Box Office: ‘Pacific Rim’ Hovering $38 Million for the Weekend

Pacific Rim

'Despicable Me 2' should retain No. 1 spot with $46.5 million

Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” may not be a “Lone Ranger” bomb but neither is it a monster performer at the box office, at least not in the U.S.

Fanboys generated a husky $3.6 million Thursday night, similar to surprise hit “World War Z” ($66 mil debut), but according to early estimates, the $200 million “Pacific Rim” was only tracking around $38 million for the weekend, just as industry analysts projected for the sci-fi tentpole.

“It started off really strong but then it fell off,” one analyst said.

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures will need a bigger boost overseas, where the film opened with $7.8 million, landing at No. 1  in Korea and Russia Thursday but fourth in Australia. Pic opens in 38 territories this weekend.

Still giving Hollywood’s live-action tentpoles a hard time is Universal’s “Despicable Me 2,” which should win the Stateside box office after crushing “The Lone Ranger” last weekend. The 3D toon, starring Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig, is poised to collect $46.5 million over the three-day frame and should cross $200 million in U.S. ticket sales by Saturday.

This weekend’s other newcomer, “Grown Ups 2,” is proving to be another impressive debut for Adam Sandler with approximately $41 million. The original “Grown Ups,” produced for roughly $80 million, went on to earn a splashy $162 million domestically in 2010.

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  1. Mike says:

    I think “The Lone Ranger” was a great film and if all the HATERS would have shut themselves in the hole that they belong in, this film would be doing much better at the box office!

  2. New Weakend Movie(s) says:

    Variety is simply stating the facts as they are as of today. Fan boys seem to miss the line in the article pointing out the significant drop in ticket sales for Pacific Rim after Thursday. It might not even get to 38 million this weekend. If people are choosing to see other movies, or staying away from the theater right now, then there is nothing you can do about it. Pacific Rim is not going to be the next World War Z sized action hit of the summer. However, if it does 30 million dollars its opening weekend, then that’s still better than The Lone Ranger’s first weekend. Speaking of The Lone Ranger, it fell a giant -70% last night from last week, meaning that its 2nd weekend could be less than 10 million dollars.

  3. Akiko Ashley says:

    What I don’t understand about analysts in the motion picture business is their idea of profitable is very narrow…I am so tired of hearing the John Carter movie used for comparative as a major loss for the motion picture industry when John Carter did Worldwide: $282,778,100 and with DVD/Blu Ray sales and other licensing opportunities made money. “Pacific Rim” is visionary franchise by a visionary Director Del Toro from a Visionary Studio Legendary led by Thomas Tull. Thomas Tull can see beyond the box office, he can see how a franchise like this has huge opportunities for toys, video games, theme parks, comic books, t-shirt for Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, spin off Saturday morning cartoons, spin off Manga, this property has some legs …can you really say that about “Grown Ups 2”? When you consider the multiple opportunities of income for this franchise, why is everyone just focused on the box office. One must remember that when Disney in the early days released “Bambi” and “Pinocchio” these two movies did poorly at the box office, but with merchandising and licensing and the VHS, DVD, Blu Ray sales, you could never imagine that now. They are considered classics. Plus, guys like Steve Jobs took risks at Apple Computer and PIXAR, that revolutionized the computer industry and with the iTunes store changed how music was distributed…are we still counting record sales by vinyl or CD anymore? I hope Pacific Rim does well so that Hollywood will think outside the box…so we can see movies that show a wider variety of creativity…

  4. pacRimWasAwesome says:

    Time to eat CROW VARIETY and I hope it tastes good. It will do better than 38mil too… Now that the vocal fail party was proven wrong.

    Score: fanboys 1, variety 0

  5. Jon says:

    Quality special effects hide an incomprehensible storyline in which the thinest of cardboard characters ride inside huge mechanical robots to fight huge monsters that emerge from some kind of wormhole in the ocean that is connected to another dimension. Predictable every step of the way and easily forgettable, Pacific Rim is little more than Power Rangers with a production budget on steroids and less heart.

  6. jeremy says:

    I also saw it in imax 3d last night. I agree. I’m not a kid but I felt like one last night and haven’t felt like one in a long time. This also appealed to my grown up critical side. I was blown away by the sheer complexity of it. I was happy there were no stars, it made it all the more raw. I’m seeing it again!

  7. Eric Gregs says:

    I think we have all seen how laughably inaccurate the tracking number typically are so why do you keep quoting them? Let’s poll people via landline phones and see if they are going to see this film… The primary audience this film is geared towards likely has never had a landline – They would sooner be found on their mobile phone or online.

    I for one saw the film last night in IMAX 3D and that show was sold out as were the others last night and I know of a bunch of folks who have already purchased tickets to see it again Saturday night. It’s a strong film and certainly an amazing spectacle unlike anything we’ve seen in some time. I think it’s going to be BIG.

    • Louie Ramos says:

      Same here, totally sold out IMAX 3D show. And wasn’t Variety predicting between 35 and 25 million? So now that the prediction is 38 million, it’s right in line with predictions? And what’s with the comparison to Lone Ranger? It’s not particularly functional nor elucidative of the situation. There’s a direct comparison to be drawn with World War Z, given the fandango sales, the upward creep of predictions, and the good reviews but the author emphasizes a comparison to the surprise flop of the season. That seems an unnecessary potshot.

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