Twitter Lashes Out Against Ben Affleck as the New Batman

Twitter Lashes Out Against Ben Affleck
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Early buzz wasn't very favorable with only 15% approving of the thesp; 12% want Christian Bale back in the cape and cowl

Fans quickly flocked to the Internet after Ben Affleck was cast as Warner Bros.’ new Batman. But the buzz may not be the kind that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment want right now.

Within the first hour, 96,088 tweets were sent about Affleck as Batman, according to Fizziology. He has been averaging 39,225 tweets per hour, for a total of 509,922 tweets just over the past 12 hours.

However, 71% of the chatter was negative on Twitter, with 15% positive and 14% mixed.

Around 12% of those sending tweets wanted Christian Bale back, while 10% referenced Affleck’s role as Batman. Another 3% reference “Gigli,” while 2% made a reference to Tim Tebow.

Fizziology said 19% of the mixed chatter came from audiences making jokes about Matt Damon also being cast in the film, mostly as Aquaman or Robin.

What’s interesting is that conversation about the actual Batman versus Superman movie was much smaller, only generating about 30,000 tweets over the past 12 hours. After the Affleck news broke, conversation increased 4,219%. There were 5,744 tweets about the film in the first hour, and it averaged 2,307 tweets per hour.

Remember that when Daniel Craig, Tobey Maguire and Heath Ledger were cast as James Bond, Spider-Man and the Joker, the initial fan reaction also was negative.

And like in those cases, Fizzilogy believes the the buzz will become more favorable for Affleck once a more mainstream audience reacts to the news — and sees the actor in the role when the first footage is released.

A poll conducted by Variety found similar results, with 77.21% of the 86,627 that responded, saying they do not think Affleck is the right choice to play Batman. Nearly 23% approved of the choice.

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  1. John SErna says:

    susan danto your an idiot. has a bad actor with crappy dresser. the butt chin his will ruin batman forever, just like the movie. you need to pick the right actors for the right roles or travesty will occur. they have to pick some else other than that hack with the lisp, Christian bale. we couldn’t understand a word he was during the previous batman movies, I’ve them twice, and still don’t understand 75% of the story lines. Please stop the madness. Thank you for you understanding to this matter. My apologies to Mr. Michael Keaton, for he has not been redeemed.

  2. Susan Danto says:

    Ben is a good actor, I’ve seen him in many films. I know, he can handle this part well. This can go either way for him I feel, as it would for any actor. I want to add as well, whats so wrong, about putting the words, “BAM” “WHAM” “POOF” etc.,into the film? Those words, & more were in the comic books, & in the original Batman TV series too. It’s part of the “flavor” or attraction, of these caped crusaders, & their fighting “technique of sorts”, so to speak. I just feel, that shouldn’t be lost. There is still an appeal in a Batman film, that at times those occassional words should pop across the screen @ the appropriate time. It would add the pizazz & enjoyment we are all looking for, in this next film.

  3. John Jacobs says:

    Casting Ben as Batman will go either really good or bad. The character itself is iconic. The pressure will be on Ben to raise his acting skills to Oscar level. Can he do it?

  4. Ben says:

    I wish they picked micheal fassbender

  5. now days we have facebook twitter i still don’t know what twitter is but not for me, anyways now days people say it like it is, and very soon actors and holywood will realize these actors are not even wanted by the people and they get too much payed.

  6. EK says:

    Almost by definition, the Twiterverse is powered by negativity so it shouldn’t be surprising that the naysayers are out in front on this. Ultimately it;s the movie stupid and then we’ll see if it was the right decision. For now it is just so much key tapping with the snarkophiles in charge.

    • “Almost by definition, the Twiterverse is powered by negativity”

      Perhaps in your subjective world. For the sake of argument where’s your evidence?

      “For now it is just so much key tapping with the snarkophiles in charge.”

      Do you have a concept of how Hollywood works? Enough negative press can kill a movie before it starts shooting. Research ‘development hell’. The pulse of public opinion is literally the thing Hollywood execs are trying to put their finger on.

  7. nashty62 says:

    Bad choice. Definitely won’t get the female demographic. Guess the final proof will be in the (lack) of ticket sales.

  8. Paul DeCroix says:

    I don’t like this at all but that being said, people reacted badly when Michelle Pfeiffer was cast as catwoman opposite Michael Keaton in the 2nd Batman movie. Seems SO long ago doesn’t it. For that matter Michael Keaton was not viewed to favorable either upon casting. Both Michelle & Michael made memorable characters even better with their outstanding portrayals. Ann Hathaway was not a good catwoman and several actors including George Clooney ruined the Batman franchise after they played the dark night for years. Christian Bale brought the franchise back with 3 back t back world wide successful Batman flicks. I’m not sure why producers would risk bringing an actor like Ben Afllect in as Batman when he did the superhero thing already as “Dare devil”? That film flopped. He also took the biggest turd in Hollywood with J-Lo in their one and ONLY film together. He doesn’t have a good track record in film. He did a nice job in “Good Will hunting” but that was a character role for which he won an Oscar with his friend Matt Damon for the story I believe.? He directed “Argo” and starred in it but that role was not that difficult. Batman is a physical role and he doesn’t fit the part and his acting chops are limited. Why not go with Christian Bale who is a fan favorite already in the role? He has said he would do it if the director from the past 3 Batman films asked him. Throw more money at him if needed. Sweeten the deal. He’s worth it. Don’t risk this opportunity with the fans. Ben is a poor choice. . . .

  9. eqquesz says:

    Even if the fools get a petition and win – They will just end up using Vin Diesel- Dumb move- Monkey’s could have expected this..

  10. Kingman2311 says:

    I remember all the negative comments being made about Michael Keaton when it was announced that he would be playing Batman. “Not Mr. MOM!!”. Funny how he generally regarded as one of, if not the best, to play the role.

    Give Affleck a chance. He will probably end up surprising most people.

  11. Jimothy says:

    Ben Affleck as Batman maybe interesting. Zack Snyder the director of Man of Steel is a good director. Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck maybe actually work off of each other in a way that could work. As an actor Im looking forward to see how it works. Especially if Affleck is playing an older type detective Batman.

    • Joe Smart says:

      I don’t think Zack Snyder has made a good movie since 300 and I really didn’t care for Man of Steel. There’s no evidence in any of his movies, even the good early ones, that Zack Snyder is particularly good with actors. I think he’s more concerned with visual effects than people. Ben Affleck seems like a terrible choice but maybe he will prove people wrong.

  12. says:

    Terrible decision.

  13. Sinead McGrath says:

    Ben Affleck as the new batman please what a let down he just does not justify the role far too mich of the wrong kind of swagger. I was looking forward to Superman v Batman but now no thanks Affleck puts me right off

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