Heart by Heart” song and Promotional Movie Trailer. It was
    awesome and catchy. I suggest that the producers or I mean the movie production
    company will use the promotional movie trailer with Demi Lovato’s song in it,
    or even use Ariana Grande’s song called “Almost Is Never Enough” on its
    promotional movie trailer also. Those catchy songs with the action scenes
    and love scenes of Jace and Clary will definitely sell the Mortal Instruments:
    City of Bones movie successfully well. I know it will.

    I pray and hope that all of the Mortal Instruments book will be filmed. Such
    a great book and a really strikingly awesome action, fantasy, and a romantic
    movie for all ages. :)

    I am now hooked on reading all of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments books.
    I even watched the movie 7 times. I don’t get sick of watching it. This is the first
    time I watched a movie more than once. I never watch movies more than once
    in my life, in theaters. This movie broke my record of not watching movies in
    theaters more than once. This movie had exquisite special effects, thrilling
    battle scenes, and a passionate romance. Awesome movie if only was advertised
    well in theaters, news or sports or celebrity gossip websites, and in TV commercials
    at night from 5pm to 12 midnight.

    Leilani Lauron P. Yasutake
    Frys Advertising Supervisor

    • jole says:

      AMEN! I saw the movie not once, but three times. when I saw the second might not happen, I bought the book set. so addicting i devoured it in 4 days. then moved on to the clockwork series. can’t wait for sixth of the series. after seeing the movies I at least I had a the beautiful characters to visualize. If I had the money I would surely sponsor the next one. lets hope it happens!

  20. Chanel says:

    Seriously? They needed to promote the film more. I didn’t even know anything about it when I went to see it at the Drive-In. It was amazing! I’m sure it would have done better in the box office if people knew about it. I think they shouldn’t stop production and this time promote it better. It was definitely worth seeing and I would definitely watch the sequels.

  21. Erin Brown says:

    I’m annoyed by movies not making their sequels. This will be a missed opportunity if they don’t continue to make movies.. There are so many books to this series.

    • Joe Smart says:

      Movies are expensive to make. A studio isn’t normally going to make a sequel to a movie that flopped. People on here are making a lot of excuses for why the movie flopped but they’re all crap. The movie didn’t flop because it was released in August–if City of Bones had been released earlier in Summer when there was more competition it would have done much worse than it did. The movie didn’t flop because of poor promotion–I started seeing trailers for City of Bones six months before the movie came out. Trailers played before Warm Bodies, Beautiful Creatures and The Host, which were all Y/A adaptations going for the same audience as City of Bones. The movie flopped because a) there wasn’t enough interest in it; b) it got terrible reviews; c) it was a lousy movie that divided fans of the books and didn’t particularly appeal to anyone else. Constantine probably didn’t do themselves any favors by going with a no name cast, skimping on special effects and hiring what were likely the lowest cost screenwriter and director they could find, based on the results. City of Bones looks like a slightly bigger budget of something you could see for free on the CW; it has a witless and completely moronic script that is impossible to follow if you haven’t read the book and frustrating for all the head scratching changes that were made if you have read the book and it has direction that doesn’t manage a single exciting scene in over two hours of running time. It’s a really lousy movie. If they had made a better movie maybe it would have been a hit but there’s no way of knowing now. City of Bones would have to do phenomenally well on video for Constantine to make the sequel. Columbia Pictures is trying to make the sequel to Girl With the Dragon Tattoo even though the first one lost money but to make it profitable they are trying to significantly lower the budget of the sequel. That might not be an option for Constantine with City of Bones because the movie already had a low budget for the type of film that it was.

  22. Erin Brown says:

    I must be blind!! I thought the MOVIE WAS GREAT!! But I know it wasn’t advertised well, when I mention the movie to friends they had never seen trailers for it, so I think better advertisement will fix the GROSS problem.

    • Joe Smart says:

      I saw trailers for it six months before the movie was released. I saw trailers before Warm Bodies; Beautiful Creatures and The Host, which were all Y/A adaptations going for the same audience as City of Bones. I started reading the books because of the City of Bones trailers that I saw in Spring. I was also in two theaters that had huge cardboard displays for the movie. City of Bones didn’t flop because of poor promotion–it flopped because it sucked.

      • Joe Smart says:

        In case you weren’t aware Variety is a trade publication, not a fanzine. If you want to start a City of Bones appreciation society this is not an appropriate forum to do that.

