Golden Globes: 17 Biggest Movie Snubs and Surprises

The Butler

How did the Hollywood Foreign Press Association forget to nominate "The Butler"?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association always throws a wrench in the Oscar race — or not, remember when they nominated “Burlesque” for best picture? — but there were an unusually high number of snubs and surprises this year. That’s probably because the race for the Oscars is so competitive, with late surges from “The Wolf of Wall Street” (which did just ok with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association) and “American Hustle” (which landed acting nods for all four of its stars). The David O. Russell comedy and the Fox Searchlight drama “Twelve Years a Slave” led with seven nominations each.

Here are some of the most unexpected turns in the film categories.

1. SNUB: “Lee Daniels’ The Butler.” The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which loves famous people, somehow managed to snub the year’s early awards season contender. When the Lee Daniels’ drama opened in August, many predicted that Forest Whitaker and Oprah would land Oscar nominations. The fact that the movie was shut out completely is strange.

2. SNUB: “Saving Mr. Banks.” The crowd-pleaser is expected to be a contender in the Oscars race, given that it’s a love letter to Hollywood about the making of “Mary Poppins.” Maybe a reason for the snub is the odd decision from Disney to enter the musically comedic film in the best drama category. Its lone nomination was for Emma Thompson, best actress in a drama, who the Hollywood Foreign Press loves.

3. SNUB: Martin Scorsese, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The fact that his dark comedy about Wall Street stockbrokers screened so late hurt its chances with the Screen Actors Guild, but the film and Leonardo DiCaprio were both recognized by the Globes. How could they forget Marty?

4. SNUB: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” Ben Stiller’s remake of the James Thurber short story was completely shut out of the musical/comedy category. Over the years, Stiller has had a hard time with the Hollywood Foreign Press. The star of “Meet the Parents,” “Zoolander” and “There’s Something About Mary” has never been nominated for a Golden Globe.

5. SNUB: “Dallas Buyers Club.” Its actors (Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto) were recognized, but not the film.

6. SNUB: Jonah Hill, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” As more Academy voters see his great performance in the film, he could still land in the Oscars best supporting actor race.

7. SNUB: “Lone Survivor.” The Universal pic starring Mark Wahlberg about a Navy SEAL mission gone wrong in Afghanistan could have used a boost with the Hollywood Foreign Press to be taken seriously as an awards contender.

8. SNUB: “Fruitvale Station.” This year’s indie darling that received kudos at the Gotham Awards was completely shut out for both best picture and its star Michael B. Jordan.

9. SNUB: Hugh Jackman, “Prisoners.” He received his first Golden Globe nomination for 2002’s “Kate & Leopold” and he won last January for “Les Miserables,” but he’s yet to crack the best actor in a drama category. He deserved a nod for his stellar performance in this dark Warner Bros. thriller.

10. SNUB: August: Osage County. Both Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts earned nominations, but the film didn’t get any love in the best musical/comedy category.

11. SNUB: James Gandolfini, “Enough Said.” His co-star from the film, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, was nominated as best actress in a comedy, but the “Sopranos” star didn’t receive a posthumous nomination.

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This year’s Biggest Surprises

1. SURPRISE: “Rush.” Universal’s race car pic directed by Ron Howard bombed at the box office despite some glowing reviews. Nobody expected that it would be a best picture contender in the drama category. Its foreign setting must have helped its prospects with the Hollywood Foreign Press.

2. SURPRISE: Kate Winslet, “Labor Day.” She was recognized for a movie that had completely fallen off the awards radar (and doesn’t open wide until next year) over Brie Larson in “Short Term 12,” a sign that the Golden Globes still loves celebrities, especially when they are British.

Golden Globes: Stars React to the Nominations

3. SURPRISE: Daniel Bruhl, “Rush.” In an incredibly competitive best supporting actor category, Bruhl — much like his race car driver character — seems to have made a comeback, between his nominations by the Hollywood Foreign Press today and his Screen Actors Guild on Wednesday.

4. SURPRISE: “Philomena.” Judi Dench was expected to land a best actress nomination but the film’s best picture nod was one of the category’s bigger surprises.

5. SURPRISE: Sally Hawkins. The Globes deserve a pat on their backs for recognizing Hawkins’ first American character as Jasmine’s sister in “Blue Jasmine.” She previously won the best actress Globe for “Happy-Go-Lucky.”

6. SURPRISE: Idris Elba, “Mandela: Long Road to Freedom” He landed a best drama nomination in a crowded year for actors. The film’s London premiere was held on the same night that Nelson Mandela died, which was very emotional for those in attendance.

