Box Office: ‘One Direction’ Eyes No. 1 With $20 Million-Plus Weekend

One Direction Box Office: Singers Eye

'The Butler' off only 24% on third Friday for second place

Sony-Tristar’s “One Direction: This Is Us” is wooing teens on an otherwise sleepy Labor Day weekend that is seeing a host of other newcomers falter and Weinstein Co.’s “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” continuing strong.

The 3D concert docu earned $8.9 million Friday, and is expected to land in the mid-$20 million range over the long weekend. Just looking at domestic numbers, “One Direction’s” bow is  on par with 2009’s “Michael Jackson’s This Is It,” also from Sony, which went on to become the highest grossing concert docu on record at the worldwide box office. It’s hard to say if “One Direction” should expect similar business on a global scale, though it does open day-and-date in 40 overseas markets.

The band is also repped by Sony Music and the pic was shot on Sony’s new F55 4K camera, coordinating multiple arms of the media and tech giant.

“The Butler” took $3.6 million Friday, demonstrating impressive hold with a 24% week-over-week drop. The biopic has cumed $62.9 million to date and is looking at a four day holiday around $20 million.

Elsewhere, Warner Bros. opened “Getaway,” Lionsgate-Pantelion opened “Instructions Not Included” and Focus opened “Closed Circuit” to mixed success this frame.

Appealing to Latino auds under the ethnic-targeting Pantelion banner, “Instructions Not Included” is looking stronger than the other two at fewer than half their location counts. It’s expected to earn close to $8 million in four days from just 347 plexes.

“Getaway” is getting off to a rough start with $1.4 million from Friday and just over $5 million anticipated through Monday. Meanwhile “Closed Circuit,” which bowed Wednesday for a potential leg-up on the holiday, is looking at around $4 million for its first six days in theaters.

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  1. wetcoastace says:

    @ MRObvious I don’t “need any help”. Drudge does in fact “make some news” in that he writes and posts some original material, although most of what is on his web site links to other, source material, for which he writes only the tag text. Are you suggesting however that Matt is not generally to the right of center in what he writes; that his tag text is not designed to be “eye-catching; or that his tag text does not always align with the referenced content?
    Drudge doesn’t make anything “popular” – responses to Drudge reflect popularity, something wholly different. Drudge’s selling point, now and from the start, is that he is the best single source news page on the web – you can go to more places in one click from Drudge than almost anywhere else.
    You seem very defensive of Matt, unnecessarily so since I didn’t do more than criticize his style. But then paranoia and long-suffering victimhood are the prevailing rightist sensibilities.

  2. MRObvious says:


  3. Snidely says:

    Good for you

    — a veteran

  4. MRObvious says:


    I bet he’s (ken says:) is the paid agitator!

  5. I was more interested in how good “Closed Circuit” was – they certainly pushed it hard enough this week and I thought it looked. Though going by what beat it out it doesn’t look like it went over very big.

  6. wetcoastace says:

    Drudge is a news aggregator site BUT those aren’t aggregated headlines/cutlines. Matt is almost as good as the National Enquirer when it comes to hot and steamy bait for pablum articles, and casting articles as right of center when they are in fact neutral to left of center.

    • MRObvious says:

      Sorry to point this out to you but you seem to need some help! Drudge doesn’t make the news he just makes it popular. Some news needs to be pointed out rather than be hidden on the back page of a unread news paper or on some obscure internet site, an that is what he does, he highlights what many see an needing to be high lighted!

      So get use to it he’s not going anywhere soon.

  7. Riooso says:

    A trash movie is still a trash movie. When you like to make any president look bad and there are people still alive that knew him it does not bode well for any film. Then there are the Oprah antics and lies and…….it goes on, and on, and on! I thought about going to see it but after her crud, not so much.

  8. Jerry says:

    “No he only pays a few dozen.”
    They must be extremely busy people, ken.
    Have you ever bothered to check the numbers??

    VISITS TO DRUDGE 08/31/13

    031,577,912 PAST 24 HOURS
    899,751,034 PAST 31 DAYS
    11,784,583,530 PAST YEAR

  9. SandyLester says:

    That may be the most ignorant statement ever on any public posting site in the history of posting sites.

  10. Alex says:

    “The Butler” couldn’t be #1 forever, it’s done better then most people thought it would.

    • b.mclane12 says:

      Actually if you can get past the propaganda for this movie your statement it’s completely false. If a movie makes $27 million dollars on opening 3 day weekend plus Thursday night that is not a run away hit. Critics can keep saying this is a fabulously successful movie but the numbers don’t show it . Its barely made $ 62 million dollars and its been out for nearly 3 weeks ! Weinstein wants an Oscar for Oprah so he is paying people to keep saying it is.

  11. wallis samillano says:

    Wow! The movie was great and its really fun.i love it…

  12. TMA1 says:

    I thought it was going to be ‘The Monkeys’.I would pay to see them again.

  13. Gordon says:

    Good one :)

  14. ‘The Butler’ was never advertised as a documentary. It’s a movie. Know the difference.

    • SandyLester says:

      The move so distorted the life of this man, that his son has written several articles attempting to get the truth out.
      Presidents and staff who know this man have also done the same.
      Don’t worry oprah will win the oscar anyway.

  15. Jesse Marx says:

    Is that Austin Powers to the far right of the top picture?

  16. Edward Riepe says:

    This can’t be true! According to the ads I have seen on TV, the Butler is the hottest movie so far this century!

  17. Droopy Eye Joe says:

    Don’t make Forrest’s droopy eye angry…you wouldn’t like it when it’s angry…

  18. “Off only 24%…”

    How much are they paying you to run interference?

