Ben Affleck Is the New Batman

Batman-Superman feature to hit theaters July 17, 2015

Ben Affleck is Batman.

The actor will replace Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming untitled Batman-Superman feature for Warner Bros., the studio announced Thursday.

Affleck becomes the eighth actor to play the Caped Crusader, following Bale, George Clooney and Michael Keaton.

“We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics’ most enduringly popular Super Heroes, and Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill, and then some,” WB president Greg Silverman said in a statement.

Batman Backlash: Ben Affleck Has Nothing on Michael Keaton

Directed by “Man of Steel” filmmaker Zack Snyder, the Batman-Superman feature will open worldwide on July 17, 2015, with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Diane Lane reprising their roles.

“Man of Steel,” released this past June, has earned over $650 million at the global box office.

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“Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman. He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne,” Snyder said in a statement. “I can’t wait to work with him.”

The announcement of a Batman-Superman film was revealed last month at Comic-Con to much excitement of fanboys, who will surely be watching as the studio begins to assemble its Justice League.

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The irony of Thursday’s news is that at one point Warner Bros. was interested in having Affleck direct the “Justice League” movie and his participation in this film will now spur interest if whether his casting means a possibility of directing that film.

The Boston native recently upped his Hollywood power when he won the Best Picture Oscar for “Argo.”

Affleck, repped by WME, can be seen next in Fox and New Regency’s thriller “Runner Runner.”

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  1. oliver says:

    Poor Ben I feel sorry for him now. I guess they were not expecting this amount of dislike…

  2. Lloyd Drum says:

    Affleck might pull it off; but if you really want a definitive Batman you need to be thinking Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Day-Lewis, Daniel Craig or an unknown.

  3. Matt says:

    It is about time we stop film companies force feeding, things we don’t want

  4. FAKE REPORTING AT IT’S BEST WB would never allow another SUPER HERO FLOP actor play batman… get real people.

  5. willprot says:

    The just took a movie that I was guaranteed to go see and most anticipating and and made it one I won’t see until it’s on television. Some people are trying to say it will be like Micheal Keaton but it can’t be, first off Micheal Keaton didn’t fit the role but the truth is most Bat fans in the 80’s where teenagers it was a different batman and what the hell did we really know of Keaton then except he doesn’t “fit” batman… Affleck is a whole other ballgame, that was 25 years ago the people who watched that movie are the same people that anticipate this one, and the bottom line is Ben Affleck is too well known AND does not fit Batman. Batman is a star you can’t cast a star for a star character… I will not be able to suspend my disbelief. Instead of seeing Superman with Batman I will see Superman with Ben Affleck… Daredevil, Good Will, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay And Silent Bob, Jersey Girl I know him too well and unfortunately while he is not a bad actor he is not a great one… I will not be able to see Batman through Ben Affleck, so the movie is now a lost cause for me personally

  6. Ax says:

    I didn’t like Superman at all. I felt the movie had effects that I had seen in other movies. Besides, it really wasn’t interesting; they should’ve shown some of commander Zar’s childhood ( I really don’t know the name, why should i be interested) I was really disappointed. So it really does not surprise me that Snyder’s lame casting. Btw, I feel Ben could land it but he’s does not have a Batman demeanor.

  7. Marlon says:

    Bale is much more suited for this role. Should continue from the dark knight rise.

  8. Gail White says:

    Ben will be a MARVELOUS Batman. I would think true fans would be open to a new actor as talented as Ben. My oh my the snarky attitude towards him is horrible. People should think of how they would feel if they were the ones being criticized so harshly. Shame on all of you. Good luck Ben & I hope you are the most awesome Batman ever !!!!