‘12 Years a Slave,’ ‘American Hustle’ Lead Golden Globes Nominations

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  1. Prisoners great movie, but Hugh Jackson should have kicked Melissa Leo and her gun when he had the chance, he’s twice the size of her..

    • Jamie says:

      Well he wasn’t being “Hugh Jackman” at the time and he didn’t know where the girls were. In character, his actions were perfect. As usual, Jackman made everyone around him look even better.

  2. porgiamor says:

    Harrison Ford’s performance in 42 should have been nominated for best supporting actor…

  3. Lex says:

    Prisoners was too thinking a movie the people. Who say it sucked didn’t follow the story anything people don’t understand they say it sucked…two early movies mud and beyond the pines…..

  4. What blew me away the most, was there was one film that was released in January that Blew everything else that came out since out of the water, and I am not a fan of Tom Cruise, But fair is fair…”Oblivion”, was By Far, the most entertaining film released this entire year and although I know these people don’t “get” science fiction, and it’s not the kind of film you just through out best acting awards to but this thing was BY FAR the most Visceral and enjoyeable film to be released in the past 12 months out of Hollywood…BY FAR…it ain’t even close…and not only was it’s screenplay from an adapted source written and directed by the same guy who wrote the source, but he also compiled and collaborated on every track of music used in the film, sound effects and background included !!! This thing 100% dserved nods for both producing and writting and as well as it’s remarkable screenplay !!!

    What is was was “District 12” but with far More “Umph” at the end like we all had wanted and once again like I have been the last 50 with “Oscar”, I am flabbergbasted at not just the clear stupidity and lack of depth and proper consideration of films by the Golden Globes and everyone else but the lack of creativity and imagination when it comes to nominating films each year for these accolades !!!

  5. Jody Beeler says:

    Lets face it , Nothing has ever been the same in Hollywood since the last Writers strike. Everything is pasteurized and ordinary. Where is the great writing and storytelling? We are growing bored?

  6. Jody Beeler says:

    I believe that the HFP has its reasons for snubbing movies, and I also Believe that the worlds appetite for Oprah Winfrey may be satiated. Smaller independent films are being examined and maybe mainstream films are ignored.Nonetheless it is refreshing that the Hollywood Foreign Press refuses to follow the herd and go for the popular votes and movies and actors. They aren’t easily influenced by whats poplular, or egos.

  7. benskelly2 says:

    Wow. A whole lot of racist right-wing crazy Foxbots have crawled in here somehow. Must be linked by one of those rabid freaks like Limbaugh or Palin. Go away, redneck losers. And PS Reagan actually obstructed the ending of Apartheid and called Mandela a terrorist. That’s the truth, suck it.

  8. Carolyn Jette says:

    Well, To do this Snub is not showing much character for this so called Academy!!
    I am not impressed as a movie goer….I may think twice before I spend so much money to attend a movie that will not merit a decent, honest, credit to a great movie and excellent acting.!!!

  9. Collis says:

    What about supporting actor .. Woody Harelson in “out of the furnace ” ?? Amazing and scary performance !!

  10. mike says:

    There needs to be a box office threshold. If no one in the country has seen it, it shouldn’t be nominated. If a movie has just opened move its potential nomination to the next year. On principal James Galdolfini should have been nominated posthumously for a comedy that is really a comedy, unlike the non-funny comedies that get nominated.

  11. Dale says:

    A lot of other people did not go to see this movie.
    It was a flop. people are getting tired of the same old “anti white people” movies made by rich, pampered people who have made their fortunes on the back of the “evil white man and woman.”who they try to portray as racist.

  12. Dale says:

    because it was a mediocre film with over the top racial stereotypes.

  13. laffinatcha says:

    Oprah is a talk show hostess NOT an actress so she was NOT snubbed for an acting award. Hope for an Emmy.

  14. JumpyGathers says:

    That’s to bad about Oprah. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll come up with another sob story about her life as a poor black women being constantly discriminated against in order to garner some sympathy for her sad life.

  15. Frank W says:

    All of you who are saying “Hollywood” kissing up Hollywood–this is the Foreign Press covering Hollywood kissing Hollywood asses, not Hollywood kissing their own.

    And if you feel insulted by it, or dislike it, then why in the hell are you here on a page that is FOR THE TRADE. This isn’t HuffPo where you can whimsically insult Obama over anything that goes wrong in the world (though sometimes the writing is coming down to their level). No, this is a TRADE PUBLICATION for the MOVIE BUSINESS where these “Ass Kissing” awards ceremonies actually drive business to the films nominated.

    Most of you should see Nebraska with Bruce Dern–as anti-Hollywood as you can get and a real look at rural life co-starring real Farm Brethren.

  16. 1peevedbob says:

    Once again, Hollywood kissing Hollywood’s assss…..