    • b.mclane12 says:

      I dont get all the praise for The Butler …. its opening weekend it only made 27 million . The Lone Ranger madeI 50 million its opening weekend and was declared a dismal failure . Sounds like a lot of praising going on for a movie that doesn’ t deserve to be praised.

    • taking notice says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      • TV says:

        The Lone Ranger cost more than $200 million to make. The Butler was much cheaper. Hate it if you want, but it’s a successful film.

  19. In the comments, I read considerable disappointment in that the stories in the original book were politically altered. The only hater comments I’ve read are repeated comments posted by JOE SMART. Perhaps Joe should collect his check from Media Matters, turn off his desktop computer, and go home.

    • coldtruth says:

      You mean it was a profitable project. That isn’t the same thing as a successful film, in that a successful film is either popular, or good art, or historically accurate and therefore educational, or some combination of these things. The Butler is none of these things. By your definition, The Butler is successful in the way that old school, 8mm, cheesy porn is successful. That is, it was cheap to make, and some creep will pay money to watch it. It will probably even win some award from the creeps who worship political correctness, of which there are many such creeps and many such awards.

  20. Abrevaderci says:

    What is even more of a joke, is that they are trying to tell people the production cost was only 30 million. There is no way that is true. Not unless all the actors were getting paid minimum wage. The marketing alone had to be at least 12 million. But they’ll lie about the numbers so it doesn’t seem to be a flop.

  21. Crosscut says:

    Everyone that wanted to see The Butler has, it’s over now.

  22. says:

    still a bunch of racists on here, i see. So sad.

    • Jay Birch says:

      This story is posted on Drudge Report, therefore the racist comments.

      • Jaye says:

        I like how you assume that anyone and everyone clicking on the link from Drudge is a racist. Do you have any credible proof of this, or is it something you made up? You do realize you come across as a bigot, right? By the way, racist is such an overused term and has no meaning anyone, i.e. “He was wearing a black shirt.” Other response: “You racist!”

      • James says:

        I see not one racist comment. I see people calling it fabricated, but no use of the “N” word. Can you tell me if you even know what the term means, and if so, why do people like you misuse it? How “very weird”. A race baiter is the term I would use for you.

  23. Tess says:

    I wanted to see the Butler until I googled the true story . The true story goes nothing like Oprahs Butler. The real butler never had his mother raped , never had his father shot. The real Butlers son served this country honorably in Vietnam and has not protested against it. The real Butlers favorite President was President Reagan. Please see for yourself and google the true story. I understand literary license , but this movie goes too far with lies. Sorry, I have no intention now of seeing it.

  24. Marc Kneifing says:

    What a political movie! To bad!! Could have been good ! Waste of money.

  25. tv2112 says:

    So a film that cost 50 million to make has only made 69 million in three weeks and this is considered a success? I would deem the Bulter a flop by standards they hold to other films. When good films make 100+ million on an opening weekend, this makes Butler look like Blair Witch Project (which actually made way more in profits due to low cost of production. The entertainment industry is spiraling down the crapper.

  26. TheRajLA says:

    Variety censors – – what a left wing rag!!!!!

  27. AmVet says:

    The Hanoi Jane in the Butler I wouldn’t go see that film if it was the only one playing.

  28. Lee Bishop says:

    Geez, you mean someone was lying to us when they were claiming the Butler was like the most popular, money-making movie ever! Imagine that.

  29. rusyn says:

    my problem with the butler is that it not only distorts and lies about historical events it totally misrepresents the guy’s life. it is propaganda and winfrey is showing her true colors by starring in this revisionist nonsense

  30. kadie says:

    I saw 10 minutes of the Butler and walked out…. Obviously the ONLY reason to have the Oprah in it was to sponge up the viewers…… It also explains that that phoney racial slur that never happened in Swiss. All about the sell… and sadly s little about the substance!!!

  31. Joe Smart says:

    Week two box office drops this Summer: Iron Man 3 58%. Man of Steel 65%. World War Z 55%. Monsters University 44%. The Butler had a 30% box office drop in its second week. If you have no idea what you are talking about you should probably not talk because it really makes you look like an idiot. Any studio would be thrilled to have a 24% drop in week three. That’s considered extremely good these days.

  32. Joe Smart says:

    Week two box office drops this Summer: Iron Man 3 58%. Man of Steel 65%. World War Z 55%. Monsters University 44%. The Butler had a 30% box office drop in its second week. If you have no idea what you are talking about you should probably not talk because it really makes you look like an idiot. Any studio would be thrilled to have a 24% drop in week three. That’s considered extremely good these days.

  33. Joe Smart says:

    “So Oprah’s little racist schtick is losing its mojo? AHAHAHAHAHAHA”

    If you seriously see nothing racist in the tone of this post, Cheapshot, then I guess there’s nothing I or anyone can really say to you that would enlighten you. The post was made from a POV of racial and cultural superiority and is not a critique of Oprah or The Butler. It’s also not something the poster would say in front of an actual black person because it’s racist and offensive. If you’re posting something you wouldn’t say out loud in front of other people who aren’t just like you chances are you are a coward. If those comments are race based chances are you are also a racist.

  34. lakia says:

    Could not agree more.

  35. Joe Smart says:

    I guess you would prefer to pretend that racism and the civil rights movement never existed.

  36. Mary Johnson says:

    finally, the misinformation butler goes down

    • Joe, this is your father Maxwell, your mother Agent 99 couldn’t be here but she asks that you please stop posting.

    • Joe Smart says:

      ““The Butler” took $3.6 million Friday, demonstrating impressive hold with a 24% week-over-week drop. The biopic has cumed $62.9 million to date and is looking at a four day holiday around $20 million.”

      You are apparently one of those people who only sees what she wants to see.

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