  9. Michael says:

    I think he is a much different actor than people have perceived him as in the past. His ability has matured and I think, though the majority don’t think so, he has what it takes to be batman. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised. Ben is nothing like the actor you have seen in such movies as dare devil or good will hunting. His most recent movie Argo was a phenomenal movie and with the recent changes into an ultra-realism realm, he could be better than Keaton, Clooney, or Bale. My largest fear with these movies isn’t the actors they cast but rather the scripts they make. Too much emphasis on demographic and not enough on the actual story. You don’t need the demographics with a movie like this because it’s already such a well developed story line that has been refined for more than a few decades. If ben is a batman fan, He will make the grade. It’s also nice to hear he will be helping with the script. He is clearly an excellent actor/writer/director and though most may lack the vision of picturing him as batman, remember most also said the same thing about Bale when he first signed on to do his first batman movie. Ben don’t listen to the majority. Trust yourself to do what you have recently done so well. Regardless, I’m going to see this one on opening night. I’m a big fan of the Justice League, batman and superman. Make me feel like a little kid again. Please :-)

  10. Jeffrey says:

    Nobody I mean Nobody plays a better Batman than CHRISTIAN BALE!!! I really wish Christian Bale would play Batman again. I have alot of RESPECT for Christian Bale after he went and visited Aurora Colorado after that shooting at the premier of the Dark Night Rises. Christian Bale is a great actor!!!

  11. Brittany says:

    DISAPPOINTING!! I don’t like Ben Affleck and I am a huge batman fan. I know if I can’t have Bale in the role again there has to be SOMEONE better

  12. Ken says:

    i want him to have a chance. He will also be helping with the writing and i will not turn down a person with talent. We as Americans should try and support them and stop shutting people down. We let BUSH fuck up this country and no one said shit about it but when someone get a acting role of batman we go ape shit? COME ON PEOPLE LET’S GET REAL.

  13. Frank says:

    I don’t think Affleck will make the role his own. He’s too well known by mainstream media…a ‘brand name’ so to speak. It’s why Clooney’s Batman didn’t work either. The studio needs to find an actor who is not ‘well known’ but can pull it off. It’s why Keaton’s Batman and Ledger’s Joker worked like gangbusters. I believe Jason Statham would’ve made perfect sense as Batman.

  14. carey says:

    I have never really like Ben Affleck, so now I am just disappointed with the decision to cast him as batman

  15. Shero Rauf says:

    With my respect for most of the opinions.. But most of those who say Ben is not a good actor for the role of Batman are those who doesn’t like Ben at all.. and they don’t want to see him in any movies..

    but let’s speak about his acting too.. Is he really that bad… well did you watch : ( Hollywoodland – Boiler Room – Man About Town – Smokin’ Aces – The Town – The Sum of All Fears – The Company Men – State of Play – Changing Lanes ).. well you may agree or disagree with me in some of these movies but again you can’t charge the actor over Gigli or Daredevil only… and speaking about Daredevil : for me the entire movie was bad… not just him…But of course it is easier to blame him…

    Do I have to remember you about.. Brad Pitt as Achilles and Heath Ledger as Joker? Remember what critics were saying before the movie comes out… and what happen after.. I am sure you remember… after all Zack Snyder is not that stupid to risk his success in Man of Steel to ruin it with Batman vs. Superman by choosing Ben.. well Christopher Nolan is the Executive producer too ;-)… If you trust Zack and Nolan then you must accept Ben too ;-).

    Now speaking about the level and the timing of Batman in this movie.. as you know the movie called Batman vs. Superman.. aka Man of Steel 2.. which means it is in that time which both characters are in action and Batman is no longer a child who cry over his parent’s death.. and as I always imagine Batman he is always been with a closed personality and never shows his pain or weakness.. he is closed in himself and almost emotionless.. he put his fears and anger and revenge in action fighting crime not sitting and crying in front of Alfred..

    Well Ben was always good in being an intelligent character behind the desk or being the CIA and planing missions.. and working from brain not heart.. and that is what Batman role need.. not emotions.. but action.. as we all know Batman was the brain in Justice League.. all others were dealing with emotional stuff and in the end they listen to Batman to find the right solution for the entire problems…

    And the different between the Joker role and Batman role are almost the opposite each other : Joker is crazy and do not afraid to put all his cards on the table.. and craziness need almost every kind of emotions.. that si why until now Joker characters were more likely to win best acting awards..

    In the end you must know that it is not just the actor who make the movie look great.. ( Val Kilmer was a good Batman but the movie came out lame ).. just give the man a chance.. I believe he just need 3 month good training and he will pass really fine for the role.. ;-)

    • GG says:

      Baba Vavayla……..” If you trust Zack and Nolan then you must accept Ben too” What a cheesy comment!

