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Harvey's latest trick? Make the ratings controversy itself into entertainment content

After posting a teaser video last week starring Judi Dench’s M character from the James Bond films trying to get the MPAA to change the R rating for “Philomena,” Funny Or Die has unveiled the full video that also features co-star Steve Coogan.

“I have an important mission for you. Are you familiar with MPAA or Ooompa?,” Dench asks Coogan, a suit-clad operative. After Coogan is assured that she’s not talking about Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas, she asks him, “We want you to go to L.A. and have a word with them” about getting the rating changed.

M.essage to the M.PAA with Judi Dench and Steve Coogan from Steve Coogan

Coogan infers that by having a word, she means killing someone, and asks if while he’s in Hollywood, he should kill Adam Sandler. “Why Adam Sandler?” asks Dench. “Have you seen ‘Jack and Jill'”? Coogan parries.

While Harvey Weinstein is famous for his publicity-generating ratings appeals, turning it into fodder for a viral video is taking it to a new level by making the publicity campaign itself into entertainment. The Weinstein Company is filing a formal appeal on the MPAA’s decision to give “Philomena” an R rating. The company will argue that the MPAA’s ratings rule that more than one “harsher, sexually-derived word” used as an expletive automatically garners a film an R rating is wrong in this case, and that based on its subject matter and context, it should be granted a more family-friendly PG-13.

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