Ben Affleck Is the New Batman

Batman-Superman feature to hit theaters July 17, 2015

Ben Affleck is Batman.

The actor will replace Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming untitled Batman-Superman feature for Warner Bros., the studio announced Thursday.

Affleck becomes the eighth actor to play the Caped Crusader, following Bale, George Clooney and Michael Keaton.

“We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics’ most enduringly popular Super Heroes, and Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill, and then some,” WB president Greg Silverman said in a statement.

Batman Backlash: Ben Affleck Has Nothing on Michael Keaton

Directed by “Man of Steel” filmmaker Zack Snyder, the Batman-Superman feature will open worldwide on July 17, 2015, with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Diane Lane reprising their roles.

“Man of Steel,” released this past June, has earned over $650 million at the global box office.

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“Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman. He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne,” Snyder said in a statement. “I can’t wait to work with him.”

The announcement of a Batman-Superman film was revealed last month at Comic-Con to much excitement of fanboys, who will surely be watching as the studio begins to assemble its Justice League.

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The irony of Thursday’s news is that at one point Warner Bros. was interested in having Affleck direct the “Justice League” movie and his participation in this film will now spur interest if whether his casting means a possibility of directing that film.

The Boston native recently upped his Hollywood power when he won the Best Picture Oscar for “Argo.”

Affleck, repped by WME, can be seen next in Fox and New Regency’s thriller “Runner Runner.”

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  1. says:

    Nobody can replace Michael Keaton. Still the best batman ever.

  2. Patty says:

    No No No No – the is SUCH BAD NEWS. Andrew Garfield as Spiderman is bad enough but now this!? It’s a huge disservice to the fans giving them this kind of crap to look forward to when you know they could do so much better. What is this? Hollywood politics? Somebody owed someone a favor or something?

  3. Smash Adams says:

    This is weird but for some reason it makes sense. Kinda like Chris Evans playing captain America and human torch. I hope he doesn’t use the daredevil voice though.i still cringe when I hear “Juhstus”

  4. kristina says:

    Ben Affleck, YES HE IS A GOOD ACTOR. But let’s face it. He’s no Christian Bale. We need that crazy kind of guy to be batman. Ben Affleck is too goofy, plus he was on Jersey Girl – too lively and soft hearted. Christian Bale was on american psycho, plus he SMASHED it when he played batman. In fact, my favorite batman movie was the one he was in. All of the actors in that particular one nailed it. Now america is screwing up by replacing the best and another example of failure is when they replaced charlie sheen with ashton. Really? And to think the votes for Ben Affleck not playing as a good batman is over 70 percent, over the 20 something that say he is. Let’s listen to the votes please?

  5. i’ve never watched batman since the one where nicholas cage was the joker. i believe this will be a continuing thread for me

  6. Irving Felder says:

    So Many people are fired up about this and I can understand why. I have nothing against Ben Affleck, but I personally can not see him as Batman. I think Josh Brolin, hand’s down Would have been an excellent choice, bringing credible experience to the film.

  7. Andreea says:

    Billion dollar franchise down the toilet because Warner forgot about about one the biggest flops in film history, DAREDEVIL, curtesy of your very own gutless Ben Affleck!!!!!!!

  8. David Floyd says:

    Unfortunate selection. All I can think of is “Mall Rats” and “Daredevil” and then I am done. In my mind this selection does not complement the fine work Christian Bale did with the character and is a profound step backwards in credibility. That’s two thumbs down Gene.

  9. Yirmin says:

    Well he just saved me some money. No one in my family would want to see a film with that washed up liberal turd.

  10. Jimmy Jo says:

    Ben Affleck was in DAREDEVIL…… ’nuff said. What’s next? Jennifer Garner as Wonder Woman? God forbid.

  11. Kal says:

    I do not know what prompted this poor choice of casting, Ben’s physique is no where near good, his presence isn’t impactful, he just reminds me of Jenny’s guy, you know the one from the block .. but I will say this .. Daniel Craig was getting negative responses when he was cast in as Bond and look at what he has delivered, I can’t imagine a bond film without him. Bale is the franchise, he is the best, unbeatable. I know this is far fetched, but maybe, just maybe ben pulls it off due such a negative response from us all. He Will take this role seriously as he has GIGANTIC boots to fill in the best Batman ever, in Bale. I want to make a bold prediction .. I think he’ll pull it off and win our respect because his back is against the wall & we know he’s a fighter to go from where he was to where he is plus he must feel the heat he’s getting. Affleck you have no choice but to kill it or you will be in deep shit! If you fail then i’m afraid you have just committed career suicide by accepting the role. God help us.

  12. Can you say “negative revenue”



    “John Wayne as Genghis Kahn?”

  13. Bob Jones says:

    Just what we all wanted, a limp-wristed metrosexual batman … and another box office bomb. Give it to Hollywood … they certainly know how to shoot themselves in the foot better than just about anyone else.

  14. niras says:

    what the …..!!! noooooooo! not him please!!

  15. Alejandro says:

    That’s really too bad. Affleck doesn’t fit this role.

