Box Office: ‘Mortal Instruments’ Looking Out of Tune With Less Than $20 Million for 5 Days

Mortal Instruments Review

'The Butler,' 'You're Next' could battle for top spot

Sony-Screen Gems’ “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” has a stronghold among teen girls, launching Wednesday with tracking in the mid-to-high teens over five days. But the teen-lit adaptation will have a tough time breaking $20 million, thanks to Lionsgate’s scarer “You’re Next” commanding adult femme interest.

“You’re Next” will battle with last weekend’s B.O. winner, the Weinstein Co.’s “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” for the top spot.

“Mortal Instruments,” which Germany’s Constantin Film produced for $60 million, is based on the Cassandra Clare-penned novel about a teen girl (played by Lily Collins), who discovers she’s the descendant of a demon-killing family lineage. The PG-13-rated film is expected to earn upward of $6 million before Friday.

A projected $12 million weekend gross would put “Instruments” in the $18 million range for five days. Pic also bows this weekend in Imax.

Meanwhile, “You’re Next” could build on recent interest in horror films like “The Purge.” Also opening wide is Focus Features’ British comedy “The World’s End,” expected to gross in the low-teens through Sunday.

Male audiences should also turn out for “World’s End,” which is an apocalyptic-themed parody from the creators of “Hot Fuzz” and “Shaun of the Dead.” Pic stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The midweek bow for “Mortal Instruments” is meant to attract a few pockets of teen girls that are still on summer break. The film aims to build positive buzz through to the weekend, but it’s been skewered by critics.

The “Mortal Instruments” films are based on Clare’s bestselling book series, which has been translated into 34 languages, and has sold more than 16 million copies worldwide. Sony acquired U.S. distribution rights to the film last year. Its sequel, “City of Ashes,” is slatted to begin production this fall, with Collins and helmer Harald Zwart returning.

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  1. Roxanne says:

    I was right about YOU’RE NEXT being a cheesy horror flick (see previous comment). Guess audiences agreed. No one is going to see a horror movie just because it’s “scary” or why the critics love it is beyond me. If the thought THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS was derivative, YOU’RE NEXT is essentially cheap rip off of THE STRANGERS.

  2. angel says:

    The film is a bust and the books are a joke. Read this review if you want more insight into what Variety’s been talking about here. If you want to really know why all the critics know this film is second rate read this review. It will enlighten you.

  3. Pauline says:

    I would’ve liked to see the next movie with a different director but oh well, hopefully the next one will ease my disappointment for this film

  4. brad says:

    Yes, that is what I am rooting for. America complains about bad movies and franchises but apparently we pay for enough tickets for this garbage to be mass produced. Fortunately the metacritic scores are pretty awful for this one.

  5. LOL says:

    America loves crap, so I’m guessing that Mr. Potato-Head’s daughter will have a franchise of her own by this weekend’s end. Lily Collins and Jaden Smith have both had their prolific dads pull favours from moneymen to turn their spoiled kids into stars, but it will be wondrous if we gave them the boot.

  6. brad says:

    I project a bomb for Mortal Instruments, which makes the production of the sequel rather stupid. I have not understood the production of sequels of unknown properties, especially before the first movie has even been out yet. There is an assumption with these YA novels that it will be successful financially as a movie, and that it will translate into a good film. What I have seen of this movie looks hacked from a lot of other films, on themes that we have seen too much of lately. The audience is rather tired of teen heroes and teens in angst. The only thing good about this one is that it is relatively cheaply produced, compared to summer blockbusters in the $200 mil range. They could potentially break even, but it is a long shot. We can only hope for a solid bomb so a whole series of this hackneyed movies is not perpetrated on us.

  7. The Butler FTW! says:

    Tracking is so weak for Mortal Instruments, that it probably will be dead by the time the weekend rolls around. A five day post of 15.5 million is more likely. But, there’s poor buzz around for all three new films. These films look weak and feel poorly conceived on the small screen and students of all ages are turning their attention to other things, namely school and all the social issues that come with it. Half-assed or seemingly such movies at this time aren’t going to cut the mustard.

  8. Delighted says:

    Just because someone likes these films based on young adult books doesn’t mean they can’t like the movies of the directors Handyman003 named.

  9. Roxanne says:

    I’ve seen both THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS and YOU’RE NEXT. Completely different movies and demographic. Personally I liked the former better, and I’m not a teen girl – female in her late 30s. (I thought YOU’RE NEXT was cheesy). If I recall, the Twilight series was skewered by critics but that didn’t stop the masses from going to see it. I think the book series core fans will see more than once before Sunday, so some of the tracking may have to be readjusted for that… but who really knows?

  10. M.E says:

    Teen girls are the hardest to track. I think 18 millions for 5 days it’s low. I’m guessing it’ll perform somehow better than I am number four Beautiful Creatures, Sea of monsters and the host. just because the series it’s based is way more popular and has sold more books. Still it’s very unlikely it could top “You’re next”.

  11. Handyman003 says:

    Movies like this (and Twilight, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, etc.) are the result of people failing to embrace the talents of gifted filmmakers. People like Neill Blomkamp, Duncan Jones, Rian Johnson, and even Guillermo Del Toro are being shut out by brain-dead audiences and unnecessary sequels/remakes. Here’s hoping Blomkamp’s Elysium finishes with a bigger foreign take than The Mortal Instruments

    • jade says:

      Do you even know what Hunger Games is? what am I asking, If you did, you would never have put it together with twilight and percy jackson. Do yourself a favor next time you decide to write about something you don’t know – at least check rottentomatoes – Hunger Games’ lead actress, script writer ( for the second movie) all have won oscar in their respective categories, not to mention the directors for the first and second movie. do some homework before you write.

    • What a ridiculous comment. The Hunger Games movie is a result of the books being excellent and popular, and has nothing in common with Twilight, The Mortal Instruments or Percy Jackson – neither genre, not themes, nothing. The Hunger Games was also critically acclaimed and a big box office hit with adults and teenagers, men and women alike. But I suppose a story about a revolution in an oppressive society is “brain-dead” compared to the movie about… giant robots fighting alien monsters?

      There’s nothing worse than an ignorant snob.

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