  17. A big fat 0 for Big Fat “O”. How did that race card you played workout for ya chunky monkey.

  18. “The Butler” wasn’t nominated because it was heavy-handed and featured ridiculous casting of our former presidents. “Prisoners” was too long, too boring, and if you think about it, it had a happy ending. Everything came together in the end, and the characters never really had to make any tough choices. I was surprised that for such a seemingly gritty film, it tied up the ending with a bow (though I think Hugh Jackman did a decent job, he was a little one dimensional).

  19. Berkeley Bill says:

    I thought Christopher Walken in “Stand-up Guys” was excellent. The characters in “Prisoners” behaved so stupidly that I’m really surprised people are praising it.

  20. weeeeee says:

    Bring back Gilbert Godfreed as Aflac Duck!

  21. Ken from Toronto says:

    Oprah needs another award like I need another overdue bill notice in my mailbox.

  22. WufanGohan says:

    I love to read about snubs and this is my first exposure to an article on this. I wonder how they react. We have always read about nominations and winners but sometimes I want to see the side where the people just fall out totally while trying to understand and for the not-so-obvious cases guess why that happens.

  23. well, not every one can be nominated, and…. just because a studio spends thousands if not millions campaigning for nominations doesn’t necessarily mean that the project is deserving!

  24. I would say the fact the person The Butler was based on said the ending was bullshit probably played a role. You don’t have to like Reagan, but to portray him as a bad guy when that wasn’t the case was unconscionable.

  25. Kitty hogan says:

    Maybe oprah’s political musings weren’t appreciated?

  26. Exactly! Who cares! The only time I go to movies anymore if might be great special effects and semi-decent story. Sad to say, but the only Hollywood products impressing me are the cartoons with original plots. Most movies now days are just recycling same old stories/plots. Boring. So I wait until out on dvd on my boring off night. Hollywood empire may be dying……..

  27. Dick Tracy says:

    Who cares? I don’t go to movies.

  28. Patrizia says:

    I loved Prisoners and the beautiful Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance..I hoped for a nomination

  29. Jack Ass says:

    Would have snubbed all of them. What about Strange Brew? It should win for best movie ever made. Oh. By the way. Oprah is overrated and so is The Butler. Saving Mr. Banks suuuuucked.

  30. daniel says:

    Maybe if Oprah and Lee Daniels hadn’t gone on rampages accusing everybody of being racist, they may have been nominated.

  31. Oprah’s bone-headed debacle over a pricey handbag in a Swiss shop did her no favors with the foreign press.

  32. Roger says:

    “The Butler” was left out because it’s a heavy handed depiction with bad direction. It’s not a very good film. On the other hand, the Golden Globe is a superficial award anyway. Let’s see what the Motion Picture Academy does. (By the way, Oprah will be pushed for Best Supporting, not lead.)

  33. Savannah Sorensen says:

    The Butler is sappy melodrama, overacted and under directed. No surprises there.

  34. Lorraine says:

    Oprah should not have become so racist It may of hurt those in the film. Especially since Oprah did NOT stay true to the butlers true story. She made it racist and political. Too bad if she kept the true story they all list out

  35. Victoria says:

    The Butler wasn’t nominated because it wasn’t any good. That’s why.

    • Ronnie Owens says:

      Agenda packed, but not creativity packed; when passion for injustice is predominate instead of cinematography genius – failure.

  36. Robert Walker says:


    Wonderful movie and acting

  37. Jamie says:

    That Rush was nominated over Prisoners is a complete mystery. A film that barely garnered any public interest at all up with only moderate acting from the cast against a film that is still raking in the box office all causing conversation months after its release all delivered by a phenomenal cast led by Jackman and Gyllenhaal giving some of the best performances of the year. Foreign Press really blew this one. Ron Howard must have given them a really good lunch.

  38. DorothyParkerlite says:

    Are these award shows relevant anymore? Even the celebs seem tired of dealing with them. The only ones that really keep them going are the bottom feeders, coat tail riders, etc… otherwise known as the agents, the suits and you lot. Yawn.

  39. MichaelZ says:

    Hugh Jackman delivered one of the worst performances of his career in “Prisoners” and, aside from Jake G’s performance, the movie was awful.

  40. “SURPRISE: Idris Elba, “Mandela.” Why is thaat a surprise? Getting “snubbed” by SAG, that was the surprise!

  41. L says:

    You forgot Lana Del Rey for “Young and Beautiful” (“The Great Gatsby”) – Best Song which was also snubbed. Hopefully, Lana, “Fruitvale Station,” Michael B. Jordan, “The Butler,” and Oprah Winfrey will still get Oscar nominations.

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