  16. Lewis says:

    Once again it seems hollywood has amnesia when it comes to movies. (DAREDEVIL) That or they are so out of touch with fanbase that its ridiculous. A oscar does may give you gold status in hollywood but not in the eyes of the audience of loyal batman/ comic fans. Casting Ben Affeck would be like casting Eddie Murphy as General Fury (Samuel L. Jackson’s role in Avengers). He had his go as DareDeviil and you only get one shot in my book. You can reboot a character with another actor but last time I check actors were recyclable. (Was Josh Brolin not available?)

  17. EqualButSeperate says:

    Does anybody remember Daredevil?! What acting chops? Gigli? Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible mistake! You just killed the franchise before it started.

  18. Bob says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Nuff said.

  19. SolomonGrundy says:

    Dear Lord, why hast thou foresaken us?

  20. Oilburner says:

    The fuse has been lit on this boxoffice Bomb… It isn’t too late to avoid this disaster.

    • denis says:

      First Mr O and the status of our country and now Mr Affleck for ….Batman? Most of this hero fanbase will be nut about this decision……Mr Affleck is the best actor according to an average movie critic, the ones who lives at the expenses of hollywood, but for us, the one who buy the tickets, Mr Affleck is DOA for a Batman character. Sad, really sad….

  21. KNo says:

    Forgot about Val Kilmer. One of the better Batmans

  22. This is a serious mistake, if you really want to have any chance against avengers you better correct it now.

  23. Mcsteven says:

    Affleck certainly better bulk up and get ripped for this role. He does have the face for it though. I think he’ll be good.

  24. Mike Connor says:

    For the sake of everything we all hold dear, PLEASE do not let Joel Schumacher direct this.

  25. Blake Harvey says:

    Maybe they can bring his just as bad buddy Matt Damon in as the boy wonder robin???? Again I hope Ben gets killed on set in front of his kids. And I spit in his face

  26. quail says:

    Who cares?

  27. Rusty says:

    HORRIABLE MISTAKE, JUST HORRIABLE. tell him to stay in those chick flicks or drama movies, but not in COMIC book movies. Who is he paying off to get this movie ???

  28. chuckles says:


  29. kyle says:

    I was under the impression that they wanted this to be good?? Why not cast a relatively unknown actor with talent to match Cavill. Instead this will just turn into a comedy with Ben Affleck wearing a batman costume

  30. kostek says:

    What a joke hes the worst actor in Hollywood this will be 1 Batman I will refuse to even watch

  31. Nicolas Sedillo says:

    Remember Daredevil? As a director, Ben Affleck has proven himself. I would LOVE to see his version of Justice League! But as for wearing the famous cowl, let someone else wear it! Even Ron Howard knew when to stop acting.

  32. MooseKnuckle says:

    One word – RUINED

  33. bob says:

    You all know you are going to see it. Ben Affleck will be fine as Batman

  34. Pure Fluff says:

    Reblogged this on Pure Fluff.

  35. Disappointed says:

    Really backwards move, man of steel was a great film, obviously batman was epic (all of them), but Ben affleck as batman, well Marvel fans must be rolling around laughing, I could easily name 50 actors that would be more suited to playing batman then Ben affleck

  36. Rod says:

    The right choice? No, a good choice? They could have done a lot worse.

    As for remembering Daredevil, I remember seeing a list of a lot of names involved in that movie. Ben didn’t write, produce, direct or edit it.. He only stared in it.

  37. Dent says:

    Martin Short would make a better Batman than Affleck… what a shame

  38. Rehnea says:

    TERRIBLE DECISION!!!!!!!!!!! I will not watch the movie!!!

  39. Kane says:

    Ben wouldn’t have been my first pick as the new batman but I think he should at least be given a chance…. Who knows he may pull it off.

  40. AfflekIsATool says:

    Lame! Boycott!

  41. Bogdan Huianu says:

    Christian Bale…

  42. Please Please Me says:


  43. Kevin says:

    Boooo, Affleck!!! #AdkinsForBatman

  44. Ryan Martin says:

    Terrible decision, this will bomb bad and ruin both the Superman and Batman franchise reboot. Worst decision since clooney. As a Huge fan of Batman, I will definitely not see this abomination and am disappointed that The Justice league is now doomed as well. Bad day for DC Fans.

  45. Tired of comics movies says:

    This franchise is dead. Ben Affleck is a horrible choice for Bruce Wayne. Did every body forget what a horrible sh– pile Daredevil was?

  46. MalHayn says:

    … Ray Donovan/Batman Vs Dexter/Superman

  47. Id rather slide down a razor blade into a pool of alcohol after a nice refreshing glass of bleach lol. Next thing you know batman will go blind and have to use echolocation to see his enemies but it’ll only work best when it’s raining. At least Morgan freeman should hook him up with a better walking stick. But then again Ben will probably ask him to make it vibrate too so he could use his new toy for other “Dark” pleasures. After this very good decision by Warner Brothers I expect great things to come from batman. I just hope they remake The Penguin so I can see which weapon is better, an umbrella or a walking stick. With that said I think everyone here will agree when I say Holy toledo this movie will rock!!

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