Oliver Stone, John Cusack Warn Against NSA Surveillance

Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone, John Cusack, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Wil Wheaton are among showbiz figures who are stepping into the debate over the National Security Agency surveillance programs, appearing in a public service announcement that calls for an end to the monitoring.

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“Everybody is at risk for getting caught up in the NSA dragnet,” Stone says in the 3 minute, 26 second spot, which also features Daniel Ellsberg, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Phil Donahue. The spot was directed by Brian Knappenberger and produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The video is an effort to garner support for an Oct. 26 rally in Washington called Stop Watching Us, organized by more than 100 public interest groups that are demanding that Congress investigate the NSA spying programs.

The video is one of the first major pushes against the program using celebrity figures since news of Edward Snowden’s leaks of information about the program was first published.

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  1. Walker says:

    Oh, Oliver and John. There is always a Beria who arises within the Party. There is always a Room 101. In the end, you will confess to a hundred crimes and be led like sheep to slaughter. They will give you to me in the place where there is no darkness. I will push you to your knees and you will bend. The last thing you will feel is the cold muzzle of my small pistol in your ear. You’ll notice the black and red streaks on the floor drains. There will be a sound and a burning inside your brain for four minutes. A crimson fountain will spring into the air and I will step back to avoid it splashing on my greatcoat. The Party will have you; both of you, and all your friends, all your family. Thank you for your service to the Party.

  2. Bubba Crunk says:

    Imagine a country where every street had a “Block Captain” that reported to the government every comment overheard that might be construed to be against the President. Imagine that government then swooping in to that neighborhood in the middle of the night and spiriting away your neighbor who spoke against the President. Imagine never knowing what happened to your neighbor after that night and being too frightened to ask. You just imagined Oliver Stone’s favorite dictator’s country – Cuba.
    And this effing guy has the stones to complain about his precious phone calls being traced? Beyond stupid..

  3. SAIGA AK says:

    More elitist Hollywood hypocrites spewing vomit from their ivory towers! The sad part is the pathetic bleeting sheeple that are absorbed into their mindless pop-culture will be subservient and lick it right up!

  4. Notime Forbs says:

    Video link is unavailable….!

  5. Mr. Positive says:

    Yes, please stop monitoring. We want to be able to spew our left-wing propaganda unimpeded.

  6. Janet Marie says:


    That was great!

  7. Daniel Brown says:

    Great video…one thing is missing…where’s Obama? Nixon had nothing to do with this.

  8. herbork says:

    For a strident Leftie like Stone to now be sobbing about Big Intrusive Government only goes to show us how blithely, even criminally stupid are “the smartest people in the room.” Mr. Stone, you abetted this tyranny with every political act of your adult life. Sit on it and rotate.

  9. bambam925 says:

    kick all the jeews out of our country just as 78 other countries have done over the past 2000 years.

  10. arnold ripkin says:

    Hey Oliver. how about making a new conspiracy movie about Obama’s spying on Americans.

  11. marantaz says:

    I’m not watching it, I’m sure it’s soft on pointing the finger at the perps in this adminstration who have taken the art of dirty politics, fascism and tyranny to new levels. Pretty sure they all voted for the liar that has authorized these tactics to continue and increased their use. They won’t dare use the words or terms they would if a Republican was President to attack this President and his damnable administration.

  12. eric_in_NJ says:

    So these Hollywood lefties took Obama’s balls off of their chins just long enough to make a tepid criticism of the man they worked and voted for twice. Suck it up you morons- now you get a chance to see what the “Hope and Change” actually is!

  13. MJS0177 says:

    According to Wikipedia (so take it as you will) Stone, Gyllenhal, and Wheaton (who I’ve never heard of) voted for Obama. Hypocrites!

  14. Vetmike says:

    Sorry, Charlie. You Hollyweird types helped put Obama in office and kept him there for a second term. It is he and his administration that have expanded the Homeland Security act and NSA spying on US citizens. So now you are crying because you’ve finally discovered that you have simply been useful idiots.

  15. Jim M says:

    If the NSA weren’t watching these has-beens, nobody would be.

  16. bull$hit! This is just so Americans could start sympathizing with these a–holes in Hollywood. —-fergetaboutit! Take your net losses and shut the blank up. Done with your pandering to Washington. You deserve everything you get.

  17. Brian Mahon says:

    Like a broken clock, even Hollywood is capable of getting it right if you wait …and wait ..,..

  18. nightsong says:

    Two things.

    LOVE you Oliver Stone, and, Edward Snowden is a hero..

  19. Tom Jones says:

    All we see are pictures of Nixon…..but these liberals in Hollywierd don’t dare show the picture of the man who is NOW behind the same hi-jinks….Barack Obama. Selective outrage and blind allegiance to Democrats are the hall marks of the liberals. I am sure they believe its the fault of the Republicans….just like the government shutdown. Just more fodder for the sheeple…..

  20. awwww hopey, changey, Most transparent admin in history got ya down? TOO BAD! REAP WHAT YOU SOW HOLLYWEIRD!

  21. Blorg says:

    Hey, Hollywood, what do you have to hide?

  22. Steve Black says:

    Don’t worry. I won’t watch you! :)

  23. bambam925 says:

    oliver stone and the rest of these Hollywood bimbos are all more jewish than hannukah…….i’m stunned that they criticize their Christian-hating hero Obama…..it might take days for me to process this before I can sort through how I feel about the content of their dismay

  24. Raul says:

    You people are being used by the Teabagger wing of the Rethuglican party. The President already told us this was a phony scandal.

