has some fun today with this year's top scripts, dividing them into these categories: studio screenplay vs. indie, big canvas vs. intimate tale and hyphenate vs. scripter.

Here's how they break down:

"Argo": studio, big canvas, scripter
"Beasts of the Southern Wild": indie, intimate, hyphenate
"Life of Pi": studio, big canvas, scripter
"Lincoln": studio, big canvas, scripter
"Silver Linings Playbook": indie, intimate, hyphenate

"Amour": indie, intimate, hyphenate
"Django Unchained": indie, big canvas, hyphenate
"Flight": studio, intimate, scripter
"Moonrise Kingdom": indie, intimate, hyphenate
"Zero Dark Thirty": studio, big canvas, scripter

The distinction between big canvas and intimate is probably the least well-defined. Lots of intimate moments in some of those big canvas movies.

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