      • Shero Rauf says:

        Well.. chessy or not it or not .. he is the Batman .. Because Zack and Nolan chose him .. and you will watch the movie ..and we can meet again in 17.May.2015 or a day after that here and you can say what you want ;-)

  16. Kim says:

    Replacing Christian Bale – I thought they (writers/director/and Christian Bale) had only signed on for a trilogy so how is Ben replacing Christian? and at the end of the trilogy – Bruce Wayne is “dead” well Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne… so if it is a continuing of that franchise they have to be careful… it’s like Xmen:First Class – plot continuation mistakes – many
    2nd – I hope Ben does better than when he was in Daredevil but am I correct in saying that there will be a different director?
    3rd – if they ask Ben to direct… he really needs to think of how much work that is going to be (see Sylvester Stallone during Expendables – where Sylvester said because of the action it was easier NOT to be the director)
    4th – since Superman is the ongoing franchise (with three of the actors signing on) would it not make more sense to have the direction of Man of Steel to be the director of Batman/Superman ???

  17. Rhonise says:

    Ben as batman equals worst decision ever made in movie history!

  18. Betty Wentz says:

    Obviously someone at the studio was VERY SMART. Look at the hype created by this, almost up to 900 comments! just wow. It’s like this on every board I’ve seen today. So, the marketing alone, people will go just to see whether he suceeds or fails now.

    A friend made a comment, they love him, but how long can he realistically portray this character if he suceeds? He’s in his 40’s now. With that said, I know a waiter that served him and his wife and said they both had flawless skin, so maybe he can play Batman for awhile. Of course, his cleft chin is a killer, that should be a requirement for all Batmen, a cleft chin.

    • avgnoix says:

      The chin, lol. That’s what I thought. I remember how he look as DD but maybe he wasn’t meant to play DD now that he’s older and wiser much like how this new Batman is going to be, maybe Affleck can act better now too.

  19. Sugar Mama says:


  20. hardtruth00 says:

    The absolutely worst decision in the history of movie making. They might as well bring back Arnold, Jim Carrey and Hally Berry. What a waste…

  21. Matt Miller says:

    Let’s get a white house response!

  22. el_cacto says:

    No. Please…

  23. Jude Oats says:

    Fantastic actor director. He’s already made me believe he can be the superhero in 03’s Daredevil flick. He will be a fantastic Batman

  24. NOOOOOO!!!!
    not the Daredevil jinx,
    put him in Oceans 18 movie
    not in my beloved Batman movie,
    Clooney was bad enough don’t lower the bar
    PLEASE !!!!!!!

  25. Mikesmyth says:

    I think you have just lost at least 50% of the Batman franchise fans. Ben Afleck is the worst male actor in Hollywood and had been for some time. I’ve seen concrete with more flexibility.
    Shot yourselves in the foot and ruined it for everyone now.

  26. Boner Mgoo says:

    You obviously do

  27. clydee says:

    ben is awesome actor.
    he will be the BEST BATMAN EVER

  28. Rob says:

    What a garbage decision. Ben Affleck is gonna choke at this role and ruin another iconic image. I was happy to hear that Batman would be returning to screen so soon but now…now I really hate the idea. Josh Brolin would have made a better older and more grizzled Bats than Affleck will ever be able to pull off. Man of Steel 2 is already officially in the crapper now due to this recent horrible casting choice. Who the hell casts these roles lately? Helen Kellers’ incarnate?

  29. Starfighter says:

    Politics? Did Ben Affleck force this on WB? Did WB want Ben to be their directing cash cow like Clint Eastwood has been for the WB for 40 years? Did Ben use this against Warner Bros. for his last stab at stardom which is what he really wants more than directing?

  30. The villain for The New Batman should be SNL’s Bill Hader doing Vincent Price as Egg Head. Would be great!

  31. Colton Vaughn says:

    This is about stupid for a casting choice. I know he has grown since Dardevil, but outside Argo he usually stars in movies that end up garbage. Directing is his thing so stick to it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a better choice. Just about anyone else would be better. Armie Hammer is twice the casting choice of Affleck.