  25. Steve Hughes says:

    Matt Damon… Matt Damon… Save us, Matt Damon, oh Great and Wise Harvard Man!
    …oh, yeah and No-Talent Alec and One-Dimension-Ben Affleck and Pottie-Mouth Whoopie and Ol’ Nudie Susan Sarandon and Totally-Brain-Dead Penn and Recently-Exposed Oprah and NitWit Al Franken and Rosie-The-Joke and Lover-Boy George and FatEd Asner and The Garofalo Beast and Glover and Stweart and Slammin’ Sammie Jackson and Pretend-President Sheen and Mister The Man Robbins and Hanks and Hunt and Ford and Little Ronnie Howard and Jettin’ John Travolta… and all you other, lesser gods…
    …oh yeah, and please, please, please fix ObamaCare!
    …and please send me $20 to see ur next movie.

  26. Anthony Sanchez says:

    Where’s Obama in the video? The left makes sure they show Nixon. What Obama has done is 100 times worse than Nixon ever did. This group won’t get my support until they spread the blame evenly, not just blaming their enemies from the past. I noticed they should Ted Kennedy, now there’s a true man of high morals and virtue…lol

  27. UDumdLibz says:

    “Oh my, oh my, what we do now ?? I mean I love Obama, but I hate what the NSA is doing to HIS country !! What do I do, what do I do ???? Help meeeee!!!”

  28. Tom kocher says:

    OK ‘ pothead ‘ , let me see you make the movie, … starring the usual ‘ America- bashing ‘ creeps !!

  29. Reginald Winthorp says:

    Suck it Ollie. You plead with this country to have obama as your president. You have him, now shut up and get in line! You’re just another useful idiot who learned something too late.

  30. Hugg G Rection says:

    Get out of town. Hollywood has been blowing the messiah for 5 years now. Oh my little children….he bothering you now….huh…You bought this POS you drive it

  31. MrsFudd says:

    Seriously? These Hollywood suck-ups have fawned over Obama for years – every one of them listed in this article. And now they are mad? Hypocrites. Who gives a flying fig what they say. It amazes me how people give credence to these elitist actors who think they are politically astute because they pretend for a living.

    • Damon F. says:

      Stone has been ripping Obama for quite a while now. On one hand, repubs want to criticize people for blinding following Obama but on the other hand tell Stone to stfu? Makes no sense. And they want Hollywood to stay out politics, yet Repubs are the ones who elect Hollywood to office…Reagan, Bono, Schwarzenegger…bunch of hypocrites.

  32. look at these idiots trying to find out which president to blame. Newsflash assholes! Bush started the shit, Obama expanded the shit. Hillary will expand it too and that goes for any of the corrupt fuckers you’re going to vote for in either party until money gets out of politics.

  33. bambam925 says:

    all hail Edward Snowden

  34. bambam925 says:

    all hair Edward snowden

  35. Scott Hawke says:

    What a bunch of commie hypocrites. They were either entirely ignorant in knowing what BH Zero was going to do to the country or they thought their buddy would exclude them.

  36. Climp Jones says:

    I like being surveilled. The gov’t should post all their surveilled video’s to YouTube.

  37. Jake Westine says:

    How dare they complain against the Obama and progressive government! Isn’t this what they have worked for so long to have the government to watch over all of us from birth to death because we are not smart enough to take care of ourselves? Did they think that the eleite progressive that run the show would not include them just because they are rich? Yes ever those who live in Hollywood and help spread the propaganda under the name of entertainment are victiims.. most of us have been as our freedoms dwindle..they didn’t care until theyu realized they are just one of us…shame on you for attacking those in the business who did not fake like they agreed with you. Expect change.

  38. Judy says:

    I am confused, again! Isn’t this guy one of the libs? Didn’t he help put these people in power? Oh, wait, is it still Bush’s fault? Does he have something to hide? I know why I think spying is an erosion of my rights, but he’s just realized it? Cheryl is right! DO NOT GO TO MOVIES!

  39. Robert McInally says:

    Are we then to infer from this that Obama is likened to Nixon?

  40. Oh look! The emperor has no clothes….oh well.

  41. allen degenerate says:

    Stone should STFU!

  42. AK says:

    All these people need to be commended for their patriotism. Then bayonetted for their hypocrisy.

    The NSA is part of DoD, which is part of the Executive Branch of governent. Now, c’mon, Hollywood, which elected representative is in charge of the Executive Branch? Hint..its not Richard Nixon, Pope Francis, or George Bush.

    I couldn’t hold my breath any longer…..

  43. Ralph Martin says:

    Its your fault you jackwagons YOU put these jerks in power and have given them license to do whatever they want because you dont even come close to questioning them the way you would a republican, its BECAUSE of your partisan politics and constant campaigning for the guy that he and his agencies are allowed to do this. Are YOU now the Te Party that you have bashed so soundly in every soundbite you are able to? Because you question the big govt that you created?

  44. Vorenious says:

    The liberal Hollywood crowd just now got the backbone to chastise dear leader? When will Stone do a informative film on dear leader, to include his having not been born in US, and his citizenship status as an indonesian that let him travel to Pakistan. Then hit up the self-identified status as a foreign national for scholarship tuition, then slam the door shut with his homo nature.

    • Jake Westine says:

      Yes as did the 1/3 in this country during the last election who did not bother to vote because they didn’t like the candidate running against the current leadership…resulting in reelection to the whitehouse and continued control of the Senate.

  45. CHERYL says:


  46. Scagsdale says:

    LOL. For once I agree with some of these Hollywood types on something! But I’ll just bet you most of them will blame all of this on GW Bush – and yes, he is partially responsible. Obama has expanded this far beyond what GW Bush did, though. Same with the debt – part of it is GW Bush’s fault, but Obama doubled down and made things much worse.

  47. eat venison says:

    Are any of these people still relevant? A bunch of B list actors. I thought that Stone idiot was dead.

  48. Rage against the Obama machine says:

    We have to pass the bill, to find out what’s in it.

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