New Actresses Test for ‘Batman vs. Superman’…as Wonder Woman? (EXCLUSIVE)

Wonder Woman Casting

Sources say trio are testing for role that could be Wonder Woman

Is Warner Bros. closer to finding the woman who could play Wonder Woman in the untitled “Batman-Superman” pic?

Sources tell Variety that “Fast and Furious” actress Gal Gadot, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” thesp Elodie Yung and Olga Kurylenko have or will test for the female lead, which appears to be the role of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. Sources stress there’s still a possibility this role could be Bruce Wayne’s love interest, but the casting description of “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic” also matches that of the Wonder Woman character in the comics.

WB had no comment.

Schmoes Know reported earlier in the week that Kurylenko had auditioned, and sources add there is a possibility a fourth actress could be added to the list. Recent reports suggested “Thor” thesp Jaimie Alexander would be up for the part but Alexander’s obligation to future Marvel pics takes her out of the running since it’s a DC comics property.

The Wonder Woman rumor has been kicking around for some time, and insiders believe the plan is to have not just Batman and Superman in the film but several members of the Justice League as well. It’s unclear which members, but Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) and the Flash are said to be locks to make an appearance in some fashion, whether that’s a significant role or a cameo.

Being directed by “Man of Steel” filmmaker Zack Snyder, the Batman-Superman feature opens worldwide on July 17, 2015, with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill co-starring.

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  1. JimBillyBob says:

    Was the Actress that played the Princess of Mars in “John Carter”, even considered? I thought she would make a great fit! Absolutely super smoking hot too…yummy!

  2. Jim says:

    I know Gale earned the Spot, but jeez. Couldn’t they find a spot somewhere for Olga. Just so beautiful!

  3. Joel says:

    awww timing is everything! Jaimie Alexander would have killed that role. She is tough, beautiful and has that on screen presence to pull of the Amazon role.

  4. marold says:

    Lucy Lawless would be the perfect Wonder Woman. These 3 are too skinny. It would be cool if they made a Justice League movie, then they could make several sequels, each storyline featuring a different superhero.

  5. markus says:

    what about gina carano!! you know she can fight!!

  6. Carmen Howie says:

    I think it’s time to think outside the box for WW. I believe the role calls for an ACTION ACTOR or STUNT ACTOR!

    It seems like most talented peeps are right under Hollywood’s noses, and never get a chance to be seen. Super crazy!

    I’m a huge fan of ALINA ANDREI . This woman, “Wonder Woman” can ACT! She’s 5’8, super athletic and her body, umm wow! Not only is she a sword-fighter of 14 years and in martial arts for 9 years, but the girl CAN DO HER OWN STUNTS!!!

    Beautiful, strong, exotic, and can kick ass-litterally! A real life Wonder Woman?

    Wasn’t Christopher Reeve an unknown when he was cast as Superman? He only had 1 credit to his name? Don’t take my word for it, check her out on YouTube! Her action acting reel is real! :)

  7. wonderwomanfan says:

    Serinda swan is all I have to say! She played zatanna in smallville and she was great. Shes bad ass, she’s got a fierce look about her that’s simply stunning and could totally work. The comic book wonder woman is basically a drawing of serinda swan and she already has experience in the power area because of smallville, so shes perfect. She’s perfect for wonder woman!

    • chicagorob says:

      Here this whole time I’ve been thinking Bridget Reagan would be perfect for WW.

      But Serinda Swan? Sorry, Bridget, but Serinda is actually the ONE. She’s young enough, has the exotic beautiful face, the amazonian buid without being too much and the acting abilities to pull it off.

      Gadot, Yung and Kurylenko are beautiful, but LITTLE girls, they all look like malnourished high school freshman. But if that’s what Snyder is looking at, then I’m worried that he’s simply ignoring the existing Wonder Woman character and making this one into his own “Sucker Punch” fantasy girl.

  8. JAMES says:

    Stacy Kiebler would make a great wonder woman. She a 5 11 amazon and a former wrestler.

  9. LC says:

    Lyndsy Fonseca, just give it to her.

  10. Harmon says:

    Has anybody thought that the character in question for these women is Mercy Graves?

  11. Belen says:

    I think I should be cast as Wonder Woman. I’m 5’8″, athletic, Mexican-American and female. Done!

  12. tmjray says:

    I believe that Wonder Woman has some fundamental attributes to her appearance in order to be believable as this very iconic character. She has to be a tall woman with curves. These ladies are way to thin and with no boobs, hips, or muscle definition of any kind. She also needs to have dark hair, which all of theses actresses have. However, she must also have an angelic face with blue eyes. None of these actresses have that either. In many characters it is permissible to change it up but when you are talking an iconic character there are just some things that have to be there. That is one of the reasons Lynda Carter was so successful in the role. That and the fact that Lynda, to the best of her ability in 1970’s tv, played the character as a “real” person. Personally, I hope they keep looking.

