‘Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes’ Set to Shoot in 2014

Mortal Instruments City of Bones Movie

Constantin Reworks Script, Rethinks Marketing Strategy

Constantin Film has confirmed that it is pushing ahead with the “Mortal Instruments” franchise, and is planning to go into production on the second film, “City of Ashes,” sometime next year, although a start date has yet to be decided.

Principal photography was expected to start late this year, but after a disappointing theatrical run for the first film in the franchise, “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” Constantin decided to take stock before moving ahead.

Constantin board member Martin Moszkowicz told Variety: “We are analyzing exactly what went wrong, and that needs some time. We’ll go back to the drawing board, and we’ll work on the screenplay; we’ll work on the elements of the movie; and then we’ll budget it.”

“City of Bones,” which reportedly had a budget of $60 million, grossed $99 million worldwide, although the film has yet to open in a couple of territories. It was helmed by Harald Zwart, and starred Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower.

Zwart may return as the helmer of “City of Ashes.” “We are talking to him and others. At the moment there is no director attached,” Moszkowicz said. “It also depends on his professional availability of course.”

Moszkowicz said that Constantin “strongly believes” in the franchise, which is adapted from a series of best-selling books for young adults by Cassandra Clare. The books have sold 26 million copies, and Constantin also has the rights to other Clare young adult franchises, including three-book series “Infernal Devices,” and the upcoming five-book series “The Magisterium,” which is co-written with the author of “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” Holly Black. The first book in the “Magisterium” series, “The Iron Trial,” will be published next year.

“We believe strongly in her and the world that she has brought to the readers, but we feel that the movie obviously under-performed. Something was wrong there, and we are trying to make it right the next time,” Moszkowicz said.

Changes to the marketing strategy are in the cards, including the target demo. “Maybe we have targeted too young an audience,” he said. “They are very outspoken, especially in the social media world; they are extremely active. But the readers of the books are from 14 to 34 — that’s the main age group — and maybe some of them had issues with how it was marketed. We need to go behind that, and find out exactly what it was.

“It is an ongoing discussion that we are having, and it is not done. We haven’t made a final decision. But we will only move forward — and we plan to move forward — when we feel we are going to get it right,” Moszkowicz said.

Although the intention is to shoot the film sometime next year, it is not carved in stone.

“That is the plan, but it is not a given,” Moszkowicz said. “We believe in that franchise, and we would like to do that, but we need to get it right.”

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  1. TMG41604 says:

    I loved these books. I definitely think they nailed the characters better in the TV series than the movie but the movie stays truer to the plot of the books. The TV series deviates too much from the books! If they could get the TV series actors to do the rest of the books in Movie format that would be AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Teresa Brown says:

    Please do City of Ashes & the rest of the books into movies they are great The series sucks

  3. D. L. King says:

    I am really hoping for City of Ashes to be made. I’m a huge fan of the books and loved the movie. I think the problem with it might have been that one must really have read the book to be able to follow the movie. It was brilliant for those of us who read the books, but confusing, I understand, for those who hadn’t. There is a huge following for the series now and most of us are watching the television show because that’s all there is, although it’s crap. I think we’re all hoping for another movie, the caliber of the last one. So please make it!

  4. Jo says:

    I have seen the TV show. I like the movie characters better and can’t wait for the next movie.

  5. Lui says:

    I am no writer. I am just a fan who bought the bookset after having seen the Mortal Instruments City of Bones. And is praying to have the City of Ashes the movie released since its movie debut 2013. I will watch the Shadowhunter series only because I just can’t get enough of Clary and Jace.

    This is what I want to see on Clary’s and Jace’s kissing scene on City of Ashes.

    Everything else is a blur and only Clary is clear and focused on the screen. A bit slow in motion. Zooming in as Jace closes to Clary; Soundless. Only Jace’s heartbeat and his steps is audible getting louder as he nears Clary.

