Oliver Stone, John Cusack Warn Against NSA Surveillance

Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone, John Cusack, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Wil Wheaton are among showbiz figures who are stepping into the debate over the National Security Agency surveillance programs, appearing in a public service announcement that calls for an end to the monitoring.

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“Everybody is at risk for getting caught up in the NSA dragnet,” Stone says in the 3 minute, 26 second spot, which also features Daniel Ellsberg, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Phil Donahue. The spot was directed by Brian Knappenberger and produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The video is an effort to garner support for an Oct. 26 rally in Washington called Stop Watching Us, organized by more than 100 public interest groups that are demanding that Congress investigate the NSA spying programs.

The video is one of the first major pushes against the program using celebrity figures since news of Edward Snowden’s leaks of information about the program was first published.

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  1. hey Stoney…. he’s YOUR baby…. you and yours gave birth to this freaking idiot… how does it feel to get it stuck up your ars….? suck it up man…

  2. It’s absolutely incredible when the Lefty Prog’s get up in arms over something they made, to some degree, happen. The industry went to the very end of the branch in their zeal to help Obama get elected, and now, they’re actually rallying to protest the continued spying on, and of, American citizens who don’t even fit the profile of a terrorist. When will the left finally realize that supporting candidates who meet the two main qualifiers, abortion and Gay rights, as the only thing they take into considering when they go all in with their support of a candidate, without considering what the rest of that person stands for, is far more important? Wake up Lefty Prog’s!

  3. Lance Cole says:

    When you order the corndog, don’t be shocked when you find the hotdog under the batter. Likewise, you can’t have ‘Socialism’ without the prerequisite gestapo to ‘sort, filter and keep the peasants inline’. You want progressive-liberal-socialism, welcome to Nazi Germany. Don’t ask how it happened, just pay attention to what is happening now, and it will answer all that history for you.

  4. Curly Bill says:

    Wait!! ARE they saying the current boss is another Nixon?!?!?!?

  5. Curly Bill says:

    Lots of pictures of Nixon — a guy who left office 40 years ago. Not one mention of the current boss — a guy they ALL supported. Absolutely priceless. What’s next? Will they be blaming Warren G. Harding?

  6. Curly Bill says:

    Nothing more amusing than people who can’t recognize their own irony.

  7. Bad Whisky says:

    Socialism breads this type of paranoia, you guys should expect more of it, it is what you voted for.

  8. jjfanning says:

    I find this video to be hypocritical considering the fact that Hollywood celebrities as well as the movie and music industry support and abet clandestine cyber tracing to ferret out copyright infringement. The methodology employed by the studio execs and their trackers is a carbon copy of that used by the NSA. A wide net is cast over all internet traffic and digital analysis software sifts through private conversations to find “tagged activity” that “may” indicate copyright infringement.
    This sounds a lot like a case of all animals being equal except those from Hollywood, who are more equal than the rest?
    Privacy, like Freedom, comes at a price. I can’t reconcile entertainment industry participants who are willing to risk lives during wartime in order to preserve privacy with that same industry stomping upon those same rights in order to preserve a 99 cent download fee.

  9. So a rational person would conclude that Obama has betrayed his Hollywood $upporters.

  10. davidkachel says:

    FUNNY! Phil Donahue doesn’t like being spied on. I’ll betcha he doesn’t mind if they spy on you and me, though. This screaming leftist CAUSED all of this and now he doesn’t like it!!!

  11. jimtheinfidel says:

    Ah the progressives (actually regressives) don’t want what is the natural extension to their form of govt. Too, too bad. You get what you sow.

  12. Jim James says:

    Poor Hollyweirdos. When Washington threatens THEIR liberties, they get amnesia and think it’s 1972.

  13. Obama has the power to put a stop to this right now. Nixon has nothing to do with it, and he never did. Nixon’s dead for God’s sake! When will you Hollywood morons criticize Obama? It’s his fault!!!

  14. John says:

    You wanted a government with the power to do anything.

    Now you have it.

    In the sixties, the lefties were famous for “Question Authority”. Then they grew up and took the reins of power. Now their motto is “You will do as you are told! Send money to Aetna!”

    Ahh, the freedom.

    • SAIGA AK says:

      You forgot Goldman Sachs, JP Mogan Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank, etc…This is who owns the US Government!!

  15. Bill says:

    Washington will place boots on the necks of these useful idiots…. must be their guilt for getting Obama in office that has spawned this “movement”. Fools….. Useful idiots are disposed of by the traitors they helped get into power, that’s first day stuff….

  16. T says:

    No one should show up at the polls to vote. It doesnt matter who they install. Until we stop voting and legitimizing their phony elections, we are doomed to this future of Totalitarianism and police state.

    • davidkachel says:

      You’re kidding, right? In the last election many areas had 50% more voters than actual residents. Even if not a single American casts a single legitimate vote, the ballot boxes will be stuffed with votes for lefties.

      • Bob Jarvis says:

        That is a correct statement. The ‘fact’ that Romney got less popular votes than McCain (during the aftermath of the economic downturn) does not pass any reasonable sanity check. That is NOT possible, yet…..there it is.