      • Karen s says:

        Why is Joe smart so angry, negative and constantly repeating himself on here? We get it buddy – you think the movie sucked – we don’t think the movie sucked so please allow us our positive opinions without leaping on top of everyone’s words to tear them down.

  23. Allies says:

    I think you should continue to make the movies. Keep the original cast. The movie was not advertised well. Took it out of theaters way to soon. It was a great movie and I am hoping they don’t give up on it and continue to make the movies. It came to theaters while everyone was going back to school. Give City if Ashes a chance. Advertise the DVD release better then you did the movie and then maybe you will get more people interested in it.

    • Joe Smart says:

      Maybe they should flush money down the toilet instead. City of Bones was taken out of theaters because nobody was seeing it. I saw it opening weekend and the theater wasn’t even a quarter full. I started seeing trailers for City of Bones six months before it came out. The problem wasn’t promotion. A lot of people at work were considering seeing it because of the ads but the extremely bad reviews scared them off. The bad word of mouth–from me–didn’t help either. Maybe it will do better on video but I doubt it–City of Bones is overlong and dull; it’s confusing if you haven’t read the book and frustrating if you have. I think they killed this series by making a such a lousy first film.

  24. Christina says:

    Please make the rest of the films I’m dyslexic and I’ve watch the film and it makes me to want to read the books but I find it difficult to I may see if they do audio but it makes it Easier for me to see and listen I take it in more better I bet when u release the next movie u get more viewings because that film is cliff hangingly good thank you

    • Joe Smart says:

      You should probably invest in some audio books.

      • Joe Smart says:

        74 million dollars this time of year is not really good. First of all that 74 million dollars is global, not domestic. What’s good is if the movie makes enough money to make a profit–City of Bones is not going to make a profit. It’s not going to come close to making a profit. All the rationalizing in the world doesn’t change the fact that the movie lost a lot of money. We’re The Millers was also released in August–it’s made 132,052,609.00 so far just in the USA. By contrast City of Bones made 29,724,626.00 in the USA and cost more than twice as much to make. I read the first four books in the series and I thought the script for the City of Bones movie was pretty awful. I don’t honestly understand how anyone who liked the books could be happy with that movie. That said, different people have different opinions. The thing that multiple people on this thread seem to have a hard time understanding is that City of Bones was a big flop, whatever reasons you want to assign to that it really doesn’t matter. People who did not see City of Bones are not going to see City of Ashes. If you read the books you know that City of Ashes is not a standalone story–it’s a direct continuation of City of Bones. Constantin is not going to make the sequel unless they think it’s going to make money.

      • It wasn’t the best film in the world but that was down to the script, people see YA and then they are always going to give it a bad review. So why don’t you shut the fu*k up because you are just complaining about something which you are trying not to show an interest in but you Cleary do. The film is still in theatres in England and $74 Million for this time of year is really good. You need to understand that you clearly don’t know anything yet you are trying to make it look like you do. It was not promoted very well, I saw it on TV a few times but that was like a week before the movie came out, and that was it, I saw nothing else. It did not have a very good marketing commit and to be fair most films release a trailer while stil in production, it’s known as a teaser Trailer, Divergent have just released theirs and so have Catching Fire. I can tell you Divergent will have a bad review because it falls under the young adult genre, people don’t like them because of how sh*t Twilight is, and everything else which has Stephanie Meyers name or review on it will be bashed.

  25. Michele Thrapp says:

    Why wasn’t the movie put out at the BEGINNING of the summer? Why put it out on a
    Wedsnesday???? I am not a 12 year old and I loved the film. They did NOT market the film correctly and the whole roll out of the film doomed the box office. Do the sequel and make sure you put it out when people can go see it and give it time to build word of mouth. People are talking now and it’s gone from the theaters! Do a better job on DVD release and you will be feeling better about the next production!!!!!

    • Joe Smart says:

      It wasn’t released at the beginning of Summer because there were too many big budget blockbusters to compete against. A lot of movies get released on Wednesday to get a jump on the weekend. People who didn’t see City of Bones aren’t going to see the sequel and City of Bones was a flop. City of Bones would have to do extremely well on video for a sequel to make any sense at all and it isn’t likely to become a big video hit because it isn’t a very good movie. The reviews were dismal and fans of the books were divided at best on the movie. Maybe you haven’t read the books but a sequel won’t make any sense to someone who hasn’t seen the first movie–the story takes place immediately after the first one ends and is a continuation of the first story, not a standalone story of its own.