    Jace cups Clary’s face. Enter music as their lips touch. 2-3 seconds on that for emphasis.
    As camera begin to encircle them, lips move and so Jace’s right hand slides onto Clary’s head and his left rest on her back, pulling her lightly.

    Once camera is behind Jace, Clary’s hand is at Jace’s hair.

    Camera is now on the other side. Jace’s left hand slides to Clary’s waist and pulls her even more passionately.

    Camera circling a bit faster now, raised a little higher.

    Camera has made its full turn. Clary pulls Jace’s hair and kissing as hard.

    Camera encircling again and showing side of Jace’s back, Queen’s laugh can be heard lightly.

    Camera is now showing Clary’s POV. Blurry like seeing-through-water-kind-of-effect as she is just opening her eyes. Music fades. Only Clary’s breath can be heard. Jace unhand her. Camera effect where it looks much farther than it actually is. Clary raise her hand slowly then hugs herself.
    Camera lowers down to the floor, still blurry like tear-filled-eyes. Slow motion.
    Slightly audible. Cave-like sound. “Are you entertained? WIll you free Clary now?” Jace said.
    Clary’s breath still highly audible “Please..” Clary said.
    Clary Storm out.

    Although having to read the books, I might say that I find the movie good enough although there are better approach to it that may have gathered bigger crowd.

    Yes this is another supernatural story and there’s a lot going on here but the story goes around Jace and Clary. Emphasize on it by providing ‘moments’. Make the audience fall in love with the romance going on with this two characters.

    And yet this is another supernatural story that is not exactly concentrating on showing off the prowess and the fighting skills of the characters. Its not an action movie nor was it intended for that purpose. Arouse the audience’s interest by defining the lovable traits of the characters.

    Jace is very humorous, tease and friendly that way. May seem really serious and secretive as he is detached. Everybody would have fall instantly for this annoyingly cute spirit had the screen writers of the Mortal Instruments City of Bones made him deliver his punchlines. Readers of the book would barely recognize the Jace portrayed in the movie nonetheless would still see the movie anyway but would not recommend it. For the none readers of the book, Jace would only seem conceited, boring typical I’m-cool-guy. Why would they wanna see the movie then? Because Lily Collins is so cute and who cares with what happen to the movie—nothing is happening! I would appreciate to see Jamie Campbell-Bower play this role again even if Dominic Sherwood is better looking because Jamie can portray Jace better.

    Clary is beautiful, independent, and strong-willed but she doesn’t know that yet. Deconstructing Clary’s character from the usual small, fragile and needy leading lady through the series of events that showed she was everyone’s power anchor. She made Jace trust her, Hodge depended on her on retrieving the Mortal Cup, Alec braved Abaddon, Isabelle to like her and Simon to mature by having realistic expectations. In the movie, she was portrayed this teenage girl who wants to be freed from her mom’s irrational grip. Who is seeing this invisible angelic guy and fell for him ‘coz maybe he helped her from the Forsaken in her apartment. While its true, Jace may have appeared as the knight in shining armor, but there is more to him that Clary and millions of readers fell for. Who are the characters and where are the scenes that defined them?

    Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments is rich and have very colorful characters with fascinating stories with them. This would have leveled up if not defeated the Twilight Saga had the construction of the movie assigned to interested staff, who cares to interpret and tell a good story instead of just finishing a dead line.

  6. Dalena says:

    I loved books, movie and original cast. I truly wish you would re release it and complete the series, please.

  7. Emily says:

    I love the series and the actors they are truly amazing. Make a another one otherwise it would be pointless to start a franchise and not create the next film. It is supposed to be teen and it also like the Hunger Games and Divergent.

  8. Anita Sims says:

    I am a 61 you old grandmother and have fallen in love with Mortal Instruments. I love the story and all the actors, the special effects are amazing. I can’t wait for the next movie to come out. I have not read any of the books as my eyesight is not the best for reading. So please come out with the next movie soon.
    A.Sims, Kansas

  9. mukkle says:

    I am a big fan from Thailand. I fall in love with Jace and Clary at the first time I saw the movie title. After I saw the movie I very very very love Jace and Clary, so I went to the book store and sold “The mortal instument” all series ( book 1-5 for that time, but now i already have the 6 th end book ) and then I was a big fan of the book “The mortal instrument”
    I waiting for the second movie “city of ashes”
    …I saw ” city of bone” more than 10 times!!!….