  17. Calabash says:

    I was with them until they focused on Pres. Nixon (pre-internet capabilities). Pres. Nixon was caught lying, not spying. But liberal Hollywood just has to take any opportunity to play the defame & blame game against Republicans. Congrats, guys, you just lost half of the country’s support. If you’re going to win this war, you’d better get real and put the responsibility for this additional takeover of our private lives where it belongs: OBAMA. Between NSA, Obamacare, CORE education, financial disaster, he’s just about gotten total control over all of us.

  18. Walker says:

    I stopped watching Hollywood movies more than 20 years ago. As soon as I realized that they were offending me and my wife with homo-sex and value-less crap, we would only go to G-rated films so people like Stone and Cusack couldn’t vomit their obscenities in our face. If I could talk to Hollywood liberals, I’d try to warn them that people like Cass Sunstein and Van Jones will be your executioners at the re-education camps. You are fools of the highest order. You cannot repair the damage you’ve done. I pity you. Hell awaits.

  19. MickOregon says:

    Uhm…… they show pictures of Nixon yet don’t mention that most Nixonian of presidents the current one. Or perhaps that is what they meant by the references. Never in US history has an administration flouted privacy and stifled the press like the current one. What is humorous is that his greatest fans are the ones that he’s strong-arming. Of course, we saw the same thing in Cuba, Venezuela, USSR, Kampuchia, China, N. Korea.

  20. Why no mention of the Obama Administration????

  21. Glenda Crosby says:

    Too soon old, too late smart.
    What is wrong with people, just now figuring out what’s going on?

    • Cosette says:

      Case in point Rosie O’Donnell, co founder of the anti gun group “Million Mom March”. When questioned about her hypocrisy citing her armed personal guards , she stated “You must keep in mind I am a high profile individual.”…. translation…. My life is of greater value than yours. The arrogance is astonishing.

  22. Eric Palmer says:

    NSA is doing this all under Obama. what morons that they voted for him.

  23. mugsy says:

    No picture of Obama in the piece…Weird.

  24. Well done! This is the most important issue in our time. This is not a partisan issue at all and it is time we stood up and said no! I don’t care if it is a Dem president or GOP, wrong is wrong and this is truly tyrannical power that is being used. Does not matter where you are on the political spectrum, we need to stand together on this and not allow petty partisan fights to tear us apart. Glad to see Hollywood types use their power and voices to bring much needed attention to this grave issue.

  25. laurarios says:

    When Bush was president, everything and anything that happened during his administration was HIS fault, even bad weather. However, now it is the NSA’s fault…not OBAMA’s fault. So this guy must be so incompetent that all this crap going on, spying, IRS shenanigans, fast and furious, Benghazi and now Obamacare website failure, is because he has no control in his administration. Sorry Hollywood, you are all sheep! When there is no one else to go after, he is now going after you.

    • mugsy says:

      The piece was to give Obama cover and blame the GOP/Nixon.

      • laurarios says:

        You are absolutely correct! I had to laugh that they dragged out all those old Nixon pics and videos. It was funny watching Ted Kennedy being so righteously indignant! What a hypocritical murderer! Don’t get me wrong, I am sick of a government that is tracking all our private information! The people who campaigned for and elected Obama are going to get a huge shock when they finally realize how Obamacare will expand the government’s intrusion into our personal health information. Hollywood, the government is going to find out ALL your secrets…STD’s, drug and other addictions, abortions, suicide attempts, mental health issues, EVERYTHING! Welcome to the common man’s concerns!

  26. Jim Wolfson says:

    If you support democRats, you support NSA spying and all the rest of this greedy, corrupt regime.

    So STFU.

  27. Ban says:

    Olive Stone should just f off. NO ONE cares what this dictator pimping twat thinks.

  28. Adam M. says:

    You want to get your privacy back? You want the government to stop spying on you? And you want control over your healthcare choices? And do you want the IRS to stop targeting groups because of their beliefs? Well, then…….STOP VOTING FOR DEMON-CRATS!!!!!!

  29. denofyork says:

    It’s about time people started to take this to the streets (of D.C.). It seems everyday we wake to a new scandal of some kind. Listening in on our conversations and following tweets and such cannot compare to the kind of privacy intrusions that ObamaScare brings to the fore…
    Seeing the hollywood lefties speak out against this administration seems to indicate that Obama may be a “unifier” after all– Uniting the Left wing with the Right to create a STRONGER America! As soon as he is out of office…

  30. Pete the cart says:

    Hypocrites! Eat it and smile. You’d do it all over again if you had to.

