Box Office: Two Ryan Reynolds Misfires in One Weekend?

'Turbo' tracking in the mid-$30 mil range for five days; 'R.I.P.D.' expected to tank in high teens

Fox bows its second DreamWorks Animation title, “Turbo,” on Wednesday, and tracking suggests a sluggish five-day opening in the mid-$30 millions. But “Turbo” won’t even be the weekend’s biggest disappointment, with Universal’s pricey sci-fi comedy “R.I.P.D.” expected to top out in the high teens from Friday to Sunday.

PHOTOS: Ryan Reynolds Box Office Career

Both pics feature Ryan Reynolds: “R.I.P.D.” also stars Jeff Bridges, while Reynolds voices the lead snail in racing toon “Turbo.”

R.I.P.D. is looking like the third big-budget box office flop in a row, after “The Lone Ranger” and last weekend’s “Pacific Rim.”

The Fox-DWA toon hits theaters while “Despicable Me 2” still is doing sizable business: The sequel fell just 47% in its second weekend and has cumed $234 million domestically through Monday.

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That said, family tracking is always difficult to nail down, and “Turbo” could overperform slightly if word-of-mouth builds enough to entice adults. The film, which also has a TV series with Netflix, has a younger-skewing look, with strongest appeal among boys.

According to an updated report from analyst firm Stifel, “Turbo,” which carries a production budget of $135 million, should become profitable, thanks to traditionally long legs for toons and greater international appeal than DWA’s disappointment, “Rise of the Guardians,” last year.

Unfortunately for Universal, the same financial outlook cannot be applied to “R.I.P.D.,” which according to the studio, rang up a net cost of $130 million, though other sources say it’s much higher. “R.I.P.D.” could end up as the biggest box office miss for Universal this year, after a string of hits including “Mama,” “Identity Thief,” “Fast and Furious 6,” “The Purge” and “Despicable Me 2.”

“Oblivion,” which cost $120 million to produce, ultimately was a straddler for Universal in March, grossing just $285 million worldwide.

Among the weekend’s wide releases, tracking has been strongest for “R.I.P.D.” among young men.

Reynolds is familiar with disappointing box office weekends after “The Green Lantern” flopped in 2011. That film, which cost $200 million to produce, cumed only $219 million worldwide.

Meanwhile, Fox bows “Turbo” day-and-date with the U.S. in only Brazil, Mexico and Russia, while most major European markets open in October. The staggered overseas release pattern isn’t unusual for animated films during the summer, and is a go-to strategy for Fox with past successes including the “Ice Age” franchise.

The DWA toon’s midweek domestic launch is meant to take advantage of increased summer moviegoing for family films, as well as give it a headstart over other wide releases, “The Conjuring,” which should win with roughly $30 million in three days, and “Red 2,” tracking in the $20 million-range.

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  1. David Smith says:

    No disrespect towards you or other audiophiles intended here sir.

    My comment was more towards the crazy movie budgets with less then spectacular story lines and then the studios complain about the low turn outs by the public and the low returns on their investments.

    I am a big advocate for spending more if I’m getting more (car, house, camera, bicycle etc. etc. etc.) It’s just disappointing to see Hollywood seemingly throwing away money on not such great movie ideas. It seems like there’s growing momentum in recent years with a larger and larger number of movies made with huge budgets which never resonated with the viewing (and ticket buying) public.

  2. soundsolutions13 says:

    Your comment is ill informed, that is like saying the Porsche 911 carrera can be built for 10% of the cost of ________________you fill in the blank. I happen to be an audiophile that wanted the best sound that I could afford, there are systems that can cost in the millions, so you see it is all relative. If you are happy with a 2K sound system that is fine with me, a lot of people are. Sound is my hobby, so why do you criticize me for it or call me names? The point of my posit to begin wish was that you can have better than the movie theater experience in the comfort of your home which was not possible 15-20 years ago.

  3. David Smith says:

    I am not in the entertainment business but have read much about the industry and have been an avid movie goer and TV watcher for many years. It continues to baffle me how many of the movies we see in theatres get made in the first place. This summer’s selections are a great case in point. Nothing has resonated with me for months, nor my teenaged kids. All of my Milk Dud and popcorn eating has happened at the house!