  13. Charles says:

    Gal Gadot, Elodie Yung and Olga Kurylenko are all interesting choices. Based upon the look of WW, Olga probably best fits the bill IMHO. The fact that all three have accents suggests possibly a different take for WW than previous incarnations, and definitely something different than the All-American girl image that Lynda Carter projected.

    Based upon physical type, I would like to throw a couple of some other names into the mix – Lauren Cohan [from “The Walking Dead”], Jill Flint [from “Royal Pains”] and Alana De La Garza [from “Law & Order”]. I read that Mary Elizabeth Winstead was auditioned for WW for the Justice League film a few years back and she looks the part.

  14. Redhot Stackchip says:


  15. Steve Trevor says:

    The only viable options for Wonder Woman are Jaimie Alexander, Amanda Righetti, or Bridget Regan! All at least 5’9″, good actresses, athletic and beautiful, and they all have strong “womanly” voices.

  16. Vanity-Insecurity says:

    None of these actresses say Wonder Woman to me.. half of them have foreign accents.. Scarlett Johannson would be perfect.

    • cdcdcdv dcccd says:

      u idiot! do u know how short ScarJo is? she is only 5’3″ – now would that make her an amazon? she will NEVER be WW mark this post

    • Diana is GREEK. She is supposed to have an accent.
      She is also an Amazon. ScarJo is too petite for that. Also, way overrated.

      Think someone closer to Xena. A warrior princess, not a sex toy.

  17. Arcangel13 says:

    In this film we see: Mercy Graves, Selina Kyle (or Thalia)
    Cameo: Wonder Woman

  18. john skidmore says:

    Rose McGowan.

  19. Esoh says:

    I’d always imagined Wonder woman as strong and voluptuous….these girls are scrawny.

  20. raven says:

    Gina Carano.

    • Can’t act. Too old.

      We’re talking a decade spanning franchise here.
      Iron Man was filmed in ’07 for ’08, and they’ll be on only the second Avengers movie by 2015.
      And you know that they will try to pull off AT LEAST 3 movies per (filmable) character or franchise.
      That’s 10+ years for the story and actors.

      Carano may be fine as a an immortal perma-twenty-something now, but 10 years down the road when she hits 40, it’s gonna start to show.

  21. Prateek Kinha says:

    Oh ! C’mon it should be Olga Kurylenko

  22. Bring on Wonder Woman! He big screen appearance is ridiculously overdue!!!

  23. Justin says:

    Looks-wise definitely Gal Gadot of the rumored few. Too bad Katy Perry is not a proven actress because she has the look naturally.

  24. DirectorRick says:


    • sttonecold hillbilly says:

      aisha tyler is tall enuff – but she is black and thats not WW – sorry but she will NEVER be WW. and how would u feel if luke cage was played by a white dude?

  25. The Kingslayer says:

    Jaimie Alexander !!!!!

  26. ” Alexander’s obligation to future Marvel pics takes her out of the running since it’s a DC comics property.” makes no sense unless you’ve read her contract and know that to be the case because there are plenty of actors who have worked for both DC and Marvel, Natalie Portman was in V for Vendetta (DC Comics) and now in the Marvel universe, Chris Evans went from Marvel to DC and then back to Marvel with roles in The Fantastic Four, then The Losers and now Captain America. Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johansson were both in The Spirit for DC Comics and now the Avengers universe for Marvel. Halle Berry played Catwoman for DC and Storm for Marvel and Ryan Reynolds has played in Blade and X-Men Origins Wolverine for Marvel and Green Lantern for DC. There is no reason that Alexander can’t play Wonder Woman for DC after being in Marvel flicks

  27. Sr says:

    Please – cast Olga Kurylenko. Out of them all she is the prettiest, most interesting, plus she has name recognotion. She can be fierce and athleric. She was in Centurion. She already did big action movies like in Oblivion and James Bond movies. Even if it would be just love interest for Bruce Wayne – still she is better candidate. Because she has name and face recognition.

    • zombieDude says:

      not 2 mention Olga already worked with Ben Affleck, and the dude has a lot of pull – he could easily influence the selection process in favor of Olga if he so desires. I like Olga the best. Jaime Alexander would also be gr8, but WW is really not an american, she is from a Greek island, and Olga, being east european, would thus be best. Sure, Elodie Yung and Gal Gadot are equally exotic, but WW is not asian, and she is not from the middle east either, sorry 2 say it as much as i am a fan of both actresses.Olga is also a bigger star than both Elodie Yung and Gal Gadot put together, having already been a Bond girl, to say the least, as well as a super model. I feel it’s hers to lose

    • being fierce, athletic and “pretty” (whatever that means) doesn’t mean you can pull of the role of Wonder Woman.

