Box Office: ‘Lone Ranger’ Feeling Despicable on Fourth of July

The Lone Ranger Johnny Depp Armie

Disney’s big-budget Western had a rough time wrangling moviegoers on the Fourth of July as Universal’s “Despicable Me 2” continued to break records.

“The Lone Ranger,” starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, earned a dismal $9.9 million at the box office Thursday, bringing its box office total to just $19.5 million in two days of release.

The $250 million “Lone Ranger,” with its five-day projection just shy of $47 million, will need a massive yet unlikely spark overseas if it wants to avoid becoming one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history.

On the other end of the spectrum, “Despicable Me 2” grossed a stellar $24.5 million for the second-best Fourth of July performance since “Transformers.” The Illumination Entertainment toon, which opened Wednesday, also scored the third-highest opening day for an animation movie behind “Toy Story 3” and “Shrek the 3rd.”

Produced for only $76 million, “Despicable Me 2” has accumulated $59.5 million domestically and over $134.5 million at the worldwide box office.

The 3D pic, starring Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig, is expected to reach nearly $140 million by Sunday.

Meanwhile, Summit’s new release, “Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain,” also shined on July 4, grossing an estimated $2.58M in 876 locations ($2,945 per location) finishing 8th overall in the domestic marketplace.




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  1. Holdmah says:

    What a POS movie. They should have named it “TONTO, with the Lone Ranger.” Talk about straying from the true original! This movie sucks!

  2. Jerry says:

    For me, the problem was Depp from the beginning. His star power (and cost) forced the studios to feature him and apperantly try to make sure the plot afforded him an opportunity to do some of his shtick.
    I like Depp. I enjoy his movies and most of his characterizations, but he was miscast as Tonto. And so was Hammer as the Lone Ranger.

  3. Pete Moss says:

    The marketing was bad for this film. The commercial was Johnny Depp acting kooky, stuff blowing up, people shooting guns, and btw, we made Pirates of the Caribbean. That’s how they marketed the film.

    I’m still not even sure what the plot is; I think I heard something about revenge and a brother dying. But with a film like this (i.e. a franchise people aren’t too familiar with today), a better strategy would of been a trailer that intrigued us about the story and made the audience think “I wonder what happens. I got to see this.” Rather than “Hey look! Explosions!”

  4. The Kingslayer says:

    Finally people are getting fed up with Johnny Depp’s goofy roles. I wish Transcendence was the start of Depp taking his career more seriously again but I hear Pirates 5 is in the pipeline………

    • I think you’re half-right, Kingslayer, but rather than blowback against Depp’s roles, per se, I’d hazard a guess that most folks are simply tired of shelling out $16 a head to see Gore Verbinski’s now-all-too-predictable schtick.

      What’s next, Johnny Depp starring as Michael Corleone in Gore Verbinski’s reboot of “The Godfather?”

  5. Al Oliver says:

    In one last comment and response to TREBETON: It’s not so much whether the film entertains or not. It that the arrogance of a studio and it’s star took such ill- advised liberties with your grandfathers’ iconic “super hero” of the 50’s, pumped it full of gassy hot air, and buried it in unjustifiable oceans of over budget run-ups to “chart a new course” for the masked man and his faithful Indian companion when there was nothing wrong with the original. The studios have done this with other wonderful old radio heroes like “the SHADOW

  6. Clint Kueker says:

    Perhaps if some of the persons associated with this production had known some of the history of the fictional history of the Lone Ranger or read one of the numerous books and pulp magazines written during the 1930’s to ’50’s they could have put something worthwhile on the screen. Yes, the Lone Ranger was far more than the cartoons and comic books that some people only know. He was an American icon for over half a century until recently destroyed by greed and poor writing.

  7. Al Oliver says:

    This was a misguided VANITY production for a seemingly invincible Johnny Depp from the very beginning. After the financial juggernauts of the unstoppable Captain Jack and Mad Hatter, STUDIO felt they could not go wrong with THIS STAR.
    But this time it looks like THEY and their “golden goose” came up with dross that won’t gross. SUITS should file out quietly, never to return…or else….


    • Trebeton says:

      Why all the negative comments for Line Ranger? Interesting story, told from an off beat perspective. Disney did not give you same old, same old. Beautifully photographed, followed some threads of last Lone Ranger movie. Drop himself was self-deprecating and funny. Fail to appreciate it if you must, but don’t write this off as crap. Kept my interest because you couldn’t predict where it was going.

  8. cadavra says:

    And once again, a film that might have been profitable at a cost of say, $75 million drowns in a sea of red ink. For 50 years, ever since CLEOPATRA, the studios burghers wring their hands and vow to bring production costs down. We’re still waiting.

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