    Do y’all get together to pitch an idea (a parking lot full of Mercedes CL63s comes to mind) with the ideal cast and then you collectively begin to believe your idea is going to be the next “Indiana Jones” or even “Fast and Furious”? I really don’t know how a bunch of pretty smart and obvious clever people make the movies that are getting made these days. For the life of me, I (again, just a well informed “civilian”) can’t believe investors or studios cough up vast sums of money for what seem to very mediocre and even dumb ideas for movies.

    If the industry doesn’t get more thoughtful and creative and tuned in pretty quick, there’s no telling when my family or I will venture forth to a movie theatre to see the results of all of your deal making. You really don’t want me waiting around for a new James Bond movie every couple of years, do you?

    Time to get it together folks….

  4. Ryan has to look at the mole on Blake Lively’s face 24/7. It would drive any man insane and is probably affecting his concentration. That’s what he gets for messing up with a real sweetheart like Sandra Bullock and a hottie like ScarJo.

  5. soundsolutions13 says:

    It is true that there are many solutions for film and TV entertainment that are hurting Hollywood, but make no mistake the liberal agenda is hurting them as well. If you don’t think so, then you are not paying attention.

  6. soundsolutions13 says:

    for your reading comprehension, as your comments were in no way related to my particular list. I did not say 1). that I hate good entertainment, 2. did not say I could not afford going to the movies, merely equated the costs to something most people can relate too. 3. There are many films and cable shows that don’t ram a liberal agenda down my throat and have very good stories and acting. 4. Some people have hobbies that cost a lot of money, so does mine! And BTW I built my system over a 5 year period back in the Bush years when I was making much better money than today. The system was built for music enjoyment and I added 7.1 later on.

    • chicago720 says:

      I also don’t like the liberal agenda being stuffed into too many movies, but that’s not anything new. If a movie is entertaining, I’ll go to it. Problem is, more than half of the new films made are either sequels or remakes of old movies. New material, much like on tv, is difficult to find.

      That being said – you’re still a schmuck for dumping $40,000 on a system that could have been built for 10% of that cost.

  7. reitz says:

    If you want real acting, see any old ordinary English film. That’s where the acting is.

  8. pissed says:

    All these CGI movies suck anyway.. Get back to real stunts with real stuntmen and kick all this fantasy crap out. I hate it when i see actors all non challant when they blow stuff up….

  9. enough already says:

    Good By Hollywood

  10. Robert says:

    Where is the young female lead in RIPD? Mary Louise Parker is a bit…..seasoned

  11. Robert says:

    Ryan Reynolds latest sleaze-fests “misfire”
    hip hip!

  12. JustME says:

    Stick to comedy.

  13. Mike says:

    Good, glad to see the anti-American go down the drain. Glad to see the Hollywood degenerates have a bad year as well. They don’t have an ounce of talent anyway.

  14. winomaster says:

    “Even though you always insist in including Canada box office in the US totals…we are a separate know…”

    Canada is like the rat in the snake enclosure. It survives only until the big guy gets hungry enough.

    I’m kidding, my family is one of Canadian immigrants. Years ago the US mounted a military expidition to liberate the Canadians and were poorly recieved despite our good intentions.

  15. RIPD looks like it might be good, but also looks like it might be a rip-off of “Dead Like Me” or “Reaper” (Two shows which themselves never really caught an audience).

  16. Phil Sheo says:

    Ryan Reynolds should have stuck to what he does well – comedy.

  17. JimmyJ says:

    Nope this isn’t Ryan or even a fan. The guy hasn’t made many good movies if any in his entire career.

    How do you conclude that my post is in any way defending this actor?

    That’s real left field stuff Doofus. At least try to stay on topic.

  18. JimmyJ says:

    Coming from the guy using “effing” and a post filled with grammar mistakes?

    Yeah dood.. you’re one hell of a grammar cop. Don’t quit yur day jerb.

    Read the comments man… Can you be honest enough to say if the observation is accurate? Do you honestly believe these box office results have ANYTHING to do with politics?

  19. J.j. Erler says:

    Who are the hollywood geniuses deciding that spending over $100 million for a sci fi afterlife-ghost comedy and a cartoon about a SNAIL were good ideas??? I’m not saying the movies shouldn’t have been made I’m saying those budgets are too high for unproven concept films with obvious potential downsides. Who could imagine a movie with the plot of RIPD would underperform? Who could imagine people would not race to see a movie about a SNAIL?

    • JimmyJ says:

      Agree with this post. You would think hollywood would have fired all the producers who pull this crap by now…. but here we are… more drivel costing 100s of mills.