  10. Melissa says:

    I am an abide (adult) reader of The Mortal Instruments Book Series. Throughlly enjoying the movie ” City of Bones”, now anticipatating the next movie “City of Ashes”.

  11. Adrienne says:

    so what happened to the movie and Clary and Jace?? You made a cheesy tv show that sucks big time…….bring us the movie

  12. Amy says:

    I have been waiting on the second film to come out forever. I love the books and loved the first movie. I can’t wait for the second movie to come out. Please make it or get someone else to!

  13. Molly Catchpole says:

    I think constantin is making a big mistake not following up on the 1st movie, the mortal instruments fan base has grown dramatically the books make an excellent story. Even if they condensed the books into a trilogy with a 2 part final film of course it would still beat the tv series hands down. Remember the film company that turned down Lord of the rings??? New line cinema laughing all the way to the bank!!!Maybe someone else should take it on???

  14. Love says:

    Is there a chance for the “the city of ashes” to materialize as movie?same cast if possible pls…

  15. Austin Whitley says:

    I loved the original. The tv show doesn’t even have that much of a good looking cast. I really expected a sequel after the film still did good enough too. I think it did better than what they said it did.

  16. Susan says:

    I would love to see the sequel to the first movie. I just loved, loved, loved City of Bones and I am so eager to see the next installment. I watched the tv series and there isn’t the same chemistry between characters like the movie. Please please make City of Ashes. How can you just leave us hanging after the first one.

  17. Terry says:

    I saw the first movie yesterday and loved it. They need to make the rest of them.

  18. samantha says:

    Hey totally loved the First Movie IT Was AND IT Still Is Very wonderful It is A Very Good Movie FOR Real I Mean It To Who Ever MADE This Movie Keep Doing A Great REALLY GOOD Job AND I Like THE People THAT PLAYD IN THE Movie As Well SO I Give You and the movie ten stars **********

  19. Amy says:

    they need to make a sequel. That was stupid to make just one movie on the first book when there is so much more to the series!

  20. Shara Chapman says:

    Yep, agree that the younger audience was NOT the way to make money. I’m middle-aged and would love to see more of the Mortal Instruments movies made before I kick the bucket.

  21. I hope they do make more movies of the franchise “Mortal Instrument City of Bones”. You guys were talking about targeting a specific age group of young people. Well I’m a 54 year old female. I loved the movie. So PLEASE … MAKE MORE!!!

  22. Anna says:

    Please tell me when this movie is coming out???? i really want to see them!!!!!

  23. Satu says:

    I love this movie and i really want to see next part of it! For real I live in Finland and after this movie came out everyone has seen it, and I dont know anyone who didn’t like of City of bones. They’re thinking what went wrong, and I guess I know what it was. I never saw anadvertisement of this movie like I saw about The Hunger Games before the first movie came out. I’ve watched city of bones for like 6times and I just need to see city of ashes too and I don’t know another way to tell this for public.

  24. Ella says:

    Still waiting for the next movie! I totally enjoyed the first one.

  25. Bernadine says:

    I am a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments from the Philippines. I’m still hoping that there will be a sequel. I’m hoping to see the same cast. Specially Lily & Jamie. I love them. Please make the movie again!

  26. Toni says:

    I’ve read the books on the last one now and I LOVE them and LOVED the movie. I’m a HUGE romantic and can’t wait for the other movies to come out. Im a huge fan of the Twilight series books and movies and thought City of Bones was FAR better then twilight’s 1st movie was!!!!!! Hurry up I can’t wait. Oh yeah please use the same people. They did an awesome job.