  32. csrlos says:

    Ben give me a fucking break the supermsn sequel will be a disgrace and a fucking joke thanks for fucking up the sequel wb you fucking morons!!! ):

  33. Derek says:

    Don’t see him as Batman. He’d make a good Bruce Wayne, but not Batman. But then I thought Christian Bale was a good Batman, but not a good Wayne.
    I think Karl Urban would be a better choice.

  34. Terry Fischer says:

    Let’s get creative:
    JesseJensen Ackles, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Bradford, Josh Duhamel, James Roday, Ryan Kwanten, Christopher Masterson…

  35. EqualButSeperate says:

    Now all they have to announce is appearances by Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern and Halle Berry as Catwoman. With a special performance of Alfred, played by Kevin Smith. SMH.

  36. Lindros Arthur says:

    wow! Ben Affleck as the Batman what happened Pauly Shore not available. Couldn’t pick a worse Batman if you tried.

  37. WHy do people always ignore Val Kilmer? He was a great batman, but was a dark character in too flashy a batman movie.

  38. Jacob says:

    Ben Affleck … for real???? oh come on!!!!!!!
    what’s wrong with Christian Bale???? he’s the man!!!!!!!

  39. Sissy Gomez says:

    I’m just shocked that this article has received almost 1000 comments! Amazing. We really do get upset here in Hollywood, don’t we?

    I’m glad to see some creative casting instead of the same action actors etc… These actors/actresses know how to act, let them show some variety in their skills.

    • Aidan says:

      Ben affleck already tried and failed as a superhero. Good actor but not right for the role already seen it happen before with cloony and Kilmer. To me there just trying to get someone to ride on the coattails of the dark knight trilogy

  40. Bryan says:

    Im not sure if he is the right guy for the job but there wasnt many ppl who thought health Ledger should have been the joker. Look what happened there. The guy who was in 10 things I hate about you, made the joker into an unforgetable character. Ill give afflack a chance.

  41. ArchMage says:

    I’d Rather See Kevin Conroy Dragged out there and propped up.
    As much as i love you bats i cant…..
    I Just cant…..

  42. LG says:

    Are you kidding us (the fans) Mr. Silverman!!!??? Do you really think we believe any of the comments on your press release!!!! Come on guy! Gut check time, this is not the way to go and you know it!

  43. Jordan says:

    Will this Batman suit be complete with rubber nipples? Are we also going to bring back the ‘Pow Ziff Bam Pew Pew Pew’ cutaways every time Batman lands a punch?

  44. Rocky Racoon says:

    Ya and Dare Devil was such a good role for him. How soon they forget. Giving a guy an oscar for argo does not make him a good actor. His body of work is all the proof anyone needs. Wasn’t he the joke of hollywood for his acting. What changed? Oh ya money…. Hollywood is a joke.

  45. Jeff Flarity says:

    I wonder how well Michael Fassbender would be? Or someone said Karl Urban. Perhaps bring back JGL from the rises end? But Ben Affleck? uh, no thanks. I’m thinking daredevil and paycheck and I see campy. bum news..:(

  46. Dead says:

    This is the worst. I’m tired of hearing about Argo, as if somehow that qualifies him to play this role. Being a director does not make him Batman. Get out.

    Although I like the overwhelming “No” of the poll here.

    • Bite me says:

      As a fan of Superman and Batman since childhood, this was a terrible choice. Sorry but I’ll wait until I see the rerun on HBO…maybe. What bullshit . What is this Gigli 2? From car designers to government officals, WFT where you thinking. Joke WB

  47. Chris says:

    Come on give him a chance he might work hard enough to fit the character you never know, he might turn out great. But one thing for sure if he doesn’t turn out to be a great batman he will have a lot of DC Comic Fans to andwer for it.

  48. Roosevelt Morris says:

    Karl Urban (Dredd) should have been the choice hands down to play Batman… He has the attitude, charisma, voice, height & billionaire look, how could the have missed by so much… I beg of you make Batman a better more superior fighter than he was in the Dark Knight Trilogy…

  49. biggie2rip says:

    I think Ryan Gosling would have been an amazing choice.

  50. EightOneFive says:

    “Affleck becomes the eighth actor to play the Caped Crusader, following Bale, George Clooney and Michael Keaton.”

    Haha, I love how everyone forgets Val Kilmer

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