      It’s hard to give any credence to claims of piracy when stuff like this still finds investors. Crooked consumers are the least of your worries H-town.

  20. Ryan Reynolds is a meat ball. At the best he belongs on the soaps. Push someone who can act and not step on his lines.

  21. I didn’t really like MIB3 so I don’t think I will go see Reynolds in MIB4

  22. L says:

    Daughter and I did not see turbo on Wednesday because I thought that the theater would be packed. But we will see it by Sunday and if it’s good we’ll catch it at least one more time. Stick that in your pocket variety.

  23. Jimmy Dick says:

    But he’s such a terrible actor…this is shocking!

  24. Frankly Scarlet says:

    AND Ryan is Canadian.

  25. Frankly Scarlet says:

    Turbo opens in only 3 countries other than the US?…Uh…sorry boys but CANADA opens this epic as well this weekend and we are not part of the Excited States of America. Even though you always insist in including Canada box office in the US totals…we are a separate know…that very large area at the top of your television weather maps…… We have theatres and electricity and roads and everything. Why we can even play British films without sub titles!

  26. I don’t know that I’ll see either one of these movies, but I find it odd (and annoying) that movies get declared bombs or smashes before anyone has even seen them!

  27. thedman says:

    Ryan Reynolds actually isn’t too bad of an actor. See Buried if you want to watch a great performance by him. That being said, he seems 2 get lazy for the films that actually matter (the wide releases). He doesn’t do well in them or just seems to pick the wrong ones.

  28. Movie Goer says:

    Ryan is not a star no matter how much HW tries to push him down our throats because 1 – he’s not good looking 2 – he can’t act & is an awful untalented actor 3 – his politics are to the far far left alienating MOVIE GOERS. Will Hollywood listen? No. They will continue to shove this Canadian down our throat because they love his politics. He doesn’t have the TALENT to be a star, sorry.

  29. Hollywood is dead, I'm moving to Georgia...... says:

    Ryan Reynolds ruined the last film I worked on which, was Green Lantern. He is just a pretty face with no acting chops whatsoever. Hollywood please wake up and recognize real talent.

  30. Dank Donkerson says:

    last night was movie Tuesday from me and a couple of buddies, went to see pacific rim because it was one of my friends turn to pick it.

    it was horrible, I cant describe how bad that movie was.

    that said the previews were even worse, if you think RIPD looked stupid with Jeff Bridges in it, wait till you see the previews of “Seventh Son with Jeff Bridges

    it looks god awfful

    • matt says:

      dank, you are literally the only person i have yet to find that said pacific rim was horrible. anyone reading who hasn’t seen it….it’s not horrible…not by a long shot…at the very least it’s an amazingly fun movie. dank must have a truly miserable life to not enjoy being entertained.

  31. Not a fan of hollywood says:

    Who is Ryan Reynolds? Nevermind, I don’t care. Hollywood tossed me out with the trash when most of its employees thought I wanted to know their political views every other ten minutes. I haven’t been to a show since Obumbo was elected.

    • Good for you. Every time I think about going I get revolted by the thought of who is starring in it, whatever the film. Sounds like a trend. I haven’t gone to the movies in ages. If they would shut up and act…but they never do as they have to enlighten us on how the world should function.

  32. Daincurse says:

    Hollywood isn’t bereft of new ideas, it’s just saturated with old ones; Particularly old ones hacked together with story-generating software. Why “Sharknado” didn’t make it to the big screen starring Sam Jackson, I don’t know …

  33. soundsolutions13 says:

    Top Ten Reasons I don’t go to the theater anymore for movies
    10. The annoyance of watching movies with loud obnoxious people nearby.
    9. The cost of tickets and concessions it is out of control.
    8. The story lines and plots are all the same and generally suck.
    7. Most actors suck and are just high paid personalities with little talent for acting.
    6. I can sit in the comfort of my own living room on my $40K theater system and enjoy the show in better sound and picture than the theater has.
    5. Redbox (only a dollar and change so if the show sucks I am not out a utility bill payment)
    4. Netfilx (same as above, except I always say that a bad B or C movie is better than any network TV show).
    3. Cable TV and Netflix series are outstanding. Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, The Killing, Hell On Wheels, Lilyhammer, House Of Cards, etc.
    2. Hollywood is the only business in the World where you can be a total no talent hack, star in bombs and still make millions.
    1. I am sick and tired of liberal Hollywood and want them to get as little of my money as possible.