  27. Lynn Light says:

    I am now in my sixth’s ; and have read all the books ; loved them all , Have seen the first movie at least ten times , took my granddaughter to the show for the first movie . she is also waiting for the second movie. Hope to see it soon.

  28. Rosa M Brown says:

    I’m in my 40’s as well and I can truly said that I never heard of this movie before or read any of the books. Not sure how many parts of the books there is. Until one day I was changing the channel looking for a movie to watch and come upon this film, so I decided to watch, I loved it so much I desire more. Now I watch it every time I can.

  29. nova says:

    I am also in my 40’s i loved the book’s and the movie. I have read alot of comments and feel i agree with a lot of what was said.I don’t get out to much to watch a movie but i do buy a lot of them and so does my family.The Harry Potter books/movies were great i loved them a lot of action.I have read the Immortal series before the movie and i liked it…it was off but i still enjoyed it enough to want the whole series done in a movie.

  30. dianna says:

    First off, love love love the books!!! I was really excited to see the movie. However, was disappointed in the amount of detail left out. Been waiting and hoping the next will be better. I would love to see a TV series! The characters and story are amazing! Please make it soon.

  31. Cherene Saunders says:

    I was hoping to find out that there was more to this movie. But there isn’t. That’s a disappointment to me. Every time someone makes a movie based on a book series and doesn’t finish the rest of the series. …is sad.

  32. shanae says:

    Have yet too read the books I loved the first movie I hope they make more even know the first one was rushed hoping to see more moviion

  33. Mara says:

    I loved and continue to love the entire book series. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and even reread it! But certain aspects of the movie were just so not what the book had, and it completely threw me off. A large majority of the people watching the movies are the people who have already read the books, meaning that they know when a certain scene isn’t supposed to be there.Whosever decided to place little ideas here and there to change up the movie, or give it a little more “action” I guess- were in the wrong. There’s a reason as to why Cassandra wrote her book the ways she did- so that over the course of time her other books can reveal what she had written originally. This movie ruined that. There are so many loose ends! I just hope that whosever is directing the City Of Ashes does the movie like the book intended- even though that might not be possible with all of the unneeded scenes that happened in the first movie.

  34. Farah says:

    city of bones… i like the movie.. very much. hope they would continue the series.. really hoping.

  35. Dana says:

    Me and my daughter love the movie! We both hoped they would continue the series. The books are great! Studio much can be done with the movies! Still crossing my fingers!

  36. chastity says:

    I hope another movie comes out I was excited when the first one came out. I went out and bought it twice and just gave my daughters boyfriends family a copy and said u have watch.

  37. chastity says:

    I read all of the books and I love the first movie. I am a 40 year old mom who works with middle school kids. I think some of the problem with the first one was not alotbof kids knew about the books because of a couple others books that made movies at around the same time. I have been turning kids and adults on the the series. They were great. Great characters

  38. Jacqueline says:

    I just wanted to say this is movie is very good if more would watch it they would realize that. I hope you keep the same main actors they are great together

  39. Lori says:

    I can’t wait to see how it all plays out I’m ready for a sequel of events.

  40. gccdevo43 says:

    I find it interesting that you are looking at your target demographics rather than looking into the film for problems. I am an adult and I loved this complete series. In fact I enjoyed the movie so much I read the book. Unfortunately after reading the book I struggled with several things in the movie. First you need to remain true to who shadow hunters are. Where was the all seeing eye on the back of their hand for example. There never would have been demons in the institute. That was not true to the story. If you look at the book and create a real world from there, remain true to it. I realize that you can’t portray everything that the book does, but there are specific things that should remain clear. For one Hodge should have run off. He later comes back and his disappearance was pivotal. Keep in mind what would have been true to the world Clare created and the movie will be a success. Little details make a difference. People don’t have buy in if the don’t believe it. The details are what made the Harry Potter movies successful.