  31. AZWAY says:

    This administration is not going to stop watching you because they must control the argument to control the behavior. Remember Michelle Obama said, “Barack will change the conversation.” To do that they “need to know” everything that can be used against you to “keep you in line.” Hollywood promoted Obama as the great Uniter, but ” he” along with “Hollywood” and the “media” has divided this country like no one else in its history in the name of politically correctness, diversity and civility using a raised club called “racism.” Hollywood claimed the world would like us more because of Obama, but even our closes allies are demanding answers on why they are being spied on by him. Oh, did I mention that Obama sent Eric Holder to petition the Supreme Court last month for legal access to the info in your cell phone without a warrant? Legal marihuana, gay Marraige, immigration, debt ceiling, are all good distractors to occupy the people from the kingdom of power being built by this administration. The real hope for this adminsistration is that we all will be so preoccupied, lazy, Hollywood news based people, that we won’t know the difference between “governing or ruling,” following the Constitution or dismantling it. And to think, you call the Tea Party terrorists.

  32. ILikeRush says:

    You voted for him. Quit crying and take your medicine.

  33. ZOO says:

    The human offal comprising the “entertainment industry” are the absolute worst influence on America’s youth. Everyday of the week a bastard is born a year or more before ‘mommy and daddy’ decide to make it legitimate. Then the industry’s “hottest” perform quasi-porno on live television and/or set an example of going through life drunk, drugged, and stupid. Hollywood doesn’t need to be ‘watched’, it needs to be nuked!

  34. Tim S. says:

    The Snowden leaks began in May 2013 so people would not have known the exact nature of government surveillance before then, (nor do we know the exact and complete nature of government surveillance now).


  35. Fred says:

    Something Republicans and Democrats can agree on, our right to privacy. Kumbaiya!

  36. Phil gross says:

    The NSA spying issue not the only matter in need of a Washington March. The health care system policy of letting private doctor patient info fall into government hands by putting confidential info on the computer to be read and used by government groups shouts of big brother taking over our liberty and privacy. It’s time to stand up for our liberties and freedoms that make the u.s.
    a special place. If you need me to write an article on our shrinking freedoms and what we need to do as a country let me know.

  37. Oh oh they just put themselves on Obama’s hit list now.

  38. FADUTA says:

    What a cast of clowns. Where to begin. What’s the congressman’s real worry – at someone is reading the e-mails he sends to his who who is in prison!? Oliver Stone? Really? He would not know what the truth is even if it bit him in the butt. And Phi – made his hack career on smearing people with half truths and exposing nothing that was actually real. AND BESIDES they were all oh so certain that Obama was going to be different from Bush and crew. Well Barry is different – he is worse.

  39. Brett says:

    You know your progressive presidency is going south fast when way left liberals like Oliver Stone & John Cusack turn against you.

  40. Cranios says:

    Didn’t Oliver Stone and his Hollywood help convince the Great Unwashed to elect the Bozo in Chief?

  41. DZicyB says:

    Obama, they guy you so zealously championed is the problem. Nixon hasn’t been around for quite awhile in case you hadn’t noticed. What a bunch of lying trash. May all your phones be tapped. You made you bed rot in it.

  42. Tim S. says:

    I wonder if there are any ‘freelancers’ at NSA that are using Agency resources to capture intellectual property and confidential business information for personal use or resale? If Edward Snowden could walk away with several laptops full of data who knows what else may be going on?

  43. Mike Janz says:

    Now that we have Hoolyweird on our side, maybe Wasington will start to listen to us.

  44. So he appealing to the most transparent administration ever? Your appealing to the guy who ratcheted up the spying of Americans! YOU and your ilk gushed tears of joy to get him in office. How’s that working out for you Hollywood elite’s?

    Join the shit pile the rest of are in, joblessness, rising prices on everything except our income. Has little Oliver ever had to struggle to pay his water bill, electric bill on account of his career crumbling” F–K you Hollywood elite. Your time is coming.

  45. potvin says:

    You get the government you deserve.

  46. Goku says:

    LOL. America has already stopped watching Hollywood because the product is so inferior. Have you watched the box office tallies for this summer?

    • Jerry T says:

      Hollywood and TV support Obama 110%. If you watch either one then you support them. Have cable or sat TV? Your bill is divided up so every channel gets a piece including MSNBC. So if you are a conservative or libertarian who watches Hollywood movies or TV – you support it all so don’t complain. You viewership supports the endless “stupid white guy” TV commercials as well.

      Americans traded liberty for a clicker.

  47. shapoopy says:

    or what? you’ll stop making movies? GOOD!

  48. Ken Valley says:

    We’ll be glad to stop watching you, as soon as you stop with your left-wing hypocrisy and spew your political vitriol, which you have no clue. You Hollywood elites think you are better than we average citizens because you have more money and can pat yourselves with award shows? You can cry about your beliefs in Socialism and every pays his/her fair share. But, when it comes to paying taxes, you spend your time filming in States/countries with low (or no) taxes. Hypocrisy? Absolutely! So, until you talk to talk and walk to walk, stop lecturing the rest of us!

  49. scratch moro says:

    These are the same people who made videos promoting Obama. Now that their man is in; I guess they’re not liking the hope and change. However they still lack the courage to go directly after him or apologize to America for their blatant propaganda. It’s funnny they got who they wanted, and are now unhappy. How do they think the majority of people feel who didn’t want the clown for president.

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