  26. Lucy cutmore says:

    YOU HAVE TO MAKE TE REST OF THE BOOKS!!!!!!! I am in love with te film!

  27. Michele says:

    The actors, the staging, the art direction, and the music were all great (maybe with the exception of Bane- acting was good but somehow his voice sounded like a bad narrator reading a script cold; and Clary- had her moments, but she’s just not as appealing as the other characters)…the script was a bit off. Too much unnecessary action that wasn’t even in the book and a dumbing down of the characters and their complex relationships.
    That said, I started reading the books after seeing the movie. I read through the entire series in a week…couldn’t put it down. I hope they find new scriptwriters for the next installments. Ones that know how to bring the more complex relationships of the characters to life within the film genre. I don’t know how they will recover from Jace not recognizing Valentine as his “father” from the moment he first saw him, but as long as Jamie Campbell Bower is still playing his character, I will fork out the cash to find out. He is easy on the eyes, but more than that, he brings depth to his character in a very short period of time. Bravo.

  28. Louis says:

    I just hope that they learnt a lesson and henceforth production companies start to pay attention to good scripts and talented actors.

  29. Alexandra Jones says:

    I adored the movie! I have been meaning to see it since it came out and finally got a chance to last night. Having it open right when kids go back to school probably wasnt the best idea in the world. Kids cant go out to see the movies they really want to see because of all the work back to school brings. But i adored the movie and would like to go see it again. I will be buying it right when it comes out on dvd and i really really hope they continue to make the movies!!! Myself being a huge Harry Potter and Star Wars fan I actually like this more.

  30. Joyful says:

    I loved the movie!!!! My daughter is reading the books and we went on a mom and daughter day and she wanted to go see Mortal Instrument and we went. I think it was great, the actors did a great job! We plan on going to see it again. I want to see book two be made to real life.
    I agree they needed to promote the movie a lot more. I have ran into people that have read the books and they ask me how was the movie and I tell them it was GREAT and they need to go see it.
    Hope to see City of Ashes come to life.. I don’t not want to see ANY of the actors change or that will have a impact on the second one.

  31. Melissa Firman says:

    Love the books and loved the movie. I hope they still film City of Ashes…so awesome to see the books come to life. The cast represented the chatacters so well. GO SEE CITY OF BONES!

  32. Jessie Lim says:

    Love Lily Collins,she act very well,go to see City Of Bone several times because of Lily,I bought the products too,hope to see City Of Ashes.

  33. Dianna tickle says:

    I thought this to be one of the best movies all summer, and I agree that they put it out day school comes out was a horrible idea the reason Harry potter and twilight did well was having a fall release date before thanksgiving. I hope they make the rest of them

  34. Mandi says:

    Just over all poor job promoting the film. They put it out the week school went back into session, they didn’t have any midnight showings, the cast were barely out and about promoting, and they released it on a freaking Tuesday. It was pretty much the worst time and way to put any movie out. What did they expect? Bums me out because this was one of the best movie adaptations I’ve ever seen. Great acting, great effects, great action, I loved it all. And to see that Percy Jackson, that joke of a movie, did better when it was so horribly done, (I love the books by the way) maybe they should get a clue and look at how they went about doing this. Hopefully, they get a second go at it with the next movie.

  35. Renee says:

    The PR they did internationally was better than what they did in the United states, they only went to like 4 or 5 malls, how were they expecting America to fall in love with them when they only promoted a little in America, ALL the great pictures and interviews and tv spots I saw, weren’t from over here, but from over seas…..i had to talk it up to my family and go on you tube to show how fun the cast was if we saw them more on our popular shows, the talk, the view, mtv, vh1, shoot get on Ustream, get on different news stations IDK and make more appearances then the premier and 5 mall spots….. then maybe it would have been better, I agree I don’t think city of Ashes is giving to get made…. no one who didn’t catch the first one (which seems like about of people haven’t) they’re not going to see the second one unless they made it stands completely away from the first, which it can’t…I loved the movie, I loved the cast,andI love the books they just needed to put a little/lot more into promotion