    • Karen says:

      I agree completely with everything that you said. I too saw the movie first and liked it so much I got all the books and after reading the books is when I too has some disappointments
      You need to stay true to the story as best you can

  41. linda says:

    i have read all the books to this film city of bones and city of ashes etc and loved every one of them i was so made up wen i found out it was being brought out on film and i also enjoyed the film .i was upset to find out that there was not going to be another one made and now after two years of looking there is a teaser that a second one is going to b made i really hope this is true and i also hope u use the same people as u always prefer the first ones and get to no them . i really do hope there is a second one made

  42. Melissa says:

    I loved this movie when it came out! Funny thing is, is that I had the books in my amazon wish list to down load, so now I can’t wait to read the rest of the story to find out what happens & it would be a shame not to see it unfold as well on screen!

  43. Tonet Dugho says:

    I am 45 years old.. a book lover.. I first saw the movie “City of Bones” before I read the book. I was disappointed when the details of the book were not the same that is seen in the movie… I was able to finish reading the books from book 1 to book 6 including the 3 prequel books “The infernal Devices”.
    I am very excited to see the next movie the “The City of Ashes” I hope that the production will be improved.. I am getting addicted to this series of books. That includes my whole family… I am looking forward to this movie.

  44. Krystal says:

    I also can not wait for the next movie to come out!!! I’ve read the whole series beautiful!! Great reads!
    I came to terms long ago adapting books into movies is not an easy feat.
    I also personally beleve that a movie should creat the urge to find and read the books.
    After reading some of these comments I feel the screen writers and everyone involved did a wonderful job.
    I remember reading about the actors being cast and a little up set that the likeness wasn’t going to be there. But likeness isn’t everything. I think the cast did great and portraying the spirit of the characters.

    Also if it ends up going into a tv series that would be slightly saddening but it is true for those who want more likeness to the books you will get it from a tv series.

  45. Chant says:

    I’m 46 years old and I loved the Harry Potter series, book’s as well as the movies(which, by the way, I think is one of the best adaptation of a book to cinema )… I saw City of bones in theater first THEN read the books… Oh boy, was I in for a supprise… The book WAS SO MUCH BETTER THEN THE MOVIE. As I read ALL the serie until the very last book that came out a few months ago(very last chapter of the serie), IT MADE ME WANT TO CRY, the only caracters I recognized were Simon, Magnus and maybe a little bit, Jace and the stele… The stories were way too different, just the bare gist of similarity of the spirit of the books. Why do big Production Studios have to break a good storie in pieces and pick up a few ideas here & there and put it together and give it the same title. SAD, SAD, very sad… They did the same with Divergent( but the results are better then Mortal Instruments, the characters are more alike so more beleivable). Too much difference in the characters, in the way the storie evolves, the chronology. Wonder if they could make a movie with different actors & keep more in beat with the book for City of Ashes or it’s all going to gone up into ashes…

  46. mac says:

    For me (as a big fan) it’s so nice to read that the second book is also going to be filmed!! I am addicted to the books and i’ve been watching the movie so many times. I realy hope it will be just as great as city of bones is!!

  47. Paula Marty says:

    I read all of the books after seeing the movie wondering where fans may have been disappointed. In my opinion, the screenplay, unlike Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and other successful books made movies strays too far from the original text. Also, although Jonathan Rhyes Meyers is a great actor, Valentine is supposed to be blonde, tall, Swedish-more like Alexander Skarsgaard.

  48. carol elliott says:

    I absolutely loved Mortal Instruments City of Bones. I’ve watched it a million times over and anxiously waiting for city of ashes. Been reading up on it often to find out when part 2 comes out. Cannot wait. I thought the first movie was fantastic

  49. JEANNE BAKER says:

    I LOVE “The Mortal Instruments~City of Bones”! I watch often. I am a grandma and think it is an awesome film that is well acted, directed, filmed, and timely. I certainly hope there will be sequels to this movie. I also hope the same actors will reprise their roles. Thanks for the opportunity to speak.

  50. Abby says:

    I fell in love with the movie but it needs to be closer to the book. If not its gonna mess up the entire se I always wander why movies are closer to the books. They would get a lot more audience.

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