      • Matthew Losure says:

        @ Soma Crush; Stop trying to sound smart. It isn’t working. You’re not coming off like an intellectual, you’re coming off like someone who’s stuck-up, and doesn’t have proper grammar.To paraphrase Inigo Montoya, “Abundantly. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

      • SomaCrush says:

        How about we settle that Olga Kurylenko is an above average actress expected to play a DC comic character (the foundation of which is so laughable the fact anyone in reality is even willing to embody the absurdity is monumentally astounding; DC’s characters are abundantly based on the logic of children and contemporarily challenging for the big screen and abundantly outdated; this isn’t the Roaring Twenties and the Golden Age of naivete that DC embodies. Marvel is the contrary to DC and therefore escapes many of these pitfalls. Why, they were created with building success in the postmodern reality of the fifties. Post world wars, post atomic bomb, Cold War. Reality. DC has no place in reality. Even the suspension of disbelief is pushed to the breaking point in regards to most mainstream DC source material.

        Being fierce is just a catch-all metaphor that “SR” thinks she’s got the attitude for the role. Athletic, yeah that’s not a necessary prerequisite for the role; scratch that. And you’re right, “pretty” has no place in a $150+ long-term million dollar investment project. Let’s have the casting call at an Arby’s.

        Thanks for the input adamhowardcross. To elaborate your shallow opinion, having a “face, 2 arms, and 2 legs” doesn’t mean you can pull off Wonder Woman. News: no one can. She can only look ridiculous in any story but a 70’s/80’s melodrama network tv show. Oh that’s right, she looked ridiculous in that too.

  28. closeupman says:

    If only they had done this like 10 years ago….they had the perfect femme to play Wonder Woman, LUCY LAWLESS!

  29. Jerri says:

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Get Gina Torres.

  30. Taylor Cole : Eden – Supernatural (Sarah Blake) – is for me the best actress for this role !!!

  31. Jessimus Prime says:

    If they want people to take that part seriously, i think an actress like GINA CARANO would be best especially since she’s an former MMA fighter and she’s really beautiful. The spirit of WW is strong, born to fight and kilk since birth, meaning she can definitely throw a punch and doesnt mind getting punch if her opponent gets to touch her. I can’t see a model like person doing this because WW has muscles to back her up. She had the lead role in Haywire and even in then she was refered to as WW. She also use to date Henry Cavill.

    • Sr says:

      Too bad Gina is weak actress. That Haywire stuff was just ridiculous. She can look strong but she can’t act. I saw her so mach during that Haywire promotion everywhere. I knew her face. And then she was in Fast 6 movie and I didn’t even recognised her. Only after I found out that she was in that movie and had to remember who she could have play. So forgettable she was. She is fighter, probablly good person, but she is not actress.

      • Jessimus Prime says:

        She may have to work on the acting but this movie isnt about WW. At best she’ll have a couple of lines, maybe throw a punch or 2 and she could even just be a cameo. Either way, that would give her a year or 2 to get her acting ready for her own movie or JLA.

      • zombieDude says:

        agreed – GC is gorgeous, but she cant act, her emotional range is limited. As of the muscles, they can be obtained by going to the gym, it’s no big deal. Remember that Anne Hathaway wasnt athletic either for Catwoaman, but she acquired the athletecism thru hard work. Olga can do it, she can pack on the curves, she has an excellent body structure

      • SomaCrush says:

        Agreed, Gina Carano is monster crusher but she acts like a cardboard cutout of herself. She fits the bill entirely except for the actual acting chops.

      • Katie says:

        Gina Carano can’t act to save her life and she has zero grace or majesty. She would be a horrible Wonder Woman. I’m sure she’s a nice person but an actress? No. She needs to stick to stunts.

        Personally I don’t know why Wonder Woman is in this movie. But then again, I don’t know why Batman is in it. What happened to the Man of Steel sequel? Not interested in this at all.

    • Eric Ashley says:

      Good point, and she has enough stage presence to pull the role off (which is needful as WW has a lot of charisma…no, I don’t mean beauty, although that plays a role.)

      The part of Iron Man where Scarlet Johannsen is beating up a dozen guys while a much bigger guy was going one on one was one of the weakest parts of that IM.

  32. Benny55 says:

    WB/DC is a MESS.

    They’re all over the place.

    They don’t respect the fact that this is SUPPOSED to be a sequel to MOS, and they’re throwing the kitchen sink into the movie.