  36. Carolina says:

    It’s a smart film. Of course we can see the difference between the book and the movie, but it creates a novelty and a desire to read and see the mortal instruments. The cast is perfect. The audience felt all the emotions and experiences of the characters. I think JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER is ideal Jace. He is perfectly fit the description of the book. Clary too small, red-haired, rebellious beast.
    I don’t liked the trailer, it does not cause the desire to escape and watch a movie. In the next time make it more interesting

    • teamedwardjace says:

      how do you say the whoel cast is perfect but then critize lily? i loved the whole cast including godfrey despite being dubbed. how is clary too small? do you hate on skinny girls. clary is supposed to be redhaired and there is ever one any indication on the specfic shade of red. and how is clary being rebellious? i’m sorry i disagree with you but I’m glad you liked the movie. the trailer was great but marketing could use some work. there’s an aritcle saying city of ashes has been shut down but its been delayed. whoever wrote that article is either wrong or needs to to buy a dictionary!

      • Joe Smart says:

        Constantine made a big deal about the fact that production was starting on the sequel to City of Bones in October before the first movie came out. The start date for the sequel must have been in the promotional materials because it was mentioned in multiple reviews for the movie. City of Bones ended up being a flop and Constantine isn’t in business to lose money. I really don’t think it’s likely they will end up going ahead with the sequel. The second book wasn’t designed to work as a standalone–people who skipped the first movie aren’t going to flock to part two or understand much of what’s going on.

  37. Blessed Union of Collective Soul Asylum T-Shirts says:

    Phil Collins should have been let to write the sound-track. Lily should have started a drug company for Big Pharma Eli-Lily! And the Cowardly Lion got into fist-fights with Snoop Lion-Dogg…All the while Julia Roberts hangs out with the Smurfs, and Sandra Bullock gets Blindsided!

  38. Kyla says:

    Unfortunately, the movie has more haters than fans, be it from Cassandra Clare haters to Bower’s, and a little from Collins. Then some fans of the book also thought the movie was bad.

  39. Vanessa says:

    I strongly agree that they need to make some changes before going through with City of Ashes, and this may be a blessing in disguise for the fans. I agree that changing the director and screenwriter could have a huge impact. A lot of people who had not read the books were confused by the story, it was not very clear that Jace and Clary are not biologically related, and was something that was missed by a *lot* of people that gave them an ‘ew’ factor to the whole thing. The romantic scenes with Clary and Jace were also rather over the top…especially the garden scene which I can blame a lot on the director and/or editing of the film.

    Lastly, I would say that they have to something about Jace’s hair. Jamie Campbell Bower is a very attractive guy, but what they did to his hair in some of the scenes was atrocious. The thickness and wavy/curliness to his hair changed a lot and would make a potentially very hot, teen heartthrob look not so great. There were a few scenes where he and his hair looked amazing, and a teenage girl next to me said “Woow”. That is the impact you want from a leading man. If they consider the way Jamie wears his hair naturally in real-life, I think it could pull things together in that regard. I know, I’m putting a lot of emphasis on hair, but I know the impact in can make. Just look at Ian Somerhalder in The Vampire Diaries, there were a few seasons there where his hair was horrific and he didn’t have the same sex appeal he had in other seasons. Just sayin’, if you want to draw the attention of teenage girls, they guy’s got to have the look – and the hair can make or break yah.

    • Taz says:

      Well people didnt listen because it was made clear that they were not related by hodge i think it was a pretty good movie i luv the books and yes couple things here n there that were different but it was way better then alot of other movies like hunger games was so far from the books it wasnt funny they destroyed that for me i hope they make city of ashes but if they dont awel ill still buy the movie when its out on dvd :)

      • Joe Smart says:

        I thought the Hunger Games movie followed the book very closely–probably a little too closely, in fact. The book took place entirely from Katniss’ POV. The movie had the opportunity to expand the POV to show how people reacted when viewing the games and what Haymitch had to do to hustle sponsors but mostly avoided leaving the battlefield once the games started, like the book. The only change they made really was in introducing President Snow in the first movie rather than the second, which made perfect sense and giving him a couple of scenes with the doomed game maker. All of the changes made were very minor and expanded the world of the book slightly. No changes were made to anything of substance that happened to the characters. Now lets look at City of Bones, which you claim follows the book much more closely than Hunger Games. In the book Clary kills the demon that she finds in her apartment. In the movie she is saved by a shadow hunter. In the book Simon saves the day during a later encounter with demons but in the movie it’s the shadow hunters who prevail again without any mundane help. In the book Simon is kidnapped by the vampires by accident after he is turned into a rat by a magical drink at Bane’s party. In the movie Simon is kidnapped by the vampires on purpose because they want the mortal cup even though it’s only purpose is to create more shadow hunters and there’s no reason the vampires would want it. In the book Hodge is betrayed by Valentine and apparently killed. In the movie Hodge betrays Valentine and helps fight the demon onslaught at the institute (which does not happen at in the book). In the book Jace was raised by Valentine as a child but knew him under a different name. in the movie Jace had never seen Valentine before, meaning he was raised by his actual father. In the book Valentine gets away with the mortal cup. In the movie Clary saves the cup and returns it to the tarot card. City of Bones made a multitude of very substantial changes on the transition from page to screen and most of them make no sense dramatically. You make changes to improve the material, not make it worse. Hunger Games by contrast was extremely faithful to the book.

    • Joe Smart says:

      I have to disagree with one point you make about audiences not being clear that Jace and Clary were not related. In the books Jace and Clary don’t find out that they are not brother and sister until book 3. Jace believing that he’s the biological son of Valentine is a pretty big driver of the story and that character’s conflict but the filmmakers abandoned that completely for reasons that make no sense to me. In the books Jace was raised as a child by Valentine. They eliminated that in the movie but left in the anecdote about the pet falcon when Jace was a child, which makes no sense anymore since in the movie Jace wasn’t raised by Valentine. It was an extremely poor adaptation.

      • Joe Smart says:

        Valentine didn’t raise Jace in the movie version. When Jace saw Valentine there was no indication that he had ever seen him before unless I missed something, which is possible because I was pretty bored and disappointed and after a while I just wanted the movie to be over. Jace’s entire conflict in the second book is that he thinks he might be evil because he is Valentine’s son and his adopted parents think the same. But in the movie Jace was apparently raised by his actual father who was actually killed when he was a boy. This is a pretty big change and I thought it was a really bad idea. Jace and Clary in the movie had zero chemistry anyway and I doubt that there’s going to be a City of Bones sequel so it’s probably a moot point.

      • Vanessa says:

        I think the reason why they let the audience know that Jace wasn’t Valentine’s son right away is because of the taboo, and general disgust the general audience/critics would have towards the story. Having the audience know something the character’s don’t can actually work in their favor in this regard. As someone who is a huge fangirl and into fanshipping, seeing Jace and Clary fight their feelings for each other on the big screen all the while knowing that they can be together, but aren’t would drive me crazy in a good way. Honestly, all they needed to do was change Hodge’s line a little – and he did raise Jace until he was 10 – so he kinda did. All Hodge had to add was, “you raised Jace as a child” or something like that to the “lie to them” line and it would make more much more sense to those who haven’t read the books and dispose of the ‘ew’ factor for those who didn’t catch on that Jace and Clary weren’t related. I’ve seen the movie 4 times in the theater and noted other fans reactions, it would have made things a bit better. Not very many people would sit through a second movie of angsty teenagers who they (the audience) believes are related.

  40. Maria Gonzales says:

    I went to see it just to hear Demi’s song and I end up going to the movies five times FIVE!! It was so great that I even got the books and everything… So I can’t wait to see CITY OF ASHES, please don’t cancel the sequel, I want to keep seeing it!!! :D

  41. Taty Geige says:

    I ABSOLUTLY LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!I went to see it three times, and im coming to see it again!!!.. I really really hope you wont cancel this sequel cause I love it, and I enjoyed the movie, and the cast was amazing…

  42. Joe Smart says:

    If they actually want to make a sequel they need to fire both the screenwriter and director of Mortal Instruments and find a new creative team. They took a mediocre book that borrowed elements from Harry Potter and Twilight and not only didn’t manage to improve on it in any way, but most of the changes that were made from book to film actually made the material worse. The movie was a complete bore without a single exciting sequence or interesting scene. The makers behind City of Bones actually managed to make the Twilight films look brilliant, which is inexcusable. Hire a better writer and a stronger director or expect another crappy film that flops although, honestly, after the lousy first film there may be no audience left for a sequel.

    • Chelsea says:

      You seem to forget the fans of the books-and new fans of the movie. There will always, always be fans and haters of everything- it’s unavoidable. Please don’t assume that just because you specifically aren’t enthusiastic, to say the least, about City of Bones, that there will not be an audience left.