    • chicago720 says:

      Sheesh – at least try to sound honest with your post. A $40,000 theater system? Who is the schmuck? I have a great theater system in my house and it cost just over $2,000. What in the hell cost you $40k? Somewhere, a contractor is still laughing at the schmuck who dropped $40k on a system that costs him $5k.

  34. Michael H. says:

    Even the previews for “R.I.P.D.” looked terrible and we all know that they show the best stuff they got in the previews. Hollywood no longer knows how to make great movies consistently. They are constantly rebooting old films. When I saw they were remaking “Total Recall”, I knew at that very moment Hollywood had hit rock bottom.

    • Truth_Seeker says:

      My God, did I just read where they are remaking Godzilla for the umpteeth time? And now they want another reboot of Batman already? Ridiculous.

  35. Eileen Dover says:

    Oh it’s just heartbreaking…..not really.

  36. Alex says:

    Dead Like Me + Men in Black = Another crappy flick staring Ryan Reynolds.

  37. mike creegan says:

    Most of the movies that are doing poorly are shows that young men like. Young
    men don’t have jobs or discretionary money.

  38. auriculum says:

    There’s a dearth of family-friendly flicks right now, so “Turbo” might end up doing well, especially in foreign markets.

    “R.I.P.D”, on the other hand is going up against stiffer competition and might be swallowed up, regardless of the quality.

  39. byeGeorge says:

    Movies are not made for adults wishing to see, hear and watch a great movie with a tremendous script and with talented actors…surely these actors in all these new bombs should have seen these flops as they read the scripts…just foist everything on the public…we’ve caught on…and..I will not miss them…hypocrisy is thine…

  40. byeGeorge says:

    Who is Ryan Reynolds….amen

  41. Angela Floyd says:

    Outrageous Prices + Economy + Entertainment Options (HULU, Netflix, MMOs, Amazon Prime, etc) + Movie plots that insult viewers’ intelligence + Movie stars that insult viewers’ beliefs = less people going to the movies. Hollywood just doesn’t seem to get that people are voting with their wallets.

  42. Steve J. says:

    Sci-Fi and animation don’t always act like other films do.

    Most of the fans of both don’t worry about getting to films at opening.

    I imagine both films will do fine in the long run.

    Ill rent them both when I can and I might buy them if I like them.

    But freaking out to see them on opening day?

    Not happening.

  43. Susan Gregory says:

    These two Ryan Reynolds movies were not publicized enough. If middle class America knew they were out and what they were about, there would be more attendance.

  44. rich says:

    I stopped going to movies 2 years ago. Refuse to give them my money. I do not mind other points of views. I welcome a good discussion. Just tired of Hollywood TELLING me how to adjust my morals. They hate guns, but most of their pictures are about guns or gunfights or just big booms. Not sure if they are arrogant or ignorant. Probably both. I do agree with the post made by Grover. It could be our crappy education system finally catching up. We do not allow individual thinking in college and then expect the kids to come out of college with original ideas. Blows my mind how fast and low we have sunk in 10 years.

  45. Matt says:

    Ryan Reynolds is alright he just can’t seem to catch a break. He has a likable screen personality even if he is suppose to be eye candy for the ladies. I know the money is good but he should stay away from these big budget disasters. So best not to star in a film that is a cross between Beetlejuice and MIB. Even the title of “RIPD” seems to be a rip from “MIB” The fact that studio is pulling this crap out as original entertainment at $12-$20 a ticket is insulting. In the case of (Voltron meets Godzilla) Pacific Rim, yeah sure its a ride but I stayed away because every move is a ride these days. Grit and spit and lots of explosions…sounds great…but its gotten boring. Over and over and over along with those annoying commercials before the trailers it starts to feel a little like torture.

    I’m not trying to trash the film. Maybe it will surprise audiences I just couldn’t believe the trailers when I saw it. If I do see it will be a rental along with Lone Ranger…really who asked for the Lone Ranger to be remade?

  46. Grover says:

    Maybe the crappy education system in this country is finally catching up to Hollywood. Hollywood can’t find anybody that can write something original. They just keep remaking movies and tv shows from the past.

  47. harryo says:

    This is what happens when stars give total control of their future to their greedy managers…..

  48. This stupid movie would fail with Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? What ARE these people thinking?

  49. The problem is NOT Reynolds. It is stupid movies no one wants to see. Reynolds is hot.

  50. Cosmo says:

    Who is Ryan Reynolds?

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