    First Batman, now Wonder Woman. Might as well call it Justice League ft. Man of Steel.

    This is a slap in the face to all fans of Superman. We got a proper Superman movie and excited to get a sequel and they mess it up.

    At this point, WB/DC is just copying Marvel.

    They’re just putting it all together as they go along.

    They have no real vision for the movie.

  33. Ernie Watson says:

    Just because Jamie Alexander has been Sif in THOR doesn’t mean she’s obligated to future MARVEL movies.. even if she is there is no way that DISNEY is going to make themselves look so petty and outright mean… their company image is one way too important to them.. and keeping Alexander from playing the most popular and recognizable female superheros…. ever! Would cast a bad cloud over their heads to the rest of Hollywood… Besides that marvel and DC have used the same actors before.. its ultimately gonna be up to Alexander… and she Loves Wonder Woman.. and has said she’s talked to both studios about future hero flicks… also said she knows the storyline to this man of steel sequel… notice I didn’t say superman vs batman?? Because its not a vs movie… if DC/WB wants Diana/wonder woman done correctly… then Alexander is the ONLY choice.

  34. Lisa25 says:

    I want Jessica Biel as wonder woman

  35. Julienne says:

    How about Katy Perry? She’s gorgeous…she can act…and she’s one of the biggest Celebs in the world.

  36. beckstle says:

    They should take a look at Stana Katic from Castle. Talk about talk and gorgeous!

  37. Billy Bates Jr. says:

    The Actress from G.I. Joe would Make a Great Wonder Woman !!

  38. wouldn’t that have made one of these three the fourth is alexander was talked about?

  39. Talon says:

    So I guess being able to speak English isn’t an issue? Cause all three of these women have heavy, HEAVY accents. Unless, of course, being “Amazon” = “foreigner.”

  40. occultology says:

    Wonderwoman? Eva Green!

    • sttonecold hillbilly says:

      yall need to stop with the Elodie Yung, Eva Green or Megan Fox – they are ALL too short to play WW, and i guarantee you none of them will be picked for the part. I realize you can do a lot with movie magic, but it’s just not gonna happen – sorry

  41. gal gadot is gorgeous but she’s waaaaay too slender and long… i fear she’s going to break a limb every time she moves faster than walking speed. not the warrior type i fear.

    • ascasc wscswcsvdvv says:

      gal gadot can put on weight, she can work out to put on some mass, but i aint feeling it with her. she is just too dark for the role. i prefer olga kurylenko who has natural blue-ish eyes, and is 5’10”, although she is 2-3 years older than gal gadot. olga is closer to being greek too, being east european, and of course, she was a super model. As for jaime alexander, i still think she is the best, she can still swing it. if robert downey can work for both marvel (as iron man) and warner brothers (as sherlock holmes), jaime should be able to do the same, it’s just a matter of scheduling – and besides, why wouldnt she want to be a big fish in a small pond (as wonder woman) rather than a small fish (sif)

      • There are plenty of actors who have played DC and Marvel characters and other Comic companies characters, Chris Evans for example, as well as being Captain America AND The Human Torch for Marvel he played Jenson in The Losers, which is an adaptation from Vertigo Comics. So there’s no reason that Alexander can’t play WW unless there’s some kind of loyalty clause in her Marvel contract (but I doubt it). and Gadot isn’t too dark, she just doesn’t have the right build. Of the three mentioned in the piece Elodie Yung is the best choice, at least she’s a black belt in karate and not just a model who became an actress.

      • Dumer says:

        Warner isn’t the problem. DC would be the one who’d nix the idea since they’re competing with Marvel for comic-to-film universe supremacy. I personally think it’s a dumb way to decide on casting decisions if that is the case, since I also think Alexander fits the Wonder Woman look and physique quite well.

        DC did allow Ryan Reynolds to be cast as Green Lantern after turning in a performance as Deadpool, so there’s some precedent for getting an actor from the Marvel universe over to do DC flicks, but I have to guess that’s more of an exception.

  42. digger says:

    What about attractive?

    • Dumer says:

      All actresses mentioned are attractive in their own right. Just because they aren’t for you doesn’t mean that they’re also not attractive for most of the population. Your opinion != the whole world’s opinion

  43. Deuce says:

    This trailer looked cool, maybe this actress?

  44. kgbdk says:

    I vote for Amber Heard.

  45. bobby says:

    jamie alexander i think would be a good wonder woman and i also think bianca bree van damme jean claude van damme would also be she is in shape got good moves well trained from her dad

  46. Jim says:

    Hire Lynda Carter, Dolly Parton, that British actress from The Adventures or use CGI.

  47. TICKET!! Marvel is better, but I LOVE super hero movies!

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