      • Tess says:

        My opinion:

        I see a lot of people saying that they loved the movie even though they’ve read the book. Now, i don’t understand how on earth is that possible. I am sorry, but the movie really sucked. It ha so little to do with the book and so many important things were cut out. Jace’s humour, for instance, and this is just one thing out of a dozen. How can u not get disappointed, the least, of the fact that they’ve changed his character by not giving him all his cute, dark-humored joke lines? I mean, how on earth do you get past this??? And then all the other things too – the important facts without which, let’s face it, they can’t continue the sequel properly. Hell, if they thought they’d lose fans with letting the audience thing for two movies and a half that Jace and Clary were related by blood, why even start making the movie at the first place?? The hair of Jamie, someone mentioned, really can look better than this. And by the Angel, is he on drugs?? He weren’t as skinny before.. I love his hair here and i think it’s much close to what Jace’s hair looks like in the book
        He fits good as Jace, otherwise. The rest of the cast ,even not being as I’d choose them, doesn’t matter. What matters is that they freaking keep to the plot of the book. Is that so hard??
        Got carreid away.
        Anyway. Pity. I was hoping for something and I got nothing and a half. Here are some favourite quotations from City of Bones – THE BOOK:

        “Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?’
        Jace said, “Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself.”
        …”At least,” she said, “you don’t have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland.”
        “Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting.”

        “It means ‘Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234’.”

        “One of the Silent Brothers is here to see you. Hodge sent me to wake you up. Actually he offered to wake you himself, but since it’s 5 a.m., I figured you’d be less cranky if you had something nice to look at.”
        “Meaning you?”
        “What else?”

        “Investigation?” Isabelle laughed. “Now we’re detectives? Maybe we should all have code names.”
        “Good idea,” said Jace. “I shall be Baron Hotschaft Von Hugenstein.”

        “It wouldn’t be my move,” Jace agreed. “First the candy and flowers, then the apology letters, then the ravenous demon hordes. In that order.”

        “It’s not gray,” Clary felt compelled to point out. “It’s green.”
        “If there was such a thing as terminal literalism, you’d have died in childhood,” said Jace.”

        “aren’t you, uh… reproducing?

        “sure, we love reproducing it’s one of our favorite things.”

        And many more …..

      • Joe Smart says:

        You seem to forget that City of Bones flopped. Making a sequel to a movie that flops rarely works, even if the sequel is a better movie. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression you only have one chance to make a first impression. It’s hard to get a series going if your fist movie sucks and if that first movie flops. Beautiful Creatures was actually good and improved on its source material but there isn’t going to be a sequel because it flopped. There are no sequels to The Vampire’s Assistant or The Golden Compass or Lemony Snicket and those were all meant to be franchise starters. The Golden Compass made 372,234,864.00 internationally and Lemony Snicket made 209,073,645.00 internationally and neither movie was considered a big enough hit to merit a sequel. City of Bones isn’t likely to end up with box office near either of those two movies. Constantine planned to shoot the sequel to City of Bones this October before the first movie came out. Now that the first movie tanked don’t be surprised if they choose not to do the second one.

    • Sally says:

      I’d also change actors. The only one I liked was the geeky friend, although his American accent was faulty. But Lily Collins can’t act and I was so turned off by the blond guy that I couldn’t believe she’d ditch her friend for him. He looked so sickly and I had a lot of trouble believing he was as hot as the movie was making him out to be. I’m no Robert Pattinson fan, but I’d rather swoon over his Edward than that guy.

      • Rhiannon says:

        Are you serious? You do know that “the blond guy” is Jamie Campbell Bower, right? First of all, he does NOT look sickly, and his Jace is so much hotter than the Edward Cullen in the Twilight films. Now HE looks sickly. And of course Lily Collins can act! If she can’t act, tell me how she could possibly have had roles in seven films so far, including five main roles… and won an award for being the “One To Watch”? Something you’re saying just doesn’t add up. Also, Robert Sheehan’s American accent was “faulty” because he’s NOT American. He’s Irish. And the accent wasn’t even bad! I would honestly like to see you try and play a main character in the film of a book with such a huge fandom, if you seem to think it is your place to criticise absolutely everything that happened in that film. No, it didn’t stick to every single detail in the book like I thought it should have… but it was still better than Twilight.

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